Hello! I've always been a fan of Vampire Hunter D and it's the first time that I have written a fanfiction. English isn't my

native language so feel free to let me know if there's anything I should improve.

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Hunter D and some of the characters here. But the main characters are my own.

Vampire Hunter D: The Other World


I'm not usually fond of keeping diaries just to write things that would happen everyday.

But what's happening now is an exception...

I'm not sure at first if writing my experience would do any good but it seemed to calm my nerves a bit.

And If I don't write it I think I would seriously go crazy.

I'm writing this down in a small notepad that a strange man named Evan Chaste gave to me.

Believe or not he's an alien, an extraterrestrial disguising as a human.

Me and the others have been hiding for hours now, trying to get away from the Barbarois.

I didn't know what a Barboroi was until the very handsome Vampire Hunter D told me they were a race of mutant humans that resulted from the radiation of the Great War thousands of years ago.

Thankfully I could easily keep track with all these weird history lessons...

Vampire Hunter D? Yeah we'll get to him...

I think it's been a week since I've woken up to this world. I call it the VHD world, short for vampire hunter d, since D is a huge legend around here and my only hope at almost everything...

And yes, I am not from this world.

Evan told me that I was abducted by them and while crossing one dimension to another, they conducted experiments on me and others wherein they fused their DNA within me in an effort to save their race from extinction.

Unlicky their ship got blown to bits when it crossed the territory of the Nobility...Vampires.

Yup I'm serious... The blood sucking creatures that you've seen and read about. But they're not just vampires from the media and you'll know why they are called the Nobility...

First thing first, let me explain how I got here.

It started on the day I died..

Well almost died or else I wouldn't be writing this...

It was on a cold night in December. It was just past seven in the evening when I arrived at the airport on a taxi. These past months there have been news of ships and planes that have suddenly disappeared alerting governments from different nations of the world. Even with that scary thought on my mind I was still doubtful of the existence of aliens blaming the disappearances on terrorists or the bermuda triangle.

After unloading my baggages and paying the cab driver, I felt a strong and cold wind blew. I held my jacket together and looked up at the sky, where a large group of gray clouds have formed. I thought it was strange for I've never heard of any incomming storm and it was very sunny when I left my apartment fifteen minutes ago.


Something had gotten inside my right eye, interrupting me from my thoughts. Covering it with one hand, I grabbed my bag and ran towards the nearest ladies room and washed it down with running water.

With my face still soaking wet, I looked up at the mirror to check my eye. It was a little red from all the rubbing but was thankfully fine. Still I could feel something COLD slithering down from my right eye to the side of my head. I knew something was wrong but I was interrupted by the the last call to my flight thus, I hurried out of the ladies room.

20 minutes later...

I woke up with a start from my sleep by a sudden and violent jolt inside the plane.

"Excuse me miss. Can you tell me what's going on?" I asked a stewardess who was passing by my seat.

"It's alright miss, we've just hit turbulance. Please sit tight and secure your seatbelt." She was smilling when she said this, but it didn't help at the thought that I could possibly die of a plane crash.

A few minutes later, the jolt became even more violent. At the sound of the captain's announcement from the intercom, the stewardess' struggled to get near the cockpit and strapped themselves to safety as the turbulance grew .


There it was again, the stinging pain in my right eye.

What is this stupid thing anyway?

With great effort, I reached inside my bag and got a mirror. When I saw my reflection I froze.

My right eye was turning into a strange blue color and was glowing!

Putting down my mirror I tried to focuse my sight and saw with great relief that I wasn't going blind. Although what happened next was worse...

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster before? The scariest roller coaster ride you could ever remember? Minus the car and safety belt, just you and other people screaming at the top of your lungs with your guts violently tumbling as you get tossed around in the air thousands of feet from land or sea. That was what I felt after the front of the plane exploded and for some strange reason, even though most of us had been secured on our seats, we were ripped out of it and flew in the cold air like a bunch of ragged dolls with our limbs flailing.

I wanted to past out from fright. But being young unluckily kept me conscious and screaming in the air.

My senses weren't very clear amidst all the chaos and the night sky was very dark, but I think I saw something very huge like a mountain, a moving mountain.

It got closed enough that I noticed it's shape was circular and was emmitting hundreds of horizontal green lights piercing through the clouds like knife on paper. Turning night almost to day. Next thing I knew, I was flying with the others, flying towards that thing like an ant getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner and then everything went dark.

I thought I was dead...

I was wrong.