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The fifth surprise (epilogue)

"Severus, why are you naked?" Hermione asked as she walked into the living room and admired the taut muscles of her husband's backside. Her eyes followed him as he turned around gifting her with an even better view. Her smile spread, "not that I'm complaining, mind you."

Severus took in his wife's appraising glance and leaned against the wall, flexing a bit for her sake. He let his white shirt-that was, up until that point, still in his hand-fall to the ground.

Hermione watched as it floated down, landing next to a crumpled pair of black pants. Looking across the floor, she noticed there was a trail of clothes steadily forming behind the wizard. She arched an eyebrow at him as he shrugged calmly.

"It's been a long day and I wanted a shower to unwind," he said nonchalantly, amusement glinting in his eyes.

"So, you've decided to just disrobe in the living room all willy-nilly and strut around bare-arsed?" Hermione inched her way closer to her wizard.

"Well, it is my house witch, so it stands to reason that I can 'strut' around as I see fit. Besides, with Sebastian out for the night…," he trailed off suggestively, pushing off the wall and stalking towards her. Grabbing her, he pulled her against him snugly. He let his eyes roam over the witch's body as he began tugging at the buttons of her shirt.

"Hmmm. That is true," Hermione agreed, helping him along by yanking her opened shirt off and letting her skirt fall to the ground. "In that case, why don't I join you in the shower? You know, to help you get clean and all."

Severus chuckled, grabbing his wife's wrist and guiding her towards their master suite while continuing to disrobe her. "Of course, I would expect no less from such an exemplary wife."

Hermione giggled, following Severus with glee. Yes, the night was certainly looking up.

Unfortunately, as any parent would know, well-laid plans can be abruptly interrupted at the drop of hat. It was a lesson that Hermione and Severus learned the first night after Sebastian was brought home. Both, utterly exhausted from the ordeal of birth, had planned to crawl into their bed and sleep their way into oblivion. But, of course, the minute the first pulls of blissful sleep called to them, they were awoken by Sebastian's hungry cries. They quickly found out the interruption to their rest was not a one time occurrence. Yes, the joys of parenthood could easily demolish the best, meticulously and well-crafted plans without even trying. And such would be the case for the couple tonight.

Just as Hermione was stepping into the shower the most curious sound found its way up into their bathroom. It was their doorbell. Hermione looked at Severus in confusion, one foot still poised above their bath's rim. The two looked towards the bathroom door-that they hadn't bothered closing- then looked back at each other. Both seemed to be silently asking the same question. What the hell was going on?

They were of course, not baffled by the doorbell's presence in their home (both growing up in the muggle world, they were completely familiar with muggle technology), but they were puzzled that it was being used.

You see, when the couple found out their son would be away for a whole weekend, they decided to make the most of their time alone and proceeded to bluntly tell their co-workers, friends and family to kindly bugger off until further notice or risk their wrath.

It was the first time in a long while that they would be left to their own devices and they wanted absolutely no interruptions. As an added precaution Hermione had also added a few wards around their house. The first was to repel muggles (taking care of wandering salesmen or delivery men), another was to keep the neighbors from hearing what was going on in the house (she was very excited about that one), and the last was to keep magical people away. The only person who could get through all that was Sebastian, and he was in London at the moment.

"Didn't you put the wards up?" Severus asked wrinkling his nose in distaste.

"Of course I did!" Hermione snapped as the doorbell rang again. "I distinctly remember handling them after I got off the phone with Rebecca this afternoon."

Severus raised an eyebrow, "and her ability to talk a dragon to death didn't distract you?"

"Of course not. After the first five minutes I ignored most of what she said anyway." Hermione scowled at her husband.

In truth, she hadn't even lasted five minutes. It was more like two minutes of grunting and 'mhmming' before her eyes glazed over and her mind drifted away to more important things. It wasn't that she didn't like Rebecca per say, she was a kind woman, and her son John-Sebastian's best friend-was a sweetheart, but the woman loved to talk and two minutes of conversation with her easily felt like two hours.

"Well then, what did she want? Something to do with Sebastian?" Severus asked, his hands steadying his wife who still had yet to fully step into the tub.

"No, there was some problem with their house, something about a poltergeist and she-" Hermione stopped, her eyes widening in horror. "Merlin be damned!" She stumbled over to the front of the shower, quickly turning the knobs to stop the flow of water.

"Wait a minute-" Severus started to protest only to have a towel thrown at his face. He ripped off the offending cotton to glare at the witch. "Hermione what are you-"

"There's no time Severus! Get dressed and get the door. That's Sebastian ringing." Hermione rushed out the bathroom and into their room so she could rifle through her closet. Severus followed after her, drying himself with his wand instead of the towel.

"Hermione, why would Sebastian be back so soon? I thought he was spending the weekend with Mr. Thomas." Severus grabbed a new pair of pants and shoved them on. The doorbell rang again.

Hermione frantically pushed her husband towards the door, tossing him his evening robe. "He was, but I'll explain it later. Just go and answer the door," she hissed hunting down some underwear and her nightgown to put on. "I'll be right there."

Grumbling, Severus tied his robe closed and went to answer the door. Sure enough, just as Hermione had predicted, their son was standing on their doorstep, his arms crossed and a miniature version of his father's scowl on his face.

"Its cold out here," he grumbled, his dark eyes staring accusingly at his father. The underlying demand of, why didn't you come to the door sooner, was carefully hidden within his statement. Behind Sebastian, John gave a weak wave.

Mimicking his son's stance, Severus crossed his arms and looked down at Sebastian. Though at fourteen years old the boy was easily catching up to his father's height. Soon enough he would be just as tall and Severus would have to throw that intimidation tactic out the window. Not that it really mattered of course. When push came to shove, no one could out-glare or out-menace Severus Snape, not even his own son who shared many of his characteristics.

"As I recall, Mr. Snape," Severus began in a slow whisper, letting his son know through his tone and formal address that he needed to watch himself, "you own a key to this house, like every other member of the family."

Sebastian winced, immediately straightening. A blush crept over his features as he looked everywhere but at his father. "I…I forgot my key in my room…sorry," he mumbled.

Severus continued to pin his son under a stony glare, taking a perverse enjoyment out of Sebastian's nervous fidgeting. Finally he stepped aside to let the two boys in.

"You are forgiven. I take it from your overnight bags, that you boys are spending the weekend here instead of at the Thomas' residence." Severus shut the door behind him, sighing as he foresaw his quiet and sex-filled weekend slip away into nonexistence.

Sebastian looked at his father raising his eyebrow, "yeah, didn't mum tell you? John's place was infested with a poltergeist, so they're staying clear until the exorcists take care of it. Mum offered to let John stay with us until then."

"Yes, she did mention something like that," Severus muttered. "Right, go put your bags up in your room. John you remember how to work the pull out sofa in Sebastian's room, right?"

The boys nodded, then with all the enthusiasm of youth, charged through the living room and up the stairs, pausing for only a second to greet Hermione as they went.

"Slow down!" she called after them, before shaking her head with a resigned sigh and shifting her basket full of their discarded clothes onto her other hip.

Severus looked at the basket with pursed lips. "Why did you not just vanish all the clothes? It would have been much faster."

Hermione blushed, setting the clothes down. "When I came downstairs, and saw our clothes everywhere, I panicked and just started tidying it up the muggle way. At least I got them all before the boys could see. As far as they can tell I was just bringing down laundry."

Sliding his arms around Hermione waist, he pulled her close to nuzzle her neck. "Who cares if they knew? Sebastian is now fourteen, as is Mr. Thomas. Surely, they understand by now that their parents can and do have sex."

"Please," Hermione snorted, "they're teenagers. In their world, anyone over the age of 30 is too old to have sex-especially parents."

Severus chuckled into her hair, "I suppose they would be quite surprised then to find out that two such positively ancient adults like us were about to participate in those forbidden acts only moments before their arrival."

"Oh yes, I'm sure they would have been adequately horrified to say the least," Hermione replied snuggling into Severus' embrace.

"Speaking of horrifying surprising…I take it from our son and his friend's sudden appearance in our abode that your conversation with Mrs. Thomas did not go as you recalled it?" Severus asked with a smirk.

Hermione groaned, twisting in his arms so she could rest her head on his shoulder. "I know! I'm sorry. I really should have paid attention to what Rebecca was saying. And now our 'weekend alone time' is ruined."

"Well…I wouldn't say that exactly. Sure I wont be able to have my wicked way with you on every surface in the house as I had originally planned, but I don't see why we still can't have our own slumber party, so to speak. The boys are old enough to take care of themselves for the night, so…what do you say Mrs. Snape? Shall we have our own party upstairs?" Severus voice rumbled in her ear, causing her to shiver.

Lifting her head, Hermione glanced at her husband with wicked eyes. "Actually, Mr. Snape, that sounds positively lovely."

The couple quickly marched up the steps towards their bedroom, stopping only for a moment at their son's room, just as the two boys were coming out.

"Your mother and I are retiring for the night and do not wish to be disturbed unless there is a legitimate emergency," Severus pinned them both with a glare that spelled dire consequences if they did not heed his warning, then nodding in satisfaction he grabbed Hermione's wrist and led her to their bedroom.

Sebastian and John watched the door shut firmly behind the older witch and wizard before shrugging and heading down to the living room to watch a movie. It was as the two boys were half way through their movie, a bowl of popcorn between them that John turned to his best friend with a thoughtful expression.

"Dude," John said in a solemn voice, "I think we interrupted your parents earlier."

Completely confused, Sebastian looked at his friend, "what are you talking about?"

John leaned in to whisper secretly, "your parents, man, I think when we dropped in earlier, we were interrupting them doing…you know…"

Sebastian jerked back, spilling the popcorn all over the sofa and floor. "Merlin's balls! Don't joke around like that! That's just-its-its just gross man!" Sebastian left the sofa in a huff, kneeling on the floor to pick up his mess. Like his mother, he tended to do things the muggle way when stressed.

John joined him on the floor to help, "I'm serious Bas! I didn't realize it before but there are like candles everywhere and I swear to Nimue that your father looked like he was going to murder us when he opened the door." John reached under the couch to get any stray kernels.

"He always looks like that," Sebastian protested, but as he looked around the room at all the candles strewn about, and the opened wine bottle and empty glasses that his mother must have forgotten about on the dining table, he paled. Still he continued to deny what his friend was saying. "No, it just-it can't be true."

John paused in his perusal under the couch to pat Sebastian's shoulder in a comforting gesture. "Hey, do you think I want to be picturing your parents shagging either? I mean your mum's pretty hot, but-"

"WHAT!" Sebastian pulled away from John, not sure if he should be offended, or creeped out that his best friend had the hots for his mum.

"Well she is!" John replied sheepishly shrugging.

"Just stop! For the sake of our friendship lets agree to never talk about this again, alright?" Sebastian suggested desperately.

Taking pity on his friend, John nodded in agreement. "Sorry man."

"Thank you," Sebastian huffed, pulling the last pieces of popcorn from under the couch, hesitating when his fingertips grazed over something rough. Twisting to get a better look, Sebastian stretched his arm to get a better hold on the mystery object and pulled it out.

Perhaps it was the overwhelming stress from finding out that his parents regularly exercised their marital rights and that his best friend was lusting after his mother all in one night, but as Sebastian realized that the rough material he found was actually a lacy, red thong, he could only stare at the garment in mute horror.

John's eyes widened in surprise, opening and closing his mouth as he tried to find the right words to say. There were probably a hundred things he could have said in this moment that would have been more appropriate. In fact, just staying silent would have been infinitely wiser, but because he was just a fourteen-year-old boy who had the pleasure of staring at a thong that belonged to his best friend's attractive mum, he blurted out, "damn that's hot," instead.

Sebastian turned on his friend, whipping out his wand throwing a bat boogey hex while hissing, "shut it!"

Upstairs in their room, Severus and Hermione were cuddled on the bed, their naked limbs intertwined.

Drawing patterns on his chest, Hermione perched her chin on her husband's shoulder to get a better look at his face. "That, my dear, was an excellent start to our slumber party," she purred.

Smirking in satisfaction, Severus pulled her closer to his side. "Indeed. It certainly made up for our earlier interruption."

Hermione chuckled, nodding her head in agreement. "Still, I'm glad that we were interrupted, in a way. Don't look at me like that. I mean, can you imagine if Sebastian hadn't forgotten his key and actually walked in on us?"

Severus released a bark of laughter at the thought, "yes, finding out about his parents' sex life would have been quite the surprise."

The End

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