Begins from Season 4 x7 and centres primarily on Carrie Mathison unpredictable Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Counter Terrorism Chief, aka the Drone Queen and her interactions with Peter Quinn, CIA Black Ops Agent and Aasar Khan, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Counter Terrorism Chief.

Will the protagonists look beyond competing agendas, sexual tensions and find some way to work together against the terrorists...


This is a work of fan fiction based upon characters from Homeland that was developed for American television by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa; and broadcast by Showtime. All the characters are created and owned by the above named.

I do not claim any ownership over the characters or the world of Homeland. This short story is neither purported nor believed to be part of the Homeland TV series. It is for entertainment only and not part of the official story line. I'm not profiting financially from this short story that is a very humble homage from a massive fan of the Homeland TV series.

This is a work of fan fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual person(s), living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.





CHAPTER TWO Hace lo que le sale de los cojones





The meeting at the imposing American embassy in Islamabad with the Pakistani delegation led by General Bunran (Bunny) Latif had only confirmed what the American officials already knew. Saul Berenson was held captive by the Taliban and was being used as a human shield by Haqqani against further drone strikes. As the Pakistani delegation left the American embassy conference rooms, Carrie Mathison rushed after her counterpart Aasar Khan. She caught up with him at the main entrance.

Carrie was wearing a tight fitting charcoal grey trouser suit that hugged every inch of her feminine curves. Her short jacket was open at the front. It showed off a low cut, see through white silk blouse. She was not wearing a bra.

"A word," she demanded impatiently her frustration about the Saul Berenson kidnapping boiling to the surface. Saul was former CIA interim Director and Carrie's long term friend and mentor. She felt the loss keenly.

Khan who was about to enter a sleek, chauffeur driven limousine stopped in response to Carrie. In a low voice he instructed his chauffeur to give him a few minutes and to telephone ahead to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Security Advisor on Foreign Affairs letting them know he was running late for their debrief meeting.

As Khan turned back towards Carrie, he nodded an acknowledgement to Tasneem Qureshi, Senior Ministerial Aid on Foreign Affairs who was observing them intently. Khan turned his attention to Carrie and spoke formally, "What did you want to discuss, Ms Mathison."

"Saul Berenson told me you are smart...," she began but he immediately interjected.

"I believe he called me a bright young man which isn't the same thing..."

Carrie thought graduates of the English education system were adept at veiling an insult with the quintessential veneer of politeness and civility. "Nevertheless, Lt. Col. Khan it's indisputable that you are one of the last people to see him before he was abducted."

"My meeting with Saul Berenson was arranged because you sent him on a mission to create a diplomatic storm where none existed. Had it not been for your personal intervention, we would not be having a conversation about my being one of the last people to see him before the abduction."

"I remind you, he was abducted from an airport secured by the Pakistani military," Carrie snapped back irritated that Khan was unaffected by her questions, even though his gaze strayed ever so subtly to the low cut silk blouse that showed off the swell of her firm rounded breasts.

She decided on a more direct challenge hoping to catch him off guard. "The evidence puts you at the centre of this, the very epicentre. Saul wasn't stirring things up, he was relaying facts; fundamental facts that you cannot run away from."

"Who is running," Khan countered standing his ground, "I returned to have this off the cuff discussion at your request and I might add, running late for a prior engagement."

"I'll get straight to the point. Do you remember the ISI hard man Saul told you about? He is the same thug that various local eye witnesses to the attack captured on videos posted on social media sites. He orchestrated Sandy Bachman's demise. Even you cannot deny that the very same guy was seen at the airport by Saul at the airport the night he disappeared. We have eye witness testimony and irrefutable proof."

The breeze caused the silk blouse to ruffle into Carrie's body showing off her firm upright breasts, pink areola and erect nipples. Khan who was distracted for a fraction of a second, swallowed hard then asked, "What proof?"

"Saul sent it to us just before he was abducted."

"If you have irrefutable evidence why are we having this conversation," he pondered knowingly.

"To explore the possibility of joint action to capture him on terrorism charges," Carrie fired back in a breath.

Frustration over the kidnap demands and the seemingly uncooperative Khan had Carrie's expressive face flushed, her eyes sparkled animatedly and her erect nipples grew more sensitive as the wind rustled the silk of her blouse.

"Are you alright," Khan asked, "Do you always talk this fast."

"I believe you are deflecting rather than answer my very pertinent questions Lt. Col. Khan." Was she talking fast? Carrie silently wondered whether with everything going on, she had forgotten to take her medication.

"You are talking fast," Khan reiterated, "Understandably upset about recent events."

Carrie wondered if Khan could be any more condescending if he tried. "That's an understatement. Upset doesn't begin to describe the death of my predecessor, Sandy Bachman or the abduction of Saul Berenson," retorted Carrie.

"I too have lost good men under my command to terrorists like Haqqani," he said sympathetically then continued, "Much as I understand your sense of loss, I have no idea who the hard man you keep referring to is."

"His name is Farhad Ghazi. You should check the passenger manifest of East India air flight 223 to Johannesburg."

"I will."

"Better yet, check airport CCTV tapes from the day Saul was abducted."

"We've been over every inch of the footage retrieved," Khan replied but Carrie needed him on the defensive.

"You did this personally," she asked. It was unlikely he would have.

"No, our forensics team examine the evidence."

"You mean ISI forensics?"

"I do – yes," he agreed.

"That's the problem. How can ISI forensics be impartial when investigating one of their own," she said.

"More unsubstantiated accusations from you," Khan maintained eye contact during Carrie's probing although his eyes wandered to her most ample breasts that were aching to be caressed. He had not seen Carrie more attractive than she was at that moment with the wind blowing through her shoulder length, golden blonde hair. Her animated physical presence nearly made him lose his train of thought.

"You can prove me wrong. Show me original, unedited airport CCTV tapes," Khan's face rarely betrayed emotion and Carrie was unable to get a rise out of him.

"Fine, you can see them whenever you are ready," Khan conceded.

"I mean all the CCTV tapes," Carrie demanded in a huskily. She had spoken to Khan a few moments and was already emphasising words like he did.

"Of course and as a sign of good faith, my chauffeur can drive us to review original unedited video footage."

"Where," queried Carrie.

"To the airport where we can both view the evidence at the same time," he replied.

"I need thirty minutes to reorganise my diary. Peter Quinn, Chief of Support will accompany me and we'll meet you there.

"I'm running late for another meeting but should be at terminal three, right next to customs just before you arrive. Good morning," he said.

"Fine, Quinn and I will be with you shortly."

As she walked away, Khan took a moment to admire Carrie's long legged strides in those heeled leather boots. Her trouser suit really hugged her hips and firm rounded derrière. Carrie was breathtakingly beautiful to watch.

He was beginning to look forward to meetings at the American embassy when they listened intently at the American ambassador and the Pakistani General negotiate diplomatic and security matters. He would observe Carrie across the conference table. Her face was so expressive he could almost experience the various thought processes and emotions. His eyes kept drifting back to her time and time again. Today he would get to see her in the less formal surroundings of ISI offices at the airport. Would she be less confrontational then? He hoped so, they were allies after all.

Khan signalled his chauffeur and the limousine pulled up to the curb where Carrie left him. He entered the luxurious air conditioned vehicle and was soon driven out of the American embassy compound.