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POV- Edward




"She's a girl." I murmur to myself as I look down at the small bundle wrapped up snugly in her mother's arms, and tightly around my heart. There's no doubt she already has us all where she wants us, and that's sitting in the palm of that tiny little hand of hers.

She has ten of the most perfect, miniature fingers, as well as, ten of the cutest, little toes I have ever seen. I've only counted them about a dozen times each.

Bella laughs at me. Her face is beautiful as she smiles up at me… she's glowing. "I don't want to say I told you so," Bella gloats.

I groan at that. I know she's teasing me and she will for some time to come. "So don't, sweetness." I try to pout, but my mouth just won't cooperate with me. I'm so fucking happy all I can do lately is smile.

Bella narrows her eyes at me. "Give it a rest, Edward. I'm not falling for that." She shakes her head, rolling her eyes at me.

Renee takes the baby from Bella."You two need open your eyes." She thinks she's slick mumbling under her breath, but I heard her. I don't know if Bella did or not, but she doesn't need the pressure of worrying about a possible relationship between us.

I know Renee wants to see me and Bella together, she's said as much to me before.

"Come with gramma and let Edward and mommy talk." She tells the baby that Bella has yet to decide on a name as she lays her in the plastic bassinet. "We'll go for a stroll down to the nurse's station, maybe see if there's any hot male nurses?"

"Mom." Bella tries to act offended, but I can see the corner of her mouth twitching upward.

Renee turns, looking the picture of innocence. "What? I was just going to have a little girl time with her. You know grandmother/granddaughter bonding."

Bella motions with her hand. "Continue on then, just don't be gone too long."

"We'll be back before you know it." Renee's smile is wide and contagious. I smile at them and their antics, shaking my head.

I hold the door open for them. I have to run my hand across the baby's smooth cheek before she goes.

Bella's staring at me when I turn around. I can feel the intensity of her gaze and it's like the air has become electrified around us; pushing in on my chest making it hard for me to breathe. I shut the door and lean against it lightly and I hold her gaze. As hard of a time she had giving birth you'd think she'd look a bit worse for wear, but she looks radiant. Yes, she looks tired, but she is simply... beautiful.

Taking a deep breath as I push off the door and walk toward Bella's bed.