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"Jesus Christ, Daryl, put some damn clothes on," Glenn bellowed as he quickly turned his back on the streaking man.

Ignoring Glenn, Daryl threw his head back and took in a deep, long breath. Head snapping in the opposite direction, he quickly took off to the cell they had set up to use as a make-shift hospital wing.

"Whoa!" Maggie gasped, stumbling backwards and grabbing onto a giggling Sasha's arm.

Smirking, Sasha slowly eyed up the gorgeous naked man. "Now normally a naked man covered in dirt and dried blood would be a total turn off for me, but damn, I think it makes you look even hotter."

"It gives him that wild, rugged and dangerous look," Carol giggled, her cheeks turning pink. Her husband was the only man she had ever been with and seen naked and he had lose skin and a protruding beer belly. Daryl was a god compared to him. Harry was a very lucky young man.

Ignoring the women and not giving a flying fuck about his nakedness, Daryl rushed to the bed where his little mate was sleeping. "What's wrong with him?" he growled out, his voice sounding weird to his own ears. His senses were insanely heightened right now, he had actually scented where his mate was while still outside the prison.

Unable to wipe the grin off her face, Maggie averted her eyes and grabbed a blanket. "Here," she snorted, handing it out to Daryl.

"I didn't ask about no damn blanket," Daryl growled. "I asked about my mate." The first thing that came to him upon waking in the woods was the memory of him slamming into his mate. His wolf had wanted to rip and tear the human to pieces until it had caught the scent of his mate. He only remembered bits and pieces from the night before, but he remembered slamming brutally into his tiny brat. He didn't waist time looking for his clothes or waiting for Remus and Sirius, he just tore off in the direction of the prison to check on Harry.

Rolling her eyes, Maggie threw the blanket at Daryl anyway. "He's been in a deep sleep since last night. I think it's just a combination of exhaustion, shock, and pain. His chest and back are badly bruised and his left arm his broken."

Reaching out and touching his brat's cheek, Daryl closed his eyes against the stinging from his tears. He couldn't believe that he had hurt Harry, his precious mate. He swore to himself that he would never lay a hand on Harry, not like how his dad use to smack his mom around.

"He's going to be alright, Daryl," Maggie quickly reassured. "I'm sure that Remus will have a potion or something that will have him as good as new in no time."

"Why isn't he awake?" Daryl asked fearfully.

"It's his magic," Remus explained tiredly as he stumbled into the room looking exhausted and with his clothes on half assed. "How the hell did you manage to recover so fast from last night? Most wolves after their first transformation sleep all day. Aren't you in pain?"

"Ain't nothing," Daryl muttered. His body was aching, but he wasn't one to lay around licking at his wounds.

Remus shook his head. "You are the toughest bastard that I have ever met. I have been a werewolf ever since I was a kid, and the day after the full moon has always been hell on me."

"Harry," Daryl bit out angrily, not really caring about anything else.

Sirius came shuffling in behind Remus carrying Daryl's clothes. "Couldn't we have slept a bit longer? I'm bloody exhausted."

"Harry got hurt last night," Remus said seriously as he pulled out his wand.

In an instant Sirius was at his son's bedside. "Was he bit?" He asked worriedly. He remembered Harry getting trapped outside the gates with them, but he didn't think that he had been bitten. He knew that Slayer didn't bite Harry, he would never hurt their pup.

Remus didn't answer his mate as he waved his wand over Harry. Paling, he waved it over him two more times not believing what he was reading.

"Moony old dog, is everything alright?" Sirius asked wearily, not missing how his mate had tensed and paled.

Still staring wide eyed at his pup, Remus slowly nodded his head. "Yeah, uh, yeah," he said, trying to get his shocked brain to work. "Just the bruising and the broken arm," he answered numbly. "It...it could have been a lot worse."

"Then why the hell is he still out of it?" Daryl asked, his eyes still glued onto his brat.

Remus waved his wand over his pup again, just needing to check again to make sure he had performed the spell right the first three times. Getting the same result, he pocketed his wand and rubbed at his eyes. "It's his magics way of protecting him. He had a horrible shock and was in a great deal of pain so his magic put him to sleep and he probably won't wake until I heal him."

Reaching out once again to touch his mate, Daryl snatched his hand back when he saw how badly it was trembling. This was all his fault. "You can fix his arm?"

"Easily," Remus reassured. "It may still pain him for a few days, but it won't be that bad and the break will be healed."

Eyes narrowed, Sirius stared suspiciously at his mate. He had known Remus ever since they were eleven years old and he could read the werewolf as easily as a childrens' book. There was something more wrong with his son, and it was something that had his mate extremely upset.

Slipping into his jeans and zipping them, mindful of the fact that he wasn't wearing any underwear, Daryl finally took his eyes off of his mate. "Do you need any of those potion things? Just tell me what I'm looking for and I can get it."

"That's alright, Daryl," Remus said kindly, seeing that the man was beating himself up over hurting his mate. "Sirius can run and grab me a pain potion. This isn't your fault. I know you don't see it that way, but I have never seen a werewolf, especially a first time werewolf, have as much control as you had last night. This could have ended very badly, and I don't mean just Harry being bitten. You could have killed him last night."

Remus' words, while appreciated, didn't help Daryl with his guilt one bit. Maybe once his mate was awake and smiling up at him he would start to feel better, but until then he felt like the lowest scumbag on the planet.

Staring quietly down at his pup, Remus fingered his wand debating on wether or not he should do it. He didn't want to, but it would be the smart thing to do. Sighing heavily, he raised his wand and whispered the spell to fix the fracture in Harry's arm. He just couldn't do it...not now anyway.

"That's it?" Daryl asked anxiously.

Remus inclined his head. "I need to get some air, but if he wakes before I get back tell him to just be easy on it. The fracture has been healed but it will be weak for a couple of days." Not waiting for a response, Remus briskly left the cell not even stopping when Sirius, who had just returned with the pain potion, called out to him.


Nose twitching, Sirius slid down the steep hill then followed his nose until he found Remus sitting on a log by the stream. Knowing that Remus knew that he was there, he didn't say anything, just took a seat on the log next to his mate and waited. It was obvious that something big was bothering him.

After about fifteen minutes of sitting in silence, Remus looked seriously to his mate. "Harry is five weeks pregnant."

Heart stopping, Sirius closed his eyes and prayed that he didn't just hear what he thought he heard. His little pup couldn't be pregnant.

"That explains why he has been acting off the past few weeks." Remus sniffed, rubbing at his bloodshot eyes.

"This is bad," Sirius said breathlessly.

Looking down at his hands, Remus nodded his head. "I-I thought about terminating it when I fixed his arm."

"Remus!" Sirius gasped in shock.

Unable to look at his mate, Remus continued on in a voice void of all emotion. "A simple spell is all it will take, Harry will never even have to know. He will think he just has a little stomach bug and in a day or two he will be fine."

"You're serious?" Sirius asked numbly.

Remus turned to his mate with pain filled eyes. "Sirius, Harry can't take a portkey home if he's pregnant. Male pregnancies are also extremely dangerous, Harry is going to need a healer. I don't want to kill his baby, our grand pup, but I also don't want to be stuck here for another eight or nine months, possibly even a year. I just want to get Harry to safety back home in the Wizarding World. He doesn't ever have to know about this and him and Daryl can always have another baby."

Grimacing, Sirius swallowed the bile back down that was burning it's way up his throat. He couldn't believe that Remus, the kindest and most gentlest person he had ever met, was actually contemplating murdering his son's baby. He understood his reasons, he too just wanted to get home, but he didn't think he could kill an innocent baby.

"Don't look at me like that," Remus snapped when his mate just sat there staring unblinkingly at him. "What the hell else am I supposed to do? Do you think I want to kill his baby? I would rather cut off my own arm than do that, but what other choice do we have?"

Sirius jerkily shook his head. "I-I don't know, but we're already going to be stuck here for a while longer until Harry can make enough portkeys. We're looking at a minimum of five months as is, what's a few more months?

"A few more months?" Remus cried. "Dammit, Sirius, think about it. Harry can't make portkeys while pregnant, he won't have the magic to spare. Everything he has is going to go into sustaining his pregnancy. You're looking at the remainder of his pregnancy and a month or two after the birth to recover before he can even think about attempting a portkey. It's going to be a year, if not longer, of being stuck in these damn prison cells. Is that what you want?"

"No," Sirius answered quietly, "but can you honestly go through with it?"

Remus didn't answer right away...he couldn't. Could he honestly kill Harry's baby without him even knowing of its existence? He knew that there was no way in hell that Harry would willingly terminate the pregnancy. He would remain in the filthy prison for the rest of his life if it meant keeping his baby.

"I love Harry as though he were my own, and Moony has already claimed his pup as pack, but I have to do what's right. We're safe here for now, but that can change in an instant. It's a simple spell, Harry won't feel any pain."

"It's not right," Sirius pleaded. "I understand where you are coming from, I really do, but I just can't agree with you on this one. We have kept Harry alive this long, we can keep him alive for another year."

"And what if he has complications during the pregnancy?" Remus snapped, wanting his mate to understand. He felt like shit for even suggesting terminating the pregnancy, so he had hoped that Sirius would have backed him up. "Neither of us has that kind of healing knowledge. Yeah we can fix a few broken bones, but this is a male pregnancy. Harry could die!"

Sirius flinched as if struck, he hadn't thought of that. He could lose both his son and his grandchild. Was he willing to risk it for a baby that was pretty much only a bunch of developing cells right now? Was there even anything growing yet? He didn't know about that kind of stuff.

"It wont hurt him?" Sirius asked feeling sick to his stomach.

"Not if we do it soon. I should have just done it while I was fixing his arm."

"Why didn't you?" Sirius asked, his voice cracking.

"I don't want to," Remus admitted, tears falling from his eyes. "I'm going to spend the rest of my life being haunted by that little baby, but what other choice do I have?"

Sirius wanted to say that there was always another choice, but he could see that this was killing his mate. Remus wasn't doing this to be mean to Harry, he loved him with all his heart, he was just concerned about his safety and health. Male pregnancies weren't rare, but they were common. There was maybe one male pregnancy recorded every ten years or so, and the chances of delivering a live baby was less than fifty percent. Wizards have died from pregnancy complications, and there was no healer on hand to help if something happened.

"When are you going to do it?"

"I don't know," Remus answered, voice barely above a whisper. "It has to be soon, before he realizes that there is something different with his magic."


"Daryl," Harry slurred tiredly.

"I'm here, brat," Daryl said, squeezing his mate's non injured hand. He had been waiting for over two hours for Harry to wake and he had been close to losing his mind.

Slowly opening his eyes, Harry grinned goofily up at his mate. "You were beautiful last night."

"I hurt you," Daryl growled.

Grinning, Harry cupped Daryl's dirty, stubbled cheek. "It could have been worse. You recognized me and then protected me. You even drug me back to the gate so Rick could get me."

Daryl frowned, he didn't remember doing that. "I still bruised you up and broke your arm."

Carefully sitting up, Harry stretched out his arm, grimacing when pain shot up to his shoulder. It wasn't as bad as the night before, but it most definitely hurt. "I guess you're just going to have to make it up to me," he said huskily. Daryl was at his bedside with just a pair of jeans on and his chest gloriously bare. Daryl was just too damn sexy, he couldn't help himself.

Chuckling, Daryl held out the pain potion that Sirius had left him to give to Harry if he woke. "Maybe later when you're all better, brat."

Pouting, Harry took the potion and downed it. "How's Merle?"

"Still breathing," Daryl answered simply.

"That's not an answer?" Harry sighed. "Is he alright?"

Daryl helped steady his mate when he went to stand. "Easy there, you had a bad shock last night. Merle is still out of it and burning up, but Carol reassured me that his fever is slowly coming down. He's a tough son of a bitch, he's going to make it."

Yawning, Harry laid his head on Daryl's chest. Why was he always so bloody tired all the time? "He better make it, if not then I'm going to kill him. He can't make me like him then check out."

Placing his nose at Harry's neck, Daryl breathed in his warm, wonderful scent. "I still can't believe you like Merle after what he did."

"He thought he was protecting you, I can't hate him for that. Besides, he did hide my body and leave me supplies, he could have just left me there to die."

"Well I haven't forgiven him," Daryl said, taking in another deep breath of his mate's scent. It was amazing how his scent had a way of calming him.

"I haven't forgiven him either," Harry said softly, "but life is too precious anymore to be wasting it holding grudges. Anything could happen tomorrow and in a blink we could lose everyone dear to us. You don't have to forgive Merle, just don't waste what time there is left being mad at him. He's your brother and you love him."

"If he was here, he would tell you to stop being such a sissy girl." Daryl snorted.

Giggling, Harry got up on his toes and kissed his mate's cheek. "Come on, let's go check on the old grouch."


Harry smiled down at the little girl clinging to his hand. Well, he didn't have that far to smile down seeing as he wasn't that much taller than Mika.

"Please, Harry, please show us some magic," Mika begged, giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

Laughing, Harry knelt down and picked up a handful of rocks. "Alright, what is your favorite flower?"

Mike pursed her lips together as she thought. "I like all the different colors of roses."

Pulling his wand out from his pocket, Harry tossed the rocks into the air then quickly started waving his wand. Even though he didn't have to, he made the rocks start spinning in the air over her head.

Mika squealed loudly when one of the rocks made a cracking sound and in its place a beautiful pale pink rose appeared. Clapping her hands, she watched as even more rocks changed into roses of all different colors.

Spinning his wand faster, all the roses came together to make a crown, and then the last rock he transfigured into strips of red ribbon. With one last dramatic flourish of his wand, the crown settled perfectly onto Mika's blonde head, the ribbons flowing down her back.

"How is that?" Harry asked, blowing on the tip of his wand as if it was a smoking gun.

Giggling, Mika spun around in a circle. "It's beautiful, Harry," she cried happily.

"Can I have one?" Lizzy asked shyly.

"Of course you can," Harry grinned. "Do you have a favorite flower?"

"I like roses, too," Lizzy answered, looking to her sister's crown. "Can I have just pink and white?"

"You're wish is my command, fair princess," Harry said, bowing to the little girl.

Lurking behind the watch tower, Sirius turned to his mate. "He's a natural with kids."

"Sirius," Remus sighed sadly. "Please don't."

"But he is," Sirius pointed out. "Remember how much he loved holding baby Judith? Our pup will make an excellent mother."

"Someday," Remus stressed. "Sirius, we have to do this." He was starting to regret telling his mate about the baby. He didn't want to do this, he didn't want to take Harry's baby from him, but they had no healer and they had to get to safety. He didn't have any other choice.

With a heavy heart, Sirius turned to his mate. "Moony, I love you with all my heart and get why you feel that you have to do this, but it just feels wrong. Magic gifted him with this baby, I think we should give it a chance."

"And what if Harry dies from complications?" Remus snapped impatiently. "How will you feel then when you could have saved him. Sirius, it's not like he can never have another baby."

"But he'll never have that one," Sirius said desperately. "That little life growing inside of him just won't come back and try again when we're safely back in the Wizarding World. That little baby will be no more, it won't get a second chance at life."

Growling in frustration, Remus turned and stormed away. It would be so easy to let Sirius talk him out of doing this. He didn't want this, he didn't want to terminate his pup's pregnancy, but he was terrified. Harry was everything to him, it would kill him if he lost him. Why did this have to happen now? In a few months they will safely be back at home, why couldn't this pregnancy have happened then?

Feeling guilty, Sirius let his mate go. This was a bad situation with no easy solution. On one hand he wanted to terminate the baby because they weren't set up medically for this kind of high risk pregnancy. They needed a professional healer and lots of prenatal potions. Wizards had died while pregnant when in the best of environments. They were living in a filthy prison surrounded by walking dead carcasses. Not exactly healthy living.

On the other hand, where did they get off making such a huge decision for Harry? His pup didn't even know that he was pregnant. He knew without a doubt that Harry wouldnt kill the baby, there was just no way Harry could do that. Harry may be young, but he would make an amazing parent and he would want the baby with all his heart. This just wasn't fair.


With his cheek resting on his mate's bare chest, Harry absently drew random patterns on Daryl's rock hard abs as he thought.

"Brat, we just had two hours of mind blowing sex, what could you possibly be thinking about? If you have this much energy then maybe another round will tire you out."

Grinning, Harry tilted his head back so he could look into Daryl's eyes. "You need a name," he said with a frown, "but I can't come up with a good enough one."

"Is there something wrong with Daryl?" Daryl chuckled.

"I didn't mean your human name, I meant you wolf's," Harry corrected. "Your wolf needs his own name. Remus' wolf is Moony and Sirius' is Slayer, we need to come up with one for yours. I don't want just some ordinary name like Fido, I want a name with meaning."

Daryl could feel his wolf preening in the back of his head because their perfect mate wanted to give him name. "Do you have any names floating around in that cute head of yours yet?"

"A couple," Harry answered with a blush. "They're stupid though."

"Tell me," Daryl ordered eagerly.

"Well, since you are so good with the crossbow, I was thinking Bolt or Archer, but I don't think they sound right. Then there's Tracker, since there isn't anything that you can't track. Angel, because of the wings on the back of your vest. Hunter, because you're an awesome hunter. Convict, because we're living in a prison. Apocalypse, because of the apocalypse. "

Chuckling, Daryl rolled so he was hovering over his adorable mate. "You have really put a lot of time and energy into thinking of a name for my wolf."

"Ever since you were bit," Harry confessed shyly. "It's important that your wolf has a name."

"I know," Daryl groaned. "I can feel how happy the cocky basted is that his mate is trying to name him."

"He's really happy?" Harry asked, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

"Very happy," Daryl admitted. "It's weird how much more we are connected now after my first transformation. He always there now, lurking just below the surface."

"Really? What is he feeling now or what does he want?"

Smirking, Daryl ground his hard cock against his brat's leg. "He's urging me to once again claim our cute little brat."

"Maybe I should name him Horn Dog or Pervert Puppy?" Harry giggled.


For four days Remus had been following Harry around, but he had been unable to bring himself to cast the spell that would end his pup's pregnancy. If they would have been back home he would have been celebrating this miracle, but now this was just a sad tragedy.

He had wanted to have this over and done with by now, but Harry had spent almost every waking moment these past four days with Daryl. Daryl may not be magical, but his wolf would sense the spell and know that something was wrong and that someone had hurt his mate. Today was the first time he caught him alone because Daryl and Sirius had taken Merle out to help him with his wolf's restlessness.

It was finally time to cast the spell.

"Ouch, no biting," Harry reprimanded with a smile as he pushed the piglet away from him.

"They're getting big," Remus said as a way of announcing himself.

With the smile still plastered on his face, Harry turned to Remus. "Too big, I'm afraid Rick will want to butcher them soon," he said, his smile turning into a frown. "I know that I wasn't supposed to get attached to them, but who can not get attached to a baby? I never realized pigs could be so cute, fun, and smart."

"Pigs are highly intelligent animals," Remus pointed out.

Harry giggled as one of the pigs started nosing at his stomach looking for a snack. "That's hard to believe when all they think about his food,"

Leaning against the fence, Remus critically looked his pup over. For the first time in two weeks he didn't look that bad. He had been extremely tired and sickly looking lately. "How are you feeling?"

"Not too bad," Harry answered. "My arm is all healed and most of the bruising has faded. I'm glad about that, Daryl growled at them every time I took my shirt off."

"That's the wolf," Remus said knowingly. "It was like your mate was born to be a werewolf. I have never seen someone new to this lifestyle be so connected with their wolf."

"I think Daryl could adapt to any situation," Harry said proudly. "Daryl is a fighter and he's not afraid to do what needs to be done in order to survive."

"Or keep his mate safe," Remus added. "I didn't think that I was gonna to like him when I first met him, but he's a damn good guy."

"He could have left me alone in the woods scared and lost, but he came back for me and fed me and took care of me. He cares deeply about everyone, he's just not always good at showing it. Did you see how amazing he was with baby Judith? Did you know that he was the one who went looking for formula and clothes for her after she was born? Rick lost it a bit after his wife died and he wasn't able to look after Judith. He was also the only one who could get her to stop crying."

Sighing heavily, Remus looked out towards the woods. From what he saw, Daryl had been amazing with Rick's baby daughter. This hurt, both his pup and his mate would make incredible parents. Reaching into his pocket, Remus started rubbing his wand trying to get the courage to do this.

Getting up, Harry dusted himself off and straightened his clothes. "I have to get back to the cells, I promised the girls that I would read a few more chapters of The Princess Bride to them. It's a pretty cool book, but not exactly something you would expect to find in a mens prison."

As Harry turned to leave, Remus pulled out his wand with a trembling hand and pointed it at his pup's back.


Dreading doing it, Sirius went to search for his mate as soon as he returned to the prison with Daryl and Merle. He hadn't talking about Harry and the baby much with Remus the past few days, but he figured that his mate was going to take this time to cast the spell on Harry.

Finding him leaning against the pig pen staring down at the ground, Sirius reluctantly approached him, just missing stepping on the wand that was laying in the dirt. "Did you go through with it?" he asked feeling sick to his stomach.

Remus didn't answer, he just continued to stare down at his discarded wand. He had been standing in this same position for over an hour.

Sighing, Sirius bent down and picked up his mate's wand. "I know that I haven't been the most supportive with this, but you did what you thought was best for Harry. Is...is he alright? Is he in any pain?"

Remus looked up, his amber eyes filled with pain. "I couldn't do it," he admitted shamefully. "I hand my wand pointed at his back and the spell on the tip of my tongue, but I just couldn't go through with it."

"Oh, thank Merlin," Sirius cried. "We can figure something out, owl Dumbledore or Severus for advise or potions, we can make this work."

"I hope you're right," Remus said numbly. "This is Harry's life we're talking about. This could kill him."

"So could stepping outside these gates," Sirius shot back. "Having this baby is a risk that I'm sure Harry will be willing to take. Did you tell him?"

Remus shook his head no. "I hadn't made my mind up about terminating the pregnancy until a few minutes ago."

"So you're not going to do it?" Sirius asked anxiously.

"No," Remus sighed. "It was never my decision to make in the first place. We'll tell Harry and inform him of the risks and let him and Daryl talk it out. If they do end up wanting to terminate the pregnancy then I will perform the spell."

"I know for a fact that Harry will want the baby, and while I'm pretty sure Daryl will too, he may consider terminating it because of the risk to Harry. That boy loves our pup something fierce."

"That he does," Remus agreed. "Come on, let's go find them."

Sirius went to follow his mate, but stopped. "Are you going to tell them that you were going to terminate the pregnancy without telling Harry about the baby?"

Remus cringed. "I don't know."

"I don't think you should," Sirius said after a few minutes of thought. "It will only upset Harry and he's going to have enough to deal with after finding out about the baby."

Remus never liked lying, but Sirius was right. It would crush Harry if he knew that he thought about killing his baby. Harry didn't need that, he was going to be on an emotional rollercoaster as is, he didn't need that added to it. Harry was going to need them, he couldn't risk shattering the trust that he had in them.

"I won't tell him," Remus sighed. "Not now anyway."


I don't know if it's my cold or what, but I just cannot come up with a name for Daryl's wolf. Please shout out some suggestions for me.