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"What do you need those for?" Glenn asked as he peered over his girlfriend's shoulder.

Tensing, Maggie quickly shoved what she had in her hands into her backpack. "What are you talking about?" She asked evasively.

Glenn's eyebrows drew together in confusion. "Those clampy baby things."

"Clampy is not a word," Maggie chuckled tensely. "Did you find anything useful?"

Still looking confused, Glenn held up two stuffed backpacks. "I found all kinds of stuff. Why aren't you answering my question? Why did you stuff those umbilical cord clamp thingies into your bag?"

"I don't know," Maggie answered shrugging her shoulders. "You never know what will be useful nowadays." She loved Glenn and she hated keeping secrets from him, but Glenn wasn't the best when it came to keeping secrets and Harry had looked desperate last night when he confided in her. Harry's secret wasn't her's to tell, even if it felt wrong lying to the man she loved.

Glenn's eyes widened as he looked down at his girlfriend's flat stomach. "Oh my god, you're not pregnant are you?" He cried loudly.

Maggie wildly waved her hand in the air."Jesus, Glenn, keep it down. I'm not pregnant, I just saw them and thought they may come in handy if we needed to clamp something."

"Oh, thank god," Glenn sighed in relief. "It's not that a baby wouldn't be awesome, but I'm not ready to be a dad, especially with all the shit that's going on."

Smiling, Maggie leaned in and kissed her boyfriend. "I feel the same way. Maybe after we're all safe in the wizarding world and married we can revisit this topic, but now is not the time."

"Enough tongue fucking," Merle growled as he tossed an empty backpack at Glenn who fumbled in his attempt to catch it. "There will be plenty of time for that shit once we're back at the prison. Fill that bag then start loading everything up. We have been gone too long already."

"We really do need to get going," Sirius agreed. "We still have a three hour ride back and I don't like being away from the prison this long." It wasn't the prison he was worried about, it was Harry. Since tracking him down in America, he hadn't been away from his son this long. He didn't like this, being this far away from Harry was making him anxious and nervous.

Daryl froze in the middle of shoving boxes of bullets in his bag, his face screwing up in pain. Dropping the bag, he clutched at his chest. "We have to go now!" He panted, his eyes wild and pupils blown.

Paling, Remus rushed to the man. "What is it? What are you feeling?"

"Harry's in trouble!" Daryl growled as he rushed for the door despite the intense pain in his chest.

"Fuck!" Merle snarled as he snatched up his bags and then his brother's before taking off after him.

Sirius too took off after Daryl, stopping him as his son's mate went to climb on his motorcycle. "You and I are apparating back. If you're feeling Harry then something bad is happening and we have to get to him."

Grimacing, Remus looked at the scared and nervous faces of the people he had come to care a great deal for. "Siri, I'm worried about Harry, but I think I should ride back with the group, they might need me." He was worried about his cub, but he couldn't leave everyone else behind to make their way home without him, especially seeing as the main reason they made this run was to get supplies for Harry.

Sirius quickly nodded his head. "If I need you I'll send a patronus."

"Be careful," Remus said, his eyes filled with worry.

"You too," Sirius said back as he grabbed Daryl by the shoulder then disappeared.

"Everybody load up!" Rick ordered briskly as he grabbed all the bags that were around his feet.

Merle swung his leg over his bike, his face grim. "I'll start clearing the roads while you pussies pack the truck." He didn't want to admit it, but he was scared for his little princess. He may have hated the boy in the beginning, but Harry had grown on him and the little wizard was now his family, his little brother. He wanted to apparate back with his brother and Sirius, but they desperately needed the supplies they had come all this way for so he needed to help see them safely back to the prison.


Groaning, Harry brought his hand up and started rubbing his aching head, his eyes still clenched tightly shut. Why the hell was his head throbbing and why the hell did it feel like he had been run over by a herd of angry centaurs? Every muscle in his body ached, and as much as he wanted to, he couldn't bring himself to open his eyes, he just didn't have the strength.

Harry tensed when he felt someone grab his hand, but he relaxed when he felt that the hand was considerably smaller than his. It had to be either Mika or Lizzie, they had probably had a nightmare or something. "S'okay," he slurred, his mouth also not wanting to cooperate like his eyes.

"Harry," Lizzie whispered. "please, you have to wake up."

Harry made a weak humming noise as he tried to squeeze Lizzie hand in reassurance. He wanted to verbally reassure Lizzie that everything was fine, that they were safe at the prison, but his brain was all muddled and his body refused to work. He couldn't understand why he was so tired and in so much pain, but right now all he wanted to do was go back to sleep.

"Please, Harry," Lizzie sniffed, "they're taking us away."

It took a minute for Lizzie's words to pierce his sluggish brain, but when they did his memories came slamming back into him. Lizzie slipping out of the prison, him tracking her for hours, finding her up a tree surrounded by the dead, and then him fighting the dead knowing that he was going to die, and then a man, a large ginger man with guns standing over him. Eyes snapping open, he bolted up, his eyes wild with panic.

"Easy there, warrior, you're weren't bit. You're going to live to fight another day," a voice said from the driver's seat.

Harry's eyes quickly scanned his surrounds noticing that he was inside some kind of large military type truck. The truck was making a loud rumbling sound, it was the sound that he had heard while fighting the walkers. "You saved us?" He asked nerviously.

"That I did, sweet cakes. The name's Abraham," the large ginger said.

Harry's brain was still feeling sluggish so it was taking time for everything to click. Looking out the window of the moving truck, he started to freak out. "How long have I been unconscious? How far are we from where you found us? Where are you taking us?"

"You ask a lot of questions, Samurai," Abraham chuckled as he looked at Harry through the rear view mirror.

"We need to go back!" Harry cried desperately.

"You have been unconscious for about an hour," another voice answered, a man's voice.

Harry quickly spun around from where he was sitting on the floor of the large truck. Sitting behind him was a dark haired man with a weird haircut, he was pretty sure that it was called a mullet. "An hour!" He gasped. "How far are we from where you found us?"

The second man's face was expressionless but he did tilt his head to the side. "We have traveled an hour from where we rescued you. After passing out my friend loaded you and the child up and we continued on our way."

"I-I tried to stop them," Lizzie cried, still clinging to Harry's hand. "But I was scared and didn't know what to do."

"No!" Harry cried desperately. "We have to go back. Please!"

"Stop with the dramatics," Abraham snorted. "You're safer with us than wandering Georgia with the dead."

Harry could feel his magic bubbling inside of him wanting to lash out at the loud, obnoxious man. He wasn't sure which direction they were headed, north, south, east or west, but he knew that he was getting farther and father away from Daryl, he could feel the bond stretching. "Stop the truck!" He screamed, his heart pounding.

"No can do, kiddo, I am on a mission and the mission stops for no one one." Abraham said seriously.

Lizzie threw herself at Harry sobbing. "I want to go home, I want my sister."

Harry wrapped his arms around the trembling child. "You don't understand, our family is back there. My dads, my boyfriend, my little sister and all our friends, we have to go back."

"Abraham," a female's voice came from the passenger seat, "I don't think he's lying."

Looking back in the rear view mirror, Abraham frowned at the distressed teen. "I'm truly sorry, but I can't turn this truck around. We are on a very important mission, a mission that is greater and more important than your family. I know it hurts, we have lost some good people along the way, but this is a mission to save the world, to save the human race."

"Fine, then just let us out." Harry tried reasoning. "Lizzie and I can find our own way back."

"No can do either," Abraham grunted. "You may be young and small, but I saw how you handled that sword, you're a little warrior and this mission needs fighters like you. It's a long way between Georgia and Washington DC, a lot of miles and a lot of dead. We are going to need your sword if we wish to succeed."

"Stop the truck!" Harry yelled as he started kicking at the door. "Stop the fucking truck!"

With a loud snarl, Abraham slammed on his brakes then swung around in his seat facing Harry. "Stop with your fucking two year old temper tantrum. I saved your life, you owe me!"

Harry opened and closed his mouth a few times, his words failing him. The man may have saved his life, but now he was kidnapping him. "Please," He croaked out, his eyes swimming with tears. "My entire family is back there, I can't lose them."

The woman in the passenger seat reached out and gripped Abraham's arm stopping the man from snapping back at the teen. "How many people are in your group?" She asked curiously.

Harry didn't want to give away too much information about his family, but he needed them to let him out. "There's more than eight of us," he answered cryptically.

"Any good fighters?" Abraham asked, his interest peeked.

"Two cops, a marine, and a few trained fighters, including the woman who taught me how to use a sword." Harry answered honestly.

The three newcomers looked to each other silently communicating. Pursing his lips, Abraham looked back to the teen. "If I return you, would they be willing to join our mission?"

"What is your mission?" Harry asked warily. He knew that his family wouldn't want to leave the prison or be separated from each other, but he was desperate and willing to agree to anything if it got him back to Daryl and his dads. He wasn't too worried about pissing off these people by lying, his dad could always obliviate them then send them on their way.

Abraham pointed to the man in the back of the truck. "That man there, that man is Eugene Porter, a scientist who knows what caused this epidemic and how to stop it. We are taking him to the Capital where he can reverse the plague and bring life back to this planet."

Eugene inclined his head. "I was a scientist working on the Human Genome project with nine other scientists, dealing with research on how to combat diseases with other diseases. You get me to Washington and I can save the world."

Harry narrowed his eyes, there was something off about this so called scientist and his speech sounded too rehearsed. He wasn't sure that he believed him or not, there was just something shifty about him, but for now he was willing to play along, anything to get back to the prison. "We're a very strong group, I know that they will want to help once they hear that he can stop what is going on."

"You're not just pulling my dick are you?" Abraham asked skeptically. "I'm willing to take you back if you can supply me with more men, but if you're lying, I swear I will tie you to the back of my truck and drag your ass all the way to Washington."

Harry swallowed nervously. "I'm not lying. We are a large group who know how to shoot and fight. My family will be grateful to you for saving us."

"What were the two of you doing out on your own anyway?" The female asked shrewdly. "If your group is so big, why weren't there more of you?"

"Rosita asks a very good question," Abraham pointed out. "Why were just you and the tiny human on your own?"

Lizzie pulled her face out from Harry's neck where she had been crying in it. "It was my fault, I left the prison. I was stupid."

"You shouldn't have snuck out like that," Harry chided gently. "You could have been killed."

"I'm sorry, Harry." Lizzie cried.

Sighing, Harry looked back to Abraham. "Lizzie snuck out early this morning when most of the group left on a run for more weapons and medicine. When I discovered her missing I went after her, tracking her prints. When I found her she was up a tree surrounded by the herd. I know I haven't said it yet, but thank you for saving us."

Growling, Abraham spun back around then turned the truck around. "You're lucky I need able men to help protect Eugene. Now tell me where the hell this prison of yours is."


Sirius was impressed when they landed outside the prison gates and Daryl didn't so much as stumble or fall. Apparating was hell on a wizard the first few times experiencing it, most vomited, but Daryl was stone faced and solid on his feet. He would have thought that apparating would have been ten times harder on a muggle.

"He's not here," Daryl snarled, a hint of panic in his voice.

Paling, Sirius looked to his son's mate. "How can you tell, we haven't even entered the prison?"

Daryl inhaled deeply, his nostrils flaring. "His scent is outside the gate and those are his tracks," he answered pointing to a set of tracks that led into the woods.

Sirius was once again impressed. He had been a wolf longer than Daryl yet he couldn't scent Harry outside the gates, but Daryl was a natural hunter as a human, those traits would have been magnified once the bite took. Pulling out his wand, he held it out flat in his palm. "Point me Harry Potter."

Daryl didn't ask what it meant when Sirius's wand spun in his hand three times before stopping with the tip pointing into the woods. He had know the second they landed that his mate wasn't safely behind the prison wards. Why the hell had Harry left the prison? He was going to kill his little mate when he got his hands on him.

Cursing, Sirius pocketed his wand. "We can track him using the point me spell, but we need to find out why Harry left and how long ago. Harry may be a bit reckless, but he just wouldn't leave, something happened that forced him out."

"Oh thank god!" Carol cried as she came sprinting to the gates, Mika running behind her.

"Where's Harry?" Daryl snarled.

"Gone!" Carol answered frantically. "Sasha and Ty went after him, but it's been hours."

"Why the hell did he leave? Why the hell did you let him leave?" Daryl snarled angrily. He wasn't angry at Carol, he was angry with Harry. Harry knew that he couldn't leave the wards, not with him still recovering and pregnant.

"Lizzie ran away!" Mika blurted out. "She slipped out when you guys left this morning. Harry went looking for her, but he's been gone for forever."

"Harry was beyond frantic," Carol added. "I asked him to wait until I talked to Ty and Sasha about them going with him, but then Mika found Lizzie's jacket outside the gates and he took off. It's been about seven hours since he left. Ty and Sasha left only a few minutes after him, but I don't know if they found him or not, I haven't heard from anyone."

"Fuck!" Daryl swore as he looked down at the ground. "I taught Harry to track, his prints follow Lizzie's, but Ty and Sasha followed the road," he said, pointing to a set of prints that went in the opposite direction as Harry's. "I doubt they found him."

"I'm going to send a patronus to Remus, let him know what's going on." Sirius explained as he gripped his wand in his trembling hand. Harry was smart, he had survived days on his own back when this first all started, but things were so much worse now. It wasn't just that there were more dead wandering around looking for a meal, there were also more evil and vile people. Right now the people were more dangerous than the dead.

Daryl wasn't going wait while Sirius played with his magic, turning away from the gates, he started tracking his little mate. If Harry had been gone for seven hours, then he was either lost or in serious trouble. He knew that Harry was alive, their bond was stretched and throbbing painfully in his chest, but it was still there humming away. He could understand why Harry left, the boy loved those girls as if they were his blood, but he was still going to wring his cute little neck.


It was just getting dark when Daryl and Sirius came upon a mound of dead walkers close to the train tracks they had been following. It was more then just a mound, it had been a herd that someone had taken out.

Daryl wrinkled his nose up in disgust. "There's too much rotting flesh, I can't scent Harry."

"Harry didn't do this, he only had a handgun and his sword," Sirius said as he too scrunched his face up at the smell. One downfall to being a werewolf during an apocalypse where the dead roamed the earth, their flesh rotting off their bones...a super sensitive sniffer.

Daryl started kicking at the bodies, flipping them over and moving them out of his way. "No, but he did do this," he said, pointing to a bunch of walkers that were either decapitated or had their heads bashed in.

"He fought, but someone else must have come along."

"Someone with a very large truck," Daryl said as he circled a set of tire marks. "Someone came upon him while he was fighting off the herd, helped him..."

"Then took him,' Sirius finished, his heart sinking.

"Fuck!" Daryl roared.

'We can't track them on foot, we'll have to apparate back to the prison then wait for the group to return with our bikes," Sirius said gravely. "Then I can use the point me to spell to track him."

Daryl didn't like the plan, but there really wasn't anything else they could do. He was just thankful they could use magic to track Harry because he knew that he would lose the trail the second the truck got on paved roads. He was trying not to freak out, but he was ready to tear the state apart looking for his mate. He couldn't lose Harry, not again. He just prayed that whoever had him was good and wouldn't hurt him.


Lizzie sleepily lifted her head off of Harry's shoulder. "Harry, are we almost home?"

Harry sighed heavily. "I honestly don't know, kiddo, I'm not familiar with Georgia." Abraham could be taking him to Timbuktu for all he knew, he wasn't from Georgia. The only reason why he was freaking out was because his bond with Daryl wasn't stretching any farther, it had settled after Abraham turned the truck around.

"They won't be able to see the prison," Lizzie whispered in Harry's ear.

"Everything is going to work out," Harry said softly. "They won't be able to see the prison, but everyone at the prison will be able to see us and they will come out and meet us. I know you're scared, but I don't think Abraham will hurt us."

"They were nice to me before you woke up, they gave me water and an apple. Are you mad at me, Harry, for wandering off?"

Harry shook his head no. "Lizzie, I was too scared for you to be mad. What you did, you could have not only been killed by the dead, but you also could have been taken by really dangerous people. I know things are tough and confusing right now, but we all love you and want only what's best for you. I know you think the walkers are just different and your friends, but they're not. The walkers, they're not human anymore. The people they were before they were bitten are gone."

"I'm sorry," Lizzie sniffed.

"I know." Harry didn't miss that Lizzie didn't agree with him about the walkers. She didn't fight him or try to defend them, but she also didn't admit that they were dangerous. Lizzie was going to need a twenty four watch until the next portkey arrived. This couldn't happen again, he couldn't lose her.

"Do you think Daryl is going to mad at me?" Lizzie asked in a small voice.

Harry snorted as he ran his fingers through Lizzie's long blonde hair. "At you, no. Me on the other hand, Daryl is going to kill me. I should have waited for Ty and Sasha, but I was so scared for you that I took off after you in a panic."

"Yeah, but Daryl loves you, he won't hurt you."

"Daryl does love me," Harry admitted with a soft smile, "but he's also crazy protective of me. We lost each other once and it took months and months to find each other again and I got so sick without him that I almost died. If Daryl had his way he'd lock me away in a high tower away from anything and anyone that could harm me. He loves me, but he's still going to be mad at me for scaring him."

Harry was jolted forward, his arms tightening around Lizzie when Abraham slammed the brakes on the truck. "This your lot, kid?" Abraham asked gruffly, his hands tightening on the steering wheel.

Scrambling onto his knees, Harry rushed to the front of the truck, his eyes lighting up when he spotted Daryl, his dads, Rick and Merle blocking the road, their guns pointed at them. "That's them!" He cried in relief.

"Not so fast, short stuff," Abraham growled grabbing Harry's arm as he went to open the truck door. "I can't have you running off on me and going back on your word. I need men to help me on my mission, and that's a lot tough looking men out there. I won't hurt you, but I'm going to use you as insurance. You can rejoin your loved ones, after they promise to join me."

"Don't threaten them," Harry warned. He may not trust Abraham, but he didn't think he was a bad guy, just a guy with a purpose, a mission, a mission that he would do anything to see successfully completed. If he went out there and confronted his family with demands though, things weren't going to end well for the big ginger. The muggle didn't know it, but not only was he getting ready piss off two overprotective wizards, but also four werewolves, one of which was his mate.

"Kid, I saved your life, they owe me one."

"I understand that, but my family is different. Just don't go out there threatening me and making demands and everything will be okay."

"Abraham, we are outnumbered," Rosita pointed out. "And they look heavily armed."

"Which is why we need them," Abraham snarled. Kicking his door open, he hopped out of the truck, dragging Harry with him.