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Bonnie POV (4 months)

This was the third time I had thrown up today. This just about confirmed all of my suspicions. My period had all but disappeared but I just chalked it up to the stress of being on the run; that sometimes happens. I never thought it would be this. At this point it wasn't hard for me to put two and two together. I am carrying Clyde Barrow's child.

This scared me beyond belief. I had this inkling of pregnancy for a while but it was real now. That inkling had become a reality. "What am I going to do?" I thought to myself. I knew I had to tell him, preferably sooner rather than later. "Tonight, it has to be tonight."

Of course the night I had to tell him something was the night he decides to hold up another store. I lay in bed in the dark just waiting, trying to think of what to tell him. How to put it in the lightest terms possible. Eventually I fell asleep. I nearly jumped out of bed when Clyde slammed the door when he walked in.

"Oh my god, baby you scared me. Is everything ok?"

"Store had nothing. No money, barely anything on the shelves. Called the cops on me but I got out of there." He said to me, "I just need to sleep."

He crawled into bed next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist as we laid down, kissing the back of my neck. His hand coming to rest on my stomach, he had no idea how significant that was. "Clyde, what if we just stopped all this and went home?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, raising his head. "I mean the stores don't have much anymore. We don't need to do this we could settle down, forget all of this, have a family," I said without turning my head, still staring at the bedroom wall.

"What are you going on about?" he yelled as he got up from his spot next to me on the bed.

I sat up and turned toward him although I couldn't look him in the eyes. "Clyde, I'm pregnant," I let my voice trail off, not having the power in me to say anything else.

He was silent he just stared at me. He brought his hand up, running it over his face, thinking hard. "Sugar, what are we gonna do with a baby out here?" He said to me. I stayed silent staring at my hands clasped in my lap. "Sugar, we have to do something." I looked back up at him with tears in my eyes, "I know Baby". I couldn't believe I was saying this. "We are going to have to 'take care of it,'" he said to me as he started pacing the floor.

"No," I almost shouted, my voice still felt weak, "I won't let you 'take care of it'. I want this baby to have a chance". He picked his head up, "Then what do you suppose we do?" he was angry and I knew it. I held back my tears as I looked up at him, "I don't know, keep it, give it to a family or something. Leave it on a doorstep. Nobody would need to know it's ours."

"Because nobody would take it if they knew," he said finally looking back up at me. "Fine, you can have the kid but it can't stay with us." He stalked out of the room, leaving me still sitting in bed. I ran my hand over my still flat stomach, "You have a chance little one."

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