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An Alternate Universe (AU) Crossover.

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Prologue Towards A New World Truth

It was dusty and foggy in the area with a grayish-yellow skies. And to the surface below has debris of a town all over the place, broken structures, bent sign posts, and shattered glass. A group of teenagers have just survived a powerful attack from an object in the sky. One in particular... a young man with a bowl-shaped gray hair with silver eyes and grey glasses along with a black school uniform.

He raised his hand, reaching out and crushed a tarot card of the Fool Arcana and summoned his 'Persona', "... Izanagi." The young man called forth. The persona came out of the blue forming a tall warrior wearing a large black trench coat with red inside, the figure also had a grey undershirt, with black pants, grey boot with what looked like blades attached to the bottoms and light amount of armor. Over the warrior's face was a metallic mask that hid it from view except for shining yellow eyes and two long white strings streaming down from it. His Persona took the debris off of the young man as he sat up, checking himself for injuries.

*The Strange World

He then looked up to survey the sky and immediately spots a giant black sinister eyeball with rainbow colors for its lens and funnels all over it, spewing fog everywhere.

Everyone within the area can see the giant eyeball as well. "What's with that freaky eyeball?" Said a tomboy, having light brown, bowl-shaped hair, and brown eyes, who was wearing light green, high collared athletic jacket adorned with several buttons.

"I'm not sure... But that's what's pulling these worlds together." Explained another girl with copper hair tied in two pigtails, brown eyes, tanned
skin, and wearing pink glasses. She, with her Persona who wears a white dress with scanner on the girl's eyes and a hexagon satellite dish on its face, was scanned the threat in the sky, then notice the eyeball charging up. "This is bad! We have to figure out how to stop!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, but how...!?" Questioned the Faunus girl, kneeing on the ground. She has long eyelashes and black eyes, with long, straight black hair that is kept neat with her red hairband behind her Feline ears and has a tail over her skirt. She wore a red uniform with the same design as the rest and has red reading glasses.

"So... You're the one who did this..." The gray-haired boy exclaimed. "The one who created this fog...!"

"I... am Ameno-sagiri. One who rules the fog. One awakened by man's desires. I desire whatever all beings of life desires, Humans and Faunus. And when I find a way to fulfill their desire, I do it." The sinister eye stated, as it continued spitting out fog. "You mortal beings have long blurred the line between fantasy and reality. So I have decided to expand this world and erase reality... For good."

The shocking revelation startled everyone, they cannot let the process into fruition. "No... No! We won't let that happen!" The Grey-haired boy exclaimed as climbed on his Persona's should as he pointed his Katana at the sinister eye and flew right at it. Alas, Izanagi hit its barrier, unable to connect the attack.

"You have all played your parts perfectly, you've startle the masses into madness... But all roles must come to an end." The Sinister Eye commented. "Soon, you all turn into shadows. Forget reality, embrace the shroud of darkness that comes with the fog!"

Everyone was still speechless and yet... they still felt the need to do something. "You son of a..." Another boy gritted his teeth who had unkempt fawn colored hair, and brown eyes. He also wore a same black uniform and had orange glasses with red headphones over his shoulders. "Like Hell, we let you do that you Mental Bastard!" He yelled as he prep for battle, summoning his Persona by slicing his floating Tarot card of the Magician Arcana, with one of the pairs of blades. A Disco Ninja Frog with a V-shape blade on its chest, appeared behind the young man.

"Grr... I don't want people to turn into Shadows!" Complained an anthropomorphic Ursa. This talking Ursa looked like stuffed animal with blue fur and wears red and white jumpsuit-like clothing. "Bear-sona!" He growled as he summoned his Persona by slashing the his Tarot card of the Star Arcanca with his claws. A bulbous red boiler with stubby limbs in a blue cape, carrying a tomahawk missile in its arms has appeared before him. The Persona threw the missile as both Personas charged in as well.

"This world was spun by the collective unconscious by all matter of race. It's a barren land swarming with people's incessant cravings for delusions and implausible desires." The Ameno-sagiri stated.

"Shut the hell up, already!" A delinquent barked. His hair was bleached blond and was a sweptback crewcut. He also has a scar above his left eye, many piercings, metal jewelry, and wears a black sweater with a skull-and-crossbones design on it under his school uniform and is wearing shades. "Long story short, you're the one behind all this!" He yelled as summoned his persona by punching his Tarot card of the Emperor Arcana. A large black robot with skeletal designs appeared as it holds a lightning bolt like a sword. It points its lightning bolt at the Eye, firing a huge lightning bolt.

"I'm the one who bestowed upon you the power to enter this barren land." The Sinister Eye claimed. "I'm the one who made it possible for you to bring about this fate."

"You're the reason why we can enter those Shadow Labyrinths!" Exclaimed the girl with the pink glasses, upon realization.

"So what!? We'll just beat the heck out of it and it'll all be over!" The Tomboy aggressively suggested as she summoned her Persona by round-house kicking her Tarot Card of the Chariot Arcana with her custom greaves extending above her knees. It's design was all black with golden yellow rims adorned. A entity appeared wearing yellow with single black stripes going to both arms and to the center waist, including a finned helmet with visor and a black yin-yang symbol and pieces of metal guards around the waist all the way to the shins and wielding a windmill double saber that glows yellow. "Let's go, Yukiko!" She said to her Faunus friend.

"Right, Chie! Persona!" Yukiko replied as she wipped out her weapon, a red fan with bright yellow rim at its top, and slashed her Tarot Catd of the Priestess Arcana. Her Persona wore a pink and white battledress with a white heart on the chest, has, behind it, a set of feather-looking blades that are connected to the Persona's wrists on both arms, and a same colored visor adorned with matching pair of flowers accessories. Both Persona's flew right at the sinister eye and made contact with the barrier as well.

"Humans and Faunus see what they want to see, as they want to see it. And this is the world where their false perceptions gather." The Sinister Eye pointed out. "There's a little window here that displays what they want to see."

What the eye meant to say came to realization to our heroes. "...! The Midnight Channel!?" The Gray-haired Youth realized.

"... And that why the victims, who ended up on the news, were on the Midnight Channel? Because wanted to more of those guys!?" The fawn-haired teen stated.

"A window that shows people what they want to see..." Said a younger faunus boy as he stepped forward, next to the delinquent. He had short blue hair, a blue trademark cap, along with a cat tail. "I see... the Midnight Channel we saw in Namatame's hospital room wasn't his true intentions at all..." He hypothesized. "What we saw... was what we wanted to see... and we wanted to see him as the murderer..."

"That means... when we watched alone, we could each see something entirely different!" Yukiko exclaimed.

"It was all in people's minds..." The copper-colored girl followed.

"The more comfortable the people get with their delusions, the less interest they are for the truth." The Sinister Eye continued. "And this hollow forest will grow to accommodate this, forcing it to continually expand."

"What the hell! You think people don't care about the truth?! That's Bullshit!" The fawn-colored teen barked. "We kept fighting and fighting like savage Grimms to get where we're standing! The only reason we did it, was to learn the truth!"

"Yes... That I did not for see..." Ameno-sagiri added. "The ability to master your own Shadow that emerged to kill you, and use its powers. A new and uncertain facet of mankind... Is it worth to put my trust in, or not...? It must be tested... Nebula Oculus!" The giant eye blasted all their personas away with huge beam, sending the Personas back to the ground. "I will turn you all into shadows and start this world anew. Mortals will have to prove their worth, to prove that they want the truth!"

*The Almighty

Debris begins to rise from the ground and starts to circle around the Sinister Eye.

"Not while I'm still alive you won't...!" The grey-haired Persona User exclaimed. As he attempt to change his Persona, Ameno-Sagiri sent lashed some debris at him, flying stones at him and paralyzing his mobility.

The grey-haired Persona User has gotten trapped by Giant Eye ball's telepathic spell as it starts to absorb him. "Why do you oppose this so fiercely? A single person cannot defeat me."

"Maybe I can't... But I'm not alone!" Grey-haired Persona User replied as he struggles free.

"Your so-called bonds simply do not last. You are foolish to place your trust in them." Ameno-Sagiri stated. "Were you mortals not the ones who chose to leave reality behind and wander the empty forest?"

"No... that isn't... the truth! They... don't want to... embrace the lies!" The Persona User retorted as he continued to struggle. "Our bonds is what makes us strong! My friends have proved that to me!" He continued as he squinted his sights back to his friends as he could vaguely see them. He began to sink into the Sinister Eye. "If I'm... with them... then I can over come... anything! *gasp* We will never... Give up!" He yelled.

"Yu!" The Fawn-colored teen called out to his friend. He had his Persona toss him while he was on a hovering green-colored arrow-shaped board that is as big as a double-edge greatsword. "Rrrraaagh!" He rammed a green spiraling sphere into the giant eye as the blast gave him an opening to rescue him, grabbing his wrist as Yu did the same. "You okay, partner?" He asked as he got him on board.

Yu: "Y-Yosuke!"

"Don't worry! We're all with you! We're not gonna let this freak do whatever it wants!" He declared. Yu in awe and profound by his friend's words and look to the others below as their personas ascended. Their other friends cheered Yu on.

"Take'em! You can do it!

Yu: "Teddie...!"

"Go on. We're all counting on you."

Yu: "Naoto...!"

"I love you, Senpai! Now get'em!"

Yu: "Rise-chan...!"

"Take his ass down in one blow!"

Yu: "Kanji...!"

"Narukami... I believe in you...!"

Yu: "Yukiko-san...!"

"Do it! We're leaving everything in your hands, Yu-kun!"

Yu: "Chie...!"

"Make us all proud! Okay, bro!" Yosuke followed as he flew up high enough as Yu jumped off.

Yu began to glow with blue-ish aura followed by a number of Tarot cards as he started to descend slowly until he began to float in the air. The Tarot cards soon shined white and flew straight up and then formed a glyph for summoning. The power surged into Yu as his silver eyes shined on. The Tarot cards soon merged into one as Yu readied his summoning. "... Persona!" He grunted as he clenched his fist, simultaneously crushing his Tarot card. What appeared out the glyph came a persona that took shape of a demonic angel with a shining bright background.

Ameno-sagiri targeted the Persona with multiple beams. However the beams were repelled and reflected back at the sinister eye, doing significant damage back at Ameno-sagiri as it squinted back at the persona. Thus, Yu made his comeback as he pointed his open hand along with his summoned persona doing the same thing, cast an explosion on the giant eye as the entire body started to crumble with the lens intact. Yu could just stare with a calm demeanor as he then gripped his hand so hard, even his persona did the same and cause the Giant Eye explode as the entire body blasted away and also clearing a hole in dark clouds and viewing the blue sky above. Yu's friends gazed upon the sight upon his success.

As the ending became clear and close, Yu descended slowly to the ground as he exhausted a lot of his Aura. Everyone rush to his aid, to see if he was okay. Once they all confirmed his good condition, they reset their sights back at Ameno-sagiri.

"I see...Your powers are strong." The Sinister eye looked into the clear sky, pondering about his judgement cast down. "Power comes from the heart... You have proven to me potential..." He stated to them. "Very well. I will lift the fog from the place where you will return to." He answered to them as they were surprised. "Mortal's desires are my desires. If they so wishes, I will return at any time, wherever they are... I am always at your side and theirs, watching..." He warned afterwards.

"Well, don't wait up! We'll keep that from happening no matter what!" Teddie stated.

"Time will show the path where all will take, Children of the new potential." Ameno-sagiri stated as everything blurred to white. As the sinister eye disappeared and man in a suit appeared in its place.

"You think... it was controlling that guy?" Chie wondered as they all approached the downed person.

"Who can say...? I believe it was at least partially his own intention as well." The Faunus Detective theorized.

As the man scowled at the Investigation Team, they, in return, all stared down on him wondering what to do with him.

Once they all dealt with their decision of the man's fate, they all returned with him back outside where the Investigation Team encounter someone familiar to them along with his entourage of soldiers in a black uniform.

Yu: "Alvin-san!"

"You guys... Whoa! You guys are okay!" Alvin exclaimed with surprise. An adult with brown, unkempt hair, a brown-colored trench coat and a scarf going down from his neck up. "The Fog's gone and the Grimms around here suddenly became a bit more pacified as usual.

"Bit more pacified? What do you mean?" Naoto questioned as they other wondered.

"Well... you guys learned this at school, right?" Alvin replied. "Whatever happened to the Fog, the Grimm must of regained their usual senses.

"So... they're still a threat..." Yukiko moped.

"Don't worry about it, you guys. Us Black Fangers will take care of the clean up." Alvin stated optimistically with a thumbs up. "You guys should return to your families. They're probably worried." He mentioned in a worried tone as he walked away.

Soon after, a policeman with a Black Fang soildier came in with a stretcher. "Greetings, Shirogane-san. We got word from Detective Dojima." The Policeman stated.

"We heard that this guy's a wanted man? From those recent murders, right?" The Black Fang soldier, added.

"Yes. Please, handle him with care." Naoto requested.

Chie: "They were partners after all..."

They soon returned to town seeing the shopping district so empty. Everything was still intact aside with all the buildings close and the Black Fang roaming around, Grimm as they fight against are no longer in the Town of Yasoinaba.

The Investigation Team then notices a boy running and the Mother following suit. "See mom!? It's all sunny! I can play outside like you promised, right!?" The boy begged excitingly.

"Ah, son, please! Don't run like that!" The mother scolded as she pursued her son.

"It's for real them... The fog's really gone!" Chie exclaimed.

Everyone cheered that the whole case, that nearly shook the town to its core, is finally over.

Yosuke: "It's over, isn't it...?"

"Yeah... and somehow, we won." Yu replied as he smiled back at his best friend as they both shook their hands firmly, followed by their other friends placing their hands over the two.

While the Investigation Team were doing their thing, Alvin walked behind the Gas Station and confronted two people. A man holding a coffee cup and a cane in the other hand with his lady assistant at his side. "Whelp... there you have it. A group of kids solving a supernatural case." He chuckled as he handed a tablet-looking scroll to the Assistant.

"Hm... I'm impressed. To think he actually follows his parent's footsteps... Even this new founded semblance of his is a reward." The Man commented, sipping his cup of coffee and staring at the scroll's screen.

"Are you sure this is wise to scout like this?" The Assistant complained. "And we're recruiting him without his parents permission."

"It's fine, Glynda." The Man assured. "I'm sure that Soul's very understanding. Even to the events that may transpire back in Vale."

"I suppose... But he and Seta will not like this... We will need to plan a meeting." Glynda groan as she rubbed her stress off.

"*Sigh* Very well... Said the Man as he and Glynda left for the train station.

Yu Narukami. That is my name. At the beginning of this year, I was just transferred to a rural town of Yasoinaba when my parents had to work overseas, since they were both Hunters. I moved in with my Uncle, who was a detective of the town, and my younger cousin Nanako who was half-faunus. I was attending the local school, Yasogami High, and made some friends, too. Although while my time there was suppose to be the an ordinary school life in a middle of nowhere, there was an incident, several murders started to occur. Even my friend, Yosuke Hanamura fell in despair for his girlfriend who was one of the victims.

Because it was unnatural for a dead body to appear on a telephone pole we had to investigate this ourselves. Thus led to the rumored "The Midnight Channel" that appeared on rainy nights and the Hallowed Forest, within this TV world, where we met Teddie. We soon learned that this world had something to do with the murders in Inaba and there were these areas that were called, the Shadow Labyrinths that took shape from those who were pushed in. Because of what they see from the Midnight Channel, many mix thoughts grew from curiosity, and began to grow into a huge hit.

We have also encountered a threat within that world the me and my friends delve into. These "Shadows" that Teddie explained as he was also one of them. We assumed that they were no different from the Grimms in our world, but the main difference is that the shadows have masks and the Creatures of Grimm have animal traits bones erupting out. As we continued to investigate, We somehow obtained the ability the Persona, even Teddie himself. This ability to summon a Persona was our only method to combat the shadows as for some reason, our original Semblance were locked out while we traverse within the Hollowed Forest. Naoto and Teddie mentioned something about that, too... "Shadows are suppressed human thoughts given form" and... "A shadow is suppressed power, and when controlled by one's ego, it becomes a Persona" they said.

I was curious... How is that power any different than our regular Semblance. I may not know any answer but at least we've accomplished to find the culprit behind the case.

Tohru Adachi, He was the one behind the case, he who started it all. By pushing his victims into the TV, and they appear back in the our world dead on the telephone poles. He enjoyed it, and even manipulated some folks into his dirty work. He stated that soon the TV world would merge with ours and would start to turn people into shadows. We couldn't let that happen.

As the fog rolled in these days, The local Grimm's behavior changes as well, like the Moon's phases. We had our hands tied with defeating them and our investigation along with fighting Shadows, but with the help from the Black Fang, A Hunter's Guild, They were able to buy us time in order to pursue Adachi. As the final confrontation began, we soon found out the thing who was responsible for the fog and took over Adachi who also had the Power of the Persona. In the end we manage to defeat Ameno-sagiri and lifted the fog from our world. But with heavy hearts, the warning the Sinister eye told us, he'll return someday, not today.

I couldn't of done anything without my friends backing me up and they are precious to me. We tried to score a hot stud, went to the beach that included a literal wardrobe malfunction, and we even went to the mountains to Ski. Not to mention how Teddie somehow, acquired a body of a foreigner and that Naoto is actually a girl in male uniform. It felt like yesterday that I was making great memories, until I had to leave Inaba today.

3/21 Yasoinaba Train Station Daytime

Everyone was at the train station were they had to say good bye to their leader.

"Yo... well, this is it..." Yosuke said

"You really are leaving, huh? It hasn't really hit me yet..." Chie pondered.

"N-No more Senpai from t-tomorrow on..." Rise whimpered until she turned it into a full blown river.

"Hey, quit crying...! It's way too soon for that!" Kanji retorted, freaking out.

Rise: "But... But... Waaaah..."

"Sheesh... Th-That stuff's kinda contagious, y'know..." Kanji grunted as he shed a little tear. "You gotta put on a good face for Senpai..."

Naoto kept quite to herself until she said her piece. "...It will be all right. We can see him again at any time, should we choose."

"Maybe you guys could visit me by any chance. Perhaps when my parents are there, too." Yu recommend.

"Yeah... Good Idea...! I mean, the long holidays are coming up soon in May, so you better come back to visit. We should probably have something in stock that came from Mistral, too..." Yosuke mentioned.

"I've already reserved rooms at our inn. Let's have another sleepover!" Yukiko suggested.

"This time, our surprise sneak attack won't fail!" Teddie boasted out of no reason.

"Is it me, or is that guy getting more and more aggressive lately...?" Chie wondered.

"Big bro..." Nanako muttered and hugged Yu with some tears shedding. "I don't want you to go away..."Everyone gave them a moment until Yu's Uncle intervened.

"Nanako... Didn't you promise that you wouldn't cry?" He recalled. Nanako nodded and wiped her tears. "Building a case against Adachi is going pretty smoothly. After all, he's made a full confession to his crimes." He added. "Thanks to the Black Fang's assistant, there haven't been any more incidents since then. Inaba's finally back to its normal, peaceful self." He patted Nanako on her head. "And Nanako's better now too. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks for everything. To me, you're just as much a part of this family as Nanako. I'm really glad you came to stay with us..."

Yosuke: "We'll always be here. Come back anytime you want."

"I'll be at Junes too! I'm gonna keep working there and living at Yosuke's place!" Teddie added.

"At this rate, you'll be a full-time employee." Kanji commented.

"Reigning over the store as Junes' idol... Pretty cool, ehhh baby?" Teddie posed like an idol.

"Hell no! Junes doesn't need an idol!" Yosuke retorted.

Several laughs out loud and Teddie was still about one thing. "But you know...I am a little worried about the other world." He mentioned.

"That world still exists, even now. There is no longer anyone deliberately using it for evil, but we have no assurance that it won't happen again." Naoto added but felt confident in a sense. "If it does, Senpai, we'll expect your full cooperation."

"N-Naoto-kun!? Don't even joke about that!" Chie panicked.

As they continued their conversation, they all heard a bell of the train station, signaling for the train. "It's almost time. You'd better get on the train."

As Yu did that and they made their way to the boarding platform. It is time to say goodbye.

Yosuke: "Well, see ya."

Yukiko: "Good luck over there, too."

Chie: "If anything happens on your end, we'll come running!"

Naoto: "Until we meet again, Senpai."

Kanji: "Senpai... I'll be waiting for you."

Rise: "See you... Take care."

Teddie: "I'll be looking forward to seeing you again!"

Dojima: "Well, be careful."

Nanako: "I'll see you, big bro! Byebye!"

"Yeah... I'll see you guys around." Yu replied to them all as he entered the train."

*Corner of Memories

As they the train departs the bonds they gave to you is everlasting. One of these days, he will return to Inaba. All Yu could do is look back at his friends as they wave to him thinking to himself in confidence. "I will not forget my time with them all..." He thought. He then returned to his seat and await his destination.

3/21 Tokyo Station Evening

It was evening and the station was bustling. A nostalgic feeling that he remembers a year ago as he left the train. He proceeded out from the Train Station and he spots his Mom waving at him. "Okaa-san...!" He called out to her. His Mother, Seta Narukami, was waiting for her son to arrive.

["Yu! Oh, thank goodness you're healthy! I see Ryotaro-chan fed you well"] She responded in native language as she checked all over him as a overly-protective-mother-type.

["Mom... please... your making a scene..."] Yu replied as he sweat-dropped.

Yu told his Mom about his school-life nothing that relates to the case last year or any Huntsman activities. Since the parents had to work overseas as their job as a Huntsman and Huntress, they would worry about exposing their son to any violence that involves their line of work. Hence, sending Yu to live with his Uncle. Any word about him getting into violence, Seta would panick and Overreact, in a terrifying way.

On our way back to their house, they encountered a pair that awaited them nearby. A man in a black and green suit holding a cane and a woman with Black and white business suit with unique purple cape on her back. "Seta... it's been a while." The man spoke.

Seta didn't recognize them at first, but then realized a familiar friends. "Ah! Ozpin-san!? Glynda-kun! We meet again!" Seta replied in her English.

Glynda: "I see that you are well."

Yu's mom came up to them as they were familiar friends, shortly speaking that they're friends. "Why don't you come in! I can make you something." Seta invited. "Yu-kun, can you make some tea?"

Yu: "Huh... Er... sure?"

3/21 Narukami Residence Evening

They soon gathered a the table a made several conversations, Seta carefully talked about many things that excluded her and her husband's line of work. That is until she asked a question. "So what are you guys doing all the way in Japan? Surely your staff back in Vale are concerned."

"Yes, I was on a vacation last year, but my time here is strictly business." Ozpin stated as Glynda passed out a form of such. "This year, we're opening a new cultural exchange program with those of Japan.

Seta stared at the form, sternly knowing what Ozpin and Glynda meant. Yu was looking around the room as the atmosphere has gotten tense.

"We've already passed this bill to the minister of foreign affair's approval. We came to you hoping to... Well you should know the idea..." Glynda mentioned but shrugged her hands as Seta stared coldly.

"*Chuckled* What are you talking about?" Seta laughed with her scowl off. "My son is no fighter."

Yu suddenly got a chill, knowing where this was going. "Mom... uh..."

Ozpin was concerned about Seta's behavior can be unstable from time to time. Knowing the consequence, he went through with it. "Are you certain that he doesn't take after you guys? Especially when you see this...?" Ozpin questioned. Glynda passed down a scroll that showed a video of Yu during his stay in Inaba, fighting Grimm and the Shadows he encountered with his friends.

Yu was shocked upon the video questioning in his thoughts "When did they record this!?" He thought in his head loudly as the slowly turned his head to his mother who eyes looked dead.

Seta had a lot of mixed feeling and emotions on how her son. "Son... is this true...?" She stuttered.

Yu flinched upon the question as his mom was in a state of meltdown. He couldn't think of a way to calm her down so he confessed. "... Yes... Could you at least let me explain." He requested. And so he told everything that transpired, which includes the violence. He even showed her the Katana he crafted. "It's not as good as the family heirloom, but this can hold its lighting... Please don't be mad..." Yu begged, putting his hand together.

Seta, in response, did not yell, did not panic, did not express her anger in any form. What she did was shed tears. "[You were always such a quite child and you've changed so dramatically within a year.]" Seta stuttered as her statement was cracking at her sobbing.

Yu: "Okaa-san..."

"I humbly apologize for this invasion of privacy, but... this your decision to make." Ozpin said in a sad expression but then changed it sternly. "I'm sure you know who I am by now."

"Yeah, I've seen you in some of my parent's photos... Ozpin-sensei, you're a Headmaster of a combat school." Yu answered.

"At any case... Whether you decide to come or not, that is your decision. You and your friends are welcome to join this program." Ozpin explained. as he and Glynda stood up made for the door.

Yu notices something when he mentioned his friends. "Hold on, what did you mean my 'friends'?" He questioned the Headmaster.

"I made an announcement of this program not too long ago, I requested some help from my contacts here to distribute these programs to many schools of Japan." The headmaster explained. "I also had my contacts to mentioned your name to some 'specific' people.

Yu was astonished that the Headmaster that he sent word about his name. I soon knew what he meant by "Specific" people... his friends in Inaba. "If decide to go, are they going to part-take in this program, too?" He asked.

"That is your decision." Ozpin reminded Yu. "I won't need your decision, right away. Once you made your answer, I ask that you contact me, once you arrived in Vale." As he finished his statement, he and his Assistant left.

This is a huge impact, a brand new turn of events, Yu pondered what he'll do. He gave it a long thought and made his way to the table, place the form on it. He search everywhere in his house form a pen and return to the table. Once he sat down, he began to write his name on the form: "Yu Narukami"

Hello! As of now, I have created a new project that the Persona series crosses over to the world of RWBY. Just to keep things clear to all, I shall point out some details:

This story starts off with the P4 characters and takes after the normal ending of the original game. Not the true ending... I have a reason...

Japan is... well... is considered a independent Kingdom... or Empire... or Perhaps I could let you viewers decide... And its technology is... quite advance like the Japan in real life.

The Black Fang that I mention in this chapter, they're a huge guild that specifically deals with Grimm and other unnatural cases, as to their name. They also have good with the people of Japan compared to the White Fang outside the Nation and composed of Human and Faunus Hunters. Japan does not have combat academies, but they do have combat clubs within schools that studies Grimm and shadow Black Fang members under their tutelage. Little rumor may spread in one's case

Also this is an Alternate Univers where some Persona Users are Faunus.

Well, I leave this here and make the next chapter. Please R&R for this. I'm still working things out so critics are needed.

And since this is a Persona cross over... I don't even know what initial Persona to give to Ruby... and to the others... I was considering something wind-based, and fresh... like... Maybe an elemental spirite from the Tales series or Summon creatures from Final Fantasy series... Not to mention, what Arcana the RWBY characters should be... Your thoughts?

Music used in this:

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*The Almighty - Shoji Meguro

*Corner of Memories - Shoji Meguro.