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The days with M.M. and Fran were rather... chaotic (how many times has it been since I have used that word? No idea... it really has jumped the bar from my rather peaceful life in the beginning).

There wasn't a (single day) that I wouldn't wake up to the red head's yells at Ken for 'ruining' her expensive clothing (she had a whole four luggages' come a few days after her arrival, all stuffed with her personal belongings... I really would never get girls... At least Chrome wasn't the only girl in the house anymore). The nerve! I snapped at her one time about it all and we ended up in an argument (we got into a lot of arguments, actually).

Unfortunately for me, M.M. had found my hidden bag of crossdressing clothes (why I even bothered to bring that here with me, I haven't the faintest idea). She then held me up for blackmailing, and soon I pretty much didn't care if it was exposed (it wasn't like I was going to wear it anymore, right?). She didn't like the fact that the blackmail effect was wearing off (when was she ever pleased about something concerning me?), and decided to take the notch a little more higher (I had waved the matter off, not really paying any attention to it).

Fran was somehow dragged into our wars and he would often comment on how I would act (in that monotone of his). I would then get pissed at him and would have to forcefully calm myself down (it wouldn't do any good if I blew up on the boy, he was too young to be mentally scarred). I had tried making friends with him, but that was a total no go (so I made it a life goal to bring out some emotion from him, I know there has got to be something in that heart of his).

There was a time when I had the thought of him being a closet sadist... Actually, it wasn't too long ago, it was when M.M. had forced me into that crossdressing outfit (I should have not brushed it off as nothing...).

So that all started when...

I had gotten out of my room to the usual yelling between M.M. and Ken, there was just no point in stopping those two with their useless bickering. "God! Can't you two just shut up for once?!"

And who said that I wasn't involved in the bickering? It was a near ritual beginning. M.M. turned to me, her eyes ablaze. "That's easy for you to say! You won't ever get a lady's passion to keep her clothes beautiful!"

"Why the hell should I care?!" I yelled back, equally angry. "He doesn't go into your room and purposely ruin your clothing! Hell! He doesn't even enter your room!"

"Then who does?!" She shot back.

"I do! It's not my fault that you don't bring in your dirty laundry when I ask you to!" I snapped. She seemed taken aback by my answer, so I took that as my cue to leave, grumbling about making breakfast and how late it was with my daily argument dose. I muttered to the bystanders, Chrome, Chikusa, Ken, and Fran, where Mukuro was I didn't give a shit, not with my current mood anyway. "Breakfast would be ready at nine thirty, so go wash your faces and get ready."

They all gave a nod and hurried off, while I made my way to the kitchen. Making breakfast was the easiest meal of the day, I didn't have to put in a lot of thought like the other meals, it was more like a little of this, a little of that, dump this, dump that, and voilà! Something that is tasty and edible at the same time!

This time though, I made a few toasts, got spreads, chopped up some vegetables, and washed some fruit, setting up the table was no problem either. By the time everyone had come down, this time including Mukuro, I had everything set up, and it smelled nice too.

"Kufufufu, like a five star hotel," Mukuro smirked. "you're like a house wife, Cannon-kun."

I gave a short glare towards him, then turned away. "I can't see how a housewife is related to a five star hotel, Mukuro,"

"You're always going about the house doing chores, and it isn't any different than a hotel's, a five star's no less, kufufufu." I had to facepalm at the comparison.

Apparently it was true, not me being a 'housewife with a five star hotel's management' but the part about the chores, no one was willing to do it, especially the girl's, more specifically M.M., since they had no clue what the first step to a clean house was. I blame their childhood of being stinkin' rich, no offense to Chrome, but still! I mean, the least they can do is give me a helping hand, y'know? Sadly my pleas were not heard, they were in my brain, and none of them could read minds, whether Mukuro could or could not wasn't of my concern right now, he'd probably ignore me anyways. Ken and Chikusa had no experience; that also went for both Mukuro and Fran.

Fran had an excuse though, a weak one at that, and that was because he was still too young to be doing chores.

I rubbed my temples and sat down with them, grabbing a piece of toast to chew on. "Have you even been to a five star hotel?"

"Kufufufu, twice actually," Mukuro answered as he reached out to get his piece.

"Kaki-pi! Pass me the tomatoes, byon!" Ken called out, Chikusa only sighed as he did what he was told. I didn't blame him, it was the morning after all, and chaotic in the morning didn't appeal so well.

Chrome helped Fran spread jam on his toast, while M.M. busied herself with not ruining her manicure. Although I found her mutterings more annoying, even if I didn't blow up on her.

My thoughts then made a turn to school, and I frowned. "You guys should go to school."

"I go to Bossu's school," Chrome spoke up.

I nodded. "Right, but the rest of you should go to school, including Fran."

M.M. was about to object, but I cut her off. "No excuses, school might actually improve your attitude."

"That was an insult!" She slammed her hands down on the table.

"Careful, you might crack the table if you hit it that hard," I noted, ignoring her outburst. Predictably she fumed some more, but that also went ignored. "So I'm going to enroll Fran into Elementary, while you guys head to Kokuyo."

"Kufufufu, why not go into that school of yours then?" Mukuro replied casually.

"Nope, I'm not going there again," I stated blatantly.

"Oya, oya? What's this? You dropped out of school, Cannon-kun?" I swore his smirk widened, that creep...

"I don't see how that would concern you, since you are not my guardian." I muttered, half-cross with him bringing the topic up. Though it was me who spilled it in the first place.

"You don't have the right to send us to school if you're not going either," He pointed out.

True point. "That's why I'm going to enroll myself in Namimori Middle, the Elementary is rather close to the Middle, so that solves the problem on who picks up Fran. No objections, you're all going to school no matter what, your whole life is at stake."

"Not when you have a position in the Mafia, it isn't," Mukuro pointed out.

I stared at him, giving him a deadpan. "And if someone from another... Famiglia, was it? Comes by and gives you a talk on politics, how would you counter it if you were asked to improve it."

"Kufufufu," I almost smirked at the victory I had obtained effortlessly, but held my deadpan expression.

I nodded, satisfied. "See? Best to learn now than later, I'll be making the calls to the school and submitting your forms in."

"Wait, you already filled out our forms, byon?" Ken perked up, looking up from his food.

I let a smirk onto my features this time. "Oh, you're quite sharp today, Ken."

"So you planned for us to go to school before you even asked us?! Byon!" Ken exclaimed, slamming his hands on the table, much like M.M. had done.

I shrugged, my face reverting back to its regular expression of bland. "Careful, you might split the table, it's made of wood after all."

I then excused myself to get ready for my trip out in Namimori, debating whether I should bring Fran along, I decided against it, seeing as I might be dragged down. "First stop, Kokuyo Middle,"

I grabbed hold of my file folder of the signed documents and made my way out, or at least tried to. Turns out M.M. could make a pretty good ghost, appearing like that all of a sudden. I blinked in surprise. "And you need?"

She smirked, making my gut instincts to drop in an abyss. "Since you pushed my buttons too far, Cannon-tan, I suggest you should change out of your... dreary clothes."

She gestured to my quite presentable 'dreary' attire, with a humor that I could only pin as sadism. I had to question though, was I a magnet for such types of people? ... I seriously hope not... I gave a tight smile to the red head. "No thank you, I'm pretty presentable in my 'dreary' attire, now if you would so kindly move,"

Sadly she didn't take the bait, and chose to push me into my room. Quite the shove too. I wasn't expecting it, so going into shock was normal. "Hey!"

"Now, now, Cannon-tan~" She entered my room and shut the door behind her, making use of the personally installed lock mechanism. I mentally wondered how she knew of that when I had installed it during my time alone. Her voice broke my thoughts and I focused on her. "You can't go out when you have better clothes in your closet~"

Did I have to even wonder where this was going? Nope. It was clear she wanted me in the crossdressing clothes... Sometimes I have to regret on even buying the horrid articles... maybe I should have given them to Chrome... I gathered up of what little pride I had and spoke up steadily. "I refuse, it's not a trip to the park. I'm going on business."

She clicked her tongue. "That's no good, you should trust a girl when it comes to judging outfits. It's a well known fact that girls have much better taste in clothing than boys."

I twitched. She so insulted my tastes. "I wouldn't be saying that, you are much too narrow minded,"

M.M. gave one of her superior looks, and closed in slowly. I immediately had gotten back up on my feet and backed up. Of course, as cliché moments happen, cliché endings will always be attainable. It was a matter of time that I had hit the wall of my room, causing me to curse internally, and I took a gamble on diving to the other end of my room. I did manage to pass the red head, but I underestimated her reflexes.

"Oh no, you don't!" She yelled, grabbing my collar and throwing me back against the wall. I gagged at the choke, regaining of what little breath I could manage. I got up, limbs trembling slightly and made to move for another attempt to escape only to stop.

I'm sure that the word horrified could pretty much sum up my situation.

M.M. stood before me, her grin looking more evil by the second.

"You can't escape the power of a lady, Cannon-tan~" She held up the familiar bag. "You're taste in clothes is quite the dip in the mud,"

"I don't see you trying to save up your money in order to pay off your living fee," I couldn't help but retort. If my taste of clothes were going to be disgraced then she had better be prepared for war. "and I see no lady, who exactly are you talking about?"

She twitched, inching closer. "Now that's gone a little too far, don't you think so, Cannon-tan~"

We had a stare off for quite some time, with the most pregnant atmosphere. A move could shatter it, and that's when all hell would break loose, no doubt about it.

After another few pregnant moments, I decided that I would wing it and make a run to my freedom. "Yaaaah!"

"There's nowhere for you to go!" M.M. yelled as she shot herself at me, successfully tackling me down. Dammit! I should head for the Gym! "I was going to let you off easier, but I guess I will have to give them to you"

"Give what exactly?" I asked, suspicious. Nothing good can come out if it was linked to cross-dressing.

Her grin grew. "Why, every girl in the world has them,"

I narrowed my eyes in thought. What was she referring to? Make-up?

"I'm glad I placed them in here beforehand," She reached into the bag and started rummaging through its contents. "ah, here it is!"

She pulled it out and I nearly choked in shock. I looked at her, horrified. "I'm not wearing that!"

"But it would complete your whole outfit," She was most definitely enjoying in making me squirm.

I clenched my jaw, glaring. "There's no way that I will wear that, even if you push me down by force,"

"Ah, that sounds like a good idea," I felt dread start to seep in. She wasn't really going to do that... was she? M.M. took a few more steps towards me. I moved back, but my current situation did not seem to have changed from the last. I caught the growing smirk on her face as she closed in. "using force to make you wear this."

I backed up further into the wall behind me, eyes wide. "Y-You're kidding, right?"

"Oh no," M.M. gave a mock look of sincerity before returning to her grin. "I'm serious."

I felt like that's when I realized that Hell really must be cold. You know, these epiphany sort of problems. I gulped, glancing around frantically for some sort of distraction that I could make do with. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, so I made do with breaking out of my bind by force. I got up and charged, head on, at full power. "You honestly leave me no choice!"

"Hmph! Wait until you're higher than royalty to speak such words!" My heart did a near skip of joy as I was able to get past her for the most part. But, it died at the sprouting stage when I was pulled back by the collar. "Oh wait, you'll never reach that high of a status!"

I was pushed down onto the floor immediately. My mind racing with the current situation finally snapped to reality when I felt my pants being tugged off.

"H-Hey!" I could feel the blood rushing to my face. My attempts of pulling them back up seemed futile... That sounded... pathetic... "Y-You ca-can't just s-strip me!"

"Then how am I going to replace your underwear?" She must be the devil's incarnate! "Or change your clothes for that matter?"

Not just any devil! She must be Satan herself! My pants were ripped away from my grasp, making me snap out. "Can't we do this cross-dressing some other time?!"

"Nope~" She really had the look that she was enjoying this... "I might forget it by then, besides,"

My boxers flew off, and I did everything to try and cover my nether regions. I felt something prick my eyes, but I paid no attention to it. "S-Stop it!"

"It's quite refreshing to see you come down from that uptight position you keep up in this house," I attempted at scrambling over to my boxers, but that wasn't much to be hopeful for since it was kicked farther than I could reach. "quite refreshing."

The next few moments of my life was blurred, but had already scarred my mental state deeper than any of those visits I had out of the blue. When it ended, I found myself dressed top to bottom, inside and outside, in the clothes that I had made sure to stow away in the deepest and darkest corner of my closet. Turns out that was a bogus plan, seeing that M.M. found it without a hitch. Though, all that aside, I was seriously feeling pretty ridiculous… maybe even embarrassed… I mean, this is the first time I am wearing panties! I fidgeted in the uncomfortable garment, muttering a threat to the gloating red head. "I'll make sure that I cook something that you really hate,"

"Uh huh, I'd like to see you remember that," She smirked, picking up the folder that I had dropped and handing it over to me. I eyed them both, but more to the she-devil, gauging the evil look that she presently had on her face. "now you were going to some errand, right, Cannon-tan?"

I glared at her, snatching the folder from her grasp and storming out of my room. I barely registered the expressions of the group downstairs, since I rummaged through the whole shoe closet to find the matching shoes for the outfit and stormed out of the house immediately after that. I glanced at the files, entertaining the thought of ruining M.M.'s profile for the rest of her school days, but thought against it. I sighed. "Honestly what good comes out of getting back at me like this?"

"Maybe it's because Cannon-nee is a tranny." I jolted in surprise, looking down to be met with Fran's nonchalant face.

"F-Fran? What are you doing out here?!" I glanced around to see if anyone else had followed me out.

"The others thought it was good blackmail material, so they sent me out with you." Fran gave a shrug.

"Blackmail material huh," I lapsed into a nonchalant tone as I let out a weary sigh.

"I didn't know that you liked to crossdress, Cannon-nee," Fran spoke up after a minute of silence.

"I don't." I rebutted, my irritation rising. "M.M forced me into this."

"It suits you." I twitched at the remark.

"Fran," I managed to grit out civilly. "tell me, again, why you are tagging along."

"For blackmail material." Was the only deadpan response I received.

I honestly didn't know what to say. I should have expected that answer. He did state it in the beginning, didn't he? "Right,"

The rest of our walk to Kokuyo Middle was pretty much in silence, and somewhere I managed to not mind what kind of clothing I was wearing. That is until after submitting the forms for Mukuro, M.M, Ken, and Chikusa. I was questioned on the damn red head's name, and I assured them, that it was how she wanted to be known as. I pulled a few strings on the latter three's surnames, seeing as I didn't even know theirs in the first place. And relating them to me was a complete, and utter, no. When all that was done, I dragged Fran with me to the other end of Namimori to submit our forms in that district. And to be honest, I really didn't expect for me to be hit with disaster right off the bat when stepping over the made up border. And the peace was shattered with a wolf whistle… I only responded accordingly by glaring at the culprit only to freeze when I recognized the male as the Seijuurou bastard. Immediately, I turned and began walking faster with Fran in tow. "God, why now?"

"Someone you know?" Fran questioned as he looked back.

"Unfortunately," I grit out, twitching at the call from behind. "I just met him yesterday, before you came along."

"He's coming after you," Fran commented.

"He's a pervert." I growled, hastening my pace.

"Cannon-nee, I can't go any faster~" I stopped glancing down at the kid in concern. I realized my mistake when I took in the fact that Fran was giving off a weird smile.

"You there, stop!"

I cursed verbally and mentally, giving a glare at Fran. I muttered a last minute threat before the bastard could catch up. "You are so going to go down afterwards!"

Fran gave a shrug in his usual deadpan look. I was about to retort when a hand grabbed hold of my shoulder, making me start at the touch. I turned and was met with him grinning… that really didn't have any healthy bells… "You're really pretty, go out with me."

I flushed at the directness of his proposal. This really wasn't healthy for me at all. "S-Sorry, I can't."

I turned to leave, but the grip tightened. I mentally started shedding tears. "A walk won't hurt would it?"

He did have a point… "Well, if you don't mind, I have errands to run-"

"Perfect!" I let out a mental groan. This really will take life out of me… "Where are you headed?"

"Na-Namimori Middle," I said, trying to regain some composure. It was embarrassing that I even came out of the house in this set of clothes, but it would be even more embarrassing if this guy found out that I was the same person as yesterday…

"So you're now attending Namimori Middle, Cannon-kun?" He questioned.

"Ye-" I froze mid-sentence, and looked at him wide eyed.

Seijuurou grinned. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone how you look good in crossdressing, it's a promise!"

I took a few steps back to ease my mind. "Ho-How did you- ?"

"Mm, you can say it's like some sort of sixth sense," He shrugged. He turned back to me, his grin returning. "now, back to the main problem, will you go out with me."

"No." I immediately stated. "I'm sorry, I have work to attend to."

"Aw, what's the harm?" I was pretty ticked at how he was being all chummy with me.

"Well, the first thing you can do is to get your arms off of me." I retorted, indicating at the arms wrapped around my neck. I felt another tic. "Why the hell are you so tall?"

"It's the course of nature~" Seijuurou sang, still clinging on to me.

"Well screw nature!" I broke free of his hold and stormed forward. "Fran, let's get going, we don't have all day to waste."

"Hai," Was the only response I got.

"Aw, don't just leave~" Looks like I was to be stuck with the bastard too.

"I can do what I want." I shot back. "Now leave me be!"

"No can do! Once I set my eyes on something, I won't let go of it~" I growled at the cheery note Seijuurou seemed to have in his tone.

"Cannon-nee," Fran interjected.

I gave an irritable sigh as I turned towards him. "What is it, Fran?"

"Namimori Elementary was a few paces back," He pointed to the direction we had come from.

"Are you serious!? Why didn't you say so?" I cried as I ran over to the building that would be taking Fran in. It took a while for me to get things organized, and no sooner than five minutes I had Fran enrolled in the place. I let out a sigh of relief as I exited the building. "That's another down, one more to go."

"Cannon?" I turned around to face the new voice, and found myself looking at a surprised Tsuna.

"O-Oh, hi, Tsuna," I gave an awkward wave. I really didn't expect him to show up. Especially how we ended off the other day when we went to look at the house. "what are you doing here?"

"I was headed for the convenience store, a little ways ahead," He answered, looking me over. "what are you doing in those kinds of clothes?"

"Long story." I sighed, finally allowing my head to drop into my open palm. I straightened up and gave the most cheerful smile that I could muster. "Well, now I got to go and take care of some business, I'll see you around later."

I gave a wave and headed on my way to Namimori Middle. The sooner I could get things done here, the sooner I could go home and get rid of this outfit. It has already gotten me into a bunch of trouble as it is. I found Fran and Seijuurou in a small café near the Middle, I was pretty sure that I didn't see that there at all before but my memory is quite bad as it is. I shrugged the thought off and made my way towards them. "Alright let's go to Namimori now, Fran."

"I'll tag along too," Seijuurou predictably offered.

"I prefer you didn't." I countered stiffly. "I don't want to bring an extra person home after my errands."

"Aw, that's real cold, Cannon-kun~" I ignored him in favor of dragging Fran along with me towards my last and final destination. Hopefully, it'll end faster and problem-free. "I don't think you would say that to the person over there,"

"Like I said," I turned to face where he turned to be pointing, only to freeze at the familiar figure a ways back. "T-Ts-Tsuna!?"

Tsuna took a few moments in catching up, giving a sheepish smile. "I got found out, huh."

"What the heck is that even supposed to mean?!" I exclaimed, disbelief pouring out. "Weren't you going to the convenience store?"

"I was," He gave a shrug, looking over at Seijuurou. "but then your situation pushed it over. Besides, it's not like the store is going to close at this time of day."

I honestly hadn't felt this defeated, not in quite a long while. "I give up. Follow if you want, I really could care less right now with the humiliation I'm going through."

The smile that I received in return put me off for a bit. I quickly turned my gaze away, and started walking. "A-Anyway! I need to finish this errand!"

"Cannon-nee," Fran spoke up, tugging on my hand to gain my attention. "you like him, don't you?"

I started, unable to beat the blush and stutter that betrayed me. "W-What are y-you t-t-talking ab-about, F-Fran?! T-T-This is-isn't t-the t-time to be s-saying s-such th-things!"

"Who's he, Cannon?" Tsuna questioned, referring to Fran.

"H-He's a g-guest," I covered up lamely.

"No I'm not, Master said that I am to learn the art of an illusionist." Fran blew off the lie with his monotone. I swear that I could die right now…

"Master?" I could tell that he was pretty damn curious with the new information that came to light. That really is a bad sign for me. "Are your parents' home, Cannon?"

"N-No, why ask?" I gave a tight smile. "I'm merely taking care of Fran for a neighbor, that's all!"

The stare I received lasted a lifetime, but I held my ground. I was damn proud when he averted his gaze to my other companion. "So who is he?"

"An acquaintance that I met just yesterday." I was rather glad of the topic change. I don't think I could have lasted any longer under that scrutinizing gaze… I feel like my masculinity has greatly diminished along with my pride… "A sibling to the person we had run into on the day we went to see my house, remember?"

"Oh, her." I was kind of surprised by the hard edge that Tsuna's tone had gained. "I don't suppose you're here to drag Cannon back, are you?"

Seijuurou held up his hands, giving a carefree shrug. "What my sister does is on her own will, I was merely taking a stroll, that is until I saw this beauty here."

I couldn't help the heat that surged onto my face, so I kept my head down, allowing the wig's hair to cover my red face. Fran, the brat, decided to speak again. "Cannon-nee, they look like they're fighting over some prize."

"Please, Fran, can't you stop with the commentating?" I pleaded, honestly and sincerely. "It doesn't help the situation."

"Why? This is for the blackmail." I wanted to wilt and wither off, but I couldn't turn suicidal with these turn of events. That would become a stupid act of error.

I just wanted this all to end already, so I can dig myself further into my room, planning to have some extra locks and traps to prevent my privacy being invaded. "Sabrina-san?"

God, is the day too early for you? I turned towards the speaker and brought about a smile on my face. "Oh, Kyoko! And Hana, how are you guys? All well, I hope?"

Kyoko giggled, coming over to hold my hand. "We're fine, how are you? It's been so long since we last saw you!"

"Ahaha, you're right." I managed to maintain my smile, resisting the urge to look away. "I was busy with life, doing things here and there. No rest at all."

"That's terrible!" Kyoko, the sweetest girl I have ever known in my whole life, gasped. The most genuine gasp, I must say. "I know!"

"Know what?" I questioned.

"Why don't we have a girls' day out?" The squeeze on my hand hardened.

Crap. "I'm sorry, Kyoko, but I don't know when my next free time is. So I'm afraid I'll have to decline the offer."

My heart sank when the smile dimmed into a pout. "Alright, I hope to see you around more often, Sabrina-san."

"M-Me too." I agreed. "Now, I got to go and run my errands, I'll see the both of you later then."

Lucky for me they both left, relieving me of the uncast stress. I gave a sigh, letting my shoulders slump. "Thank the gods that they decided to go."

"It would have been a good scoop to see how they would react to your crossdressing, Cannon-nee." Fran's statement shattered my good mood.

"Fran," I looked down at the kid, lapsing into my own monotone. "that's not even funny."

"I'm sorry for bringing this up quite late, but where are we headed anyway, Cannon?" Tsuna spoke up, making me aware of the two other presence's on my humiliating day.

"I didn't tell you? I'm headed for Namimori Middle." I answered with a resigned tone. "Since I withdrew from my previous school, I decided to attend Namimori. Easier to avoid a whole bunch of trouble too."

"You're transferring to Nami-chuu?" I didn't understand the surprise in that… Oh shit. I should have thought this transfer through.

I slumped further. "Yeah. Let me at least get to the damn school."

My wish was granted without further ado, and my mood had elated. I gave Fran's custody to both Seijuurou and Tsuna, telling them to stay where they were while I finished up the final errand. That was when things started to go downhill.

I knew that I seemed to forget something, but being in such an elated mood I brushed it off as a useless worry. Again, I was proven wrong when I had opened the Disciplinary door, since I was redirected from the office to this place I had no other choice. My action brought about another set of actions, via a tonfa piercing the wall right next to my head, and I merely stood there allowing my slow brain to catch up to the current events. "What the hell?"

"Vulgar language is prohibited on school grounds," The seated teen yawned.

"Well, sorry," I retorted. "but throwing a weapon at a person who just walks in, ignorant to danger, is hazardous to the degree of having a damn sign on your door!"

That outburst seemed to grab his attention. I also took my time in examining the lounging teen. The familiarity ticked. "Crossdressing is also against the school code."

I blinked. He said what? "Crossdressing?"

Then I looked down at my attire, and a new wave of humiliation washed over… "I-It's not for everyday! I swear!"

The smirk that appeared on his face brought the recognition of my past encounter with him.

Hibari, Kyoya, of the Disciplinary Committee in Namimori Middle.

… Life got a heck of a lot complicated.

"I did say that vulgar language is prohibited on school grounds," He got up from his seat and walked over. "do you want to be bitten to death?"

"Hold on!" I raised my hands in front of me, praying not to get hit anywhere painfully. "I have to ask a question! Are you even supposed to be in a Middle School with your age?"

"Logic hasn't held me down, and it never will," He replied blatantly.

Great, this guy seriously is the kind who would do whatever he felt like… I shook my head getting back to business, as I took out the folder containing my transfer documents. "Nevermind that, I came here to transfer!"

I gave the folder containing my information. "The last school was a bunch of bogus, so I made up my mind to come here, with Chrome."

"The Pineapple herbivore's copy?" He, lucky for me, took the folder and scanned it.

"Pineapple?" I frowned. "I'm sorry, I don't know who this Pineapple is, and Chrome is not a copy. She is an individual of her own right."

"Still the Pineapple herbivore's copy," He countered bluntly, looking up from the documents. "and that doesn't explain why you are crossdressing, herbivore."

I twitched. This guy had some major issues calling people names. "What is with you and your name calling? Didn't you ever get taught that it's rude?"

"Those who bark more than they bite are categorized as herbivores'," He explained, coming closer. "and those like me, a carnivore, truly speak with their fight."

I took a step back, hands up again. "Alright, alright, I get it! Just… don't come any closer than you already are!"

The predatory smirk appeared once more, and I swear those cobalt eyes glinted! "You still haven't been bitten to death for your… crossdressing hobby, herbivore,"

I felt a wave of anger at the name calling, but it was washed away by the fear of those metal tonfas in his hands. How did he even produce them in a few seconds? "I already told you that this is not a hobby of mine! I was forced into such an outfit by a roommate!"

My back bumped to a stop with the other end of the hallway, making panic bubble in my chest again. I tried once more in making him back off. "C-Could we j-just talk? Y-You know, s-setting out the rules f-for the f-first timer h-here?"

"Lessons are easily learnt when beaten into the herbivore," He launched one of his tonfas at me, as I made a move to get out of the range at the very last second. Fortunately I was able to dodge it, so I sustained no injury as I did so.

Plan to placate the madman, failure.

The only thing left to do was to run for my life. My body complied, sensing the danger upon it, and Hibari was after me. Our chase was throughout the whole school, inside and out, with me trying to shout reasons for him to stop. That did not plan out so well, since I had seriously run out of breath trying to put as much distance between us. Eventually I stumbled, summersaulting at least five times before I gave out and laid down on the ground, trying to even out my breathing.

My pursuer caught up with me in no time at all, and brandished his weapons in what I thought was a victory pose before he decided that the lesson needed to be set out. I watched as the tonfa came down, and mustered up my last bit of strength to dodge the metal weapon, resulting in the ground cracking with the impact. I hit the wall, and got up to run once more on my tired legs.

Unfortunately, for me, I ended up stumbling into someone, making me fall again.

"Cannon?" Ah, doesn't that sound like Tsuna?

"Hey, Tsuna," I waved tiredly, smiling. "just met the Disciplinary Chairman,"

"Hibari-san?" He must have caught sight of my pursuer, since he started arguing. I didn't bother to pay attention to what was being said, too busy in trying to stay conscious.

That didn't happen, and I ended up blacking out.

The next time…

I woke up, I found myself resting on the sofa in the Disciplinary Room. In the company of Seijuurou (the bastard was still there, apparently), Tsuna, Kyoya, and Fran. Once I was fully awake and capable of comprehending sentences (I should get this checked out), I was given instructions (from the oh so great, Hibari, Kyoya), without any bloodlust, on my admittance in the Middle School.

So my whole humiliation paid off (getting accepted and all that), but I had to go through one more before my (chaotic) day ended.

And guess what happened?

Oh wait, you can't guess…

Whatever, I'll tell you anyway.

Fran (the snarky brat) flipped my skirt! The humiliation for that sort of thing was not short of too embarrassing to even inhabit my mind. He even took pictures (how did he even have a camera?!), since the beginning as well (how did he even take those?!)!

I made sure to have my revenge on them (and M.M. said that I wouldn't even remember, so hah!), making a full pot of disgusting stew, and I cut off the electricity, along with the internet, bill, and I packed my luggage without anyone knowing and left the house.

I started out camping outside, but then Tsuna (with his extreme sense of finding lost things) found me and insisted that I stay with him. I was about to refuse, but he wouldn't hear any of it (I don't know where he even gets his persistence from!). So now it's my fifth day in his house (I'm perfectly fine, unless of course someone brings a topic that I don't want to hear), with a whole bunch of crazy people (Tsuna doesn't like me referring to everyone like that, so I try not to say it out loud), but otherwise it's a been a good five days (two more and I'll go back and see if the others are dead by now).

I better get some rest now…

P.S. Reborn has been having a lot of cases of 'hurting cheekbones' lately… I wonder why…