Chapter 2: A Powerful Ally

Aldara Medical Center...

"Having fun?" Ezra smirked at the sight of a very annoyed looking Resh, who was currently glaring at him from over her breathing mask. Apparently floating not-so-peacefully in a bacta tank for hours on end was not her idea of a good time. "Sorry Resh, doc's orders." The young scavenger forced himself not to step back as her face melting gaze managed to intensify. "Few more hours lookin' like a stink fish, you'll be good as new." Still she said nothing, and only narrowed her eyes further. "Wanna read something? I could hold up a datapad for you." Ezra clucked nervously at her renewed glowing glare, crossing her arms uselessly in the transparent tank. He wasn't sure, but he could almost make out a hint of emerald green mixed in with the unnatural red of her eyes.

"You know she's going to make you regret that later." Kanan shook his head at the boy, a mildly amused expression on his face despite the very real chance Resh might make his padawanna-be seriously regret the fun he was having at her expense.

"Totally worth it." Ezra replied with a grin, even as an odd tapping sound caught his attention. His startled blue eyes flicked towards the bacta tank just in time to see Resh pulling her finger back and then swiftly drawing it across her throat. "Okay, maybe not..." Ezra admitted with a loud gulp of fear.

Lounging in what passed for some sort of lumbar torture device, Kanan chuckled as he folded his arms behind his head and looked towards the Ghost's most recent acquisition. The Force had guided Ezra to her, that much Kanan knew for certain. As to the purpose of his discovery, he couldn't say. Kanan didn't let it bother him that much as he turned his head to stare at his young apprentice with a quirked eyebrow. Despite the gesture Resh had thrown Ezra's way, Kanan wasn't concerned since he hadn't sensed any hostile intent directed anywhere near him. The strong desire he had sensed to make Ezra's life miserable was another story. But as long as no bodily harm came to the boy, Kanan found himself oddly at ease with the whole situation.

Much to Ezra's horror as he took a wary step back from the tank. "Shut up Master." With that short and simple retort, he flopped down into an equally uncomfortable looking chair by Kanan and crossed his arms over his chest. Apparently he wasn't quite as relaxed, and Kanan didn't feel it was his place to set his padawan at ease since he had earned Resh's ire in the first place.

After a few minutes of nervously stretching in his seat, he got back up and hesitantly headed back over to Resh's tank, this time pressing a hand against it. She seemed surprised and a bit annoyed, but that didn't stop her from pressing her now rapidly healing right palm against the inside of the tube across from his.

"I wonder who she was before we found her?" Ezra said after a few more seconds of silence.

Kanan could only shrug. "Who knows kid, we may never know, but I can tell you this much Ezra. She's strong, stronger than anyone I've seen in a long time."

"You mean" Ezra asked with a meaningful look shot towards Kanan over his shoulder.

Kanan shook his head firmly and smiled a little at the question. "No, not like that, but there's something about her that demands trust and respect." He mused, having no real idea why he believed that, but something about her shouted it was the truth.

Ezra's response was to roll his eyes and turn away from the tank, his arms crossed over his chest. "Pff, yeah right, I can trust you and the others on a good day. Maybe." The boy gave a noncommittal shrug. "Resh, she's your ordinary perfect stranger."

"I wonder what Sabine would say about that." The almost-Jedi admonished, pretending not to notice Ezra's subtle blush. "You don't trust yourself, there's a difference Ezra. What happened with Tsebo proved that." Kanan replied softly, not fooled or bothered by the sarcasm that practically radiated off of the young kid.

Ezra's voice took on a hesitant note as he turned back, pressing his forehead against the tank, his head hung low at the reminder. "You never told me...what I did on that rock Kanan. What really happened I mean. I still don't remember it. Just a feeling of….being cold. So cold..."

Kanan sighed deeply as he walked up next to Ezra and placed his own hand on the tank besides the boy's with a grim nod of his head. Resh rolled her eyes but playfully put her other hand by his, unaware of just what she was truly hearing outside the glass tank. It was better for them if she remained ignorant anyway. What she didn't know, she couldn't tell if she were apprehended by the Empire. "All you need to know is that you saved our lives kid. You might have tapped into a dangerous power by accident, but focus on the good you managed despite that. We'll just have to be more careful from here on out is all."

Ezra wasn't about to be reassured so easily as he looked up at Kanan, his big blue eyes full of terror. "But...if it happened once, doesn't that mean-"

Kanan put a hand on the young man's shoulder and squeezed it gently in response. "Yeah, it can happen again, but we can learn from our mistakes."

He finally started to relax after that, much to Kanan's relief. "Using that power just felt so...wrong. It won't happen again. Ever. I promise." Erza affirmed with a confident nod, even his gaze still held a flicker of doubt.

Kanan only nodded before turning his gaze on Resh. He frowned when he noticed something in the air, and turned to regard Ezra. It suddenly dawned on him then what the kid was doing, the strange tingling sensation he had felt being the only clue, as he smirked widely at the implications, a proud gleam in his eyes. "Seems that for all your talk of looking out for yourself kid, you've got a good heart after all." Kanan gestured to Resh with his free hand, offering Erza a reassuring grin. "Just keep doing what you're doing. Can you feel it? Despite whatever sarcastic looks she might be giving you, you have a calming influence on her, she trusts you."

"Why? I haven't done anything." Ezra said, confused as he jerked his hand away from the glass. The feeling disappeared at the same time his hand left the tank's surface.

Kanan begged to differ, and made it known as he gestured towards the tank for emphasis. "You cared about what happened to her Ezra, when a lot of people wouldn't have. You found her, got her to safety and convinced the rest of the crew to help her." After a brief pause, Kanan's lips pulled up into a small grin. "Well, not so much Zeb and Chopper, but the fact remains the same." What he had to say next, Kanan made sure to lower his voice so only Ezra heard him. "Okay, promise you won't freak out? Ezra. You've been accelerating her healing since you touched the glass."

"Wait what?" Ezra jumped and looked at his hand in open shock, much to Kanan's annoyance and exasperation.

"What did I just- forget it." Kanan snapped back with a terse whisper, fighting his intense desire to facepalm right then.

"Is that what...that feeling was this whole time?" Ezra asked, looking a bit bewildered and awed at the same time. "It felt so...warm."

Kanan shrugged as he watched Resh's eyes suspiciously dart back and forth between them. "I wouldn't know. I've never been able to do it. You're a natural kid. I've always heard it's a hard talent to master."

"Maybe I should start teaching you." Ezra said with a grin before turning his gaze back to the tank. When he touched the glass again, he tried to find that feeling again, but sighed when he came up empty handed. "On second thought….maybe not."

Kanan stared down at the boy, knowing this was a perfect opportunity for him to learn, despite his inexperienced 'master'. Now he had two ways of teaching Ezra, when he had to survive, and when he cared about the survival of others. "Focus Ezra, what were you thinking about?"

Ezra sighed, having grown to hate that single word. Anytime Kanan used 'focus' in a sentence, it always led to arguments and massive headaches. But he did his best to calm down, slowly closing his blue eyes. After taking several deep breaths, reminding himself of what he was tryi- what he wanted to do and why he was doing it, Ezra put his hand against the glass once more before speaking.

"I just wanted to help her….because no one helped me when I needed it until you , Sabine, Hera, Zeb and Chopper came along blasting bad guys. You showed me that good, selfless people actually exist. You guys taught me to fight for something, for someone other than myself, and I wanted to….actually follow your example for once. Not just be a pain in the exhaust port like usual." Ezra let out a small gasp of surprise when he felt a familiar warmth in his chest, smiling when Resh winced in concern. "It's gonna be alright Resh."

"Well, I say you're off to a good start Ezra." Kanan replied as he nodded towards the tank. Between the bacta she was swimming in and Ezra tapping into the Force to speed up the healing process, he could see the woman's wounds noticeably start to disappear ever so slowly. The bacta tank and her unique cybernetic mods would get all the credit for this one, but Kanan would know otherwise, and he'd make sure Ezra did too when they were back on the Ghost. And from the relief and pleasant surprise in the woman's glowing red-slightly emerald eyes, he saw that she was beginning to suspect something was off. Kanan only put a finger to his lips, and smirked when Resh nodded her head to show she understood.

Several hours later...

Ezra hadn't been able to keep up his efforts for long, and had eventually fallen asleep, after Kanan had insisted he take a break. If anything, it was more like he collapsed from sheer exhaustion and Kanan had gently deposited him into a nearby seat to recover. The fact he could almost feel Resh's gaze burning a hole in the back of his neck only made his knowing grin all the wider as he leaned back in his chair with his arms behind his head. "Got a question?" He asked, having no intention to move from his chair if he could help it.

"Just who are you people?" Resting his eyes, Kanan looked up to see a dripping wet Resh, now fully healed except for her odd faded orange glowing scars and slightly less red tinted emerald eyes, currently looking for something to cover herself with. He couldn't blame the medical staff for keeping their distance. The first nurse who had instantly begun scanning her injured patient when they arrived was bluntly told she'd be getting a thorough scan of her colon if she didn't back off. It didn't help matters when the alien woman tried to explain that she technically did have colon. Resh seemed perfectly happy with the idea of jamming the hand scanner down her throat at that point.

"Long story, but I don't hear you complaining." He chuckled, rising from his seat, and pulling a towel off a nearby shelf before tossing it over to her. Once she was sufficiently covered, Kanan felt his smile disappear before he looked to the floor between his feet. "I need to know you won't tell anyone. And I mean anyone. know." Kanan finished vaguely with a slight wince at his less than stern wording.

Resh once again nodded her head before crossing the short distance between them, her arms crossed over her chest, which thankfully kept her towel from falling off. Her soaking wet underwear didn't leave much to the imagination, but since they were Hera's, Kanan wasn't exactly surprised. He was having a hard enough time not noticing her slick, well toned body as it was. Thankfully, either she didn't notice or care as she bluntly addressed him. "Kanan, you and the kid saved my life twice today. First you brought me to your ship instead of putting two in the back of my skull. Then you bring me to a hospital and do...whatever that was. Not gonna lie, it certainly wasn't unpleasant. I'd have to be a total bitch to repay that kind of kindness by ratting you out."

Kanan cautiously glanced around them before tugging her to a quiet corner of the bay. "I'm serious Resh. One word of this in the wrong ear and it will mean trouble for me, for Ezra, for all of us."

The sly smirk that appeared on Resh's face wasn't very reassuring. "Nothing some gear, credits and free passage aboard your ship to a destination of my choosing won't prevent."

"You can't be serious?!" Kanan blurted out, partially rousing Ezra and drawing more than a few curious glances.

Resh gestured to the nearby medical staff, most of whom immediately averted their gazes, hoping to avoid her less than pleasant attention. "I already explained to a few overly curious medics that my implants accelerate healing, which probably isn't a total lie. They certainly helped. But maybe I should tell them about your little trick too. I just hate being dishonest... "

"You dirty no good-"

"You're cute when you're angry." She scoffed as she glanced over her shoulder towards the staff. "They wanted to do a thorough scan, told me I could make a lot of credits if they could reproduce the designs. I told them to stuff their scanners where the sun doesn't shine."

"Why? We could have used the money to keep the Ghost running and food in our stomachs. Oh wait, how silly of me, all we did was save your life." Kanan growled under his breath. "Why don't you just take the creds and leave us alone?" Kanan asked, genuinely curious even if he was only being partially serious. He was the practical member of the crew after all. Getting this human shaped bloodbat off their necks was now his first priority.

"Kanan, I'm not some evil, cold hearted bitch." Kanan's expression said it all as his raising eyebrows screamed 'Really?' "Okay, maybe I am, but you did save my ass, and I won't forget that." When her voice dropped, Kanan knew she had lost all of trace of her humorous, sarcastic defenses, and made it a point to look her square in the eye. He was glad he did when she started to speak again. "Besides….what was done to me….I wouldn't wish it on anyone else." She looked at her right hand for emphasis, and the criss crossing red glowing scars just underneath the skin. "I barely feel human as it is, that, and the attention wouldn't help me either." When she looked up from her hand, Kanan was sure he caught a flicker of a smile appear on her face. "And if I'm staying with you and the others, then that's trouble you don't need even if the money would help us out."

"Us?" Kanan asked, his eyebrows shooting back to his hairline. "Being awfully generous with your non existant credits aren't you?"

"Easy there hotshot. Nothing plus nothing, let me do the math here..." Resh held up a hand and started to count off the 'nothing' she was trying to 'add up'. "Hmm. On the other hand, I wonder how much information on your little friend's useful healing power goes fo-"

"Alright I get it." Kanan said with a deadly glare. "You made your point."

"Huh, get what? What point?" A sleepy Ezra asked as he barely stopped himself from falling out of his seat.

"This." Resh told him as she knelt by his chair and gave him a chaste little peck on the cheek before whispering in his ear. "Whatever you did, thanks kid."

"Uh...right, yeah no problem." Ezra stammered as he rubbed at his rosy cheek. "You didn't tell her did you?"

"Not by choice. Let's get back to the ship. Might be a good idea to grab your clothes." Kanan suggested as he took in Resh's soaking wet underwear. "Wouldn't want to make Hera jealous."

"Or hot and bothered." Resh countered, and grinned when Ezra could only stare slack jawed at the obvious innuendo while Kanan adjusted the collar of his shirt, his cheeks turning beet red, much to Resh's amusement. "I'm kidding. Mostly. I'm not one for moving in on someone else's turf….I think. Probably. I mean, she is pretty damn amazing." Resh's eyes flicked to Ezra like a lioness studying her prey. "Don't feel bad kid...if you were a few years older...I might've given you some serious thought."

"Huh?! I'm gonna….I should go..." A beet red Ezra managed to say before all but running out of the bacta ward.

"Stop toying with the kid. You enjoy it way too much." Kanan said with a glare, his cheeks still red with embarrassment and a hint of anger even if he agreed with her about Hera. The twi'lek pilot truly was one of a kind.

"Poor little bastard didn't stand a chance." Resh snarked, managing not to look the slightest bit ashamed at her actions.

Kanan grabbed a bundle of clothing neatly placed on a med bed along with the pair of boots next to it, and tossed them at Resh with more force than necessary. "He's young, he'll learn."

"Yeah? What about Sabine?" Resh asked, catching the bundle with ease before putting most of it next to her for easy access before she let her towel drop to the floor. She smirked when she saw Kanan's eyes snap to her figure before blushing and looking away just as quickly. "Her learning curve seems to be a little stalled. That girl needs a nudge in the right direction."

"Don't. You're not exactly a great role model. Or a great person for that matter." Kanan tersely replied.

'What, me?" Resh asked, feigning innocence. "I don't see the problem, they'd make a cute couple."

"Great. So you're adding matchmaker to your resume along with extortionist. Would it help if I said please don't?" Kanan asked, arms crossed over his chest for good measure.

"Not really." She answered honestly.

"Would it help if I said she's a pyromaniac with an affinity for explosives that is borderline scary?"

"Nope. I like a challenge. And besides, that's a handy skillset for any girl to have if you ask me. Keeps potential bunk buddies in line with the threat of immolation." Resh chuckled as she finished dressing and started towards the door with a nod to the medical staff. It wasn't much of a thank you, but it was something at least.

"And now I'm starting to wonder if saving your life was worth the nightmares I'm going to be having from this conversation." Kanan just shook his head and facepalmed. "Then there's the whole ruthless streak you've got going on. Ezra sure knows how to pick 'em."

"The idea of those two together freaks you out that much?" Resh asked, ignoring the man's jab, more than a little surprised by Kanan's reluctance to just go with the flow in regards to Ezra and Sabine.

"You haven't lived with them." Kanan shot back.

Back on the Ghost...

"Huh, back so soon eh? And here I was lookin' forward to a bit more peace and quiet after the supply run." Zeb griped as he and Sabine finished purchasing the spare parts and food rations Hera had asked them to fetch for the ship.

"Turns out I'm just a fast healer is all." Resh explained, with a subtle wink to Ezra. "Didn't mind the company much either."

"Well, I know I certainly wouldn't want to be left alone in some bacta tank all day. Least we could do." Ezra replied and rubbed the back of his head, mildly embarrassed at the praise being thrown his way.

"Thank you Ezra, that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me." Resh purred, giving Erza another small peck on the cheek. The fact Sabine was watching them like a hawk certainly wasn't her fault. The kid saved her life, so she figured making the girl he obviously liked insanely jealous was the least she could do.

"What's wrong with your face? Never seen that look before. Is there something you want to tell us Loth rat?" Zeb asked, a toothy grin plastered on his face at the mortified look on Ezra's face.

Ezra had since taken several steps away from Zeb, his hands waving frantically in front of his face while he shook his head in denial. "No! Definitely not! Resh you are so not helping here! Ugh! I'll-I'll be in my bunk."

"Sweet dreams Ezra..." Resh sang song over her shoulder.

"Gah! Not listening!" Ezra yelled as he ran out of the cargo hold.

"If nothing else, it'll certainly be a lot livelier around here." Hera said once Ezra had sealed the door to his quarters shut.

"Hmm. I could get used to the kid running in terror every time he sees...what's-her-name here." Zeb managed to get out between belly deep laughs. "Nice work Scarface."

The woman casually walked over to the gloating Salat who was by now bent over with bellowing laughter. "Resh. The name's Resh. You can thank Ezra." Without another word, she slammed her knee into his codpiece. The gasping giant dropped like a ton of transparisteel. "Told ya we'd finish that dance big fella. Might wanna get some ice."

"Carabast! You….low life...scum sucking…. You better sleep with one eye open!" Zeb growled out from his sprawled out position on the floor.

"You too buddy. You never know when the life support in your room could accidentally get shut off."

"Follow me." Hera glared at Resh and crossed her arms as she led the woman along with a wary Kanan into the crew lounge/kitchen, leaving a groaning Zeb on the cargo bay floor. "If anyone is shutting off the life support on my ship- okay bad example. Resh, you touch one bolt on my ship without asking and you'll find yourself sealed in the airlock. And you'll be calling wherever we land next after that home."

"Yes ma'am." Resh replied, not about to argue with the twi'lek, even giving her an unconscious salute before she could stop herself. Hera seemed to be the only crew member whose authority Resh didn't question or challenge outright.

"At ease soldier." Hera muttered with a grin despite herself. "That confirms it though. Military in a past life. That just made you and Kanan our heavy hitters if-when we run into more Imperials. If you're interested in staying that is."

"We already came to an... agreement." Kanan muttered.

"Oh really?" Hera asked, a note of jealousy in her voice as she turned to look at the two of them. "And what was this agreement?"

"She blackmailed me." Kanan deadpanned.

"I wouldn't go that far." Resh growled, Kanan noticing her momentary glance towards Ezra's shared quarters with a subtle grin.

"I would." Kanan shot back, noting the furtive glance she directed towards the quarters belonging to his apprentice. I have you now. "You know what, we should really inform the whole crew, get everyone to pony up the creds Resh here wants to be paid for not running her mouth off to our buddies in white."

"Take one step in that direction and you won't ever walk again." Resh muttered menacingly, her hand straying towards her belt, only to remember she didn't have a weapon on her.

"Okay, I think we all get the point. One. You aren't getting any credits, any dishonest ones at least." Hera said, intervening before their argument could get any worse. The twi'lek also saw the look, and shared a subtle glance with Kanan to show she hadn't missed where Resh's gaze had fallen. "Two. No one threatens the safety my crew and lives to tell about it. Am I perfectly clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Resh replied immediately and crossed her arms, sighing as she looked away. "At the risk at having you kick my ass off your ship right now, what if I'm one of these Imperials you keep talking about and just don't know it?" Suddenly the thought of regaining her memories all at once and possibly harming the very people who had helped her made Resh's blood run cold. It would also be highly inconvenient for her, aside from disposing of the bodies of course.

"Even if you were, not all Imperials are bad people." Kanan grudgingly replied, and held up a hand before she could protest. "Vast majority aren't exactly friendly, but some of them are just serving because they don't have a choice. Besides..." Kanan tapped at his head with a smirk. "I can always let you know if you start getting the urge to conquer the galaxy and enslave everyone you meet. Oh wait, you already have extortion and blackmail down pat. Might have to just shoot ya now."

"Very funny. At least if I turn despotic and power mad, you'll warn everyone else first before putting a bullet in me."

"Not going to be a problem." Kanan mocked as he patted his holster, and the blaster contained within.

" shooting our guest, even if she might be a tad on the arrogant side. And you," this Hera directed at Resh before jabbing a gloved finger in her face, "If you're going to stay onboard the Ghost, rule number one, don't be so pessimistic. I certainly didn't get where I am by constantly doubting myself, and I don't allow it in my crew."

Resh snorted at the serious expression on the pilot's face. "The floggings shall continue until morale improves huh?"

Kanan rolled his eyes, even as a finger drifted closer to his holster snap. "Now you're starting to sound like an Imp-"

By some small miracle, Resh resisted the urge to slam a hand over her face. "Nevermind, bad joke. Don't ask where I heard it though, that's coming up blank."

"Well, since you're up and about, how about you get yourself settled. We'll figure out what to do with you after we've reached our next port of call."

"Wait, don't tell me we're actually going to let her..." Kanan started to say, feeling more and more like a massive hypocrite with every word. The only reason he was on this ship was because Hera had given him a second chance. "...unpack without giving her the two credit tour first." He finished with a sheepish grin when Hera started to turn her head towards him, an all too familiar grin starting to form on her face.

"Don't tell me we're letting this red eyed womp rat stick around?!" Zeb growled as he limped into the room. "She's insane! She's dangerous! We take her with us, she'll kill us in our sleep! She said as much!"

"Nah, just you big guy." Resh corrected the hulking Lasat, giving him a slap on the back hard enough to make him wheeze as he subconsciously covered his aching parts.

"Not helping my opinion of you Scarface." Zeb muttered darkly in return.

"I can promise you two things Zeb." This got the Salat's attention since it was the first time she had heard her use his name. "The idea of killing anyone in their sleep bores me, guess I prefer a challenge, so I don't think you need to worry about that. Unless you happen to be a slaver, then forget the first thing." Resh paused, mentally adding her unsurprisingly strong hatred of slavery to the depressingly short list of things she knew about herself. " And second, I might not like you very much, but your buddies saved my life. For the time being, your enemies just became mine for that simple reason. So as long as you aren't stupid enough to cross me, I won't kill you. Simple enough for you big guy?"

"He's not the one you have to convince." Hera told her, a frown marring her usually mischievous green gaze. "Tell me you aren't going to harm any of my crew while aboard this ship. And make me believe it, otherwise you can walk right back down that ramp and enjoy the rest of your stay in lovely Aldera." Hera demanded, pointing towards the cargo hold.

"You have my word." Resh nodded her head and folded her arms behind her back, her stance becoming ramrod straight without her even thinking about it. "I'll raise that by saying I'll do what I can to protect your crew Captain. It's the least I can do after you saved my skin, even if I did sort of try to extort your boyfriend. Can't say the idea of seeing Zeb here get hurt wouldn't put a smile on my face, but I'm flexible."

"I can work with that." Hera said and met Kanan's gaze, a small smirk on her pale green face as their eyes met.

"So she can stay?" Ezra asked, a hopeful gleam in his big blue eyes as he stuck his head out of his quarters.

Kanan returned the smirk before turning to Ezra. "She can stay, but you and Sabine are gonna be her shadows until we get back to Lothal. She does anything, it's on you two."

"Why me?" Sabine asked, having just come out of her own room, the smell of paint and high explosive residue following in her wake. Before she got too far, their Fearless Leader grabbed her by the arm.

"Because you're about as dangerous as she is by my best estimate." Kanan whispered, and caught the all knowing gleam in Hera's eyes as she started for the cockpit. As much as he didn't like the idea of those two being together all the time, he was sure they'd be fine regarding their new guest.

A loud cough caught his attention and Kanan almost jumped as he turned to find Resh standing right behind him. "I could use that tour now anyway. Need to know the evac points and the easiest way into your armory." Resh paused for effect, a particular gleam in her eyes. "Oops, wasn't supposed to say that last part out loud." Resh gave them her best evil grin as Zeb slapped one of his meaty palms against his forehead, muttering to himself while he stomped out of the crew area.

"I like you already Resh. You'd make a decent Mandalorian." Sabine said, a grin splitting her face almost in half as she slapped a hand on the woman's back in open camaraderie. "Who knows, maybe you've got Mando blood in your veins." The small smirk on Resh's face was approval enough in her mind as she led her through the small ship. The 'two credit tour' didn't take long, but she seemed fairly impressed with the vessel that had become the crew's cozy home.

"It might be small, but this ship isn't half bad. Your room was a bit brighter than I'm used to though." Resh replied, having rather enjoyed the girl's artistic side on open display as it had been. The graffiti covering every surface had Sabine's flair written all over it. "Still trying to get the sun spots out of my eyes from all that neon purple and hot pink."

Sabine chuckled, grinning at a wincing Resh. "Some people just can't appreciate art. Still, thanks Resh."

Ezra proudly gestured towards his fairly spartan quarters as he opened the hatch for them. "And here's my room, well I share with Zeb but-" And was promptly bowled out of the way by one still muttering and very irked Lasat. "Whoa, hey! Watch who you're stepping on!"

"You like this walking death wish so much, you can have her kid. I'm bunking with Kanan, whether he likes it or not. Rather worry about accidentally getting something chopped off in the middle of the night. Better than looking over my shoulder every five seconds."

"Well it could be worse." Sabine offered with a shrug.

"How?!" Ezra shouted before realizing his new 'room mate' was standing right next to him.

"He could have insisted on bunking in my room. Probably too close to yours for comfort."

Smirking at the sarcastic Mandalorian, Resh turned to a less than enthusiastic looking Ezra and frowned. "Let me guess, small ship, limited quarters? And I obviously terrify you. Listen, I'll talk with Hera. Hell, I'm not picky, just give me a cot in the hold and I'm good."

"No way Resh." Ezra vehemently said, setting aside his misgivings about sharing his room with her. "Besides, I might be nervous, but the floor in the hold? Even I had better than that living on the street."

"Street rat huh? For some reason, that feels oddly familiar to me. Maybe we're more alike than I thought kid." Resh shrugged, not affected by it either way as she put a hand on his shoulder.

Narrowing her honey colored eyes, Sabine roughly shoved her way past Ezra. "If we're done getting all chummy, I need to go , which is only half of what we need since apparently you're more important than food or fuel. What with those speeders chasing Ezra and Kanan and all..."

"Again." Ezra grumbled to himself. "It was fun until mine got shot out from under me and we all had to pile on Kanan's. I swear the struts were scraping the pavement." Ezra shuddered at the memory, even if he had to admit that in hindsight it was a little funny.

"I take it that happens a lot." She stated rather than asked before looking over her shoulder at the Mandalorian. "Need a hand?" Resh asked, and shrugged when Sabine looked at her curiously. "If I'm staying around, I might as well be useful right?"

"Wouldn't want you hurt yourself again lifting something heavy, would we?" Sabine snapped back before turning on her heel and walking away.

"No need to be a bitch about it." Resh muttered more to herself than anyone in particular as she followed the sassy girl to the cargo hold ramp where the rest of their supplies were waiting.

"She's just...Sabine doesn't trust people easily. None of us really do."

"I know the feeling…." Resh replied softly, almost too softly to be heard by anyone. Despite her amnesia, she knew instinctively that she shared their mistrust of strangers. Not that she could blame these folks though if half of what they had said was true.

"Well, need any help unpacking, let me know." Ezra snickered as he climbed up in his bunk and slumped back with his hands behind his head. He didn't get a chance to relax before he was bodily pulled out of his bunk and dragged to the cargo hold by Resh, her hand clamped on his right arm which she held pinned behind his back. "Hey! What gives?!"

"If I'm pulling my own weight on this rust bucket, well, you know what say about misery loving company..." She replied with an evil grin before giving him a good push towards the ramp. Ezra stumbled and flailed his arms about wildly, but he managed to keep his feet under him.

Sabine had already unhooked one of the hover crates and was shoving it up the ramp, giving the pair an annoyed glance. "Don't have all day here, mind moving out of the way?"

"Sorry Sparky, was just grabbing an extra pair of hands." Resh smirked down at Ezra before she started towards the rest of the hover crates, only to stop and stare at the glare that had formed on the young woman's face.

"What did you call me?" Sabine shoved the crate out of her way and started up the ramp, looking like she wanted to smash her fist against the smirking woman's jaw.

"Whoa Sabine, so not a good idea!" Ezra started to protest, only to be pushed aside by the Mandalorian when he got in her way.

Resh's glowing eyes gleamed with ill intent. "If you don't like the nickname, all you had to do was say so Sabine. I thought it was rather fitting though, given your explosive nature. How about...Glitter? Because of the artistic thing, not just because you dye your hair like a cheap stri-"

"Hey! Idea! Let's just get the crates loaded!" Ezra put on a desperate, fake smile and started to push the discarded crate up the ramp.

"Ezra. Leave. Now." Sabine growled before she snap drew her twin blasters, but didn't get a chance to get a shot off before Resh charged the teen just as quickly and forcefully pushed her arms out to both sides. To her credit, Sabine made her people proud as she twisted away from the older woman, her leg sweeping out only to just skim the top of Resh's head as she bent backward. Sabine knelt down after completing the spin kick, her blasters raised again, but was punched in the face, throwing her aim off at the last second. Before she could recover, she was disarmed, her blasters thrown across the cargo hold, and was flipped onto her back with Resh's boot planted on her chest.

Resh gave the youth a quick nod of approval, sparing a fraction of a second to smirk at the horrified expression on Ezra's face before her eyes flicked back to Sabine. "You've had training. Not great training, but it's better than nothing."

"You aren't too bad yourself." Sabine retorted, tensing for a fight, but calmed somewhat when Resh stepped back and held out her hand to her. She looked at it for a second before grasping the offered olive branch. "Thanks..." Her other hand snaked out to rip the paint sprayer from her belt as she stuck the device in Resh's face before the surprised soldier could blink. She had already depressed the button on the small device as Resh jerked her head to the side, still getting a face full of the spray as she stumbled back, her vision obscured by hot pink streaks. It was more than enough of a distraction for Sabine as her foot lashed out at Resh stomach, catching the woman off guard before her back slammed into the deck. "For being so gullible."

"Resourceful brat, I'll give you that." Resh grunted as she clambered to her feet.

"Victory at any cost, that's what Imperial training would have you believe anyway. You might want to wash it out of your eyes before you go blind." Sabine advised her, casually taking the hover crate from Ezra's stunned grip and heading into the ship.

"Thanks for the advice." She muttered before shooting the still stunned Ezra a crooked grin. "Heck of a girl you got there kid."

"She's kidding...about the going blind thing. At least I hope she is." Ezra darted into the ship, only to return a few seconds later with a bottle in his hand. "Here, I know how much it stings. Let's just say I won't be messing with any of her stuff again any time soon."

"I might." Resh muttered under her breath before taking the bottle from Ezra's grasp and upending its contents over her face. Almost immediately, the spray paint and the pain it brought to her irritated eyes disappeared. She gave the boy a nod of thanks before shaking her head with a quiet chuckle "Alright, I might have deserved that one. Doesn't mean I'm not going to get her back though."

"While you're plotting your revenge, could you please help me with these crates? I figure it's not going to help, but I'm asking you to try and stay out of trouble okay? At least for the next five minutes."

"Trouble has a tendency to find me kid. But since I like you, I'll try not to do anything too crazy." Resh chuckled, and didn't waste anymore time before grabbing the first of the hover crates.

"Good, I get the feeling Hera will kick you off the second you start causing problems, so don't give her a reason." Resh only nodded her head, much to Ezra's relief as they finished loading up the supplies before he activated the cargo bay ramp, sealing the Ghost up in the process. "Glad we can agree on something at least. Wanna see if we can come some food without you punching someone or threatening to suffocate them in their sleep?"

"Has anyone told you you're a smartass? Don't answer that. I'm starving, so yeah, I think I might be able to manage that." Despite her sarcasm laced words, Resh was very grateful to be given a chance to have somewhere to call home, at least until she figured out who she was, and where she came from. Whatever came next, Resh planned to try and keep her promise to Hera and Kanan if nothing else. She owed them that much at least for Ezra and Kanan saving her hide. Besides, she wanted to know what they had done while in the medical facility, and why Kanan hadn't wanted to talk about it then and there aside from vague references. What did you get yourself into this time marine? Marine? Huh, I'm a marine... Well that's not terribly surprising.

"Gotta get something! Be right back." With a wave, Ezra quickly dashed towards his bunk as the gathered crew all eyed their guest.

"Oh great, look who decided to show up for dinner. I'm sorry to inform you that passengers eat in their cabin." Zeb growled as he dumped a pile of slop that used to be stew onto a disposable tray and shoved it in Resh's chest. She resisted the urge to slap him upside the head with the tray, food and all when Zeb pushed her back into the empty cabin. "Bon appetite." With that, he locked the door in her face.

"Bastard." Resh muttered darkly, but sighed as she prepared to sit down to eat.

" think he knows I'm still in here?" A nervous Ezra asked as Resh spun on the boy.