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The Beginning
My eyes are shut up, I'm sleeping, but I can't sleep. There's a sound that's keeping me awake. The sound of waves hitting a beach. Why is this keep me awake? Because the last place I fell asleep was my room. Maybe I should open my eyes, and see where I am. Maybe I'm just in my room, and my dad has the tv's volume up too much.

"Dad, turn down the tv," I groaned, and I opened my eyes. I saw a blue sky, and clouds. I definitely wasn't in my room, not even close. I'm on a beach, but I shouldn't be. I'm seriously confused on what's happening.

"Are you ready for the deal?" A mysterious voice said.

I sat up, and looked where the voice came from, and I would be freak out because I was already too confused to freak out. The mysterious voice was coming from the water. Not in the water, but a figure sitting on top of the water. The figure I couldn't tell who it was. They were cloaked in silver coat that was full length. A hood covered their face so I can't see it.

"Did you hear me, I asked you if you're ready for the deal?" The mysterious voice asked

"Who are you? Why am I here? What's this deal?" I asked.

'Sorry I'm not allowed to tell you any of that, but I'll tell you this. All of your questions will be answered. You will just to follow the story," The figure stated.

"What story? You're not making sense. Why can't you tell me what's going on? Why I would go through anything without knowing anything," I said also near rage.

"Of course, but you already signed, now its just time for the story to begin," The figure laughed. The Cloak figure leaned over and tapped my head. I don't know, but then my eyes fell heavy, and I collapsed onto the sand.

I opened my eyes, and no longer hear the waves of the ocean. I sat up and looked around. I was in a grassy field. I looked at my clothes. They weren't the clothes I usually wear. I had a silver coat that was like a full coat, with a strange green shield on my shoulder. My shirt was a blue tunic. I wore white camouflage boots, and I don't even own white camouflage boots. My black jeans were the only thing that were the same. I noticed a bronze sword lying next to me. The same kind of sword that was in fire emblem awakening. I looked at the shield that was on my shoulder. It was the same kind that the mercenary class had. It couldn't be.I was in awakening. In the corner of my site, I saw my black backpack. I looked into it and saw a sack of gold, a journal, and a map. I pulled out the map, shut the bag, and got up. I started to walk. I had to find the nearest town. I guess I had to figure this out.

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