Okay, this is the first chapter of the rewrite. I'm going to be span in some events of the Silmarillion, and then go the Hobbit and lord of the Rings. Thank you for sticking with me, and I hope that you will enjoy! Again, this is not a plagiarized version of SkyleafAlchemist's All that Remains. I have her permission to use her name of 'Daelas' and the elf-assassin idea in general.

Chapter 1

"It is not in my hands anymore, Vairë." The voice sounded infinitely weary and held such grief that anyone who would have heard it surely would have fallen to their knees weeping uncontrollably.

"But why?" It was a despairing whisper.

"He says there is a part he has to play that we cannot deny Arda." Was the heavy answer. There was a silence for a moment, and then the female voice spoke up again.

"Then let Eru do as he will. I don't know how I'll explain this to him, though..." Then the strong voice wavered and collapsed into tears.

A babe began to cry, and there was the sound of a loud crack of thunder before there was a flash of bright blue light that was blinding in intensity.


Obi-Wan woke up with a start, breathing heavily. He couldn't think straight, and as a result gave a snarl of frustration, kicking off the pitch black blankets and walking over to the window that overlooked space. His arms were crossed behind his back, face inscrutable in the dim light of the stars as he sank himself into meditation.

The door creaked open, but he didn't move. "What's wrong, son? You are disturbed." A woman walked forwards and gently placed a hand on his arm. He turned his head slightly and surveyed her through the corner of his eyes.

"I'm alright. Just a dream." Was his terse answer. There was a pause.

"Was it really just a dream?" The woman asked shrewdly.

Obi-Wan's lips thinned. "No." He admitted. "It was a memory."

"Again? Obi-Wan, this is your fourth!" The woman scolded, dragging him away and setting him down on the bed. "You need to tell me of these things. What was it about?" She demanded.

Her son's eerie violet eyes were glowing in the dim lights of space as his gaze pierced through her, making her almost shiver.

"Tell me again how you both found me." Obi-Wan answered in reply, referring to her and her husband. He never referred to either them as 'mother' or 'father' for he was not their true son, and he didn't feel comfortable, for some reason, calling them that.

There was a sigh, but she began the tale again. "It was the around the time when the Star Forge was completed. We were just settling down in our rooms after completely finishing the transitions to the Forge and getting it to properly work when a convergence happened in the Force. There was a blast so strong it literally knocked your father off of his feet as well as I, from both the light and dark sides of the Force."

She paused, then continued. "When the Star Forge finally stopped shaking from the burst, we heard wailing- coming from our bed. And when I rushed over, there was you, Obi-Wan, screaming your head off and the Force in you so strong that I had to shield you to keep myself from fainting. And you were glowing so brightly that I could hardly stand to look at you."

Obi-Wan's eyes never wavered, though he smiled slightly at the humorous statement inserted teasingly into the narrative. "It was as if, as your father says, 'you were the child of the Force itself.'" She said thoughtfully, starting to speak more to herself than anything.

"And we, of course, kept you and raised you as our own, since both sides of the Force were practically screaming at us to do so. And therefore you became son of Sith Lord Darth Revan and Jedi Bastilla, heir to the Star Forge." Bastilla smiled softly.

"You were and still are a beautiful child, Obi-Wan." She murmured, stroking his cheek gently, though he showed no emotion outwardly. "Neither of us knew what to make of you, with your pointed ears and glow that did not dim."

She stirred once more. "And we raised you in both the ways of the light side and dark side of the Force, so that you would be neutral, to choose whether to become a Sith or a Jedi." She finished. "Now tell me of this vision of yours." She said impatiently, rousing Obi-Wan from his thoughts.

"It was- there were two beings. I do not think that they were humans, but- like me." He replied vaguely. "They were speaking about something, about someone..." He explained the rest, while Bastilla sat in thought.

Then she finally withdrew from her consultation with the Force. "It sounds as though it might be the way you got here. But where in the galaxy is 'Arda'? It's obviously a place. And who is 'Eru'?" She mused, while she held his hands gently.

Obi-Wan just sat with seemingly no emotion, face impassive and stone still. But anyone could tell that he was in meditation by his slightly glazed eyes and absent air. Bastilla finally stirred with a sigh.

"You grow more mysterious each day I know you, son." She said, a clearly amused smile in her tone. He just smiled absently in reply. She patted his hands and left him to it.

Obi-Wan did not sleep the rest of the night, meditating about his life.


"Pick up your feet and MOVE, Obi-Wan." A darkly clad figure snarled, sounding highly annoyed. "As my son, heir to this Forge, and such a powerful Force-sensitive, you can do better than this." He snapped, making the younger, smaller figure in front of him snap to obedience. "You have been training in the ways of the Force long enough to be better."

Contrary to thought, the man was not being harsh, despite the seeming circumstances. It was rightful admonishing, pushing the young boy to his limits and full potential.

The man himself was an imposing figure dressed in a black robe pooling around his ankles, a gold chest plate, two black shoulder guards, leather straps holding them in the back and crossing to the front where they were joined by a large silver ring made of platinum, a black cloak thrown around his shoulders and the hood drawn over his head. A mask completed the outfit, one that brought fear to the hearts of whoever was unfortunate enough to see it.

This was Sith Lord Darth Revan, complete with his red mask with a horizontal, droid-like slit in the top for vision. Two lightsabers were strapped to his waist, one red and one purple.

The boy he was watching was going through a series of lightsaber katas far above normal level, going faster than the mind could comprehend. Whatever race the boy was of, Darth Revan mused, it surely didn't to any harm to his training. In fact, it was helping to a point where it was mind-boggling even to him.

The boy had learned well so far of what he had been taught. It had not been two years since he had adopted him, and yet he had already mastered the first form of lightsaber combat: Shii-cho.

The boy was a convergence in the Force. It was like he was made of both the light and dark sides of the force, and yet extremely strong in the Unifying Force more than the Living Force. He had visions almost every night.

As Obi-Wan had grown, he had learned the ways of a Sith from Revan, and yet the ways of the Jedi from Bastilla. Both sides, as he had pointed out to both of his foster parents, had pros and cons. They had agreed, and as a result of his training and his point of view, he was neither Jedi nor Sith Lord, but rather a mixture of both- a Jedi Lord, as he chose to call it.

So he, yes, had morals, compassion, courtesy, standards; but neither was he one who loathed the touch of the Dark Side. For indeed, even though the dark side is dangerous, it is not evil.

The light side is the side that keeps peace. It is the side of compassion and love. Flaw number one in the Jedi's 'no attachments' rule. But it is not meant to be used to fight.

That is the part of the Dark Side. You must use the dark side to fight. It is not so much evil as it is dangerous, really. The Dark side is emotion. It is aggressive, it is defensive, it is all these things. But in of itself, it is not evil.

An individual is the one who makes it so. The Dark Side is dangerous, for it is potent with strong emotion. If you choose to use it, it must be wisely, or else you will fall. You must have one foot in the light, or else the Dark Side will start to utterly control you.

And also contrary to popular belief, the Dark Side is capable of loving. But only in a certain way. It can love conflict just as well as a person. Therefore, YOU must control the dark side, instead of allowing IT to control YOU. And hence is the difference between a Sith and a Dark Jedi.

Therefore, the Jedi refused the dark side, for too many lost themselves to it, not being able to be strong enough to control their own emotions. Love is not the path to the dark side, it is merely an opening for you to loose yourself to it in your own weakness and folly.

So Obi-Wan follows both codes of the Force, adopting the 'correct' parts of both and refusing others that he did not see as being 'right.' And, as Revan had to admit, it made him a powerful Force user, with potential to rival himself.

And Obi-Wan, as a result, had forced him to come up with a new method of training him that had not been used before. The boy was so powerful in the Force, it took any Force-sensitive's breath away and left them literally gasping for air.

So the first thing, of course, was to teach him how to shield himself. As soon as Obi-Wan had, however, his unnaturally natural glow had been cut off abruptly, shut away along with his shielding. At first the boy had panicked, but then had realized that it was merely the shielding effect and not that it had been 'killed.' It was still there and always would be.

For his parents, however, it had been a vague relief, since the light had been all but blinding. And also was the change in Obi-Wan's natural eye color, which he took to be the effect of shutting in the light.

Originally, they had been a beautiful, breathtaking blue-green, cerulean color. But now, with the shielding, they were violet. And as if it was not Sith-like enough, they changed shades. If Obi-Wan became angry- on the rare occasion, it must be noted, for he was extremely mild-tempered and diplomatic- those eyes would darken until they were either plum purple or almost pitch black, according to the extent of his wrath.

The boy also had dirty blonde hair that he refused to cut, so that it had grown to the length of his waist, making him look almost ethereal in appearance, with his hair, extremely fair and flawless skin, and even his eyes, no matter the color. But being uncomfortable among others, the boy had taken to wearing a black cloak with a hood. Revan did not care. Neither did Bastilla, for that matter.

His training, on the other hand, had been a challenge. Revan had twisted a form of Force-manipulation, and had done something never done before- gave the boy some of his select memories. All Obi-Wan had to do was unlock those memories through practice, 'practiced' force methods and reflexes coming to him as though through re-training.

And once they had all been unlocked and perfected, then came the holocrons. From Sith long ago, methods so complicated that Revan hadn't bothered even trying, methods lost to the mists of time. And in the next years that passed slowly and yet quickly, Obi-Wan had not only learned, but had mastered them all.

And therefore, the greatest Force-sensitive there was came into existence, though none but a few knew his true powers and potential; for with a powerful Force-sensitive also comes powerful shielding.