Amara looked at her brother in law, or whatever he was, examining him. This whole situation was confusing to her in all honesty. She had these memories of another life that connected her to a family and seeing Elijah she felt that connection but she also had this new life, her current one, and she was different now. She knew deep down that at her core she was the same but she also knew she wasn't the only one different either and this was just a whole new set of rules to handle, rules that had no playbook.

"I see you didn't lie Katerina," Elijah said taking in his sister who had been lost for so long and her death had caused Niklaus to become lost as well.

"I wouldn't lie about this," the doppelganger huffed but Amara could see she was afraid and stepped in front of her not caring if he saw.

"You know I'm actually glad you cut the hair because trust me not the best look for you Elijah," she said crossing her arms gazing at him curiously.

"Yes well one must keep with the times," he said smirking at her.

Amara felt this urge to joke about him having a stick up his ass but she also knew he was protective. He loved his brother and she had a brief memory of him threatening her once. She also loved him back then anyway as a brother but she couldn't trust that because he could have changed as well.

"Why are you here besides the obvious?" Amara questioned narrowing her brown eyes.

"My brother, your husband, knows you are a little different in this life and wants to court you," he explained.

"You mean he wants to date me," she said almost laughing then held herself back because the memories she did have of Niklaus he was a gentle person whose feelings got hurt quite easily as well, a side effect of Mikael she presumed.

"My brother loves you. He changed after your death and yes he wants to date you," Elijah said sighing.

"Tradition from back then dictates he ask that from a male family member. If he wants to court me then he needs to come here himself and ask my brother otherwise well I have other things to do," Amara said smirking as she pulled a surprised Katherine along and left Elijah looking at her amused.

"I hope you realize what you are doing," Katherine hissed knowing that had been a bold move.

"Trust me," she said rolling her eyes but her smirk fell as she walked.

Amara honestly didn't know if that had been the right move. The stories she had heard about him had been that he was a monster but she also heard stories of how there was something more underneath no one could reach. Amara wanted her to be the person to reach that part of Niklaus he probably closed off after her first death she just didn't know if he could accept her as she was now.

~Eternal Love~

Carol waited watching as Mason came in with the smirk on his face. She gave him a look that stopped him in his tracks and she pointed to the chair opposite of her. Carol had only one mission in mind and that was to find out what her children were hiding, what they thought they had to hide to protect her.

"Ever since you came back to town my children have been keeping secrets from me. Now I thought it was just coincidence at first but then two things happened. The first being that Amara told me she was lying to protect me and the second being the chains as well as strange mixture of liquid I found in the cellar. Start talking Mason or so help me God," Carol ordered a warning in her voice.

"I don't think this is something you want to know," he told her knowing he was caught.

"Mason I cannot protect my children if I don't know what's going on," Carol yelled.

Mason sighed seeing that his sister-in-law was genuinely interested in keeping her children safe. The problem was that she had been raised in the stories and traditions of the Founders and he didn't know if she would completely ignore those for her children. Mason knew though that she was strong and could be downright scary so he started speaking hoping this didn't blow up in their faces.

~Eternal Love~

Tyler watched as his sister played around with her food barely eating. She had been carefree for a little while there but he noticed her mood changed by nighttime. He suspected it had something to do with this Klaus, her husband or whatever, and he sighed not knowing what to do.

"You remember when we were little and we would wrestle?" He asked smiling.

"Yeah I kicked your ass and Dad was always pissed. So was Mom come to think of it but she wasn't anywhere near as bad as our dear old Dad," she said laughing then gave him a look.

"You know if you don't want there to be anything between you and this Klaus just tell me," he told her frowning and she smiled at him.

"Little brother I love you but I highly doubt you could take on an Original. Besides I do want him I just don't know if he'll like me as I am now," she said telling him her fears.

"He would be stupid not to," Tyler reassured her.

"Excuse me but are you Amara and Tyler Lockwood?" A voice asked.

Amara tensed because the voice sounded sadistic almost and she looked up to see a woman with blonde hair smirking at them with a man behind her. She glanced at her brother silently telling him to keep his anger in check before she turned back. Amara knew she was in trouble when she saw the subtle way that the man showed his gun and smirked at her. She silently cursed wishing she could have just one day without supernatural annoyances but fate had other plans.