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3.5 Party Corner: Kuipers' Party

Part 3


Tokyo/Megumi's Dojo/Universe-Character Corner

Back at the peaceful Megumi's dojo, Megumi has already arrived in bringing food while the small party goes well. Nagisa, Athena & PinkPatamon are eating cheesecake.

Mami and Christina are seen playing a board game called, Apples to Apples.

Mami is holding her cards, "I haven't played this game for quite some time."

Christina is holding her cards as well, "Me either. My mom and I used to play this when I was very little. Playing this with ya takes me back."


Outside, Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka are awed of seeing Taylor demonstrating her skills from the lessons taught by Megumi.

Madoka clapping, "Wow, that looks great!"

"All those training and the kendo, that reminds us guys that we just gotten side-power ups based on samurais." Sayaka reminds her two friends.

"After we went through some trial like the Sailor Senshi did when they were once shinobi." Homura recalls that recent experience.

Taylor takes a bow for Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka.

"Thank you, thank you! But y'all haven't seen anything yet." Taylor said to her audience before turning to Karin, "Karin, you want to give some demonstrations of us sparring together?"

Karin nods and gets up, "Sure thing."

"This should be good, right, Faith?" Dimitri turns and sees Faith eating cheesecake, "You just keep eating, little guy."

Dimitri then turns away and watches his girlfriend sparring to spar with Taylor.

Karin picks up kendo stick, "Ready whenever you are!"

Taylor shouts, "Here I come!"

Karin and Taylor have a brief kendo match. Both demonstrate excellent skills, but Karin shows she has more experienced with a weapon. Taylor does manage to parry some of Karin's blows.

Athena cheers, "Go, Karin!"

Jami then considers something, "Maybe I should show you my archery skills, too."

Madoka respond to Jami, "That will be cool since I did well in archery whenever I fight the bad guys."

Jami reply to Madoka, "Then, why don't I show you? I'm part of the archery club at my school. Even Rei who does archery is impressed with what I can do."

"I hope Tyra doesn't bother Kyoko too much." Helena worried.

Sayaka respond to Helena, "Same here, I just feel my choice offend her."

"I know, Sayaka, but I think if Tyra talks to her it'll be ok." Helena said to Sayaka.

Meanwhile, Karin knocks Taylor down, sweeping the Texan's feet with a kendo swing. Taylor hits the floor mat hard. Karin offers a hand that Taylor accepts generously.

"No one out of the Kuipers swings a meaner kendo strike than you, Karin." Dimitri positively commented.

"Thanks, babe." Said Karin.

Athena points out, "Did you see that, Nagisa? Karin, my mom, is really good at kendo!"

Megumi claps, "Wonderful show, ladies! Y'all getting much better at this! It's no surprise why I always lean on you to train my students when I'm out."

"Nothing to it, Megumi-sensei." Karin said to her before she turns to Athena and Dimitri, "Mommy can be pretty badass, huh?"

Athena cheers, "Yeah!"


Outside the shrine, Jami picks up a bow with arrows to show off her archery skills to Madoka.

"Watch this, Madoka." Jami shoots a perfect shot that hits a target on a tree.

Madoka smiles at seeing Jami's arrow shot, "Holy cow, nice shot!"

Jami takes a bow, "Thank you. Why don't you show me your archery? I know you're good."

"Okay!" Madoka cries out as she materializes her bow and quickly shoots a branch that makes it fall down/

Jami claps, "Wonderful! A perfect shot!"

"Thanks!" Madoka said.


At another area, the walking Kyoko begins to feel sulking due to her jealousy of Sayaka finding some older girl.

"Damn it, what the hell does Ayase have that I don't?" Kyoko thought.

Tyra spots Kyoko outside the dojo.

"Hey! What's up with you, red? You seemed upset back there."

Kyoko turns to Tyra and express her frustrations, "Yeah I was. I mean, Sayaka had this opportunity to ditch me after everything we go through for some bimbo. Ayase is human, while I'm a magical girl who is the same as Sayaka!"

Tyra scoffs and shakes her head, "What does it matter if this Ayase chick is human, magical girl or an alien? If Sayaka has fallen for her, then you should be happy for Sayaka. Don't you think? Besides, that bimbo somehow managed to attract her."

Tyra sits down with Kyoko.

She notices the big size difference between them. Tyra is tall for a woman and Kyoko is kinda a runt in comparison.

"I did manage to see Ayase at that Halloween party you guys threw. Gotta admit she's hot. Speaking as a gay woman myself, she's got a killer body with nicely shaped ass and boobs. As hot as she is, I'd never give Helena up for her." Tyra looks at the sulking Kyoko, "Are you also jealous she's got the 'perfect' body? Unlike you, she's got an ass and boobs."

Kyoko looks up to Tyra, "Yeah, that's the reason. I don't know if I'm letting Sayaka be satisfied."

Tyra then ask questions, "Have you even sat Sayaka down to talk to her? Besides, who's to say you won't get a killer hot body better than Ayase's in a few years? You're still a growing girl, right?"

After some thought, Kyoko answers, "I get it, we'll go back and I might do so."

"Good to know. Now, c'mon and let's get back. Aqua hair is waiting for you." Tyra gets up and walks back inside the dojo.

Kyoko nods as she follows Tyra.


Christina sips tea with Mami, "How are you liking Megumi-sensei's dojo?"

Mami answers to the Australian girl, "It's nice and peaceful as always."

"Those two have been out a while. Hope Tyra was able to get through to Kyoko." Helena wondered.

Sayaka said to Helena as she eventually saw Kyoko and Tyra, "I think she has."

Kyoko walks to Sayaka, "Hey, just good luck with her."

Sayaka smiles about it, "Thanks, I'm glad you can understand."

Homura looks at the sky, "Guess it's time we are wrapping up the get-together day."

Jami and Madoka return inside to hear Homura's announcement.

"Already? I feel like this party barely just started." Christina stated.

Helena comment, "Time does fly when we're having fun."

Athena feels saddened, "Oh, that means you're leaving, Nagisa?"

"It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for coming, girls." Karin said to the Puellas.

Dimitri said to Karin, "Your party idea helped bringing you closer with Madoka's group, Karin."

"Sure did." Karin said to him.

"I had a lovely time being with y'all! Please do come again!" Megumi cried out.

Nagisa said to Athena, "Yeah, but I'll make sure to get to know you more!"

Mami politely respond, "Thank you all for the invite."

Kyoko smirk, "Thanks for helping me out, Tyra!"

"I'm glad there's no issues." Sayaka said in relief.

Homura politely bows, "I thank you Kuiper senshi for this time."

Madoka waves her hand, "Your welcome, cherish to all!"

Athena and PinkPatamon wave their hands, "Bye bye Nagisa!"

"Let's drink tea again, Mami." Christina offered next time.

Jami cries out, "Your welcome and it's our treat!"

Tyra smirks to Kyoko, "Anytime, red. Remember everything I said."

"See, Sayaka? I told you there'd be no issues." Helena stated.

Taylor said to Homura, "No, thanks for coming! Next time, y'all gotta try my Texas chili!"

Karin waves to Madoka, "We'll cherish this day. You all be safe!"

The Puellas bid their farewell to the Kuiper team and leave the shrine.

"They're such good girls." Megumi peacefully smiled.

Dimitri think of something, "I have a good feeling team Kuiper and team Puella will be have more meet-ups in the near future."

"I think so, too." Faith has that similar feeling.

"I agree. This year we have to plan more hangouts leading up to the New Year." Karin wonders about that special event.

The Kuipers contemplate their next meet-up with the Puellas.


Paradais Dimension/Paradais Mansion

Many hours later, it last switches to another realm around the nightfall setting. This is the chaotic, Paradais dimension, where lies a huge luxurious mansion. It is where Sharon Rivers and Jeremiah Grand live as part of their operations and home.

Yuu Grand is seen opening the door to go inside. The platinum-blond haired adolescent has an estranged relationship with his parents to say the least. Although his father Jeremiah shows some respect, Sharon detests Yuu so much to the point she and her lover would rather rule the universe themselves instead of having a successor. Sometimes, Yuu is a peeping tom of seeing Sharon 'torturing' Jeremiah in bed.

The boy is walking and is about to reach the staircase…

As Yuu reaches near his room, he pauses to see his parents, Sharon and Jeremiah, in his way.

Jeremiah folds his arms, "Just where have you been?"

Yuu just smirks and walks by them.

Sharon scoffs, "You arrogant little prick, answer your father when he's addressing you."

Yuu turns around gives a mocking smile to his parents, "Oh, it's just another 'after school' meeting, that's all."

Yuu simply leaves their presence in going to his room. Jeremiah and Sharon watch their spawn closing the door on them.

"Such an arrogant boy. Just what could he be hiding from us?" Sharon questioned.

Jeremiah answers, "I may have an idea, but it's just conjecture."

Sharon frowns and hisses, "Whatever the case, he'll make a mistake and expose his plans to us. And when he does fail, we won't be there to help him up."

Jeremiah agrees, "Indeed, my love. As much as I have some respect for our son's fiendish methods, no successor will ever take universal rule from us."

"That's reserved for us. Let him fail, so we can show him how we run things!" Sharon smirked.

Hmm, just what are the Paradais duo are planning next? Find out soon.



Voice Cast (in order)

Sayaka Miki – Sarah Williams

Mami Tomoe – Carrie Keranen

Kyoko Sakura – Lauren Landa

Madoka Kaname – Christine Marie Cabanos

Megumi Shibara – Mari Devon

Karin Osaka – Laura Bailey

Christina Denton – Luci Christian

Athena Osaka Ishida – Carrie Savage

Helena Fernandez Souza – Tara Strong

Jami Waziri – Caitlin Glass

Nagisa Momoe – Xanthe Huynh

Tyra Vanderbilt – Stephanie Young

Taylor West – Colleen Clinkenbeard

Homura Akemi – Cristina Vee

PinkPatamon – Jessie Flower

Dimitri Ishida - Eric Vale

Faith the Patamon - Brina Palencia

Sailor Jupiter – Amanda C Miller

Sailor Mercury – Kate Higgins

Sailor Venus – Cherami Leigh

Sailor Uranus - ?

Sailor Neptune - ?

Sailor Saturn - ?

Sailor Moon – Stephanie Sheh

Sailor Mars – Cristina Vee

Sailor Pluto - Ai Maeda (JP)

Xian-Yuio and Ravan - ?

Kuiiza – Dee Bradley Baker

Vipris – Michael Sinterniklaas

Toad – Ben Diskin

Amazoness Swordswoman - ?

Igasu the Blood Moon - ?

Ribbons Almark – Michael Adamthwaite

Nobuyuki Sugou – Todd Haberkorn

Ragyo Kiryuin – Laura Post

Yuu Grand – Leah Clark

Kriemhild Gretchen - Christine Marie Cabanos

Lots-o-Huggin Bear - Ned Beatty

Seryu Ubiquitous - Kana Hanazawa (JP)

Shuichiro Keido – Charlie Campbell

Surtur - Isaac C. Singleton Jr.

Lolth - Michelle Pfeiffer

Nidhogg – Cree Summer

Kronos – Lloyd Sherr

Reginleif – Ashley Johnson

Geirskogul – Annie Wood

Rota – Lindsay Seidel

Geiravor – Nina Fehren

Loki – Troy Baker

Mist – Kari Wahlgren

Fafnir – Corey Burton

Seth - Carl Lumbly

Sharon Rivers - Ai Maeda (JP)

Jeremiah Grand - Michael Adamthwaite


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