Hey it's me again if you haven't read any of my stories I would encourage you to read this one s/10895235/1/The-Paladins. I got the idea of this from a fic I read called 'The Son of Odin' I highly suggest that you read it. it is a great story.

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Well I really screwed up this time here I am surrounded by a huge army of monsters. I wonder why have they not killed me yet. Then I see the reason why a big ugly creature was walking towards me looking triumphant. Then again after I kill him hundreds of times why wouldn't he be happy that he finally got the better of me. As the minotaur come forward I know that this is my last battle. Why not go out fighting I think. So I charge forward my sword in hand and I I collide with the monster army I feel as though someone else is watching me. Even as I draw my last breath I still have that weird feeling that someone other than the minotaur is staring at me. right before I close my eyes I see a rainbow bridge come down and crush the Minotaur. As the world around me turns black I wonder who just saved me, and why now.

Sorry for this chapter being so short, but I felt that this was a good place to end the chapter.