FYI: This fic is NH Month-Day 20- "You're Drunk". I did respond to the prompt before this one, Day 19-Intimacy, but as what I submitted for it I had already planned to go into my oneshot series Naruto and Hinata's Infinite Playlist, you can find it there in my list of stories on my profile. Yeah, bothersome, I know. Sorry!


"Some people like the way it feels
Some people wanna kill their sorrows
Some people wanna fit in with the popular…"

"…why you babysittin' only two or three shots?
I'm a show you how to turn it up a notch
First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
Pool full of liquor, then you dive in it…"

Swimming Pools (Drank),Kendrick Lamar

With deafening pops and bangs, fireworks fill the night sky with colors of blue and green, red and white, purple and yellow, and so on. I look on in amazement. The sky is so huge. Looking at it now, I swear I can see the curve of the Earth as if the dark nighttime sky rounded out with this floating rock. The cold, freezing air bites my exposed face and hands. Why didn't I bring gloves?

I hear the cheers and shouts ring out.

"Happy New Year!" I hear these congratulatory statements all around me, yet, my eyes stay fixed on the sky above me. I let out a breath and the air that escapes my lungs dances before me like smoke before dissipating in the freezing midnight air.

Here's to surviving another year,I think to myself and another breath escapes my lips. I study the lost air carefully before it leaves my sight. I've made a habit recently of saying goodbye to these ghosts. I want them to know how much I appreciate having them before they leave.

"Happy New Year, Naruto!"

I turn to face my teammate. Sakura is smiling at me, clearly a bit tipsy, but happy.

"Happy New Year, Sakura-chan," I say unconvincingly. I curse myself for letting out the secret that I, happy-go-lucky, nothing can ever touch me or phase me Naruto Uzumaki, am not as happy as I usually am.

"Naruto," Sakura continues, she's no longer smiling, "don't just stand out here. Come inside with the rest of us!"

I study her for a second and acquiesce. I trudge into the bar with her giddily walking in front of me, pulling me by the wrist.

Inside, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Choji, and even Lee are sitting on barstools, no doubt getting absolutely shitfaced.

"Look who's here!" Sakura shouts to our friends. After that, I notice Ino, and Tenten sitting at a table together on the side. They smile and wave at me, mouthing, of course, "Happy New Year".

"Hooo!" Lee shouts in his naturally overly-energetic "youthful" way, "There he is, Konoha's hero!" I cringe inwardly at the title Lee and this village have bestowed upon me.

The other guys greet me and wish me a happy new year and I reply with the most enthusiasm I can muster. I am a bit tipsy already myself, and apparently I am not a happy drunk. Apparently, when I'm drunk I become the most depressed motherfucker anyone's ever seen.

"Happy New Year, Naruto-kun," a voice squeaks from behind me. I turn to see Hinata Hyuuga looking up at me with wide and excited eyes. She has a beer in her hand, and she thumbs its glass absently.

Easily, I find it within myself to smile at her, despite my mood. I return her greeting and ask her how she's been.

Then it starts.

"Fuck, that's strong!" I exclaim after downing a libation that I'm pretty sure managed to be more than 100% alcohol.

"Come on, Naruto! Princess is beating your ass, man!" Shikamaru shouts at me as he stands next to me watching. Like he's my fucking coach or something.

"Yeah, who knew Hinata could down her liquor like that?" Ino interjects in shock.

I look at Hinata who's sitting in the seat opposite mine. She stops drinking and looks back at me. There's no blush. No nervous fidgeting. No wandering and uneasy eyes. She's looking right at me and her lavender eyes hold nothing but…confidence. She smiles at me and suddenly, I'm paralyzed. She pushes hair out of her face and ties it up with a tie around her wrist. Her hands move deftly as her gaze is still trained on me.

Who the hell is this?

"Naruto! Are you trying to lose to Miss Hinata or not?" Lee shouts behind a layer of some of our other comrades.

I look to Lee, about to give him a piece of my damn mind, when a giggle steals my attention away entirely. Hinata smiles at me and her giggles rip apart my perception of reality. She smiles at me coyly, almost sensually. She was getting drunk and it was tearing down her walls. In the dimly lit bar surrounded by several empty and full shot glasses and a couple of our closest friends, I was staring at Hinata, dumbly, foolishly and—

"You've gotta move a bit faster Naru-kun," she's saying to me now to the delight of our friends, who are just as shocked at this Hinata as I am.

I'm getting drunk, too, and I don't really know what this means for me. All I know is that it will probably hurt and I'd thank the gods for the pain.

I snap out of it and pick up my next glass, drinking the burning liquid until the cup is empty. Whatever happens….

"Give me all you've got, Naruto-kun," and she downs her next shot like it is water.

(I don't remember what happened after this. Honestly, this whole thing is blank. Sakura says after Hinata beat me, Hinata bought the two of us yaki soba to celebrate the coming of a new year. Choji said that we shared a bowl—commenting that he would never do something so ridiculous—and then said at one point the two of us broke apart a noodle that she and I had taken into our mouths at its ends, but I think he's full of shit.

Shikamaru said he was pretty wasted at that point, too, but distinctly remembered Hinata and I were getting pretty close to each other. He said we were all stumbling around, but Hinata and I had taken to holding onto each other for support, singing war tunes and songs from our childhood. He said he remembers because we both sounded awful and loud.

I do remember our conversation though, the one Hinata and I had. I remember it well…)

"Have you ever read it?"

"Nah," I say, "I don't really read very much."

Hinata laughs. She's off her ass, and so I know I shouldn't take offense, but I kinda do.

"Well, it's a terrible book, so don't worry 'bout…y'know…," she says to me now. Her small hand is playing with the zippers and snaps on my jacket and moves to lazily caressing my chest and stomach. I'm feeling shitty too so honestly I don't care. For the moment, I am more confused than anything. I'm sure the look on my face now looks like a personified question mark as I strain to understand just what in the hell she's talking about.

"I thought you said it was your favorite book?" I ask her. My arm is around her and she's leaning into me, still fucking around with my jacket. Her Byakugan eyes look dead with intoxication and now I'm wondering if she's ever been like this before.

"You ever like something that just…just fucking sucks?"

"No…" I say, confusion coloring my tone, "that would…defeat the purpose of liking it…"

Hinata laughs again, I like the sound of it. It's gentle. It's cute.

We're all crowded in my apartment, which is the closest place to the bar. Hinata and I are sat secluded on the tiled floor of my small kitchen, huddled up against the oven and the floor level cabinets I've never actually used. No one in my "living room" really seems to miss us all that much.

"When are you gonna take the Chunin exams again?" she asks me, eyes closed, smiling.

I scoff, "I'm just hoping someone will tell me I don't gotta do that shit. I don't think I can handle taking that written exam a second time."

"What'll your dad say about you being this smashed?" I ask her, my eyes are closing too, I think I'm falling asleep.

"He won't hear anything past, 'I went up against Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha hero, and won!'."

I laugh, "That's dishonest! I'm surprised at you, Hina…"

"That's not dishonest. That's called framing your revelations so that they don't reveal that the pure and innocent little girl you raised beat the object of her love and lust at a drinking contest."

"Again, dishonest."

"Even the devil can cite scripture for his purpose."

"You're the devil now? Noted."


"I'm not a hero."

"Noted. And I'm not innocent."

"Understood. Sheltered girls are always the most wild."

"I love you."

"I know."


"You told me, Hinata, remember? Not just two seconds 'er somethin' ago, but, but when Pein attacked too…"

She chuckles quietly, "Oh yeah, yeah…He had funny body art…"


"I, yeah, right? I know, I know. Who just shoves rods through their own b—"

"Nah, no, no…I meant like…why do you, love me?"

"Tenten and Ino said they wouldn't fuck you," Hinata slurs now, completely ignoring my question, "I'm shocked since, because, every girl in this village wants to jump your bones now. A lotta guys, too, probably."

"Would you fuck me?"

"I love you?"

"That doesn't answer the question. That doesn't…Stop not answering my shit…"

"Yeah, all night," she says finally, giggling as she does.

"I'm flattered. You'd la-last all nigh…?"

"I…I beat Neji in stamina…"

"You fucked Neji?"

"No, I meant…yeah, who cares, I fucked Neji."

"Don… even joke like dat…"

"Would you fuck me?"

"No," I say. Hinata hasn't even opened her eyes, "I wouldn't fuck you. I'd make love to you."

"You're so…so…uh, so corny," Hinata laughs at this and I smile.

I try my luck, "My…my bedroom's like two, three…maybe six feet away. Whatta ya say, huh?"

"Shikamaru and Tem…Temtemari might be in there already. No, I don't want you…"

"Can't even get laid…on New Years…with a girl who just said she'd rock my world! You sav'n yourself fer someone better then?"

"I'm…no, I'm waiting for someone who loves me…"

My eyes pop open and suddenly, my heart aches.

"Naruto-kun," she starts again, we're leaned against each other still, both about to say our last words to each other before the morning, "Why do you not like to be called a hero? No modesty bullshit please."

"Why do you know your way around a bottle so well?" I ask her.

"Neji's gone," she answers, "and sometimes it helps."

"Neji's gone," I respond, "and so I don't deserve the name."

"I thought we talked about this," she says, yawning, "I thought you were listening to us, Naruto-kun."

"Have you stopped blaming yourself for Neji's death?"

"Would I be drunk on this floor with you?"

"And here I thought you did it because you wanted to spend time with me!" I feign disappointment and sadness. Hinata sighs.

"We're just kids," I say after moment, I feel my voice rising in pitch, tears are threatening to fall, "he was just a kid…"

"No," she responds, her hand now rested on my leg, moving back and forth on my thigh, "we stopped being kids a while ago, Naru-kun."

In my kitchen I've got this clock that ticks with each passing second. The click-click-click-click-clicking I swear is getting louder, quicker, and more incessant. I'm too drained to stand, run up, and smash it to a billion pieces even though I really want to. Anything to stop the noise….

"I love you, too," I whisper in Hinata's ear. The noise stops.

"No, you don't," she replies just as quietly, not missing a beat, "you're just saying that because Neji's last words were said out of his ded-cation to being my win…wingman."

"You think I'm that shallow?"

"I think you're feeling guilty. And I think you're…you're…you're…what's the word? What are we?"


"Yeah, yeah, drunk. You're drunk."

"I think you're wrong."

"Drinking contest to settle it then?"

"I'm never doing that shit again."

"Then how will we settle it?"

"I said it. That's settlement enough. Take me at my word."

"I always have," she says, her voice getting quieter as sleep approached.

"That's right. So, I love you."

"I love you, too."

"It's New Years…will you kiss me?" I ask her. My eyes are closed and so when she shifts, I figure she's settled into sleep, the alcohol and partying has done its job. In our dark alcove in the corner of my apartment, the things I was concerned with before I came face to face with her vanish. It's always been that way, I realize. I also realize that at some point, at some unknown time, this girl became my biggest concern. No, it's not the alcohol. I am in love with Hinata Hyuuga.

I'm almost all the way out, about to let sleep take me over, when I feel something brush against my lips. It tingles and I crack open my eyes to see Hinata's face against mine. She breathes and I smell the liquor on her breath.

"Happy New Year, Naruto-kun," she whispers into me in a singsong way and giggles. Her lips find mine again and there's no question about it. I am praying to whoever's listening that they have mercy on both of us. I don't want to forget this night ever.