Star wars tor the trooper and the jedi

Chapter 3

*AN: Im sorry for it taking so long for me to update this story. School and life tends to get in the way. I hope you enjoy chapter 3.*

Rukia jumped towards the gangsters with her blade raised over her head she was at least two meters in the air. On her way down she changed the angle of her blade ever so slightly. Slashing one of the gangsters, a male Cathar from his right shoulder and exiting through his left waist splitting him in half, as she was descending before he could react. She landed in a crouched position and on her way up she spun around and changed her grip from a two handed to a one handed grip to give her better mobility and sliced another of the gangsters close to her. Her lightsaber entered through his right hip and moved up through his left shoulder, the Weequay man just like his companion failed to respond in time to his attacker. He tried to let out a scream of pain but to no avail. His scream was cut off by Rukias silver blade slashing through him, before it could escape his mouth. Now in a standing position she counted her remaining opponents, there we eight of them left. She readjusted the grip on her lightsaber to a two handed a grip once again and positioned it in front of her in a ready stance to attack her next target. They were still stunned from her first assault, they had not anticipated to confront a Jedi. Rukia kept using their surprise to her advantage and chose one of the men in front of her, she moved in quickly and and impaled him through his chest before he could retaliate, her target was a human male with brown hair and tattoos across his face, his eyes filled with anger, and armed with another vibroblade. He had tried to raise his weapon to strike her but she had been the faster of the two and he fell limp. A Twi┬┤lek male with green skin and enraged for the slaughter of his comrades, tried to avenge his friends and aimed his long barreled blaster against her, he was one of the few with a blaster, most were equipped with vibroblades. She sidestepped and used her lightsaber to cut his blaster in two before he could even fire one blaster bolt, the Twi'lek looked at her in surprise she moved in to decapitated him, he was dead before the blaster parts had even touched the floor. His body stood up for a second and then it fell to the ground. She turned around to face two human men preparing to attack her, but before they could do anything their lives were ended by a pair of blaster bolts each fired from Ichigos blaster, he nodded to her to show her he was watching her back, in reality though he had a hard time to follow her speed. When Ichigo was in a direct fight his senses would sometimes grant him almost superhuman reflexes, but now he wasn't in a direct fight only watching Rukia. He wasn't worried, he fullheartedly believed Rukia could handle herself, she was Jedi knight after all she had trained for combat her whole life. Rukia could feel one of them coming up behind her, she quickly changed her grip to a reversed grip and thrusted it backwards impaling the attacker before he could do anything, without even turning around to face the Rodian who had thought he could catch her off guard and ending her with his own blade, he had overestimated his chances by not counting on the sensory powers of the force. Another one of the gangsters were shot down by Ichigo. Rukia turned around to the last two. Both of the human males only stood and looked at her. One of them dropped his blaster acknowledging that it was futile to fight her and turned to run away, while the other one turned around to see where his companion were going, Rukia moved in and impaled him through his chest as he turned back around to face her, he opened his mouth as to say something but he was cut off by the pain of her blade piercing his chest, after she drew out her lightsaber from his chest he fell down to the ground face down. Not seeing any more opponents Rukia deactivated her lightsaber and clipped it back on her belt. She started walking towards Ichigo who had lowered his gun and stepped out of his cover, his face quickly changed from a calm one to an alerted one.

"Rukia behind you!" He screamed and pointed his left finger in her direction. She turned around just in time to dodge a overhead strike with a vibroblade. She spun around and looked at her opponent, a Trandoshan eyeing her with his cold dark, almost black reptilian eyes. He towered just over two meters tall with green scaly skin. He was considerably taller than Rukia but she didn't let that intimidate her, she was used to dealing with larger opponents, they usually underestimated her thanks to that and she was always ready to use that advantage. She ignited her silver blade in a one handed grip and moved in fast, striking three times from different angles trying to quickly overwhelm her opponent, but the lizard blocked all her strikes. She jumped over him and tried to attacking from the back but the Trandoshan were able to turn around in time, when this had failed she kept pushing the attack, but to no luck. After a few minutes the Trandoshan decided to go on the offensive after noticing that she started to feel fatigue taking its toll on her. Rukia started to feel fatigue and decided to go on the defensive and took up her Soresu stance and deflected all of the blows with apparent ease using tight moves around her body conserving as much energy as she could. Ataru was a good style if you could overpower your opponent but if you failed that, you ran the risk of succumbing to one of the forms greatest weakness, fatigue and when that happened the other weakness of form IV would face the user, the form had no defence that could save the user when they became too tired. Ataru consumed much of the practitioners energy reserves and Rukia had already used up too much of her stamina. Even with the energizing power of the force one could only keep going so far before they would tire out. Ichigo noticed she was getting a little slower and tried to get a good angle at at the lizard, but he couldn't get a good shot without risking hitting Rukia, he had to trust her to finish it. Both of the combatants locked blades for a second, they traded stares at each other. The blade lock felt like it lasted forever until the Trandoshan broke their silence by making a set of clicking sounds from the back of his throat.

"You will be my first Jedi kill, one of many." He hissed with his split tongue going in and out of his mouth. She looked at him without betraying any emotion and pushed away from the blade lock. He went for an overhead strike. She blocked and sidestepped from the attack. She moved closer with her blade still under his own weapon pressed against the floor. She leaped up and forward slightly in the air so that she was close to the lizards head. Time felt like it slowed down, her shoulder almost touched her opponents own shoulder they were parallel to each other although she was moving the opposite way as him, they was passing each other. She had her left hand placed across her chest almost like she had another blade in it, her palm was open however. With the force she pulled her other hilt to her waiting hand and closed her palm tightly around the hilt while opening her left arm in a sweeping arc she ignited her second silver blade to its full length in that same movement, to the Trandoshans surprise, he hadn't noticed her second hilt at her waist he had been to careless and swept up in the thrill of battle. In one fell strike she decapitated the lizard, the expression of surprise frozen on his face as his head fell toward the ground. The body twitched and then fell the same way his head. She landed just behind his body, and for her time appeared to have changed back to normal. After she made sure there were no more enemies, not wanting to commit the same mistake twice. She deactivated her lightsabers and started walking back towards Ichigo and the republic official. Ichigo was turned towards her and stood with his back against the security personal believing the danger was over. He watched Rukia making her way back. All but one of the attackers were dead and the only survivor had escaped in fear, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. On instinct he dodged to the side and turned around just avoiding the blaster bolt passing his head, and to his surprise he saw the republic official holding his blaster pointed towards him a small stream of smoke coming from the barrel. Ichigo raised his blaster to respond but before he could fire, one of the security personal fired against him. He dodged and responded by shooting back and hit the man three times in the humans chest killing him on the spot, who fell down to the floor. There were three of them left including the so called republic official. Ichigo jumped over their cover and shot another of the men. From behind the one Ichigo just killed, the second man jumped at him. Ichigos blaster rifle were knocked out of his hand by the charging man and fell to the ground with the man on top of him armed with a knife trying to slit Ichigos troat. Ichigo gabbed his attackers shoulders with both of his hands and placed both his feet against his opponents stomach and with all his strength kicked his opponent back to his feet although he was stunned by the kick to his chest. Seeing an opportunity Ichigo rolled backwards over his left shoulder up to his feet, drawing both of his blaster pistols when he stood up and unleashed a barrage of blaster bolts at the man hitting him with every shot, pushing the man back several steps before the he finally fell to the floor. Ichigo turned towards the traitor who had been the first to attack him, he wanted to attack but he noticed that he was right in the mans line of fire.

"Well fought boy, but im afraid your fight ends here and..." His sentence was cut short as his hand and blaster was pushed away to the side by the force. The power was strong enough rip his blaster out from the grasp of his hand and thrown away too far for him to reclaim it fast enough. After he lost his blaster he quickly looked over at Rukia. He knew he was outmatched against a soldier and a Jedi knight, he moved his left hand to one of his pockets and grabbed something in it and quickly moved his hand to cover his mouth, Rukia used the force to send him towards the wall and pinned him against it, moving quickly towards him and ignited one of her silver lightsabers.

"Who are you? Why are you here? She pointed her lightsaber towards his throat. Ichigo quickly came up behind her with his rifle pointed against his target. Ichigo hadn't expected her usually calm voice being able to be as stern as she was now. It sent a shiver down even Ichigos spine.

"Are you okay, Ichigo?" She asked without looking back at him. He could hear a slight hint of worry in contrast to her previously aggressive voice.

"Yeah im fine." He answered looking away a bit, and then back at their captive.

"Answer her question!" He demanded, Ichigo adapting the same kind of demanding voice that Rukia had used before. The man didn't verbally respond instead he only smiled a sinister smile and showing a small green pill between his teeth, before Rukia could pull it away with the power of the force he bit down on it breaking it and swallowing the small liquid stored inside it.

"For the empire!" Was his final words before he started coughing and fell to the ground twitching for a few seconds until he stoped and layed completely still. A small line of crimson tears running down from both of his eyes and his barely closed mouth. Rukia deactivated her silver blade and turned to Ichigo as she reattached the hilt on her hip. Ichigo removed a small round holocommunicator from his belt with his left hand and held it in his open palm. After a few seconds the small image of general Garza appeared in his hand.

"Lieutenant, i trust you have arrived on Nar Shaddaa." She went right to the mission.

"Yes general, however there have been some hostilities." He answered and saluted the image.

"Hostilities? Of what kind?"

"We were attacked by gangsters and after that an imperial agent posing as a republic official tried to kill us. He took his own life before he could be interrogated." He reported.

"Imperials? I see then its worse than i thought. The base that i told you about works like an outpost for the SIS on this planet and holds the locations and entry codes for our more important bases on this planet that holds important information."

"So more like a decoy?" He asked.

"Even so the base hold important data, i will send the location and access codes to your holo device, Garza out." She saluted and disappeared and in her place a map of the area appeared showing a building not far from their position. It was thankfully walking distance. They were ready to move out. Even though it was close it would still take a little while to walk there. They exited the space port surprised by the lack of security. When they exited the port and started walking down the street, people were eyeing them every step they took, Ichigo weren't surprised an armed republic soldier and Jedi were not a common sight on Nar Shaddaa and people knew Jedi liked to take down criminals and almost all of the citizens of this planet were criminals. Nar Shaddaa was a bit like the lower levels of Coruscant Ichigo thought to himself, he had already seen several products that were illegal in republic space. The world were known for being a gathering place for the scum of the galaxy, bounty hunters and gang members could be found everywhere, you could get anything for the right price. You could also get a few things for free, death your own if you offended the wrong people in the millions of cantinas and alley ways. Both of them were walking in silence, after a few minutes of the silence Ichigo started to get tired of it.

"You handled yourself pretty well back there." He complimented trying to start a conversation and looked away to the side.

"Glad to impress you." She said lightheartedly. He wasn't sure if she was making fun of him or just accepted the compliment, as bad as it was he admit to himself.

"About these forms you told me about, which do you use." He asked trying to both continue the exchange without it falling back to silence and he also wanted to get a grasp on the way she had been fighting back at the port.

"I have experience in all of the seven forms, my brother is the head battlemaster of the temple, being the one to appointing and overseeing the other battlemasters of the order. I wish to follow his path and eventually become a battlemaster myself, that is why i have followed the path of the Jedi guardian, focusing more on my lightsaber skills. Battlemasters are hailed as the greatest lightsaber combatants and instructors of the order." He nodded not wanting to cut her off. He had grown up hearing about Jedi battlemasters being great warriors and expert duelists, he had also heard stories about the current head battlemaster, Master Kuchiki he was one of the youngest battlemasters to ever reach the position of head battlemaster and hailed as one of the greatest duelists of the order, who apparently were his Jedi companions brother which explained Rukias prowess he had witnessed firsthand earlier.

"To answer your question, i have chosen to as of now specialize in form II Makashi, form III Soresu and form IV Ataru. I have also started furthering my training of form VI Niman as of late. My brother requested that i at least train a bit in all forms under him to get a basic ground to stand on in each and all of them, and to be able to identify them in my opponents and use my own styles to counter any style they may use." She continued after a short silence.

"Your brother? I didn't know you had one." He asked genuinely curious.

"He is actually my adoptive brother, he married my sister when i was younger, thanks to him my sister and i were taken in by the Jedi and were allowed to live at the temple. I was young when this happened and the Jedi noticed my force sensitivity and decided to train me in the ways of the force. My sister, Hisanna however was not force sensitive enough to be trained. Thankfully since my brother married her she was allowed to remain at the temple, we lived there for a few years. Until. Until the sith attacked the temple on Coruscant." Her lips trembled momentarily while remembering the horrible attack, she had been off world at the time on a training mission. She had been notified briefly what had occurred although without any details, during her way back to Coruscant and she had been summoned to Tython where she had been informed what exactly had happened by both her brother and the council. Ichigo could hear the tone of her voice dropping and her voice saddened, he also saw for a second her lip tremble a bit by the memories he had accidentally brough up. The horrifying attack on the temple commenced by the Sith had occurred only five years ago and had resulted in the treaty of Coruscant. Lots of good people Jedi and non Jedi alike had been killed in the attack, he himself had been on Coruscant when the Sith took control. At first Ichigo still a hot blooded teenager had wanted to defend his home and fight back, however Urahara hadn't let him. The older man had explained that he needed to stay put and protect what was most important to Ichigo, his sisters. He had hid with Urahara and his sisters in the store, vowing that if Sith troops entered the store he would fight and die to protect them. Thankfully they hadn't bothered with looting a small insignificant store among thousand others. This attack had been one of his reasons to sign up as quickly as he could, he wanted to make sure that his sisters would never have to fear the Sith on Coruscant again. He snapped himself out of his memories. He decided to change the subject back to their training, he didn't want to pry too much in these sensitive matters, if she ever wanted to tell him he would listen but he wouldn't pry.

"So what form are you gonna teach me?" He asked sounding exited, believing the way he changed subject worked out for the better, gearing it towards a more positive road.

"First you have to learn how to use basic force augmentation so that you can use a lightsaber and the the different forms to their fullest extent. After that, well i have been thinking that form II makashi and form V with the direction towards Djem So will work out for you. I have chosen these since i belive you mostly want to focus on training in lightsaber vs lightsaber." She stated feeling that she had chosen the right styles for him, she knew he would ask her to specify. Ichigo looked at her with his right eyebrow raised, he was confused.

"And those involve?" She sighed a bit to tease him a bit, it apparently worked since he looked away for a second.

"Makashi is designed for lightsaber dueling focusing on precise footwork and blade control and uses stabs instead of wide sweeps and power blows. Djem So is also used for lightsaber dueling but on the other hand it uses power attacks and the idea is to block and counter attack immediately giving you a good defense and a strong offence. I might teach you from the other forms aswell perhaps Ataru and also some parts of form I Shii-Cho to learn the basics."

"I see, sounds like they will fit me well, what is Ataru and Shii-Cho?" Ichigo asked.

"You saw how i jumped and spun around in the fight at the spaceport?" He nodded.

"Ataru incorporates a lot of force augmented acrobatics, its an all aggressive style. Some Jedi do not like the style due to its aggressive style but its still accepted, it also uses training in unarmed combat, which i assume would be something for you. It is however noted for being weak against many opponents." He nodded.

"But didn't you use it in the space port against the gangsters in the space port?" He noted a bit confused.

"Yes, even if it is a noted weakness you can overcome it. I have trained in this form for a long time and have been able to overcome that." She explained, and Ichigo nodded it should have been obvious to him, as a trained fighter he knew there were weakness in different moves but that dose kinds weaknesses could be worked around, he thought to himself.

"Shii-Cho is the very basics of lightsaber combat it teaches you about the different body target zones and basic attack and parry moves and also training in blaster deflection. It is also highly randomized and the user is encourage to let the force guide your blade. Dont dismiss it for its simple style, in the hand of a master it can be truly devastating." She explained to Ichigo.

"I see, i look forward to learn." He simply answered.

"So i told you about my family, what about yours?" She looked up at him. He was a bit caught by surprise this time it was she who changed the topic of the discussion, if she did it with purpose or not he couldn't tell.

"Well my father and mother are SIS operatives, my mother started out as an agent for imperial intelligence but later defected during the war after meeting my father and seeing the true nature of the empire. So for the rest of the war they worked closely together against the empire. Me and my sisters grew up with an old friend of my father, Urahara Kisuke on Coruscant. He was the one who gave me the sword and both he and my father trained me in teras kasi. My parents weren't there so much because of their work but still, they are one of the reasons i signed up." A small smile played on his usually serious face at the thought of his parents.

"You have sisters?" She asked.

"Yeah, Yuzu and Karin, they are both younger than me so they still live with Urahara back on Coruscant." He couldn't help but keep his smile at the thought of his sisters. Rukia noted that this was one of the few times during their short time together he had smiled. He must care much for his sisters she thought to herself.

"I see. It seems we have reached our destination." She answered motioning at a store that matched the image they had received from Garza. The base was disguised as a small store. They entered the store, it was completely empty and the lights were turned off. After looking around quickly they made their way to the back, there they found a locked door. With the codes Ichigo had received from the general they were able to unlock it revealing an elevator inside. The way down took only a few moments, when the door opened to their horror they saw several bodies on the ground some were imperial soldiers, and others SIS operators. Ichigo walked up to one them and bent down and examined it, he could see blaster bolt holes in several of them. He stood up and they both turned to the large door which had been sliced open in a large round opening. Rukia looked at the markings.

"This has been made by lightsabers. Sith." She stated and they entered the main room, there were more bodies on the ground however most of them had been killed by lightsaber cuts. They walked up to the main computer, it was on total lockdown. Thankfully the codes they had received would fix that. After a few moments the sound of the computers processors coming to life broke the silence.

"Lets see what happened." He suggested, Rukia nodded in agreement.

"Computer start security safety footage playback during base compromise." Ichigo ordered and the computer activated the security footage playback. The door was cut open and two Sith entered the room and started carving up the SIS operators and security personal who had been ready for them, they had sadly not been enough. One of the Sith was an older human male around fifty years of age with gray long hair in a knot in the back and the second, a younger human another male with short brown hair maybe in his twenties. Both were clad in dark robes. After ending the slaughter they walked up to the main computer and started to access the computer, before they were done one of the operators stood up, still alive with a small remote in his hand pressing the only button on it, putting the computer in security lockdown. The older sith took a grip around the throat of the operator with the power of the force and snapped his neck killing him instantly.

"We got enough." The older sith stated as they walked out through the entrance. Ichigo stoped the recording.

"Computer, what did last user access and download?" Ichigo asked

"Last user downloaded, security codes and location of delta base located on Nar Shaddaa, the download was however incomplete due to total computer shutdown." Ichigo connected his holo device to the computer.

"Computer how much of the data was downloaded?" Ichigo asked.

"Only the security pass codes to access elevator and district location of delta base however precise coordinates were unable to download."

"Computer download all data on delta base to this holo device." Ichigo commanded the computer.

"Checking security codes for download permission, security codes recognized. Downloading commenced. Download complete." Ichigo removed the holo device after the minute long download.

"Computer execute emergency shut down." Ichigo ordered and saw all the screens shut down and could hear the processors shuting down.
"We better hurry." Rukia stated as they walked back towards the elevator.

"Yeah they might not have the exact coordinates but they have had quite some time to search, i just hope we are not to late." Rukia nodded and they entered the elevator.

After a quick journey through the district they made their way to the coordinates they had received. This walk had been quiet, both were preparing themself for the battle that might come. They entered the shop it was as empty as the last one they had been at it was almost identical in its design. They moved towards the elevator in the back part of the small shop. Before they could enter Rukia turned towards Ichigo.

"Ichigo don't attack the Sith mindlessly, let me deal with them." He didn't respond but only nodded looking forward. They entered the elevator and went down. When the doors opened they saw even more SIS operatives dead on the floor all killed with lightsaber cuts and the same circular opening in the door leading to the base as with the last one. They entered the big room slowly and saw even more bodies on the ground some didn't even have any wounds but their necks were snapped in unnatural ways, the expression of pain frozen on their faces even in death. Ichigo was disgusted by the cruelty and then looked back at the center of the room. Two dark figures stood just a few meters up ahead in front of the main computer. They both turned around and Ichigo raised his weapon and Rukia grabbed one of her hilts in her right hand.

"Welcome Jedi, soldier. I am lord Carnoc, this is my apprentice Nakgor. You will die here and now. Kill the soldier." The gray haired man welcomed with a sinister smile and turned towards his younger apprentice at his last command.

"Yes my master." The young man named Nakgor answered eagerly and with the help of the force jumped towards his new opponent igniting his crimson lightsaber in the jump. Rukia ignited her own weapon and moved to intercept the strike before the Sith could reach Ichigo, but the older Sith jumped against her with his red lightsaber in an attack and forced her to block his strike causing the unmistakable crackling sound of colliding lightsabers.

"You will have to deal with me first." The older Sith explained locking blades with her. She didn't answer and only broke away to attack again.

Ichigo were just able to jump back before the Sith were able to strike him down. The Sith landed with his saber striking the ground, in a crouched position, he quickly got up and closed in and went for a side strike against his torso. Ichigo instantly knew what he had to do almost like it was his instincts, he dropped his gun and reached for the sword on his back. He was just able to draw it and block the swipe just before it hit his ribcage. The Sith looked in surprise that the soldier had blocked a lightsaber with a mere sword. The cut of a lightsaber could cut through almost anything, he wasn't sure how the soldier could have blocked it. Ichigo took advantage of the Siths surprise and sent his left fist against the Siths face, who dodged and jumped back. Ichigo grabbed his sword in a two handed grip and placed it in front of him. The Sith adapted the same stance and for a second both of them just starred at each other and then at the same time both charged head first against each other. The electric sounds of the Siths lightsaber clashing against Ichigos sword broke the silence between the combatants. In the background Ichigo could hear the buzzing sound of Rukias and the older Siths lightsaber clashing against each others blades, he had to block out her fight though, he couldn't let that distract him if he did, he would surely die. The Sith sent a overhead strike against Ichigo who blocked it and responded by sending a side ways cut against the Siths chest ment to slash his ribcage but the Sith quickly stepped back. Ichigo might not have been trained in any of the lightsaber forms yet, but in his military training he had been thought how to use vibroblades, his sword wasn't a vibroblade but it was close enough. And thanks to his martial arts training he was able to keep up with the Sith although the fight was beginning to tire him. He wanted to figure out what forms the Sith used but he didn't have the knowledge to decide that, however he noticed that it was balanced and not overwhelming in either speed nor strength. The Sith sent a stab against Ichigo, the soldier sidestepped with ease. Nakgor started to become frustrated, how could a mere soldier stand against a Sith he thought to himself. He started attacking more and more but the soldier seemed to be able to at least keep up with him. He decided to augment his strength with the force and crush the soldier. The Sith sent a wide sideswipe which missed Ichigo using the momentum of it to spin his whole body and used both the kinetic power he gained from the spin and the augmentation from the force to kick Ichigo right in the chest when he had spun around, the kick sent Ichigo flying three meters. Thankfully his body armor had taken most of the damage but he was still sent flying to the ground. It wasn't a regular kick he could feel that much, it was much stronger than it should have been with only that momentum, then he remembered Rukia telling him about force augmentation, with that a force user could augment their speed strength and all their physical abilities beyond what was humanly possible. Ichigo tried to stand up. When he got to his feet he was immediately hit in the chest by a powerful push sending him flying two more meters. He landed on his stomach and after a few moments raised himself to his knees and slightly bent his upper body forward feeling a sharp pain in his chest, his head was lowered and could only stare down at the floor, his arms hung limp at his sides. He wanted to stand up but he was too tired, too weak. He was too weak to do anything right now. His sword was so close to him but his arm wouldn't move a centimeter. The Sith moved up to the boy who was crouched forward on his knees stoping only three meters away.

"You fought well but you are no match against the power of the dark side." He explained with confidence in his voice and walked closer to the soldier. Ichigo could hear the humming of the lightsaber as the Sith moved closer, however it sounded like it was several meters away, his senses had begun to dull. The Sith was now only two meters away from Ichigo and pointed his lightsaber towards the hunched man.

"Time to die, soldier boy. Know that you never stood any chance against a Sith" He raised his lightsaber. In that moment Ichigo knew it was over, the Sith started raising his weapon. Something about the way the Sith said the last word angered Ichigo beyond belief and out of nowhere suddenly Ichigo could feel an incredible rush of power, by the likes he had never felt before. His chest didn't hurt anymore, he wasn't tired anymore instead he felt more energized then he had felt in his life and he felt more powerful than he had ever felt. Before the Sith could strike him down Ichigo, acting on pure instinct looked up and trusted his left hand with an open palm forward towards the Sith, whose eyes widened in shock at the move. The Sith felt the crushing power of the force connecting with his chest sending him flying through the air, he had been so caught off guard that he hadn't even been able to throw up his force shield that would have normally guarded against such attacks, although he wasn't sure if he would have been able to stop it entirely. It felt like an uncontrolled burst of primal power. He flew several meters before he hit the floor with a loud thud landing on his back and rolled a meter before he started to stand up. Ichigo grabbed his sword and leaped towards his opponent who had been pushed away, he charged towards the Sith with a speed he had never experienced before, it was as if the rest of the world moved in slow motion. Ichigo moved in to finish his opponent and just as before he acted on pure instinct but because of that he didn't think entirely straight. When Nakgor stood up he was just able to see a flash of white armor and orange closing in, before he could do anything he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down and saw the black sword his opponent had wielded in their fight, had been stabbed through his body and the man he had believed to have been defeated just a few seconds ago standing in front of him holding the sword.

"I... Impossible." The Sith stuttered before Ichigo drew his sword out from his chest. The Sith stood still for a second coughing and streams of crimson blood started running down his cheeks and then his body fell limp and Ichigo looked at Rukia and her battle. She was battling the older and after watching the obviously stronger opponent of the two Sith. He watched her fighting, he had to admit she was an amazing fighter. He knew she was only using one lightsaber but to his eyes she seemed to be wielding five. Rukia had felt the power rising in Ichigo when he had sent his powerful push, she had also seen him finishing his opponent, now she only had to think about her own fight. She decided to try another Ataru frenzy although not breaking her opponents defence it did force the older man back. The Sith had a good form, she had come to a plausible conclusion, he was using form VI Niman. Form VI Niman took bits and pieces from all of the lightsaber forms before it, its basis was however rooted in form III Soresu, it was known to have no weakness but also no strengths either. She was using her age advantages to dance around him striking from different directions. He decided to start fighting back, and started a set of offensive sequences. She responded by taking up a defensive posture and took his offensive head on. During one of his attack sequences he confirmed Rukias suspicion of his form VI mastery by sending a powerful force push in the middle of his attack, form VI was known for it teaching of chaining in force abilities in ones lightsaber sequences. She was sent back, thankfully her force shield absorbed most of the damage and she could land safely on her feet just a few meters away from her opponent. But when she landed she could see Ichigo charging the old Sith. The Sith had with the sensory power of the force noticed Ichigo charging him, but he didn't make any attempt to stop him.

"Ichigo no!" Rukia screamed before Ichigo could attack, but he didn't listen he still felt the rush of power and felt invincible, he went for a over head power strike. The Sith easily blocked the sloppy basic attack, Ichigo started attacking as fast as he could. The Sith easily deflected all of them.

"Just because the force gave you a helping boost, you think you can stand against me? You are too arrogant boy!" The Sith taunted sounding almost offended, but Ichigo didn't care and tried to attack again. The Sith blocked and retaliated with a wide swipe towards the boys side, Ichigo tried to dodge with a back spin. It was almost successful however the tip of the Siths lightsaber braced Ichigos left arm during his spinning dodge. After bracing the boy lord Carnoc sent a powerful push with the force sending the orange haired young man flying, and in the air thes Sith sent a powerful stream of lightning against Ichigo, thankfully his armor had conductors to protect him from electric damage, however conductors could only do so much against the force lightning of a Sith lord. Ichigo landed on the ground, slightly twitching from the pain and aftereffects of the lightning. He forced himself to sit up against the wall. He saw Rukia moving towards the Sith. She had equipped her second weapon and ignited her second blad, but to Ichigos surprise the blade in her left hand only extended to about half its regular length effectively turning it into a lightsaber shoto. She moved in and started their battle once again, determination glowing from her whole body. Ichigo noticed that she had changed her tactics and style. She was fighting more, elegantly that was the only word he could describe it as. Rukia had changed her form to form II Makashi. She moved forward using quick jabs and controlled attacks. She forced him backward by her unrelenting footwork and blade work forcing the older Sith on the defensive. He could feel his defence slowly being broken down by her fast stabs and precise footwork. He decided to go on the offensive once again and in a step backward he sent a over head slash, Rukia used her shoto to block the strike as a parrying dagger and in blinding speed, too fast for the tiring old man to respond sent her main weapon to pierce him right through his chest ending the masters life the same way his apprentice had unlike his apprentice though he died with a smile on his face knowing their mission had been accomplished, he fell limp to the ground. After making sure her opponent wouldn't get up and attack her, she ran to Ichigo.

"Are you alright Ichigo?" She crouched down in front of him.

"Yeah im fine its just a scratch." He tried to stand up and she helped him up.

"I will take care of it when we get to the ship." She assured him, she let go of his arm when she noticed he could stand on his own, he nodded and started walking towards the computer. He looked over the screens.

"No!" Ichigo blurted out when he saw the information displayed on the screens. A big chunk of information had been transmitted to an unknown location, Ichigo downloaded all the information about the transmission to his holo device and shut down the computer and contacted general Garza, after a few seconds the projection of Garza appeared.

"Lieutenant, report." She sounded stressed.

"The Sith infiltrated the base and were able to transmit an unknown amount of data to an unknown location, i have downloaded all the information about the transmission and i locked down the computer, and the Sith here are all dead." Ichigo looked away in shame, he knew he had failed greatly. If the general were mad she didn't show it she only kept her stern expression, but he could feel her anger.

"I am sending several teams of soldiers and operatives to deal with the base, you can return to your ship and when you do contact me again." She instructed him.

"Yes general, im sor..." He was cut off by Garza shutting of the transmission.

"Are you sure you are alright, Ichigo. We did everything we could." Rukia put her hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah im fine. I know." He answered hollowly. After gearing up they started walking towards the exit.

After walking for about an hour thankfully without any incident they entered their ship. When they entered Kon came to greet them and after a quick glance he could tell to back down and walked to the right wall and leaned against it to see what they were going to do now. Ichigo activated the large holocommunicator in the center of the room and after a few moments the image of general Garza appeared. Ichigo gave her a full mission briefing neglecting no detail however insignificant they appeared to be. After about thirty minutes they had concluded the briefing.

"I see Lieutenant, we will have to decode all of the data you gave us and try to find who they sent it to. It might take days, i want you to stand by for further orders, when we find what we need." She ordered him using a tone that informed him that it was not up for discussion.

"Yes general." He saluted and glanced away in shame. He didn't like having to explain his failure.

"Garza out." The image of the general disappeared. Ichigo brought his mechanic fist down hard on the console in frustration.

"She don't think i can handle it." He complained his back turned towards Rukia. Kon feeling that it would be best if he gave them time slipped away and went back to his new sleeping spot in Ichigos quarters on the bed by the left foot side.

"Thats not true she just needs you to stay put. I actually think this is for the positive." She stated.

"How so?" Ichigo asked while he turned around to face her.

" We can use this time to train, since you seem to insist on engaging Sith even when i tell you not to." She moved her arms to her chest and crossed them over her chest plate and eyed him her violet eyes showing her frustration although her words had a hint of sarcasm.

"Yeah, im sorry about that." He didn't look her in the eye.

"Oh well, lets do something about your left arm, remove your weapons and upper body armor." He looked at her questionably but after a sigh from her her he did as she told him. When he had removed his weapons and armor until his black tight body suit which had a burnt hole by his left arm. They were both siting down in a cross legged position on the floor and Rukia put her both of her hands just over his wound and closed her eyes concentrating hard. Ichigo could see his wound slowly healing, after a while it was closed and his skin returned to its natural light color. Rukia opened her eyes.

"How did you do that?" Ichigo asked his eyes widened and his voice sounding astonished.

"With the help of the light side one can learn to heal wounds, although an amazing ability it does have its limitations." She answered, she was already bit tired from the technique. She could use it but she was by no means a master of the technique.

"So you wanted to train now that we are to be on stand by, when do we start?" Ichigo asked sounding exited, he seemed to have forgotten about the mission.

"We can start in a few hours, we should rest until then." She suggested Ichigo nodded and they both went towards their quarters. They bowed to each other and entered their rooms. Ichigo removed all of his weapons and armor and put on a loose plain black shirt before he layed down in his bed, it was but then that he felt how exhausted and how his body ached after all the fighting that had occurred and the strain his body had been under during his empowerment of the force. He noticed Kon sleeping on the other side of the bed. After only closing his eyes for a few seconds he could feel sleep coming over him and he gladly accepted it. Rukia entered her room and started removing her Jedi armor and brown robe and placed them in on of the lockers located in the room. She was now only wearing her brown body suit which she had worn under the armor. She was too tired to change and decided that they were comfortable enough to sleep in and layed down in her bed when she did she could feel her entire body being sore after both her use of the armor, it was light but it was still extra weight she was also sore after all the fighting that had put strain on her body even with the help of the force. She placed her lightsabers on the table next to her bed to have the closely to her. She closed her eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep.