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"Albus wait! How can you be sure that this, this person won't pose a threat to the students? The war between our world and those rebels proved them dangerous!"

      "I knew her mother, Minerva and a nicer person than she would be hard to find. Besides she has a foot in each world. Her father was a student here at Hogworts, a Ravenclaw if I remember correctly you might remember him, Rafael Decigo."

      "I remember him but what does that have to do with anything? For all you know she could be the complete opposite of both her parents!"

      "I have meet her Minerva and honestly I am most impressed by her. She only half belongs to the wizarding world and yet she managed to become the youngest Auror in our history. She truly cares about all who are put into her care. If I didn't trust her I would not have asked for her to be allowed to teach here."

      "I hope that you are right Albus. The children will need every bit of preparation they can get if they are to survive this war. If she can truly teach them, even the smallest bit of Wandless Magic then they will stand that much more of a chance."

      Professors Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore could not help but look a little grim as they walked towards the Great Hall for the Welcoming Feast. At the back door of the Great Hall they separated, Professor McGonagall to meet the first years and Professor Dumbledore to go to his seat at the head table with the rest of the Hogworts staff. This year there were several new faces at the staff table; Hermione Granger was the new Charms teacher; Elfrida Cohee was the new Muggle Studies teacher and head of Ravenclaw; Dugald Meelar was the new Astronomy teacher; Madame Black was Poppy's new assistant; Remus Lupin was back as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher; and then there was Kalila Decigo, she was teaching Hogworts' newest class, Wandless Magic. Albus Dumbledore's thoughts might have been troubled but he showed no outward sign of this. He was worried though; the times were getting more and more dangerous as the war between good and evil ragged. I was his hope that Kalila would be able to teach the students to use magic without a wand; if she could there was a much higher chance they would survive. He banished thoughts of the war to the back of his thoughts as the first years entered the hall and came to stand before the head table waiting to be sorted. He sadly noted that there were fewer first years this year. As he stood Albus schooled his features into a smile and began the Beginning of Term Announcements.

      "As a reminder the Forbidden Forest if off limits to all students. Mr. Filch asks students to remember that the third floor corridor is off limits to students unless you wish to die a most horrible death. Also the number of forbidden items has been increased to 207 due to the addition of many items from the Weasly Brothers Joke Shop. If you wish to see what has been added to the list, copies are posted in each houses common room. Now before the feast beings I would like to acknowledge the recent additions to the staff here at Hogworts; Professor Granger, Professor Cohee, Professor Meelar, Professor Decigo, Madame Black and I would like everyone to welcome back Professor Lupin. And now, let the Feast begin."

      At Dumbledore's clap the tables filled with food and the hungry students dug right in. While the students chatted up a storm, filling the Great Hall with the sounds of their laughter and merriment, the conversations at the staff table were much more subdued, the thought of Voldemort was on all of their minds. At the conclusion of the feast Dumbledore watched as the students were led out by the Perfects before turning to speak with Remus Lupin.

      "I trust that your journey was a pleasant one Remus?"

      "It was Headmaster, and a most intriguing one. I became acquainted with Professor Decigo on the ride from London and I must admit that she stirs my curiosity. I hadn't known that Rafael had ever married, let alone had a daughter. It was a bit of a shock finding out that he was her Father. For all that we talked the whole time on the train I still feel as if I barely know her."

      "chuckles Kalila often has that effect on people. You can talk to her for hours and yet often you will end know little more about her than you first did."

      "I'm curious though Sir are the rumors that were circling the staff table true, was her mother a Sorceress and a Priestess of the Stars?"

      "Normally I wouldn't say anything, but in this instance as the two of you will have to work rather closely, I will. Yes, what you heard was true. Her mother was a Sorceress, Queen of the Isles in fact, and the High Priestess of the Stars."

      "That explains things a bit, especially why she didn't attend school here, or anywhere in the wizarding world for that matter."

      "That I'm afraid is her story to tell. But if I might ask a favor, could you please show Kalila to her rooms, I believe them to be next to yours."

      "Of course Headmaster."

      "Thank you Remus, and on that note I bid you good night."

      As Dumbledore walked off towards the doors Remus turned looking for Kalila. He found her still sitting in her seat at the end of the table. As he made his way toward her he was warmed by the smile he received when she saw it was he. He couldn't help but smile back in return.

      "Albus suggested I show you the way to your rooms, if that is acceptable to you."

      "small laugh Thank you, I have no idea what is where here and I am uneasy about asking. People seem on edge around me."

      "Don't worry about it, they just don't know you yet. And I mean the real you, not the you that your reputation implies."

      "And how do you know that they aren't one and the same?"

      "Because of the kindness you showed on the train this morning and because Albus wouldn't have asked you to teach if they were one and the same. The others will realize that soon enough. Now how about a tour of the castle, so you will at least know where to find your classroom in the morning."

      He offers her his arm and with a nod she takes it. Together they walk out of the Great Hall and into the corridor. As they walked around the castle Remus couldn't help but notice how quiet she was. Almost all conversation attempts by Remus died after a brief amount of time. As they walked this stillness of the corridor was suddenly shattered by Peeves. As Peeves started in with his usual pranks and Remus prepared to call the Bloody Baron, Kalila muttered something and made a complicated hand gesture. Suddenly Peeves froze. 

      "Excuse me but I do believe you're a Poltergeist and truly I'm no more fond of your pranks than I am of Pixie pranks. Now would you mind leaving, I was enjoying my walk."

      And miraculously Peeves left, leaving Kalila and Remus alone in the corridor. After a brief look of disbelief at Kalila they continued their walk, with Remus pointing out the various classrooms and points of interest as Kalila looked at everything in amazement. All to soon they reached the corridor that housed their rooms. As Remus escorted her to her door he was struck by how alone she seemed.

      "Ummm….Kalila would it be alright with you if I escort you to breakfast in the morning? Just so you know the was of course."

      "I'd like that. Thank you for tonight, it was nice having some one to talk to. Good night."

      "Good night Kalila."

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