Hello everyone! After my first round of writing Smallville Fanfiction. I've spent the past couple of weeks researching(aka looking at more comic books and movies) and been inspired by wonderful art I have decided to make a sequel to my first fanfiction. As I've mentioned before, I've always imagined what it would have been like if the show had included Wonder Woman in the series. Now that the series has finished that's no longer possible. There is a season eleven comic book series but I'm not a big fan of it. When season 9 ended I was amazed at alot of things and was filled with hope that season 10 would wrap up so many great things.

With Darkseid thrown in the mix, there was the possibility of briging in an epic, almost motion picture experience to the TV Series. Websites were crawling with the possibilities and the rumors were flying. Brandon Routh was said to be the third Superman actor to appear on the show after Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain. That another Justice League/Society episode was in the making. Seeing the New Gods like Orion and Barda and of course seeing Darkseid corporeal. Sadly they were only rumors. Though there was more than plenty of happy returns. Lex Luthor, the Kents, the Luthors and a respectable series finale. Still there were some complaints as well as complements. Such as the fact Tom Welling wasn't completely seen in costume or certain guest appeareances were nice, but not well done or the fact some guests were dearly absent or needed to make more appearances like Black Canary, Cyborg, Impulse, Martian Manhunter as well as deaths that were handled poorly.

In the end I dislike the final season, I have every season on DVD or Blu-Ray with the exception of Season 10. I also disliked how desperate Lois and Clark had become. Clark's "I can't live in a world where you don't love me." sounded pathetic, not endearing. I disliked how Lois believed she had the right to learn that the Blur was Clark even more I disliked her selfishness and her actions in the episode Dominion where she was willing to put the world in danger for her own feelings. I was as disappointed in their relationship and all but gave up on them. Yes, I was once a Clois shipper. But there is still some warmth in my heart for a couple so using my imagination I became a Superman/Wonder Woman shipper, Diana of Themiscyra and her beloved Kal-El of Krypton and this was before the New 52 change. I read certain comic stories where they were put together like the Dark Knight Strikes Again and Kingdom Come. I especially love Kingdom Come as it bridges a great ending to the DC Universe I wish would one day become a movie.

My previous story came to being after learning of actress Gal Gadot had earned the part of Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel Batman v. Superman. A big fan of her appearances in the Fast & Furious movies I was overjoyed that she was going to be the greatest superheroine in the world. One day I found a picture of her in red and blue and couldn't help but make a meager photo manip of her in Smallville. I was inspired to write my first fantiction. In it not only did I bring Clark Kent and Diana Prince together but also a some DC characters as well into the show as well as creating some of my very own. From there I received some complements, but even more I was asked if I would do another story.

I was interested at first but I needed an inspiration, which I received in a beautiful manipulation of someone's idea of a Man of Steel version of Supergirl and I went through the roof. I spent six months fermenting it and hope its up towards your literary palates. In it I have continued my love for Clark/Diana but also the forgotten pairing of Dinah/Oliver. The powers that be feeling that a conservative crime-fighter(which was their change) and a liberal crime-fighter was cool at the whole opposites attract angle, but was abandoned in the face of the more intrepid sleuth with less conservative opinions. Personally I think this was a very mean spirted decision and have decided to rectify this. I also dislked Chloe's character in the last three seasons in that she had stopped being the loyal friend and had become very untrustworthy. Not to mention how sporadic her appearances were on the show. Oliver as well infuriated me because of how his hatred and selfishness almost killed Clark and while his spirit and faith in his friend saving was able to save his soul was great, I believed this glossed over Oliver's issues. This story also brings a more action packed Justice League episode of sorts as well as create a more satisfactory conclusions to the series. All this as well as being a sequel to my previous fanfiction.

I know a story-teller cannot satisfy everyone but I hope I can bring some readers and complements to all my work. Hope you enjoy this. Comment and vote. Thank You.

Smallville, Superman, Clark Kent, Wonder Woman and all other characters belonging to their respective owners at DC Comics and Warner Bros. Other than an expanded view and personal liberties taken with the characters and some minor creations are my own.

Note: Set concurrently with the events of Smallville Episode 10x19.

Dedication: Thanks to the people who have read my previous story, you are responsible for this sequel. We all aspire to tell as well as read stories. Your support has been extraordinary, with thousands of views in the past several months I can say truly I am very happy. Spoons There Are for being the first. Nightwing 509 for reviewing often. Dragonball X Avalon for being the first to ask for a sequel. As well as to all those who have favorited and follow I thank you.

4/22/11 - 11:00PM - Metropolis, KS

"I can't live in a world where you don't love me."

"We have a responsibilityto not put the world at risk for selfishreasons, which is what you're doing by wanting to see him again.

"I will not let you sacrifice him."

Sounds and words from Clark Kent's mind and the recordings from powered down computers and cell-phones had passed into his mind as well as everything else Clark Kent ever held in his mind. But the uplink wasn't perfect, once he arrived wouldn't be able to link everything perfectly. Time travel was like that, especially if 'they' came back. Once Clark would return then his link-up will be complete and he will be able to accomplish what he never could have done in his time. Kill Clark Kent.

The alley was mostly deserted like most alleys in Metropolis but there are still the homeless and the criminal who stay in the most barren of places but at this moment only the innocent reside in this particular area near Suicide Slums. One innocent in particular, his name was Bo 'Bibbo' Bibbowski, as he walked not far from the docks where he used to work.

"Blasted Wall Street jerkos!" Said Bibbo to no one in particular as he walked up and down the alley to find his usual place to sleep. Ever since the economy tanked a few years ago, when he was left unemployed he was walking up and down the bars of Metropolis as he found his comfort at the end of a bottle and released some of the anger on anyone who got in his way.

He found his mattress inside an abandoned warehouse next to a window so as to get some fresh air. It was the end of April and it was starting to get warm. He rested his head on the mattress he had set when he heard a noise like thunder. He got up from the mattress wondering what was going on as he ran outside and saw a ball of lightning.

Bibbo became scared. He may have been prepared to sleep off a drunken spell but he knew for sure that lightning didn't appear in a ball. He ran to a corner as he saw the ball of lightning drop onto the ground as it suddenly went out like a light bulb. He then noticed a man standing in the middle of the street wearing a costume with a cape. But no sooner did the man look like this that Bibbo then noticed that the costume vanished in a bright yellow flash. He then looked again and noticed that the man wore a dark red coat over what looked like a very fashionable black suit with a yellow tie. He wore a gold tiepin and a nice gold watch and ring. Only at a second glance the ring looked more yellow than gold. But still he was a very fashionable man in the middle of the wrong place. He belonged with the rest of the corporate types in New Troy, not in the middle of an alley in Suicide Slums.

After what Bibbo had read over the economic failures several years back he wanted nothing more than to find the first banker and feed him his own teeth. But there was something weird about this guy. As he looked him over, he saw how well dressed he was but even more importantly the look on his face. It was a very handsome face. With the suit and a physique that seemed to make him look appealing to any woman but as far Bibbo was concerned he looked like a pretty-boy corporate type. But then he saw the eyes of the man, which looked scary. They were a bluish-green, but for a moment he saw them glow red.

Bibbo remembered two movies at once, the Terminator movies, some of his favorites and the other he couldn't remember with a British actor who was some 80's psycho killer. This guy was both at once. Bibbo boxed professionally, once holding the heavyweight championship for a few months before losing it back to Ted Grant. Yet right now he could feel his bladder getting heavy from the dire need to pee. Not from the beers he drank but from the fear he was feeling and prayed to God that this creepy looking guy would leave when the man finally did, walking down the street cool and calm without any fear.

Bibbo then started hyperventilating and crying his eyes out. 'Who was that guy?' He thought.