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Where The Heart Belongs

Opening: SPLASH – Kobukuro

~A Single Glance~

July 10th – 2014 AR (After Rikudou)

Well… today was different. It is my birthday and I couldn't be happier to celebrate it with the only paternal figure I ever had. He gave me some new clothes and I love them! Though the pervert said that it was time to hit a brothel… stupid Ero-Sennin. Though I'm grateful for the training he gave me. In a month and half we are going to go back to Konoha and I will start searching for Sasuke. Teme better come willingly or I will kick his ass! But recently some things came to me… I couldn't get them out of my mind. Last week, while carrying the pervert's ass back to the hotel after a night in a bar, he said something. He was drunk. He commented something that pierced me like a needle to the skin. It all started when I scolded him after seeing him with some old hags and he told me that I couldn't speak because I didn't have a girlfriend or tastes for true woman. I tried to defend my crush, Haruno Sakura, but he started naming things that I couldn't deny. He told me that she was easily angered and she punched him for it, even when he didn't deserve it, she practically bullied me when we were in the academy and other things I couldn't negate. After sighing, he said to me 'Brat… in the world there are many woman that would love your qualities over what they see you as. Please don't make the same mistake as me… live your life to the fullest and find a girl that likes you for what you are… not like me who mopped in the ground every time his Hime left with another… don't end alone like me…' He fainted after that and he didn't remember anything from that night. Ero-Sennin was serious about that, hell he was almost crying. Of all the things that the pervert said since I've been his apprentice, this one must be the one that made me doubt myself the most…

It's been two and half years since Uzumaki Naruto left the Village Hidden in the Leaf, Konohagakure no Sato. For Naruto it felt like it's been years since he saw his friends, so he could say he was homesick. All of them must have made chunnin at least…



That was Jiraiya who had a drinking contest with a lady that he eventually took with him to the hotel room, thus throwing him outside. It was a really cold day in a really cold place. Ero-Sennin called it endurance training.

Yuki no Kuni, that was the place where they were staying. They were going to the set where Kazahana Koyuki would be playing her role in the Icha Icha Movie. 'Still can't believe that she plays the main role…'

Jiraiya turned to him and told him "Naruto… I'm beat up. So now we're going to do something different" he took out some papers, a brush and ink and gave them to him along a pocket size black book.

Naruto looked at the book before shouting "I WILL NOT READ YOUR SMUT!"

Jiraiya looked annoyed "IT'S NOT SMUT! IT'S A MASTERPIECE IN THE WORLD OF LITERATURE! NO MEN HAS EVER TOLD ME THAT THEY'RE SMUT!" As an afterthought he added "… Well Minato did say they were smut…" After composing himself he finally said "Naruto, this is a Bingo Book. Here you can find any of the Missing-nin that are in the loose. There will come a time that knowing your enemy will be a great advantage while fighting them. So I want to read every entry and write down how you would fight that guy"

Naruto looked puzzled "What do you mean what I would do? I would strike them with a rasengan and that's all?"

Jiraiya opened the book and pointed to Itachi's entry "Here is Uchiha Itachi, S-Class Missing-nin, one of the last members of the Uchiha clan, his prowess relies on his eyes powers, possessing a fully developed Sharingan and it's rumored that he has a more powerful stage, though it was not confirmed. Has a variety of Katon Jutsus and Crow based Genjutsu" he threw the book to Naruto for him to see. Naruto looked it over and looked at him confused. "With this ninja, your best bet would be fighting him without looking at his eyes. Close quarters could be easier if you excel in it. Having some Suiton Jutsu could help as well. But the main problem relies on his Genjutsu, so you have to be able to disrupt it" He raised the paper and pointed it with his finger "Write something like that here with every entry and give it to me. The last part of your training will be strategy and tactics. So from there we will be going"

Naruto gaped at hearing that then turned to see the book and almost fainted "Four Hundred pages… you wanna kill me right Ero-Sennin?"

"Brat I'll be going to meet some contacts from my spy network… but it's a bit dangerous for you to come. So you have three weeks to work on it. After you finish it, there's a dojo here and I arranged for you to have some lessons in Kenjutsu. Happy birthday Naruto"

Naruto brightened at that "Kenjutsu?! As in fighting with swords?! All right Dattebayo! Thanks Ero-Sennin!"

"But the sensei won't be giving you any lessons till you finish those reports"

Naruto groaned at that.

"So I'll be leaving. Remember there is food on the fridge, the room is rented for three weeks and money you can find you know where… but if you want to go to a brothel, you can use your own money Kukuku" Jiraiya said seriously at first, but his grin turning into a perverted one at the end.

Naruto sighed knowing he couldn't do anything against his sensei's perverted ways.


After that Jiraiya left and Naruto was left alone. It was noon so Naruto decided to start those reports after some ramen, now that Ero-Sennin wasn't here, he couldn't reject him the food of the gods!

He was disappointed after seeing that Jiraiya bribed every ramen bar of the town into not selling him anything! They even had a photograph of him!

So now Naruto was resting in the branch of a tree of a clearing outside the town. This place actually inspired him into doing the reports. The clearing was filled with blue flowers that reminded him of a park he used to go when he was a child. He remembered that kids didn't go there because of the Hydrangea, the flower that was said to be poisonous. The parents weren't happy with the idea that he went there, so the end result was not taking their kids there.

Since he remembered, the ANBU taking care of him took him there. He remembered how at ease he felt when he saw the field of flowers. He really liked the place, so it was normal for him to choose places like this to relax for a bit.

Naruto sat there reading the Bingo Book and making some notes in what he thought would be the best strategy to fight every person. The book was organized between classes, so the minor missing-nin were first. He found Gouzu and Meizu, the demon brothers, who he fought in his first C-Rank mission. There were too many ninjas that he didn't even know, so Naruto went directly to the A-Class and S-Class section and started reading, seeing ninjas like Mukade, a puppeteer from Suna, Kakuzu, who was said to have stolen a forbidden technique from Taki, Hiruko, a scientist exiled from Konoha and one that catched Naruto's attention, Utakata, Jinchuriki of the Rokubi. He didn't know that a fellow Jinchuriki was a missing-nin. Maybe if one day he met up with him, he would ask him.

Naruto was so concentrated in working that he didn't notice when a girl, about his age, entered the clearing and started collecting some Hydrangea. But when the girl stepped on a branch, Naruto gasped and turned to look at the girl while holding a kunai. He was mesmerized by what he saw.

It was a dark haired girl about his age that had fair skin and striking blood red eyes. Her hair reached to her back and she had a slight blush in her face. Against all the cold she seemed to have a long white and cyan summer dress.

The girl looked at him before feeling completely embarrassed and ran away with a little cat following her.

Naruto stood there watching the spot the girl occupied before running for some time before snapping out of his trance to see that it was nighttime and it was getting colder.

'Who was her? I never saw a girl like that… she looked really beautiful… NO! I like Sakura-Chan…' Naruto started thinking about the recent events and what Jiraiya told him. "Do i?" he asked more to himself than anyone.

Finally after pondering it for some minutes, Naruto got up and started walking towards the hotel room. All the while he was thinking of those red orbs that seemed to stare at his soul. He never knew how that encounter would affect him…


Not so far away from where Naruto stood, to be more specific, one of the trees surrounding the clearing, the girl stood panting and hugging the covered feline who was looking at with a confused stare.

She was just trying to eat some Hydrangea, but suddenly she heard a gasp and turned in the direction she heard it. She saw a tall blonde guy, about her age that looked at her with wide eyes. He was wearing an orange and black jumpsuit and had a knife in his hand and if defending from something… 'He must have thought I was going to attack him' then she saw that his hair was spiky and he had a headband with what looked like a leaf of sorts. The next thing she saw was the whisker marks… 'Kawaii…' Finally, she saw something else… she saw the guy's ocean blue eyes and both of them locked gazes even if it was for a second it felt longer…

She broke her gaze and blushed madly before running away with the cat, Babu, behind her.

She took cover behind a tree and watched as the guy seemed in a trance while looking at where she was. Then he left after saying something she couldn't hear.

After sighing she turned around and started walking away. She had one destiny in mind while thinking 'How did I end up here? I'm pretty sure I was walking to school when… I don't remember anymore… Darin-Chan said that I lost part of my memory… could it have happened again? For now I must return to that laboratory… it seemed abandoned… what happened?'

The girl started remembering what had happened a few hours ago.

-Flashback (The Girl's POV)-

I awoke to see darkness. I tried remembering what happened, but I can't seem to do it. When I tried to move, I immediately smashed my head against something. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw that I was in something like a tube.

I started to punch the glass that covered the cylinder I was resting and eventually the glass broke. I managed to get away with some scraps, but nothing bad.

When I composed myself, I looked around and saw what looked like a basement. There were glass remains, test tubes and syringes. This was a laboratory.

While searching through the papers I found in the floor I found one that called my attention.

Patient: Sanka Rea

Age: 15

Condition: Cryogenic Stasis

Comments: Patient was injected with the latest vaccine. Her body doesn't seem to react towards it. This was our last chance. The Patient will be put in Cryogenic Stasis to avoid reaching the Final Stage of Zombification. All we can do at the moment is waiting

Kurumiya-Dallin Ashento

Though at the end she could see something handwritten and it said:

I don't want to surrender like this… but my body cannot work anymore… I'm too old… Rea will be hidden in the basement and sealed for security measures. I still have hopes of the last drug working, but I won't live enough to see it. Rea, if you're reading this, then it means that it did work… please live your life as you wanted… be a normal girl. The drug I used completely removed your zombie status, but for the drug to keep working, you will need to still eat Hydrangea… I hope you will be happy, like you used to be before you lost your memories… Good bye Rea…

It was signed by the name, Furuya Chihiro

Those names were familiar… "Ah! Darin-Chan! And the other one is the Cameraman!" After reading it over, she knew she had to keep up with her medicine so she looked around and saw a crack in the wall where the light filtered. She walked over there and saw that it was a cave tunnel, so she started banging the wall and it slowly fell, piece for piece.

When her eyes adjusted to the sunlight, she started walking through the forest while looking for something. That's when a figure jumped over her and she turned to see a little cat that was more or less alright. It had a few scraps here and there, but otherwise, it looked healthy.

Blinking twice, she recognized the cat and she smiled and hugged the little cat "BABU-CHAN!"

-Flashback End-

After that she set camp in the cave and started searching for Hydrangeas. When she found a field full of them, she met the blond guy, who she didn't knew, but would be changing her world completely.


Ending: Usotsuki no Namida - LiSA

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