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Where the Heart Belongs

~After Story: One Song From Two Hearts~

Konohagakure no Sato, home of many famous shinobi known across the world like Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Namikaze Minato and many more. Today a shinobi that was in the path of the previous ones returned home.

He stood over a water tank as he said "I missed so much the village!" He smiled as the wind ruffled his hair. His red cloak flapped in the direction of the air current which only made him look like an epic hero of manga. He wears an orange shirt under the cloak and black pants. The necklace that Tsunade gave him more than two years ago hangs freely on his neck for everyone to see. His headband was tied onto his right arm, letting his hair fall over contrary to when he tied it on his forehead. "It didn't change a bit!"

Down in the streets, Jiraiya chuckled as he said "Heh, he seems excited"

"Still don't know what he sees in this place" Said a bored voice besides Jiraiya.

"Come on, Sasuke, you know that Naruto-Kun loves this village" A feminine voice said "He wants to be Hokage to protect it"

Sasuke stared at the girl for about thirty seconds before he finally said "Still don't see why you like him"

Back in the sky, Naruto heard a voice calling him. He turned around and saw Kakashi waving at him from a roof. "You grew up, Naruto"

"Kakashi-Sensei!" Said Naruto while greeting his teacher. "I brought you something!"

Kakashi looks at what Naruto shows him and he took it gingerly while stuttering "H-How d-did you get t-this?!"

Ladies and gentlemen, Icha-Icha Tactics arrived to Konoha. The first reader is, the number 1 fan, Hatake Kakashi.

"It's the new Icha-Icha book. I don't see the deal with it, so take it is!"

Kakashi opened it slowly and holy light shone from the book as it was a sacred text. After five seconds of contemplating he started reading and flew to his own perverted little world.

In the streets, Sasuke muttered under his breath "Pathetic"

Jiraiya mumbled something about stupid teenagers not hitting puberty.

Rea by his side, smiled at seeing Naruto's interaction with his old sensei.

The student teacher duo jumped down and joined the others.

Kakashi was expecting Naruto to come back home, though he was surprised by the two unexpected arrivals. The first was a girl about Naruto's age. The other one…

"Sasuke?" The Cyclops blinked at the oddity of what he was seeing.

Said teen looked at his old sensei and scoffed.

Kakashi sweat dropped "Yeah… it's him" Then he turned towards the girl and asked politely "And who may you be?"

"Uhm… My name is Rea, Sanka Rea, Naruto's girlfriend" said the girl a bit nervous as Kakashi, even if she heard of him before, was a stranger to her.

"Pleased to meet you Rea-san… girlfriend… Naruto?" Naruto was left mumbling things for a good minute before it clicked in his head "G-GIRLFRIEND?! NARUTO? REALLY?!"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence sensei…" Mumbled Naruto under his breath, but Kakashi heard him.

"Sorry Naruto you caught me by surprise that's all…" Inside Kakashi was jumping in joy. 'YES! I WON THE BET! I'M FUCKING RICH!' Outwardly, Kakashi pumped his arm into the sky while eye-smiling.

"Kakashi-Sensei?" Asked Naruto asking himself if his sensei finally lost it.

"Sorry just cheering for… Icha-Icha… yeah that…"

In the Jounin lounge, every gennin that graduates are part of a betting pool about if they will get a girlfriend before eighteen. In Naruto's case, only Kakashi voted for it and practically won against the all of the Konoha Jounin. All of them.

The teens walked away from Kakashi as Jiraiya got closer "Damn you won, I completely forgot that bet…" Jiraiya sighed while looking at Naruto chatting with his girlfriend and annoying Sasuke. "I brought him like I promised. He's under your care once again"

Kakashi didn't say anything, but Jiraiya understood that he got the message. But he did ask "What about Sasuke?"

"It's complicated, but I will explain everything in the office with Tsunade"

"And Rea-san?"



Hazureta sharin boruto shime naoshitara GO WAY

Tachidomatte ita jikan ga boku ni kureta kanbasu

Tada no rakugaki ni mieru kai?


"So…" Tsunade started eyeing the convoy in her office "… How did this happen?"

"Orochimaru kidnapped Naruto's girlfriend to obtain true immortality. Naruto trained hard and managed to rescue her while killing Orochimaru in the process" Said Jiraiya in a bored tone. This was the third time he said it "Sasuke helped us beat the mutated Orochimaru who after being injected with Rea's Zombie Enzyme changed into a snake or a hydra like beast. Naruto killed it using Yang Chakra which basically negated the death effect the snake had… that's the short version of what happened last week…"

Tsunade looked at the Gama Sennin quietly for a minute before shouting "AN YOU WANT ME TO BELIEVE THAT SHIT!?" She threw a sake jar at him and shouted "SHIZUNE ANOTHER JAR OF SAKE!"

"Baa-Chan, you have to lay it off with the booze"

*Crack* "Did you say something, Naruto?" *Crack*

Don't liking the idea of being smashed into oblivion, Naruto backed away for now.

"Well, you guys are dismissed. Kakashi, Jiraiya, stay for a bit. Remember to report to training ground 3 for tomorrow's test"


Jiyuu o (sora ni kaku) One Song From Two Hearts

Futatsu no (kokoro kasane) utau yo


"I d-did it for K-Konoha *cough* I regret it, b-but it was the right t-thing *cough* for peace… *cough*… please protect it in my place… Sasuke… I'm happy" Said a raven haired man who was slowly walking towards Sasuke who was stunned into silence "You have friends… a life… *cough* y-you moved on f-from the hatred…" He tapped Sasuke's forehead like he did in the past and promptly fell forward. "…Don't let it consume you…"

Sasuke was shocked beyond words after Itachi's declaration. Itachi killed the whole clan just to protect Konoha? The raven haired teen couldn't fathom what he was just told. He refused to believe it. He fell to his knees and silently wept.

Naruto walked from behind him grabbed his shoulder to comfort him. His sage cloak was shredded and he was only wearing his pants and his orange shirt. Sakura wasn't any better as the two of them confronted and managed to kill off the Kiri missing-nin. The members of team seven managed to arrive in the moment that Itachi told Sasuke the truth. They were shocked as the Uchiha by it.

"Sasuke…" Started Naruto but stopped at seeing said teen stiffen under his words "Where here for you, you know?"

Sakura got closer to the Uchiha and whispered "Sasuke-Kun…" She disregarded everything and hugged him tightly.

Sasuke's eyes widened at the sudden contact and saw his head was on Sakura's shoulder. With everything that happened in the last hours, Sasuke wanted nothing but to let it all out.

Uchiha Sasuke cried for the first time in a long time…


Koinu no yō ni bishonure de uzukumatta Rainy day

Kokoro ni sasu kasa o sagashi samayotta Lonely days

Kimi no koe dake ga don'na ame mo yo kete kuretanda


"Then I will break that curse…" Naruto said to his fellow clansmen while they talked inside the paper tree the Akatsuki leader's partner, Konan made. Nagato listened to Naruto's words and he was captivated by them. "If there's such thing as peace, I will find it! I won't give up!"

Nagato felt like he was slapped as he remembered those words. They were from Jiraiya's first book. It was his sensei's dream to achieve peace.

Nagato saw nothing but conviction and determination in Naruto's eyes as he eyed the blonde haired shinobi.

'Is it right to leave it to him?'

Nagato nodded and with his decision made he joined his hands in a hand-seal as he loudly declared "Gedo: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu!"


Hibiku yo (hanare tete mo) One Song From Two Hearts

Kodoku o (dakishime teta) yoru ni mo

Doko ka de (matteru kimi no) egao dake o ukabete


Naruto looked up from the bowl of ramen he was eating to see Rea eating by his side. In the battle against Nagato, Rea died.

For all accounts, she was saved by him when he convinced Nagato of changing his ways, but she died when they were still enemies and Naruto was more than scared for her safety. What happened in the Kage Summit in Tetsu no Kuni, the Lands of Iron obviously ended in a war declaration against Madara.

Tsunade was left in a coma after her fight with Pain and the subsequent destruction of the village.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were just arriving from the Uchiha hideout in Hi no Kuni where Sasuke had his last battle with Itachi. They were met with Pain fighting Kakashi who was killed afterwards. Enraged, Team seven entered the battlefield and fought the paths of pain which regenerated themselves over and over.

Naruto took on the Deva Path and the Asura Path. Sasuke fought the Human and Animal Path while Sakura confronted the Preta and Naraka Path.

In the end they won, but not without loses. They were tired from the previous confrontations against Itachi and, as Naruto was the less damaged, he went to confront Nagato and finish the invasion.

That fight, made Naruto aware of Rea's weakness and he was scared for Madara to take advantage of it.

Tomorrow he is expected to leave to train in an island with Kirabi, the Raikage's brother who is the last Jinchuriki besides Naruto himself.

He wanted to talk, but he couldn't do it.

Many things were running in his head and Rea noted it. She has since the first time.

"Is something wrong Naruto?"

Naruto was snapped of his train of thoughts and looked towards Rea who looked at him seriously.

He knew that face and it said 'Don't try to lie at my face or else…'

"Erhm…" Naruto sighed knowing he had to tell what was on his mind "I'm worried for your safety… with the war and everything…"


"Sorry for worrying… but I c-can't help it…"

"I'm glad…"

Naruto looked up to see Rea joining her hands in the posture she always did. He loved seeing her like that because it meant he was going to see her smile. That smile.

"I'm glad you're worried… it means you care for me…" She looked at his eyes and declared "Don't worry. I'll be safe. I'll be waiting for you to come back, Naruto-Kun…"

Naruto smiled reassured of what he wanted to do. He wanted to protect that smile. He wanted to protect her. And to protect her he needed to defeat Madara. Reassured once again, Naruto pecked Rea in her lips and gave her a foxy grin "I love you, Rea"

Rea smiled and replied "I love you too"


Jiyuu o (sora ni kaku) One Song From Two Hearts

Futatsu no (kokoro kasane) utau yo

Itsu demo (bokura koko de) hitotsu ni nareru

Yume dake (wasurenaide) itanara


A bell rang through the courtyard as people chatted among themselves. It was a happy day for everyone as two people were joining in sacred marriage.

In the altar Naruto was waiting impatiently. He was wearing a Tuxedo with an orange tie. He was waiting on Sasuke who didn't seem to appear anywhere near the celebration and nobody saw him either. So he was worried.

The guests were waiting while chatting amicably. He saw Choji with his girlfriend Karui talking to Shikamaru and Temari. Sai stood beside Kakashi and Yamato who were wearing suits themselves. Kurenai sat in a chair with her daughter and alongside her, Kiba and Shino waited for the wedding to start. Ino was with the other bridesmaid and was chatting excitedly.

That's when said Uchiha entered the garden in a hurry and stopped next to Naruto who nodded at him.

"Thinking of chickening out?"

"You wish…"

That's when the music started and everyone went to their seats. They looked to the passage in between the rows of chairs to the bride walking down the path made for her.

She was wearing a beautiful white dress and a white mantle covered her face.

When she arrived to the altar, Naruto stepped aside to stay beside the rest of the bridesmaid, more specifically, Rea.

Tsunade stepped up and spoke "Today, we reunite to celebrate the union of two souls in sacred marriage, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura"

The people clapped and Sasuke wanted to hide inside the tuxedo he was wearing. Yes he is embarrassed. Sakura giggled by her side and so did the bridesmaid, Ino, Rea, Hinata and Tenten.

Tsunade spoke about the two and finally reached the part she wanted, the end, as she was going to say something she always wanted to say "So, Haruno Sakura, do you accept Uchiha Sasuke in sacred marriage? For the good and the bad? Until death separates you away?"

"I accept"

"Uchiha Sasuke, do you accept Haruno Sakura in sacred marriage? For the good and the bad? Until death separates you away?"

"… I accept"

"The rings please?"

A little red haired girl, no more than two years old, walked down the path until she reached the altar and gave Sasuke the rings. The little girl ran towards Naruto and jumped into his arms.

"Good job, Mero-Chan" Said Naruto to the little girl who giggled and cuddled into her father's chest.

Sasuke gave Sakura her ring and so did her. When Tsunade saw this, she nodded and said "Now I declare you husband and wife! You can kiss her!"

Sakura jumped onto Sasuke and he was surprised, but rapidly eased into the kiss and started kissing her back.

Everyone cheered for the couple that day.

After the ceremony, everyone went to the party where they danced and celebrated the happy day.

Rea looked at the event in a nostalgic note "It still seems like yesterday when we married isn't it?"

Naruto smiled as he remembered his happy day "Yeah, though I'm happy to see the Teme marrying at last. At least I'm not the dead-last this time" He laughed to himself.

Shikamaru chuckled and so did Kakashi who were with the couple, though Temari, fixed a glare onto the lazy bum and he quickly shut up. For Kakashi it was Yugao and for Naruto it was Rea.

They were whipped.

A year after the war, Naruto asked for Rea's hand in marriage and she accepted. They married and during the honeymoon, Mero happened and they couldn't be happier.

"And I named you my best-man?"

They turned to see Sasuke who had a cup of sake in his hand.

Naruto scratched his back and looked sheepishly and everyone laughed.


Hibiku yo (hanare tete mo) One Song From Two Hearts

Kodoku o (dakishime teta) yoru ni mo


Naruto cursed under his breath.

He hated it.

He wanted it extinguished.

And his sensei was mocking him while reading Icha-Icha over and over.

Naruto wanted to die.

"Maa, maa Naruto it isn't that bad" Said Kakashi as he lazily changed to another page.

"You say it because you aren't doing it"

"I did it for some years and I'm getting tired…"

"You just want to read your porn…"

"Well even if the new version isn't as good as the other, it's still Icha-Icha…"

"Now you criticize my writing?"

"…Also, Yugao doesn't want me to read it in front of the kids…" completely ignoring Naruto's question.


"Cute little gennin"

"I'm training to be a Kage"

"Even so, you're still a Gennin"





"Love you too…"



"I hate paperwork…"

"Now we are two" And he flipped to another page.

Naruto groaned and hit his head on the desk. Looking up, he saw a photograph of his family. They were smiling. He smiled as well. This is for them. He started doing the paperwork.


Doko ka de (matteru kimi no) egao dake o

Shinjite utau yo kimi e to


Naruto stood in front of a mirror looking at his image. He was wearing the white cloaks that identified a Kage, specifically a Hokage.

"Do I look good?" Asked Naruto uncertainly.

"You look great Naruto-Kun" Said Rea while smiling at her husband. She placed her hand on her womb and added "He says you look good"

Naruto smiled and looked to his daughter.

Mero, his twelve years old daughter, gave a small smile and gave him a thumb up.

'It's scary how similar she is to her…'

Kakashi entered the room with Sasuke and looked him over before eye-smiling in approval.

"Well Hokage-Sama, It's time…" Said Sasuke jokingly putting emphasis in the –Sama.

"Yeah, yeah… I'll be going Teme…"


Kakashi smiled as he said "They never change…"

Rea smiled fondly and she finally said "I don't want him to"

Naruto took a large breath. He was nervous, but upon looking at his source of force and motivation, he smiled and finally walked outside of the office to the roof of the Hokage Tower. To become the Nanadaime Hokage…


One Song from Your Smile

One Song From Two Hearts - Kobukuro


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