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"Where are we going?" Emma giggled blindfolded with a scarf as Killian guided her to who knows where. Milah watched as the young (or not so young) couple walked by the docks, and she was smiling with anticipation.

This was the night Killian Jones would propose to Emma Swan.

She would be lying if she said she was surprised, after all, she accompanied Killian since she, well, died.

"Just a few steps love" Killian promised as he placed his hook on the small of her back, and held her right hand from behind, he didn´t want her to trip or fall. Emma inhaled the familiar smell of salted and fish. She smiled.

"We´re at the docks, aren´t we?" Killian grinned proudly at his girlfriend as they kept walking.

"Perhaps" He muttered as he lifted his head to see the romantic dinner placed aboard his ship.

Milah continued watching them with curiosity until he heard a voice behind her.


"Baelfire? What are you doing here?" Milah looked at her son and lifted an eyebrow.

"The same a you, I suppose" She motioned to the couple who was finally standing on deck. Milah looked at him impressed.

"Are you here to see Killian propose to the savior?"

"Hook is going to propose to Emma?" Oh, so he didn´t know that, Milah thought.

"Now you can take off the scarf, Swan" Emma felt how Killian separated and heard him walking until be in front of her.

"Thank you, now can you please tell me- woah" Emma´s jaw dropped as she looked around, there were tons of candles and rose petals decorating the Jolly Roger and a table laying on the center, when her gaze landed on Killian, who was looking at her like she was the sun.

"Killian, this is beautiful but, what´s the occasion?" Emma inquired, and Killian just smiled.

"Can´t a man just enjoy a lovely night like this with his wonderful girlfriend?" Killian pulled out a chair and motioned to her to sit. Emma furrowed her eyes, but then sat.

"Yes he can" She stared at him lovingly as she took a sip of champagne and he sat at the other side of the table. They started talking about their day as they ate (Bless Granny, the food was delicious)

"So, why did you come here if you didn´t know he´s going to propose to her?"

"I know they were going on a date, but I didn´t know he was planning to propose" Neal admitted, and Milah nodded.

"And are you- okay, with this?" Milah wondered

"Of course! I want Emma to be happy and, believe it or not, I know Killian´s a big part of that happiness, I mean they are true love, so yeah, I´m okay with it" He concluded and looked at his mother "What about you?" Milah lifted and eyebrow quizzically.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I know you were in love with him, and that´s why you left"

"Oh, Bae, It wasn´t his fault, I-"

"I know, I know the truth know, I know you´re sorry, but you had a reason to, you wanted to go on adventures and be free, that´s what everyone wants, and you took your opportunity, I don´t blame you, or Hook" Milah sighed.

"I wanted to return for you, I wanted to take you on adventures and I wanted us to travel the world as a family, but then we came across your father"

"He took care of me, you know? He might have done bad things, lots of bad things, but he thought those things were for my best, they weren´t but he tried"

"I know Rumpelstiltskin made bad choices without meaning them, sure, some of them were on propose, but he really cares for you and he tried to protect you, sometimes" Neal nodded, remembering how he didn´t go with him through the portal. "Besides, we weren´t destined to be together, he has belle, as the queen has the thief, Killian has Emma and I have you, my son" Both smiled and looked down at the couple.

"WHAAAT?!"Milah exclaimed as she looked at the couple, and then to Baelfire, who was wearing the same shocked expression.

"But how- when?" Neal stuttered.

When they looked down, they saw the couple standing, holding each other, and kissed, but that wasn´t what amazed them, what amazed them was the ring placed on Emma´s finger.

"Did- we, missed the proposal?"Milah murmured disappointed.

"It appears so-"

"It´s fine, I´m sure the whole town will know what and how happened before we can say Storybrooke" Milah sighed as she continued looking at the now engaged couple.

"Especially their fanclub" Milah nodded in agreement

"Well, we should go before- you know"

"Yes, um- we should go check on Henry, I´m sure he was part of the plan"

"Me too, let´s go!" They headed to the Charming´s loft after glancing at the couple one more time.

They will be okay, they have each other


















Graham got out of his hiding place at the other side of the Jolly Roger and looked at his new friend.

"We should go too, you know"

"I know, but they look so happy, they finally got their happy ending"

"I know, but we should go, though, it´s like he always say, it´s bad form" Graham insisted and his friend sighed.

"Fine, I just wanted to see the proposal and see everything went right"

"I know, as well as I, now let´s go!" Graham imitated the lady who was there a couple of seconds before.

"Just give me a moment, I will go in a second"

"Okay, just hurry up"

"Yeah, yeah, I know" he retorted and Graham started walking towards the sheriff station.

"I´m glad to see you happy" He murmured to Killian "After all you have been through, you really deserve it" he got out of his hiding space and walked towards the beach, but before he completely disappeared, he added:

"I´ll see you at your wedding, little brother"

Okay, I don´t know where this jones brothers feelings came from, honestly.