Okay so I churned out this and the following update the other day on my lunch hour. Just little C&B snippets consisting of mostly dialogue, going in no real order. And I tried my best to keep them brief, around 100 words or so each.

I got a few prompts from Bookworm I plan on putting to good use, as well as a few more ideas of my own, but if anyone else has any prompts or mini scenes in mind let me know! In the meantime take this randomness as you will. :)

Her Choice

Panting, laughing, Carrie reached into Saul's desk drawer.

"For Christ's sake, what are you-"

Uncapping, sipping the scotch she handed Brody the bottle. "To us."

"The future you imagined."

"Us finding some fucking peace, finally."

Setting the bottle down Brody laid back on the rug, pulled her close.

"I still can't believe you chose me."

"I chose us."

Rolling above him Carrie leaned in, stroked his hair. "I chose this," she murmured against his lips. "I want this."

Moving above, then with her Brody broke the kiss, watched her.

"Tell me again," her nails digging into his scars as he sped up.

"I want this."