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For the record, Harley could not have asked for a better Christmas. Iron man was (naturally!) his favourite superhero and being the one to actually help him was... it was a dream come true.

Some may think it would be grounding to know their heroes are human, but to him it made them even better. More... real somehow. Even if he did trigger quite a few panic attacks. It wasn't like he'd meant to!

What was probably the worst part was not knowing if he'd ever get to see him again. For those two days, it had been like he actually had a father again. He missed that feeling.

Coming home to see the additions to his garage, he couldn't believe his eyes. It didn't seem possible that Tony Stark would pay attention to just one kid. But he had and it was actually really awesome to know he had someone in his corner. Especially considering that someone was a superhero. That was just way too cool.

Perhaps the best thing about it was the fact that Tony actually seemed to be invested in his life, calling and checking on him at the most random times. Not to mention an invite to the Stark Tower over break! He'd finally get to see DUM-e and Tony promised to let him see JARVIS' mainframe!

Basically, his life was really awesome now and he owed it all to his Mechanic. Because even if no one realised it, that is what he was. Someone who fixed things, people included. And he deserved to have someone remember and acknowledge that part of him even if it was just a ten year old kid from Tennessee.

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Ok, but how did no one see how amazing Ultron was? Yes, he was basically Skynet, but still! Tony basically created a sentient AI, well, another JARVIS, but more inclined to destroy than protect. Also, he developed faster than J but that totally just emphasized how awesome the idea was.

It also cemented Harley's belief in the fact that messing with his Mechanic would be Bad because he would take you down in a totally epic way. He had, of course, seen the footage released of Ultron's attack and seen the similarities between his friend and the Avengers latest enemy. Was any more proof required about how awesome it would be?

Any way, he still had a genius to cheer up. As awesome as he thought Ultron was, he was pretty sure Tony would not return the sentiment. He had a genius to cheer up and he would prefer to get to it as soon as possible.

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All things considered, the Avengers were actually kinda dumb. Except for Dr. Banner and Tony, that is. But Tony was in his lab and according to Happy JARVIS wasn't exactly working right now. FRIDAY had deposited him on the communal floor where a bunch of confused Avengers were now arguing over whether he could even be here.

He mentally scoffed. Of course, he could be here! Did they really think he'd be allowed within 10 feet of the Tower if he wasn't? Talk about dumb. If the way Dr. Banner was shaking his head and sighing was any indication, clearly he was of the same opinion concerning he intelligence of his team.

Harley really couldn't care less about the team though. He had a genius to cheer up and he was not gonna be deterred by the superhero version of a boyband. Ignoring the Avengers' protests he calmly walked back towards the elevator asking FRIDAY to take him to Tony's lab. He had things to do and dealing with the avengers was not very high on his to do list at the moment.

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"Ok, what happened to J? Happy's saying he's out of commission which is impossible cos its JARVIS and, I mean, thats enough of an answer right?-" Harley began as he entered Tony's lab, cutting himself off as he saw the upturned tables and overall trashed lab. "I'm afraid to ask what happened."

Tony looked up from his position in front of DUM-e, he had been attempting to restore some of the damage done to the bot after Ultron's attack. "Yeah, I would probably be too if I hadn't lived it. Pepper didn't say you were coming." His voice was far quieter than it was only a few weeks ago, a sober tone that scared Harley because Tony Stark had no buisness sounding that serious.

"Pepper doesn't know I'm here. Although I'm kinda wishing she did, maybe then I wouldn't have to deal with the guard dogs a few floors below."

"Guard dogs? Oh, the Avengers? That's a different take on them." Looking momentarily confused, Tony smiled as he realised whom Harley was talking about. It was definitely the first time he had the Avengers being referred to that way.

Harley continued, seemingly ignoring Tony's smile. It was small but it was there and it was real. And that was all that truly mattered at the moment.

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Tony really enjoyed Harley's company. It was what he imagined having a kid would be like. He would try to guilt trip Tony into something and after some heavy negotiations and blatant use of the 'puppy eyes' Tony would eventually give in and let Harley do what he wanted to.

What could he say? He had a soft spot for the kid.

Yes, this may have resulted in spoiling Harley a bit, but what was the point of having a 10 year old minion/side kick if you couldn't spoil him? Besides, he had practically adopted him anyway. The very select few who Tony cared for were well aware of the fact that once he decided you were family, that was it. He would move the heavens and the earth to help them, and he really didn't give a damn if that resulted in him being labelled as the bad guy. General Ross and various other military officials could probably attest to that. Fury too, now that he thought about it.

Well, it wasn't his fault that life was a bitch to the people who least deserved it. All he did was make sure there was Hell to pay. Could you really blame him? Not that he particularly cared if you did. Case in point, Ultron. Yeah, see, he didn't regret the reasons behind his creation. He regretted the carnage and loss that followed. If he had the option, he would probably recreate Ultron, obviously fixing whatever it was that made him so murderous and direct that hate to the ones that would dare harm what was his. What could he say, he was a protective son of a bitch.

Anyway, back to the kid. Harley had wormed his way into his heart somewhere in between the time when he referred to him as simply a Mechanic and when he helped him through his panic attack at the suit not working. What many failed to realise was that, Tony Stark, he was just another persona that was a means to an end, another form of protection. The Mechanic, that was his basic essence. Beneath Iron Man, beneath the Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, was simply someone who built, who created. And all it took to remind him of that was a few words by a kid in Tenessee.

And there was something in the simple way that he had said it. "Why don't you just build something?" He had asked, and, yeah. It was that easy, that simple.

And again, after Ultron. He just appeared at the Tower, and it was almost like they were back in that garage. Everything going to Hell in a handbasket, and this kid making everything alright for even just a moment. Because no matter how badly he screwed up, someone still believed in him. And somehow, that made all the difference, Tony thought as his lips quirked up in a small smile. It was, perhaps his first real one since his latest creation decided to try his hand at anilihation. And that was ok, because there was no one else he'd rather have remind him that he didn't only posess demons. We may create our own demons, but that doesn't mean we can't create a few miracles on the way.

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