The gentle rocking of the pony's steps were starting to send you to sleep, the company had been riding along for almost 10 hours across the rough terrain. As the sun set over the distant hills, a cold wind started to pick up. You pulled out your gloves that Fili had given to you before the company had set off a few months ago.

"You're welcome." Fili said, riding up beside you.

"I am a size medium in gloves, not extra large." You said, playfully lifting up your gloves, the tips of them folding over where you fingers did not fill.

He gave you a pout face, "Well maybe when we stop, I can hold you hands instead." He said with a wink.

Your stomach twisted, responding with a low "Sure.", not knowing how else to respond without stuttering. You had always been fairly confident with yourself around others, but Fili was all too well at making your cheeks burn red, and you were pretty sure he knew it, even when you hid it. You knew he was only joking around, knowing you wouldn't take offense to his gestures since you were close friends. But his teasing did seem to have some truth behind it at times.

After another 30 minutes of riding in the cold wind, Thorin and Gandalf found a small cave in the side of a huge rock formation.

"Aye lass, go tie down the ponies with Bofur!" Dwalin said as the company settled in. You walked out side to start securing the ropes. You smiled to yourself at the sound of the dwarves singing lowly in the near cave. You looked around for Bofur, who was supposed to be helping you, but he wasn't in sight. You shrugged your shoulders and went deeper into the near forest to grab a pony that had wondered off a bit. A warm hand suddenly wrapped around your mouth and another around your waist, holding you taut against the subject's front. You didn't struggle though, recognizing the honey scent of Fili.

"You should fight back, ya'know." He said, moving the hand on your waist to your hips, his thumb tracing small circles, "I could be dangerous." Whispering the last part softly into your ear. You focused on your breathing, pulling away from his grip.

"Tease." You say, grabbing the rope of the strayed pony. "As if you'd do anything." Silently hoping that he would finally just push you against a tree and take you, but he just laughed, walking along side you back to the other secured ponies. "Where is Bofur?" You ask.

"I told him I'd help you." He said, pulling the rope of the pony you had and securing it himself. "You're still shivering, here." He held out his over coat.

"Thanks Fee, but I'll be fine once we are by the fire inside" you said.

"Sorry lass, no fire tonight. Thorin doesn't want to draw attention since the last time we were attacked in a cave." He said, taking your arms and putting them through his coat. "But you can snuggle with me if ya like." He said, tilting his head with a smirk. "I don't bit, unless you ask of course." He spun around and headed towards the entrance of the cave.

"Okay womanizer." you said, laughing his suggestive statements off.

"Only for you, love." He said, turning slightly to give you a genuine Fili smile. Before you could respond, you both enter the cave and Kili was on top of Fili, joking about with the other dwarves. You walked over to Balin, who was serving soup to all the dwarves, and sat down. Everyone settled down pretty quick, tired from the day's work, and started to tell stories of their great ancestors. You laid against the cave's wall, closing your eyes as Balin's soft voice spoke of grand heroic acts he'd seen in his lifetime. After a while, you peek over to Fili, wondering if the invitation to cuddle was still open. He was already staring at you intently. You quickly closed your eyes, but you'd be a fool to think he hadn't seen. Balin's voice finally stopped, and Throin told everyone to go to sleep, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention to the company's whereabouts to outsiders. You moved over to a groove in the cave, trying to seclude yourself as best as possible. Most of the dwarves tossed in their sleep, only a few weeks ago, you obtained quiet an impressive black eye from Bombur's foot. You nuzzled your nose into the fur of Fili's coat, enjoying the scent it let off.

After everyone seemed to be asleep, you heard movement close behind you.

"Y/n, I'm awfully lonely and cold over there. Could I join you?" You heard Fili lightly whisper, as for only you to hear.

"If you behave Fili." You said, smiling back to him as you moved over to allow him room.

"I was just playing with you lass, I know you like it." Fili says, scooting up beside you. You start to retort back, but decide to just lay your head on his chest. He wraps his arms around your body, pushing you two closer. One of his hands rested on your hip, lightly moving his thumb up and down once again.

"Goodnight tease." You said, hearing a deep laugh against your head.

"Goodnight y/n." He said, giving you a quick kiss of the top of your head.

You wake up in the morning to the sound of Kili's voice, "Rise and shine, lovebird." You give him a confused look, forgetting for a moment who'd slept with you last night, seeing as he wasn't beside you anymore. Kili rolled his eyes and helped you up onto your feet. "So was he warm?" Kili whispered, giving you his cheeky smirk. You suddenly remembered,

"Oh get over it Kili, nothing has happened nor will. He was just cold since I had his coat." You said, leaning down to pick up your small bag.

"We'll see about that." He replied, you felt nervous as to what he meant. As you went to head out of the cave to join the rest of the company that was all already outside, Kili's foot slipped in front of you. You try to regain your balance quickly, but Kili had already wrapped both his arms around your waist tightly.

"What the he-" You began to say before Kili cut you off by pushing his finger to your lips.

"You can thank me later." Kili whispered closely to your ear, giving a light chuckle.

"Kili! Thorin told you to help him load the bags onto the ponies." You heard Fili's stern voice, unable to see him until Kili let you go. Fili's cold gaze stayed on his brother until he had left the cave, shrugging off the pat on his shoulder that his brother gave him.

You began to explain as he shifted his gaze, now not as stern, but still with fire behind it, to you. "He was just catching me, I had trip-"

"We lost three ponies in the night, we suppose it may have been a wild beast, thankfully it didn't track in here." Fili said, dismissing your explanation, causing you to pout a little at his lack of patience. "Bilbo is riding with Bofur, Ori with Dori, and you with me." He said, turning towards the exit, "Oh, and I need my coat back." He said with slight disdain.

You cursed Kili, wondering what you should be thanking him for right now as you followed Fili's stiff form outside.

To be continued ~