The dark magican girl was lying in bed foundling herself. "ngh...mmm...this feels so good." she moaned,she was still playing with herself when she saw a blue eyes enter her room.

"what is it that you want?" she asked. the dragon got on top of her naked body,and showed her his huge cock. "oh." she said with a grin. she started to stroke it with her hand. "does the mighty dragon wanna play?" she asked. it licked her cheek,and then breast in answer. she smiled,and took the dragon in her mouth.

"mmmmmm...MMMM...mmmmph!" THE dark magican girl moaned while sucking and the she felt him cum and she swallowed it all,then she showed her ass to him,and he started to pound it violently. "OH,SHIT...MMM...OH GOD YOU'RE SO BIG,AND HARD...MMMM...YES,THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" she screamed.

she felt him licking her cheek and back while he pounded her ass. " sure...know make someone...feel good." she moaned and the let out a scream as the dragon exploaded is load into her ass,and then continued to spray her body with cum. when he was done and took off.

'oh god that was so good...i want more of that.' she thought. She saw a baby dragon and called it over,and made it lay down. she started to kiss it on the face and cheek,and the move down to it's belly,and then to it's cock,which was makeing it moan loudly. she started to such on the baby dragon's cock,and made it moan even louder. she swallowed all of the cum that it shot into her.

she smiled as she watched it fly away. 'that was okay...' she thought.

she walked into the woods near her house and sat down. A Harpie Lady walked over to The dark magican girl,and got naked. "oh hey." the dark magican girl said. The harpie lady smiled,and sat next to her. "hey your self." sah replied,rubbing the dark magican girl's leg,the starting to kiss her cheek,and finally moving so she was now sitting on the dark magican girl's lap.

"oh..." the dark magican girl said,then stopped as the Harpie lady kissed her,and started to play with her tongue. "you know you want this to." the harpie lady said. she layed the dark magican girl down and started to finger her pussy,while fondling the dark magican girl's breast and then started to lick them. "oh...harpie lady that feels so god...mmm." she moaned.

"you know what i want to hear." the harpie lady teased. "please,give me more, i need you..." the dark magican girl muttered. the harpie lady grinned and started to thrust her fingers in and out of the dark magican girl's pussy faster,then the dark magican girl started doing the same thing to her.

"oh,dark magican girl yes...mmm...that's amazing." the harpie lady moaned, the dark magican girl stopped and grinned,"do what ever you want to my body." she said. The harpie lady grinned and started to lick the dark magican girl's pussy while rubbing her legs. the dark magican girl started to cum,and she felt the harpie lady lick it up,and then start to finger her again.

"oh harpie lady that feels fantastic...mmm...NGHHH,OH MY GOD! YES!" the dark magican screamed as she felt the harpie lady thrust her fingers faster,and start to lick and kiss the dark magican girl all over. when the harpie lady finished she got up and walked away leaving the dark magican girl panting and moaning 'thank you.'

i hope you guys enjoyed this and i know i haven't poster in a while,let me know what duel monster you want to see the dark magican get fucked by next in a review or a pm.