Dark magican girl was laying down when she heard a roar,and when she looked she saw the wing dragon of ra. "hold on let me get cloths on." she said,but the dragon had other plans.

It pinned her down,and started licking her cheeks,and neck. it moved it's tongue to her breast and stomach and then to her pussy. the dragon decided to get to it,and shoved his cock into her. "OH SHIT!" she screamed. the dragon started to thrust in her fast and hard showing no mercy.

"OH SHIT! MMMM! WING DRAGON OF RA! YES FUCK ME I NEED IT! MAKE ME YOU'RE BITCH! CUM IN ME! MAKE ME HAVE YOU'RE BABIES RAPE ME! I DON'T CARE PLEASE JUST FUCK ME! OH FUCK YOU'RE CUM IS SO WARM!" she screamed as she felt the dragon shoot loads of cum into her. and then on her.

the dragon put his cock bwtween her breast and started to thrust making he moan,and cum shoot onto her face and breast. the dragon flew away. '...that was so...good...' she thought before passing out.

I know it's short but i'm running out of ideas so leave me some. and you can leave like i guess what you wanna see,like what kind of sex and stuff. like that.