Nero Angelo
Part One
Written by Colonel Karl L Schubaltz

Rants from a Pissed-Off Imperial Colonel: Another Leon/Karl ficcie, but it's dealing more with Chaotic Century than Guardian Force or hereafter. Leon is still a Lieutenant and Karl's second right-hand man at this point. I had toyed with the idea of giving Leon a personal zoid, but thinking anything LESS than a Berserk Fury and a Death Stinger is dummying Leon down big time. And even the Berserk Fury and Death Stinger is still kinda dummying him down a bit. I KNOW that the Berserk Fury is only found in New Century Zero and Hilz has the only known Death Stinger, but come on, people.... nothing is truly ever written in stone, not in my stories anyway... except Leon/Karl, Karl/Thomas, Hermann/O'Connell and the plain and undisputable fact that Leon IS the most powerful being in the known universe. Do not flame me or bitch me out because 'Gasp! Leon has a Berserk Fury! Or a Death Stinger!! SACRILEGE!!!' I KNOW THE FUCKING STORY, PEOPLE!!! I AM NOT FUCKING DUMB!!! But you tell me, how the fuck you stuff a God in a tin can and get it to the shit he does without restraint and whatnot if you are not happy with what I gave him. If you can tell me this, then padawan, you truly can read minds... so don't fucking say anything about anything here, dipshits! I know how anal people get on the notion that something is brought in from another dimension or place and it fucks things up in their perfect little universe, well, their universe is NOT mine! So fuck off!!!

Suddenly I supernaturally channeled Ozzy Osbourne and Denis Leary... I feel much better.
--Colonel Karl L. Schubaltz

//Can I kill him now?// That was the exact thought going through his mind listening needlessly to Marcus's pure, unbridled bullshit. His blue bangs hit his handsome face softly, his muscular arms folded across his manly chest and his uniform draped on his back and shoulders. His icy indigo eyes stared into the wall across from him, eavesdropping on Marcus's conversation with Minister Prozen. On the man's shoulder, barely exposed to the world was a tattoo, depicting a Grim Reaper with black angel wings, in calligraphy underneath the reaper, it said: "Nero Angelo".

"Is it ready, Marcus?" Prozen reminded him, causing the spy's ears to perk.

"Almost, sire." Marcus replied, his lips twisted in a wry smile. "We need a pilot with nerves of steel."

"I know who you could use." Prozen smiled with a sinister look in his red eyes. "But getting passed his attack dog is another matter all together."

"I'll find a way to distract him, sir."

"Good." Prozen's face vanished from the screen, Marcus turned around to face the door when he saw something shift from the door. Drawing his gun, the Elvis-looking man neared the edge of the door and jolted around to face the person spying, only to find a darkened hallway.

"Must be my imagination." Marcus sighed with relief, then hostered his gun. Turning to face the opposite hallway, he started to walk away.

"Major..." He turned around, the very handsome man with long black hair with blue bangs walked closer to the table. His uniform was properly on, his hat properly placed on his head, glasses were hugging his nose softly. "May I speak to you alone, sir? It's urgent."

Major Karl Lichen Schubaltz looked around, seeing that the Promenade was filled with Imperial Officers. Sitting his drink down, he followed his comrade-in-arms to the empty pool hall and closed the door. Karl ran his fingers through his silky strands of wheat gold hair then looked at his taller Lieutenant. "What is it, Leon?"

"I have reason to believe that your life is in danger." Leon spoke softly, looking around. His indigo eyes narrowed softly and his hands gently gripped Karl's arms. "Why, Karl? Why do you keep Marcus around?"

"I.... I don't feel I need to justify myself to you, Leon." Karl snapped almost subtly, his eyes staring into Leon's.

"Marcus is a danger to us all... to you.... to me...."

"Danger? He hadn't tried to plunge a dagger between my shoulder blades yet."

"Karl... he... he's a different kind of danger." Leon's grip on Karl's arms were firm, their gaze were locked in an amorous but also worrysome stare. Karl WANTED to believe Leon, it was written all in his eyes. But he frowned, pulling himself away from Leon's grip.

"Leon.... I... I cannot leave Marcus high and dry. He'll get suspicious. He knows people, people deadly enough to make people like me disappear forever."

"I won't let that happen, Karl. You know me, you know what I can do." Leon's hands slid back on Karl's arms, he tried to ease Karl's mind. "I can't believe a man like you would be intimidated by a piss-pot like Marcus. A man of talent, dignity, honor, commitment..."

"Assassins, Leon. Marcus knows assassins."

"And YOU know an Exemplar, Karl. That's one advantage that will always be powerful all-around."

"I got to go." Karl pushed away from Leon and ran out of the room.


Leon rushed out of the room, trying to find him, but Karl's hat was gone from the table. He ran out of the Promenade and rushed down the hallway, trying to pick up on Karl's psychic waves. Leon turned the corner to see the tall, blonde Major heading toward the officer's quarters at frantic speeds.


Stopping but not turning around, Karl looked up, feeling Leon's warming presence behind him. Leon slipped his hands on Karl's shoulders and frowned with his fingers digging into the metal plating of the shoulder pads and the fabric underneath.

"Leon, don't get me wrong. I appreciate your warning..." Karl's voice was shaky and disturbed. "I do not fear Marcus, and I do not fear what friends he has. I fear for my brother's life. If Marcus doesn't get to me, he'll definately try and get Thomas."

"Don't let him get to you." Was Leon's whole-hearted advice, his voice stern yet compassionate. "You're smarter than that."

"I know."

"Let me help you on whatever he is plotting to do with you."

"I had to face this like a man, Leon... I...." Karl turned around but found the palm of Leon's hand in his beautiful face. He soon fell asleep, falling against Leon's manly body. Soon Leon took on a new form, he looked exactly like Karl. He draped a cloth over Karl's face and carried him to his own bedroom. Putting wards and locks on the doors after tucking him in, Leon looked around, plotting. Soon he put the keys in his pockets and walked down the hallway.

"Schubaltz!" Marcus called out to Leon, running down the hallway. "Major, sir! You're needed in the hangar!!"

//Pretend to fall.//

Marcus had one hand behind his back and a friendly smile on his face. Leon's eyes narrowed but he shook it off and smiled back. "Marcus, what's going on?"

"We modified the Dark Horn to your specifications."

"Show me."

Marcus made sure that Leon was facing away when he plunged a hyperdermic in Leon's shoulder. Leon felt the drugs in his body, although uneffected by their effects, Leon pretended to drop without saying a word. When Marcus thought he was out, two soldiers collected him.

"Load him in the prototype zoid but give him the antidote when he's strapped in."


Leon opened one eye to see the floor moving under him, his plan worked. //Prototype zoid... feh.//

Soon he felt his body shifting and slammed into the cockpit of an odd zoid. He opened his eyes and looked around, the cockpit was most odd. Seeing the design of the zoid, Leon thought to himself. //Now I get it, I don't recognize this design ANYWHERE...//

The beast was a T-Rex type. White as the snow with buster claw arms and a nasty set of fangs. The hangar platform pulled away and the doors opened, Leon took the controls and heard the words: Destroy all Targets. Looking around at the comlink controls, the arch-mage licked his lips and up at the screen.

//A permenantly-bonded Organoid... fancy for something this big and bulky.//

Leon pilotted the zoid out to the training field and went to work, surprised to see that this behemoth had a Particle Beam with some kick. The zoid seemed to take a life of its' own but found that the soul of the beast subdued and buckled under the immense Universal power that was Leon. Leon snarled and tore into the targets letting a wolf's howl as he did.

"Incredible. The soul of the Berserk Fury did not take him over." Marcus commented, blinking. "Schubaltz is more capable than we give him credit for."

"Sir! The Berserk Fury likes him!"

"Amazing!" Marcus clapped his hands together and spoke into the comlink. "Bring 'er in, Schubaltz."

//You think I should shed my skin?//

Leon looked at the cockpit camera and waved, then reached under his chin. With a hearty yank, he 'ripped' off the Karl guise, revealing who he was.


Leon picked up the communicator and directed the message to Marcus. "Friendly advice, Marcus.... keep your friends close... your enemies.... even closer."

"...." Marcus growled, the camera turned off as Leon turned the Berserk Fury around to look at the base.

"Thanks for the toy."


"Safe from you, weasel!!!"


Leon's eyes narrowed, his hand dangerously close to the Particle Beam firing mechanism.

"I know who you are and what you're up to, Marcus." Leon's lips curled in a snarl. "Karl will hesitate to can you, but I will put you in a pine box faster than you can say mierda, amigo. Don't forget that..."

"You're bluff, Mage-Boy." Marcus snarled, his own hand on a button.

Suddenly the roof was missing thanks to a nice particle blast, Marcus realized how close he was from getting evaporated.

"....Exemplars don't bluff...." Leon responded, the fires of the 1000 Hells in his amethyst hues. "....step off that road, young man, you have no idea who you're playing with."

"And you have no clue who you're fucking with either." Marcus grinned, his hand still on the button.

"If it's a war of wits, Marcus... bring some fucking ammo." A knife impaled Marcus's hand to the button, destroying the button and crunching his hand. The man screamed, trying to pull it out.

"...." Leon's hands tightened on the controls of the Berserk Fury, the T-Rex zoid let out a grotesque howl.