A/N Well, my first new story since I've moved.  I have it all finished, and saved on my computer, but you won't, of course, get it unless you review.  Nice, am I not?  Well, this is another version of the typical Lily and James story.  How they met, how they became friends, some drama in their life, and then their marriage.  I don't know if I'll ever write a fic containing their deaths… I like to think of them as immortal.  Anyway, this may be predictable in the beginning, but eventually it will become unique.  I haven't read anything like this before on fanfiction.net or on any other sites, but if there is someone out there with a similar idea, I apologise most profusely, and congratulate you on having great creativity!  No, modesty is not a part of my nature.  Anyway, some ideas here I have stolen from other places, and these are:

· J K Rowling's Harry Potter Books (no duh)

· Lord of the Flies, but that was only inspiration.  Don't let that put you off… this isn't gruesome or disturbing, I promise you- unless you find my writing generally disturbing, that is. 

· An idea that presents itself in Anne McCaffrey's 'Freedom's Choice'  (You won't see this for quite a few chapters, though, and it's very obscure anyway… bonus points if you recognise it)

· And, some information from the Harry Potter Lexicon, and thanks to Sierra Sitruc for guiding me there.  *grin*

So, that's where my ideas come from.  I own nothing found from these sources, no matter how much I might want to.  Oh, and I noticed that McCaffrey doesn't want fanfiction posted about her stories, well, this has nothing but the beginnings of a concept, so don't fret.  And I'm not going to put disclaimers on every single chapter here, I'm telling you now.  I OWN NOTHING BUT PART OF THE PLOT!!!  Ok, this is getting seriously long, and probably scary, so I'll shut up.  R/R!!! 


Chapter One

Lily Evans was the Head Girl.  She was in a prefect meeting.  And she was bored.  Some sixth-year was droning on about the lack of discipline amongst the second years.  Even the Head Boy was hiding a yawn.  The sixth-year finally sat down, and then a seventh-year stood up.  Lily allowed her mind to wander.  It wasn't just the prefect meetings, ever since Christmas life had been boring.  What they needed was something to spice it up… something new to interest everyone.  Meeting new people, making friends in other houses… there had to be something she could do!

Then an idea hit her.  It had been hiding at the back of her mind for a while, and only now had it surfaced.  The seventh-year sat back down, and then the Head Boy stood up. 

"Are there any more speakers?" he asked.  Before Lily knew what she was doing she found herself standing up. 

"I have something to say," she said.  Many people sat up and started paying attention for the first time that meeting.  Lily was never boring.  "There have been a lot of complaints, in the Gryffindors, at least, of boredom."  Most of the prefects from other houses nodded, and James Potter grinned at her.  "We need a change, and I have something in mind.  Hopefully, it will promote inter-house relationships as well as giving the students something interesting to do."

Lily paused for a second to let the remaining few prefects, still sunk in stupor, sit up and pay attention, as well as to gather her thoughts.  There was no backing out now. 

"The students need a change of surroundings.  Right now, in the middle of the school year, a field trip wouldn't be practical.  I think something small will suffice.  I have some ideas, perhaps a drama production, or a competition of some sort.  The drawbacks to ideas like that are that they're a short-term solution, and of course they're competitive, and it is one of the aims of the prefects to promote inter-house relationships."

Lily saw that she was losing her audience, so hurried on.  "My idea was that those who want to participate can take part in a project.  In pairs, students can write letters to each other, not knowing who their correspondent is.  It will give us something to do, and if all the houses participate, I'm sure new friendships will strike up.  I think it will be good for the 5th and 6th years, as well as the 7th years."

"Unless anybody doesn't like the idea, I'm happy to organise it."  There was a murmur of assent throughout the room.

At her left, James said to her, "I'll help you, if you like.  I've got time on my hands, today, at any rate.  I like the idea."  Lily caught James's eye for a second, and he smiled at her.  He seemed sincere enough, so she agreed. 


As everyone was leaving the room, James asked her, "Do you want to start now?  We could do it some other day, but I have time free…"

"Sounds good," Lily told him.  "The common room or the library?"

"What about an empty classroom?" he suggested, and Lily agreed.

They went into a classroom, and then got to work.  All Lily knew of James was that he was intelligent, fun loving, a Quidditch player, and that he was one of the infamous Marauders.  Aside from the classes they shared, she only ever saw him in the Prefects meetings every other week, and she didn't know him too well.  There was surprisingly little that the Head Boy and Girl had to deal with together; any jobs usually required only one of them.  It was a pleasant surprise to find him inventive as well as eager to work on this project, and they had everything sorted out in nearly two hours.  Lily had thought it would take a lot longer, but the problems the project posed weren't as hard to sort out as Lily had anticipated. 

One of the problems was how to get the letters delivered, but that was worked out with relatively little stress.  They took their plans to Dumbledore, who approved of them immediately, and then they were ready to set it up.

Most of Lily's friends signed up for it, and she suspected that James bullied his into doing it too.  Soon the 'Letter Project' was running.  Lily found herself writing her first letter to whoever her correspondent was.  Without drafting it, she wrote:

Dear Correspondent,

I'm not going to tell you who I am, because that would defy the whole point of this, but we do need to call each other something.  For now, you can call me 'Fire,' I guess.  It's an inside joke that none but my friends would understand.

Anyway, I'm a 7th year female with assorted interests.  At the moment, though, I'm mainly facing boredom.  I don't play Quidditch and I'm not into any groups like the chess-club or anything.  That's all for now, but please reply to this soon!


Lily put the letter in the letterbox in her dorm, knowing that it would magically appear on the recipient's bed.  All she had to do now was wait.  He had expected to have to wait until tomorrow to get a reply, so she was startled when, twenty minutes later, a piece of parchment fell on her stomach.  It read:


            Your idea about the names was a good one.  You can call me 'Fork' for now.  It's a sad name, and my own twisted brand of humour, but if you ever find out who I am, I suppose you might laugh. 

            I'm also in 7th year, but I'm most decidedly male.  I love watching and playing Quidditch, and my two favourite subjects are Transfiguration and Potions, despite the professors.  I'm wizard born, but I'm not prejudiced against any other types (except people who are prejudiced).  I await your reply with interest,


            Lily smiled.  She thought she could get to like 'Fork.'  He seemed to alternate between amusing and chatty, and serious, and Lily liked his attitude towards those prejudiced against muggleborns.  It seemed, then, that he wasn't in Slytherin.  Lily was all for promoting inter-house relationships, as long as the Slytherins remained civil.  Unfortunately, for most of the time, they didn't.  Lily wrote her reply:


            I'm not going to ask about the name… yet.  I'm a muggleborn myself, so I'm glad to find out that you're not in Slytherin.  I know it's a stereotype, but I'll stick by it until someone proves me wrong.  I won't tell you anything about my looks, because you would know who I am straight away. 

As to my personality, I'm not really a quiet person, as many of my friends will tell you.  Well, as most of my house will probably tell you.  I guess I do quite well in my studies, and I'm not above admitting that I enjoy most of my classes.  I'm most emphatically not a teacher's pet, though, although they don't hate me.  I'm just happy that most of them don't know (although I'm sure a few have guessed) that I was behind the incident involving Snape and the green quill.  I've now decided I've written enough (if not too much) about myself.  Please tell me about yourself!


She posted it, and went to bed, hoping that Fork would reply tonight, but doubting it.  She went back to her book, and had read another two chapters before the rest of the dorm came in to bed.  She was just getting ready for bed when another piece of parchment landed on her bed.  Smiling, she sat on her bed and read it by the light of her wand.  The torches in the dorm would go out any minute now. 


            You were the one behind the green quill incident?  Congratulations!  That was a stroke of genius, I must admit.  I know one of the Marauders well, and the whole group of them are quite worried.  What with the snake incident only a week after, they think they might have a rival to take away their glory.

            It is good to know you're not in Slytherin either.  I know the whole house can't be evil –but sometimes I have my doubts.  Inter-house relations are all very well, but only if the Slytherins can talk to you without insulting you or someone you respect. 

            I guess I'll try to tell you about myself without revealing who I am, although that might prove difficult.  I guess I told you that I'm born of magical parents.  They both work for the ministry, and they rank quite highly.  It gets annoying sometimes, because they're away often.  They make an effort- but the job is demanding.  I don't have any siblings, so it does get quite lonely.  I think I've already said I love Quidditch, and I'm on the team for my house.  I'm not going to tell you which position.  If this is to get to you before the lights go out, I'd better send it now.  I hope I'll hear from you tomorrow!


            Lily folded the letter and smiled.  The next few weeks looked like they would be interesting.