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Keywords: Harry, Hermione, 5th year

Spoilers: GoF

Rating: PG-13

Summary: 5th year Hogwarts. In an accident Harry unlocks his great hidden powers and with some help, he learns to control them giving the side of light an advantage in the new war.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.


Number 4 Pivet Drive was a perfectly normal suburban street situated in the middle of Surrey, London. However, appearances can be deceiving. At this moment a wizard, the greatest wizard in the history of eternity is about to wake in the rubbish filled second bedroom of his cousin Dudley.

Harry Potter is by no means normal; firstly, he is a wizard, the greatest wizard ever (although he doesn't know that) he also brought upon the downfall of the dark lord Voldemort when he was but one year old.

His peaceful dreamland is about to be shattered by his giraffe like aunt.


Groggily, our hero climbs out of bed to begin his never changing cycle of chores. This summer his uncle has decided that Harry has lived off of their money for long enough, now it is time for him to earn a living. So far, in his 3 days home Harry has moved the lawn, weeded the garden, painted the fence, scrubbed the pathway, waxed the floorboards and is now undertaking the massive job of retiling the roof.

Even though Harry is so busy, he still managed to put aside some time to study his old school books so that he is incredibly familiar with all the topics, and to complete all his homework. (even the potions essays). Now all he has to do is sit back and wait for school to start again..That proving to be pointless he stooped to reading through some of Dudley's old books.

Some were quite a good read, while others were just plain stupid, Harry even found a book that a muggle wrote of the wizarding world

"what a load of crap"

Though most of the books on the shelf were stupid (given by relatives who knew he wouldn't read them, but gave him them so they wouldn't have to give him something worthwhile) there were actually some really interesting things there.

Harry found a book on martial arts, and many techniques and lessons that the students had to go through. Harry made a mental note to go back to that book, as it might give him a tiny advantage in his fight against Voldemort. After mentally scolding himself for thinking like this, he is brought back to an argument he had with himself many times since the third task.

' Harry, you will not, and I say NOT have to fight Voldemort again. Someone else with higher qualifications will have that job'

' I've already fought him 3 times in 4 years, doesn't that make you think, doesn't that make it definite that I will have to fight him sometime? And what's this shit about someone else? What about all those times when there's no-one to protect me? Where I have to protect someone else? And even if I don't have to fight him, all this preparation will make me a better wizard in the end'

Sensing that it lost the argument, the smaller voice faded into the background.

'Now onto this martial arts'

After picking a page that looked promising, Harry Begun to read.

All humans have a life force inside them, called chi, this chi can be channeled into attack's making them hit harder and faster than normal. One with a raised chi level can even do things like move braches out of your way when running or to lift small objects by thoughts. People who have higher chi levels, have better levels of everything, they can go longer, harder and faster. All humans have chi, some more so than others, there are ways to build up your levels of chi.some people steal it from others.people that are sick or old give off chi more than fit and young people, although this method is immoral and illegal you will be told later on how to do this method. The moral and ethical way is to build up your own level.

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and your knee's slightly bent hold your arms level with your shoulders as if you are hugging a large tree. Face your palms towards you and your whole body to the south. Search for your should feel like a pull in your lower stomach area. Keep your mind calm and try and move your centre, it will be hard at first but with practice you will reap the benefits.

Older people and sick people have more trouble holding their power in. It leaks out of their body in particular areas, like the back. To steal others life energy simply sit near them with your palms facing towards the area you want to steal from and focus on absorbing that energy.

From this point on the facts sort of meandered off, but it still left Harry a lot to think about.

'This chi stuff sounds sort of like magic.if I could build up my powers this way'

Then a sudden thought entered his head 'Hermione would be so proud of me.Hermione? Where did that come from? Why not Ron would be jealous or something like that? Stupid hormones, why did they have to kick in now? Enough thinking, on to the experiment'

After figuring out which way was south, Harry began the process of searching for his centre. He found it quicker than he thought he would and was overjoyed.that feeling didn't last for long, the cage that had kept his power in check was broken by Harry's prodding. His centre didn't feel like a little ball of warmth like the book said.his felt like a planet of lava, boiling over about to erupt..which it did, the last thing Harry saw before he blacked out was a bright white light, not cold but warm and comforting, streaming off his body like an atomic bomb, as the light turned to complete darkness, he saw the silhouette of a friendly face, with bushy hair, and he knew he'd be allright.

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