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Last Chapter - Dumbledore was rushing to Harry's house to check if he is ok - Hermione and Ron are experiencing something completely unexpected - Harry is passed out


Albus Dumbledore reached Privet Drive in record time, not bothering with the put-outer as he did all those years ago, simply rushing towards number 4 and the well-being of his student. Blasting open the door with a mere thought, the Dursleys.the ones left awake caught a glimpse of a blue cloak with moons and stars on it flying up the stairs.

Hearing voices in the room, voices not belonging to Harry prompted the old man to pick up his unbelievable pace and leap over the great oaf in the doorway without a second thought. No amount of forewarning would save him from the surprise pushed upon him. For right there in the middle of the room was a young man and woman. A pair he never thought he would see again in his whole life.the guardians of the chamber of time and power.


Hermione Granger was at this moment in time, experiencing a very strange sensation. She felt as if she could do anything, but there was only one thing on her mind at the moment.

'Get to Harry'

And for some reason, when she tried to transport herself to Harry, the charms surrounding his house didn't stop her from entering. As a matter of fact it was almost as if she was being drawn in.

Something her mind didn't prepare her for was the headmaster of Hogwarts to be in Harry's bedroom, or for there to be two more people there, as shocked to see her there as she was.

So.she did the only thing that seemed right at the time.she fainted.

And just missed the arrival of her other best friend. But she wasn't missing much as he fainted upon arrival as well.

Ron had gone through something similar to Hermione, and once whatever was happening, finished. He found himself drawn to Harry. Not like running in the direction of his house. Actually feeling his body dematerialising and materialising again. Except when he materialised he was in Harry's very small bedroom, a very small bedroom with five other people, two of them his best friends - both on the ground unconscious. Another two he had never met, but they seemed as shocked of his presence as he was of theirs, and expected them to fall over in a faint. And the other was Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of his school.

It might have been the shock of all these people being in a place he somehow found himself, or it might have been his body's payback for letting so much happen to it in such a small amount of time, or it could be something completely different. Whatever the reason, he too fell over in a faint; joining his two best friends on the floor of Harry's rather small bedroom.


"Well this is quiet a predicament, don't you agree Albus?"

Albus Dumbledore was shaken out of his stupor by the voice of his former mentor, the Guardian.

"What? Oh yes. Sorry. This shouldn't have happened. What are you doing here? They shouldn't be here.Strongest wards in existence.Slip right through.Harry.Ohh.Umm"

For once in his life Albus Dumbledore was in shock and unable to string together full sentences. And for good reason too. This night just kept surprising him; the guardians of the chamber were here, in the mortal world, Harry was lying unconscious on the floor of his bedroom after emitting an unimaginable amount of energy and to top it all off, two of his students, about to enter fifth year had just slipped through the strongest wards he had been able to find.

Once again the guardian was to break his chain of thought.

"I must agree with you Albus, this is a peculiar night, very peculiar. But it is good to see you, good to see what a great wizard you have become. Let us move these young people to somewhere more comfortable, they have been through a lot."

With that said a large dome encompassed the group and relocated them to the Hogwarts infirmary. Leaving the young students to rest for a while in the care of Ek, he pulled the headmaster to the side to have a little chat.

"It's great to see you Albus"

"Likewise. I think. Why are you here? It must be something important"

"Yes, I must say it is. Young Harry has just been in our company. A rather extraordinary young man if you ask me.."

"Wait a second. Harry? He is this centuries chosen one?"

"This centuries?" the guardian replied, adding a chuckle, "He is the chosen one of all existence. Perhaps you would remember a prophesy of one rising from reversed death with the power of eternity. That is young Harry over there."

A look of recognition made it's way to the headmaster's face. He knew something was odd about Harry, but this wasn't it. It would have to wait for another time.

"We are here, out of the chamber to leave Harry one last gift. You understand that his parents died when he was very young. Our gift is to let him talk to his parents for one night, not enough to make up for all those years of torture you have put upon him, but it must be done. That is all I can say"

"So you are going to open the barrier for just one night, giving Harry what he has dreamed of his whole life. An excellent gift. I will leave you to it, after everything else here is sorted out."

"Thank you."

"Now, do you have any knowledge on the arrival of our extra two visitors?"

"Yes I do, I know in a sense what happened but not the details of the situation. The magical surge I am sure you detected was Harry unlocking a good deal of his power. That power didn't have anywhere to go, but Harry always thinking of his loved ones sent it to them. Think of it as a gift. I am sure these two are not the only affected ones on the planet, civilians in the path of his power have - These are all hunches mind you - experienced a rejuvenation. They will be on an energy high for quiet some time. His best friends and their families have received more than the others. I believe the majority of power has however been channelled into his two best friends. I believe you will now have three very, very powerful fifth year students on your hands."

The last comment added with an almost mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"I am also under the impression that Harry has a godfather he holds close to his heart. If I'm not very much mistaken he will be amongst us very soon. Anyone whom Harry has contact with may find themselves experiencing changes, although they are all good, I am sure that soon you will be wishing that this didn't happen."

"I do not see how having a great addition to our magical community can be a bad thing."

"Ahh, you will know soon enough. Good luck."

Not five seconds after the guardians last statement Albus Dumbledore's attention was drawn to a window of the infirmary. Outside a Hippogriff was patiently waiting while Sirius Black attempted to catch the attention of those present. Quickly the window was opened by Dumbledore letting in the normally bedraggled Sirius.

"It's good to see yo."

"Where's Harry, something's wrong. You wont believe what happened to me."

"Do not fret Sirius, Harry is safe, all is more than well and enlighten me."

"Not now, later," he added looking around the room at it's strange occupant's, "when we are alone."

"If you insist." He breathed, while leading the troubled man to Harry's bed.


The boy in front of him was not the Harry he was expecting. His Harry was small and insecure; he wore glasses and had little to no muscle on him at all. This Harry was almost the opposite; reaching almost 6 foot and had the shoulders of a gymnast, his glasses were gone and even unconscious emitted an aura of confidence and comfort. It brought tears of joy to his eyes to see the son of his best friends grow up to be such a great man.

Looking away to check that this is not a dream his eyes fell on the slumbering forms of Harry's two best friends. They too had changed, what was happening in the world. All of a sudden everything clicked for Sirius.

The bright light, his change, Harry, Hermione, Ron.Everything was linked.

"Albus, what has happened here? Why are they in beds?"

"I was wondering how long it would take you to ask me that. Earlier on tonight Harry was exercising his power, he unlocked all the barriers on his power. This power had seemingly nowhere to go, but must have been ordered by Harry's subconscious to go to his loved ones. Hermione and Ron are resting now because of the stress. Harry's power did great things to them, how great we are not sure of, but all will be revealed in time."

"That does help. I think that some of Harry's power went to me too." Seeing the questioning look on the aged headmaster he decided to change the subject. "What happened to Harry, did he just faint from energy loss?"

At this point the strange man joined the conversation.

"Quiet the contrary Sirius, when Harry unlocked his power he found himself with us." At this he gestured to the woman standing in the background and himself. "Harry was transported to the chamber of time and power, you have a very powerful godson there Sirius. You should be proud."

"Wha??? Harry went to the chamber of time and power? But He's only young. Albus, didn't you say that you were in your twenties before you were trained there?"

Not letting the headmaster answer, the guardian continued, "that is true Sirius, and Harry has broken all previous boundaries. He is the most powerful student I have ever come across, and for good reason."

"There is a prophecy - very old and rare - that I have come across in the past," began Dumbledore, "It tells of one rising from reversed death with the power of eternity. It has come to my attention that Harry here, is the prophesised."

"I.uhh.Harry? My godson Harry? I think you may have to prepare another bed Albus," stated Sirius weakly. "I'm going to have to lie down for a while now."

The headmaster let a small chuckle escape his lips but moved to prepare another bed.

"I was only kidding around," seeing the looks he was receiving, added, "well, half joking anyway."

"Hmm, a sheepish Sirius. Going to have to remember that one." The voice that entered caused all heads to whip around at an alarming rate, but Harry Potter was already hurling towards his Godfather at an alarming rate.

"It's good to see you Sirius, how are you feeling?"

The greatest smile ever graced the face of the former convict. "Never better Harry, I think I'm going to have to thank you for that little gift of yours though."

"Hmm? Oh, yes. That. Well, I'm going to feel a little stupid saying this, buuuuut. What was it? I don't know what my power actually did to you."

"Well that my little godson, is for me to know and you to find out." Replied Sirius with the smile never leaving his face."

"Little? Phhft.I'd like to see you withhold that piece of information. You do know I can read minds don't you?"

In the background, almost unheard by Harry the guardian emitted three words to bring a chuckle to the young man's lips, "here we go."

"What's wrong Sirius? You don't know what I'm capable of. Neither do I, come to mention it but then again that's the beauty of having the power of eternity isn't it."

If Sirius were able to talk it would make everything go a little smoother. As it is, he was having trouble keeping tears out of his eyes, the son of two of his greatest friends ever had grown up into a great person. No longer cursing his power, he actually seemed proud of it.

"Yeah, I did some thinking during my time away and well. I figured that if I have so much power I may as well enjoy it."

"Did you just read my mind?"

"Well you weren't saying anything. Didn't think I could do it did you? Oh yeah, thanks for the compliment too." Harry replied cheekily. "So, come on. Spill. What did I do to you?"

"I can't believe it. The kid's treating this like Christmas" Said Ek, opening her mouth for the first time since Sirius's enter.

"Oh thanks a lot Ek," Harry praised sarcastically, "now that he's seen that there's a good-looking woman in the room it's going to be even more difficult to get him to formulate his sentences."

It was true, unable to hide a blush Sirius just gave Harry a mock glare bringing another smile to the young man's face. Realising that he better do something before Sirius made a fool of himself, Harry, now a little more forcefully asked Sirius for what happened to him.

"Well, ahh. Now for some reason I feel nervous."

"Come on old man, just do it. Show us if you can."

"Oh yeah, well I'm still not used to it, but here goes nothing."

And all of a sudden Sirius turned into a blur, Albus found his beard platted, Harry's glasses made their way over to Ron, and Ek swore she felt someone touch her behind. And just like that Sirius was back to his original position.

"Now please tell me that I didn't give you super speed."

"Ok, I will. Harry, you didn't give me super speed." Realising that the occupants of the room (and all the fanfiction readers) will kill him if he doesn't spill he rushed out. "Icancontroltime"


"No, I'm Sirius, and I can control time. I was just walking around the room." Looking in Ek's direction continued, "Sorry about that beautiful, I couldn't help myself" Earning a huge smile from the seemingly young woman.

"That's quite allright."

"You do realise there are other people in the room don't you?"

"Sorry Harry. Where was I? Oh yes; time control. As you can see I'm not that good yet, I was able to stop time completely on the way here. That's how I travelled this far so fast Albus."

"I see."

"So at the moment I need a crisis or something to go to the extremes, but I'm pretty sure, that like most things it will get easier over time. And that's not all, I feel better than I can remember ever feeling. Now that I have time to think I'm sure that I'm stronger than I was before. I guess we'll find out with time what else has happened. But now," looking over at the bed's of Ron and Hermione, "I think our attention will have somewhere else to go."

And he was right, because at that moment both Ron and Hermione woke up. Why they both awoke at the same time is a mystery soon to be forgotten.

"HERMIONE, RON. Are you both all right? It's so good to see you."

"Harry?" the two shocked teenagers exclaimed together.

"Is that you mate? Bloody hell, How'd you change so much? And where can I sign up?" said Ron with awe.

"You've changed so much, it's only been a couple of weeks. Oh Harry I was so worried about you. I was doing my homework,"

"no surprise there," put in Ron

"And then I heard you yelling," continued Hermione ignoring Ron. "I was so worried, I thought you were being hurt."

Of course by this time she was already to Harry and hugging him as tightly as she could, talking into his chest. Not going unnoticed by Ron, he gave Harry a Sly wink that seemed to say. 'what's going on here.'

But before he could say anything like that at all he heard Harry's voice in his head for the second time that day

~'Don't start, ok?'~

"What the hell was that? Harry, how'd you do that?"

To this he begun explaining what happened that night, and his time in the chamber, receiving nods and questions along the way. Not just from Ron and Hermione either, it seemed Sirius and Dumbledore (even though he had been trained in the same way) were not satisfied with his information yet.

After an hour of telling and retelling information Harry had satisfied everyone's curiosity.For the moment anyway.

"So, anymore questions?"

"Yes, of course there is Harry, you haven't forgotten Hermione's here have you?" Ron put in with a smile, "but seriously, I'm really curious with what happened to us. Is there a way to find out?"

"I've been waiting for you to ask that one," he said with a smile. "Now, I'll fill you in on thing's I'm pretty sure of. You know how the average human only uses about 10% of their brain-power?"


"And normal wizards use about 18%?"

"I Guess so"

"Well, I'm pretty confident in saying that you're able to use about 29, maybe 30%."

He said it so smoothly, as if this sort of thing happened everyday. You could have heard a pin drop in the entrance hall with the amount of silence in that room.

"Come on. It can't be that hard to comprehend, I mean seriously, it's just a brain" the last comment said with a smirk to rival that of Sirius, hoping to get a remark from Hermione. Instead everyone was broken out of their stupor by Ron, who all of a sudden jumped up and started leaping around the room while singing,

"I'm Super, Dooper, Ultra Smart. WOO HOO"

Hermione couldn't let him have his fun, "So much for more brain power,"

"Just because more of my brain's potential is being used doesn't mean I have to be more smart Hermione, I'm pretty sure Harry was talking about abilities, I mean. If muggles use 10% and wizards use 18%, on average I'm pretty sure we're not smarter than them. That 8% more lets us use magic."

"Ron, you're scaring me, that actually made sense," whimpered Hermione.

"I think you're both right though," put in Harry, "What would a gift be without making you smarter? Hmm?"

This brought on another round of hugging.From Hermione of course.

"That's not all though, umm, I am also pretty sure that you've gotten a lot fitter and stronger. Ron can you lift up your shirt for a sec, this is just for demonstration purposes. Don't be shy I'm sure you'll be happy."

And he was, for hidden under his shirt was a very defined six-pack, sitting under some developed pec's.

"Wow, this is so sweet."

Hoping to be able to continue before Ron got too absorbed in his reflection, Harry quickly continued,

"Ron, c'mon sit down again for a while. So what have I convered? There's more brain power, fitter/ stronger, I guess you've figured out that your magic will be more powerful. Umm, you're going to have to hang with me for a sec. I have a hunch of what happened but I'm making this up as I go. Just be patient, I'm gonna get us down to the Quiditch pitch."

Mesmerised by the dome that weaved it's way around the group, even Dumbledore jumped when they suddenly appeared in the middle of the pitch.

Quickly standing and creating some artificial lighting in the area, Harry asked Ron and Hermione to go and stand about 10 metres apart near the middle of the pitch.

"What are you doing Harry? I feel like a fool."

"Sorry Hermione, umm, which one of you wants to go first?"

"O, I do," Yelled Ron, practically jumping up and down on the spot.

"Wait a second Ron. Harry, what are you going to do to us?"

"Sorry again Hermione, umm, I'm going to try and show your forms. I'm pretty sure you are able to transform, but I'm not sure what into, so yeah. Hold on Ron here we go."

And with that a look of intense concentration crossed Harry's features, his eyes half closed staring intently at Ron. His hand's starting to lift and a yellow aura forming around him. With a yell Harry thrust his hands upwards and the glow seemed to jump from Harry to Ron, the light swirling around him, changing from yellow to hot reddish orange. Ron's body started to twitch and his eyes lost the whites, turning black for a second before they melted into yellow catlike eyes. With a great Primeval roar the aura intensified shooting upwards, creating a light so bright that all had to look away. When it was safe to look again Ron had indeed changed.

His hair, already red had slightly lengthened and the ends were somehow attracted upwards, it seemed as if his hair was a sort of solid fire, burning atop of his more angled and defined face. His school robes, somehow gone were replaced with a black muscle shirt and long black Baggy pants bound at his ankles by what looked like metal boots, but on closer inspection, Ron had metal feet. Not unlike Wormtail's silver hand, these feet moved exactly the same as normal ones. He had grown a good foot and a half, now being close to eight feet tall but he was by no means lanky. His arms (being the only visible part of his body) were now almost twice as wide as they were before the transformation. His hands and wrist's were blazing with fire, but did not seem to burn him, only serving to make him look even more intimidating. All this was topped off with a Midnight Black cape, with Red trim.

The transformation was complete. While the group were staring at him, taking in all the changes, Ron was Hovering there, in mid air with a large smile on his face.

Getting impatient with all this looking around he started flying around, doing loops and flips, enjoying every second of it. Harry, being the first one to recover, summoned a large mirror out of thin air and beckoned Ron over to look at himself.

All this was well and good, but Hermione wanted her turn.

"Harry, can I go now. Please? I really want to know what I can do." Topping it off with the all powerful puppy-dog eyes.

"Of course Hermione."

Harry repeated what he did to Ron, this time, the Yellow aura changed to brilliant white as it jumped to Hermione, and it sort of fizzled out. Hermione looked incredibly put out.

"Maybe I don't change into anything," she managed to get out, almost bursting into tears on the spot.

Harry simply smiled in return, for at that split second the white almost exploded from inside her, creating a light even brighter than the one Ron created.

Smiles of anticipation began to waver as the light did not dim for a whole minute, but it was worth it, for when they turned back there was Hermione Floating in the middle of the Quiditch pitch with the largest smile possible gracing her face.

Her Hair, no longer bushy flowed down to her waist a beautiful light brown over the top of a great pair of glowing angel wings. Her skin seemed to glow a light tan all going perfectly with the pure white clothing clinging to her body. It was reminiscent of a one-piece bathing suit covered with a looser fitting tank top and a short skirt. Her feet were covered with pure white boots coming almost all the way up to her knees. She was pure white, apart from the rich green vines twisting down her arms and her deep blue eyes. The eyes, not just a normal blue, but actually a swirling sea, moving with the unpredictable ness of water.

Sirius glanced a look at his godson and smirked when he saw that Harry had no intention of looking away. He was memorising every inch of her body, drool running out of the side of his mouth. Ron wasn't much better, but at least he was able to keep his mouth closed.

Hoping against hope that this will work Sirius concentrated on Harry and the message he was hoping to send.

~'You might want to close your mouth there Harry, she seems to want your approval and that look isn't very flattering for you'~

Seeing the look of shock flash across the young man's face he smiled with success. It worked. Looking up again he saw that Hermione was making her way over to the great mirror, the smile never leaving her face.

"Wow Hermione, you look really great,"

"Thank you Harry, it's all because of you that this happened," she replied smiling.

"And Ron, wow. Who woulda thought, you and fire? That's great."

"Thank's mate, it's all cos of you."

Breaking apart the three's conversation the guardian interrupted,

"If I may, Harry, I believe they do not know what this means for them."

"Oh ok. You should be able to change between your normal selves and this without much trouble soon, it's sort of an even stronger power-up. I think you might have to revert to this form to use your elements too."

"Hang on a sec. Elements?"

"Yes Ron. I thought you would have realised that with being on fire and all."

"Oh. Woops."

"Don't worry about it. You also have another element. Air. That's how you can fly without wings. I think fire and air sort of go together, considering fire feeds off oxygen."

"This is bloody awesome Harry. Thanks man."

"No worries. Hermione."

"Earth, right?" interrupted Hermione.

"Yep" smiled Harry

Before he could continue she launched herself at him. He felt quiet strange hugging someone with wings, but it was just his Hermione. His? Ah well.

Pulling back he got a good look in her eyes. They had changed colour and were moving.

"Hermione, I don't think earth is your only element."

"What? Why?"

"Well, your eyes; they're moving, well, the colour's swirling, like water. I think water is your element too."

"Really? I suppose they do go together don't they?" said Hermione with her dazzling smile. Harry almost felt like fainting again. But instead just smiled back. Without really realising what was happening Hermione reached up and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"What was that for?" he asked in a whisper

"Thank you."

"I Guess I'll have to give you gift's more often then, huh?"

What did he just say? Harry was almost ready to jump off the astronomy tower after that. He was flirting, with Hermione. He knew he loved her, but wanted to keep it a secret until everything got a little bit back to normal, not in the thick of things.

"I guess you will." She replied with a shy smile.

Harry's smile, however impossible grew even more. And with that he jumped in the air and called Hermione and Ron to join him.

"Harry? You can fly to?"

"What did you expect? I have the power of eternity.I don't even have to do my transformation to fly," he replied smugly

"You have a transformation?" yelled everyone. None louder than the guardian and Ek.

"When did you find this out?" continued the guardian's with astonishment.

Harry just laughed and proceeded towards Ron, upon reaching him gave him a soft tap on the shoulder, yelled "you're up" and flew off into safer air space.

"ohh you're going to pay for that one Potter," Yelled the burning boy, and started flying after him and Hermione.

On the ground the older people were looking upwards with smiles on their faces, with two thoughts in common. The first one was how strong the friendship between the three of them was. And the second? It was voiced by the supposed greatest wizard of the time.

"If you can't beat em, join em"

With that the professor of the school leapt into the air and joined in the fray, soon followed by the guardian and Ek.

Harry, spotting his godfather alone on the ground sailed down to meet with him.

"Sorry about that Sirius. Forgot you can't fly."

"But you haven't seen the rest of your gift, I was saving it for a better time but."

And with that Sirius transformed into a great black dog. A great black dog with great black wings. You see, when Harry had his power explosion Sirius was being chased by aurors. The said aurors had succeeded in chasing him off a cliff while in his dog form. He had to be saved from the fall somehow, why not give him something worthwhile as well.

Later on in life, when telling others of the story, many will find it hard to believe that one midnight, in the middle of the holidays, three students, one escaped convict, two very, very old Guardians of the realm of time and power and the headmaster of Hogwarts were flying around the Quiditch pitch playing tag.


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