"In a flash they had disappeared, leaving Serenity all by herself in a crumbling world." Chapter 37.

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Beneath the Surface:

"I hope this works." Serenity closed her butterfly eyes and whispered to herself, but the sound of the rumbling earth around her muffled her prayers. The old castle was falling down around her, dust stirring in the thick air, chocking what was left of the oxygen. The floor below her cracked and splintered like thin ice, threatening to give way at any moment. "I can do this." She said to herself and concentrated her thoughts. "I can do this, I just have to believe." A white glow started to emit from her body. The light went shooting around the room, bouncing off the broken glass and fractured walls. The crumbling ceiling still continued to come down, raining a shower of dust and plaster. She, however, remained untouched, as if she was standing in the centre of a hurricane. A cloud of white powder covered her, coating her face with plaster, but with a simple flick of her golden hair she brushed the powder away.

"I can do this!" She reassured herself once again.

Above the Surface:

The scouts all adjusted their wide eyes to the twilight, it had been a while since they had all seen something other then blackness, even if it was the light before dawn hit. The twinkling lights on the streets glowed around them, it was almost blinding at first but they paid no attention to it. They all had far more important matters on their minds, like the future. Their hearts were all heavy with worry for Serenity and what she was staying behind to do. Was it suicide? They knew that she held the fate of the future in her hands, and they all felt guilty for leaving her alone with the burden.

"What on earth could be taking her so long!" Endymion paced the street. He looked up at the disappearing moon, wondering what his princess could be up to. A rumble shook the ground under their feet. The world above had now started to be affected as well.

"Earth Quake!" Yelled frightened citizens as they ran hysterically throughout the cracking streets, scrambling like rabbits after a gunshot.

"What is she going to do?" Venus asked, watching the frightened people run into nearby buildings. "Does anybody know?"

"What ever it is, she should be here by now, surely!" Mars looked over to Pluto for an answer.

Pluto too, was captivated by the mayhem that surrounded her. "I don't know." She replied with sadness in her eyes. "I was never allowed to know about this. I have as much idea as you do. All I know is: we were suppose to leave her."

"But we shouldn't have left her!" Jupiter cried, nearly getting hysterical. Mars placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

The Moon above in the night sky grew ghostly pale, it was fading away into the twilight. "I think that Pluto is right." Mars said. "Even though I didn't want to leave her, deep down I know that it was the right thing."

Suddenly, a huge roar came from the ground. Cracks splintered in the bitumen, running off into every direction. None of the scouts were expecting this.

"Oh No!" Mercury gasped. "This will bring down the entire city! Absolutely everything will be destroyed." They all feel silent for a moment, the grim fate of the city had finally rooted itself in their brains.

"Wait! No it won't." Venus said optimistically, "Look, over there." She pointed to the bottom of a building. Something had started growing at the base of it and it was spreading quickly, rising up every building that they could see.

"Look that one too!" Saturn added excitedly. "What is it?"

Sure enough, a sparkling substance was slowly covering all of the buildings. The substance was transparent, but was glistening under the starlight.

"Eeek!" Venus jumped a few feet into the air. "It's cold." She looked down at her feet. The same substance had started to grow on all of the Scouts as well, rising up their legs like water, icy cold water. "W-What is it doing? What is it?"

Mercury bent down to investigate the material. "Its hard." She deduced, knocking on the substance. "It looks like ice."

"No, glass." Jupiter added her two cents.

"No, not glass, nor ice." Mars interrupted. "It's crystal. Crystal is covering everything."

The scouts all looked around them, sure enough, the whole city was being covered in the sparkling substance. Trees, buildings, even the few panic stricken people that were running about hysterically. The crystal moved up their bodies, before it had finally encased everyone and everything that was touching the ground, acting like a cacoon. Everything stopped, the screaming of the frightened people, the falling bricks from the buildings, all life stopped. The scouts couldn't move; they were all statues like the rest of the city. Frozen, they watched their fate unravel before them, they watched the entire city fall beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface:

"Please work." Serenity begged, a tingling sensation running over her body. Her energy was being drained, every muscle in her body strained under the pressure, but she was not going to give up. Even if it meant using every last ounce of her strength, she was going to protect the world. She had sworn to it, it was her destiny.

It was horrifying to watch, and if she hadn't been so drained she would have been absolutely terrified. She watched the entire castle crumble around her, the ceiling fall to the ground. The walls crumbled and fell down at her feet. The throne that had been only a few feet in front of her had been pulverised under the weight of a crumbling world. The noise from the crashing palace was almost deafening and Serenity was hearing it in surround sound. She closed her eyes as a rush of dust and mortar pounded her body like a storm. In a final flood of bricks and tiles, the castle was reduced to nothing.

One moment, she was standing inside a building that had existed for centuries, and the next she was standing in the centre of a pile of rubble.

Above her, she could feel the ground give way, slowly buckling under its own weight. She knew that any second the world above would come crashing through and all she could do was watch. She hoped that her plan would work, she prayed for it to. Exhausted, she closed her eyes and concentrated her energy for one last time. She could feel her mind strain under the weight that she was burdening it with.

Once again, the seconds ticked over in slow motion. The blood and adrenaline raced throughout her body and then back into her heart.

One heart beat:

'My friends. If I don't do this they will all be gone.' Thoughts of failure ran through her brain. Thoughts of suffering, ruin and death. With a shake of her head, she shook them off. Doubt was not going to cloud her concentration.

Two Heartbeats:

Serenity saw the cracks in the earth above her, they grew larger and larger, splintering like fine glass. She knew that any second it was going to break and fall on top of her.

Three Heartbeats:

The ground finally gave way. She was watching her death fall on top of her, billions of tons of earth, ready to flatten anything below. She felt like she was going to be buried alive. Her worst nightmare was manifesting itself into her reality.

She strained her eyes and focus on only one thing: Love.

Love for her family, her friends, her love for Endymion. An eternal love that would always give her strength.

An awful roar came around her. The air rushed underneath the ground, creating a fierce gust. Serenity tried to keep her feet, but she was being thrown about like a flag in a storm. The vibrations from the falling earth sent pains up her legs, her ankles were being jarred even though she was standing still. Yet still, she remained strong. She had to, for the future.

Suddenly, there was Silence.

Complete silence.

A warm sensation hit her face. Very wearily, she opened up her powder caked eyes and looked up above her. There was no longer the dark sky, or earth above her, now the sky was the colour of Endymion's eyes, and a radiant glow of yellow was hatching from the horizon.

Slowly, she looked around her. The crumbles of the castle had disappeared and now Serenity was standing a valley, a valley filled with beautiful buildings. A glow surrounded her, as she knew that she was finally home. She spun around blissfully, all her battles had finally paid off, her gown twirled around her, leaving the last of the dust to fling off her dress and into the fading twilight.

"Scouts!" She cried, a silvery tear shining in her eyes. Her friends were still encased in crystal, they had fallen perfectly intact along with the rest of the world. "It worked." She whispered to herself happily, still half in shock. She ran up to her Endymion and kissed him upon his crystal lips.

Magically, the crystal around him melted and evaporated into the air. It was an enchanting sight, like the air had been covered in fairy dust. The dust fell upon every living thing that was encased in crystal, and melted it, setting whatever was trapped in it free.

"Serenity!" He cried happily. "Oh, you don't know how happy I am too see that you are alright!" He said with more love in his heart then ever possible.

One by one, the sailor scouts drifted back to reality. "Serenity!" Venus cried happily and jumped on her friend, nearly knocking her over. "I was so worried."

Serenity simply smiled, she was enjoying the happy reunion.

One by one, the scouts all looked around them. Mesmerised by the beauty of the sparkling buildings that had not been changed back.

Mars smiled and looked at Serenity in awe. "You really did it."

A proud smile covered her face. "Yes. We all did. Believe me, I couldn't have done it without you all." She gave each of them a loving look. "You were always there for me, without you, I would still be lost."

In unison, they all curtsied, showing both their respect and appreciation.

"Hey, I like what you have done with the place." Venus joked, breaking the serious tension that was in the air. "Where are we? It doesn't really look like home, but it is oddly familiar."

Endymion wrapped his arms around Serenity and kissed her proudly on her forehead. The glowing sun finally peeked its head out of the twilight, its enchanting light danced off the glittering buildings. A new day had been born, as well as a new future.

"Scouts." She smiled and took a step back. "Welcome to Crystal Tokyo."

They all drew in a deep breath, watching the dawn's pure light fall upon the city. The battle was finally over, the world had been saved and the evil had been vanquished. They were all finally home.

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