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Cruel Reflections

All characters belong to Cassandra Clare; we just like to play with them.

Chapter 1

Alexander Lightwood was having a disaster of a day. After having to explain to a rather feisty senior citizen what the difference between Oreo's and regular chocolate chip cookies was, he was denied his law regulated coffee break due to a busy day. On top of all that, he felt like he was coming up with a cold.

"Excuse me?" A rather irritated voice jolted him out of his thoughts. He looked over his shoulder and was faced with a lady dressed in an expensive looking suit, holding a cell phone to her ear.

"Yes," Alec said in a polite tone that could only belong to the employee of the month of St. Clare's one and only Walmart. The woman lifted her hand up to wave Alec away. "Hold on a second Jackie, I'll be right back."

Alec waited patiently as the woman put her cell phone away and finally looked at him. "I need to find some light bulbs for my Christmas lights, the energy saving ones. Where can I find them?"

'Well, not here, this is the Candy Aisle,' Alec wanted to say, but he bit his tongue and worked up a tight smile and gave the woman directions to the correct aisle. "Its aisle twenty-two, right down this way," Alec said and pointed to the left. The woman nodded and left without so much as a thank you. Alec watched her swish down the aisle in her expensive suit and thought that she couldn't possibly be from around here.

Alexander Lightwood was in charge of the sweets section, which he loved and hated at the same time. If he had to define his relationship with his job it would be 'it's complicated'. There were always things to do, with hyperactive kids coming to fulfill their sugar addictions and people on diets trying to figure out what to buy as Christmas treats, he always had rearranging to do, and let's not forget about helping people with terribly urgent candy problems. Seriously though, marmalade or toffee, that was the question of the hour. Alec really didn't mind the rearranging and the helping people part; it was the arrogant, ignorant or just plain rude people that got to him. They really knew how to push all his buttons, buttons that really should have been left alone. He rolled his eyes as he remembered some of the temper tantrums he'd seen. They always seemed to get worse towards Christmas. It was as if when the season made people jolly, it also made them busy and thoughtless making them run around like headless chickens. Alec really didn't understand all the hype around Christmas. He personally thought that starting to sell Christmas stuff in October was ridiculous, but it was company protocol. Now, in the beginning of December was when things were at their worst. It was really getting out of hand. Alec didn't even have time for a cup of coffee.

As he left work that night, finishing up a night shift ending at ten O'clock, he found himself wrapping his scarf tightly around his neck, covering his face with it. The wind had picked up and the snow had started to pile into graceful looking white piles, lining out the streets. He shivered as another gust of wind blew right through his coat and struck his bones. Little snowflakes were sticking to his hair and melting away, wetting his face. If there was one thing Alec did like about Christmas, it was definitely the way St. Clare looked like. String of Christmas lights lined every building, decorations (tacky or not) took over all the front lawns and everything just looked so much brighter this time of year. Alec quickly took out his car keys and opened the door to his sleek black Mercedes. His father was a wealthy man and for all Robert's faults he did truly have connections when it came to buying expensive things, including cars.

It wasn't that Alec was picky about his car, he only really cared that it was running well and that it had air-conditioning, but it was nice to have some extra comforts like say…a cup holder with two places on it. Yeah that was the life.

As soon as he was in his car Alec switched on the heat and turned the keys in the ignition. His car purred delightfully and made no protest as Alec started making his way home. It took him about twenty minutes to make his way up to the suburbs where he lived, the Christmas decorations got more pompous and ridiculous the closer Alec got to his home street. He knew the way as well as he did his own pockets (which he actually didn't have) so he drove home like a very sleepy zombie, watching the tiny white snowflakes crash into his windshield. He yawned as he parked in their freshly shoveled drive way. The warmth of the car was so compelling that Alec waited a while before he killed the engine. He really didn't want to step out into the cold night air. Maybe he could sleep in the car? Nope, that wouldn't work, his mother would come drag him into the house and demand an explanation. Alec sighed and rubbed his hands together and opened the car door, bravely taking in the freezing atmosphere. He let out a breath and watched it turn into vapor as he walked up the front porch steps of his house. The concrete under his feet was slippery which forced an image of his baby sister, Isabelle, slipping in her heels and falling right down the stairs into his mind, she was a real klutz sometimes. He shook his head and banished the horrible thought out of his head.

The front door was open. His mother always waited up for him when he worked late. The perks of not working were that she could actually stay up late and not have to drag her ass out of bed at six thirty the next morning. Alec made sure to lock the door after he entered the house. He took off his shoes and wiped the snow off them placing them neatly in the shoe rack. He made his way to the kitchen; he could see light streaming through the French doors and could faintly smell fresh coffee. He smiled inwardly, because honestly his face was too frozen for a smile to appear on it.

"Hello sweetie," Maryse Lightwood chimed at him. She was wearing a white knee length nightgown (always modest and proper), her outfit completed with bunny slippers that Isabelle had bought for her last Christmas. She was holding to a cup of steaming hot coffee, sitting on one of the stools that surrounded the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"Hi mom," Alec said, not taking his eyes of the coffee pot which unfortunately seemed to be empty.

"How was work?" She asked and cocked her head to the side a bit. "Looks like it's been a cold day."

"Work was okay, and yeah it's been kind of cold," Alec answered sitting down across the island, facing her. He always downplayed things with his mother; things were best kept simple with her.

She smiled at him and took a sip of her coffee. Alec swallowed, feeling the ache of caffeine deprivation hit him and it hit him hard. "No more coffee?"

"You shouldn't drink coffee this late," Maryse stated, still a kind smile plastered on her oval face. She crinkled her pointy nose. "You won't be able to sleep at all."

"You're drinking it," Alec pointed out and instantly regretted it. No talking back was a rule he'd learned at a very young age, but never seemed to comply to…Him and his stupid mouth. Luckily Maryse didn't seem to take his comment as talk back, but as more of an observation.

"Yes, but I'm not the one who has to go to school and work tomorrow," She simply stated and finished her coffee in one gulp. They sat in silence for a while, Alec just waiting to be dismissed. Unfortunately his mother seemed to be in a chatty mood. No doubt it was due to the caffeine rushing through her veins…Sweet, sweet caffeine.

"Don't you think the decorations outside are just wonderful?" Maryse asked, her face alight with excitement. He had always shared his mother's enthusiasm towards Christmas decorations, but tonight he had been too tired to notice the array or lights and plastic reindeer outside.

"Huh?" He replied and looked over his shoulder to see out the kitchen window. "They're nice." Alec nodded and pressed his head down.

"That's all I get for arranging stuff outside in the freezing weather?" Maryse asked, her pale blue eyes burning a hole into Alec's forehead.

"They're lovely, mom, I think you've outdone yourself," Alec replied and hoped for her to be satisfied with the answer. He wanted to go take a nice hot shower and then crawl under the covers. Talking about Christmas decorations was not on his current 'to do' list.

"Thank you darling," Maryse said and yawned. "Well… I think I'll go join your father; I need a good night's sleep. We have the bake sale at the church tomorrow. I've got to be ready and in good spirits."

"Oh yeah, the bake sale…What did you make?" Alec asked, peering towards the fridge.

"I made an apple cake with cinnamon frosting." Maryse narrowed her eyes as she noticed Alec's dreamy look. "And none of it is for you. It's to raise money at the bake sale."

Alec frowned but accepted his fate; he would have no coffee and cake tonight. "Well, I guess we should both go to bed then," he said and tried out a smile. Thankfully his face had defrosted enough for the corners of his mouth to lift up.

"I think that's a good idea. Sweet dreams honey," Maryse said, placing a kiss on Alec's forehead. He blushed caused by the awkwardness of his mother babying him, but kissed her cheek back anyway. "Good night mom."

He watched as Maryse hopped up the stairs in her bunny slippers and disappeared into the second door on the left. He let out an exhausted breath and let his head drop back. True to his words, he soon followed his mother upstairs and slipped into his room. He took his cell phone out of his jean's pocket and placed it on his glass desk. No calls. He frowned and then realized that he shouldn't be disappointed because he was expecting no calls. Although…it was also nice to know that someone missed you or somehow needed you.

Alec longingly looked at his double bed; with all its fluffy pillows and comfy blankets it offered immediate comfort. He really was tired and if he sat down on his bed he would probably pass out like a drunken college student. He sighed deeply, holding back a yawn and started taking off his brown T-shirt that had faded into almost beige…ish. He threw it on the floor and did the same with his faded out jeans. Walking into his small in- suite washroom, completed with a bathtub/shower system in the ugliest shade of dark blue, he proceeded to discard the remains of his clothing as well. He shivered a bit before he turned on the steaming hot shower and stepped onto the cool surface of the well-used bath tub. He closed the shower curtain after him and stepped under the nearly boiling water. The nice thing about water was that it covered and consumed you completely. You could lose yourself in a fifteen minute shower as easily as you could get lost in downtown New York. Alec felt his mind wander off without permission once again. He washed his hair and went on with his routine, not particularly paying attention to what he was doing. His head was in the clouds, miles away from his tiny washroom in the suburbs of St. Clare. He thought about things like college and how different life would be without living under the same roof as his family. How he could maybe…discover himself a bit more. Try to understand his thoughts instead of just filing them into nooks in his brain labeled as 'classified information'. An image that frequently liked to visit his mind was him sitting down to eat with someone he couldn't quite recognize, they'd pull out a chair for him and he'd sit down and start to eat…without saying grace. Another was him putting up Christmas lights in his own apartment.

Alec shifted out of his thoughts as the droplets of water flowing down his body started to turn cold. He groaned inwardly, it figures Izzy would have used up all the warm water. He rolled his eyes and shut the water off. Well, one could always dream, but it didn't do any good to rumble around in your head for too long…or at least that's what his mother always liked to say. He wrapped a nice cotton towel around himself and used another to dry his pitch black hair. He quickly took a look at the steamy mirror and frowned. Geez, he looked rough. He had black circles around his eyes and his lips were chapped beyond any reasonable measure. He searched the washroom cabinet for some chap stick but ended up finding squat so he quickly pulled on a pair of pajama pants and patted his way to his sister's door. He knocked quietly, just loud enough to catch her attention, but not loud enough to wake her up if she was sleeping.

"Just a second!" He heard his sister exclaim in a hurried tone. "Come in!" She exclaimed again. Alec pushed the door open and stepped into her room. It was a complete opposite of Alec's. Where Alec's room was simple, glass, black, blue and white, Izzy's was dark red and turquoise and other outrageously clashing colors.

"Hey," Izzy said. "Is there something I can help you with?" She smiled at Alec with a smile that reminded him of the Cheshire cat…or perhaps an annoyed Chameleon, he couldn't decide which one.

"Um yeah," Alec muttered awkwardly standing in front of his sister's kind, but shamelessly scrutinizing eyes. "I was just wondering if you have any chapstick. My lips are chapped." He pointed at his lips and pressed them into a tight line.

"Oh yeah, let me see what I can do for ya," Izzy said and hopped of her bed and walked to her make-up table. She rummaged through some drawers that seemed to contain enough products for her to start up her own drug store. "So how was your day anyway?" Izzy asked cramming her whole arm into one of the ten drawers attached to her table thingy. "Did mom hassle you about the stupid decorations?"

"They're not stupid," Alec protested, not actually answering her question.

"Uh huh, you're such a momma's boy," Izzy stated ash she pulled out a pink and white striped little bag. She took out a little tube with the same colors as design. "Here, this is the only one I have. It's cherry flavored." She smirked at him and threw the tube. Alec caught it less than gracefully and took a through look at it.

"Are you sure it's not lip gloss?"

"Would I give you lip gloss?" Izzy asked in a mock hurt voice.

"I don't know, would you? You tell me," Alec retorted and smelled the Chapstick; it really did smell like cherries. Maybe smelling like cherries wasn't the worst thing that could happen to him though. Surely there were worse things he could smell like, for example cat pee had to be worse.

Izzy rolled her eyes. "Of course I wouldn't give you lip gloss; I need all of it for myself."

"I find it hard to understand how a girl can need more than thirty different tubes of lip gloss," Alec said and shook his head, confused was an understatement of his feelings when it came to female make-up products.

"Well," Izzy started. "It's just one of those things you're clueless about," Izzy said and flipped her dark hair over her shoulder. "Is there something else you want or can I go back to reading my magazine?"

"No…" Alec said looking at her bed to see a magazine, strangely so there was not a single one at sight. "That's all. Good night Iz and thanks for the Cherry Chapstick."

"No problem," Izzy said and hopped on her bed. "Good night Alec. Close the door as you go, please?"

"Will do," Alec answered and did as he promised.

He went to his room across the hall and rubbed his temples. It was clear that Izzy had lied to him about reading the magazine thing, but to be completely honest he wasn't under the impression that his sister was a goodie two shoes, he knew very well that she got herself into more trouble than the average ex-con, but Alec was too tired to begin to decipher her secrets. He yawned once again and swiped on the Chapstick. He licked his lips a bit and smiled as the sour cherry taste overtook his tongue. Placing the tube on the night table he went to grab his phone and then slipped under the covers. He instantly felt his body relax as his head hit the pillow. He very slowly started to drift into a light coma…ish stage, right between awaking and falling asleep. His eyelids started to feel extremely heavy. He just needed to close his eyes for a couple minutes and…

A buzz from his phone snapped him out of his comfortable daze. He almost swore out loud, but held his tongue. He felt for his phone in the dark and managed to grab it securely. He brought it close to his face and was instantly blinded by the white shiny light. Blinking rapidly he slid open the lock and looked closer to see what had caused the buzz. In the top right corner of the screen of his phone shone a symbol he didn't recognize right away. He took an even closer look and noticed it was a notification from an application he had downloaded the other day because his best friend Jace had recommended it. He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. He hadn't actually created an account into the application so he was expecting no message.

"iF.R.I.E.N.D.S." is waiting for you to discover new, exciting people to talk to. Don't wait any longer and join in the fun!" With a weary groan, he turned the thing off and slept deeply enough to make a corpse jealous.

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