A/N: Just an idea that came to me after going to see the movie of Into the Woods. Set around the song 'Last Midnight'. Very AU.

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I'm the Witch

It was the middle of the day. Sweltering heat had engulfed the land and there was no breeze to bring even the slightest reprieve. The sun bore down on the yellow brick road with such brightness, the road was hard to look at. Munchkins toiling in fields were dehydrated and sweat was pouring off them, though it did nothing to soften soil so hardened by drought. Those with no labour had found the nearest river which had, miraculously, remained flowing all these years. Most attributed this to Saint Aelphaba disappearing into the waterfall near its mouth in the Mountains.

For once, the Wicked Witch of the West had her feet firmly planted on the ground. Driven there by the lack of wind. And that it was several degrees hotter in the air. For one who was forever clothed in black, it was uncomfortable. Though not more so than her current proximity to the river, and the waterfall the Saint had later emerged from. She'd gone to the river because she needed a drink and the water was purer at the mouth. Now she was looking for something to contain the water in. Permanent scars from horrendous burns were not a reasonable price to pay for a drink if she used her bare hands.

Quite suddenly she stopped her search and stood completely still, barely even looking around. There was a voice. Singing, it seemed. Something about a midnight. The Witch finally looked around. Then spun around, and kept spinning. There was no one around. Not one person within her line of vision which, considering her good eye sight, typically meant no one within earshot. One lyric came quite clearly to the Witch's ears.

"I'm not good, I'm not nice. I'm the Witch."

The green Witch began to laugh, simply at how much she could understand what the singer was getting at. Once again she stopped. If she couldn't see anyone, chances were, no one could see her. Which means it likely wasn't even a cruel joke about her. Someone else was claiming to be a Witch. Nessa had long since passed, so it couldn't be the Witch of the East. It's didn't much strike her as the kind of thing Glinda would engage in. That effectively ruled out all the possibilities in Oz. She spun around back facing the water. Surely not. Though, the voice sung of midnight. Here it was clearly midday. Perhaps the voice was in another land. The voice sounded quite insane. Saint Aelphaba was too good to be insane. The Witch listened to the curse quite intently, and what came after it. Including the scream. Which sounded to be getting closer.

All of a sudden there was a splash in the river and a gurgling. The screaming continued, though now it was clearly coming from the figure flailing about in the river. The Witch realized it was a woman, who appeared to be having a similar sort of reaction that she would if she were in the river. With a sigh and regretting every step she took, the Witch cautiously approached the river and pulled the woman out. Once the woman was on dry land, the Witch looked at her burned hands bitterly. There were similar ones on her ankles, she was sure.

After a moment she considered the other woman. At first she thought the stranger was as blue as she was green. Then she realized the woman had normal skin, but blue hair and clothes. Something was kind of wrong about the woman. The Witch thought she might actually be in fellow company. Particularly if the woman's grand entry was anything to go by.

"Good afternoon." The Wicked Witch said cautiously and the other woman raised her head.

"Hello. What happened? Who are you? Where am I?"

"I'd say your mother's curse turned out differently to how you thought it would. I'm the Wicked Witch of the West, simply known as the Witch. You're in Oz."

"But I'm the Witch. Oz… My grandmother was said to come from Oz."

"Who was your grandmother?"

"Aelphaba. She had a daughter here in Oz. Melena, I believe her name was." The Witch seemed indifferent to her rescuer's response, which was an eyebrow that suddenly became well acquainted with her hair line.

"Interesting. We need to find a way to differentiate ourselves. While I'm sure the citizens will have a great time calling us the blue witch and the green witch, we can be a little more respectable. Do you have a name?"

"Jayla." The other woman responded after quite some time, appearing to recall the name from the deepest depths of her memory. "Do you?"

"Elphaba." She responded in much the same tone. After a moment she snapped out of it. "Come we need to sort something out about this. Here is not the most convenient place to do so as we are likely to be overrun by Munchkins…"

"What are munchkins?"

"Humans, essentially. Though significantly shorter. They reside in this province called Munckinland. Though what came first, the people or the province is a matter of debate."

"Where do you live then, you are not short? Or maybe you are by Ozian standards."

"No, I am quite tall. I live in the Vinkus, though I am not Vinkun. I shall take you there now, we will be left alone there. No one dares come near the towers of the Wicked Witch of the West. Do you know how to ride a broom?"

"No. I fly, essentially." Jayla responded, Elphaba merely shrugged and retrieved her broom.

"In that case follow me." She paused and smirked. "Imagine the terror that will spread across Oz with this news."

"What news?"

"That there is another Witch in Oz, who appears to be in cahoots with the most feared person in the land. Though if that last part is true, or you turn out to be an enemy, remains to be seen."

"I'm not good. I'm not bad. I'm just right." She responded, echoing her earlier words.

"Aren't we all."

A/N: I'm not even sure what's going to happen with this. Do I leave as it is, or do people want me to continue? By the way Jayla, is the phonetic beginnings of James Lapine who wrote the book as Elphaba is L. Frank Baum. Also, if someone artistic wants to do something with Elphaba and Jayla I can use as a cover image it would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you're interested.