James Potter sat proudly in the old, grandfather chair that occupied a large portion of the living room. This was beneath him. The whole lot of it. The only thing that made him stay was the love for his beautiful wife, Lily Evans-Potter.

Sure, she'd just had twin boys, one of whom was fated to vanquish the Dark Lord, but that didn't stop the growing jealousy inside him. Why should he, the great and talented auror, have to put up with being ignored? Albus had been quick to try and dispense these feelings on his favourite student, afraid that his master plan may loose it's key player.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore certainly was a cunning man, a Slytherin almost. James knew this, and fed off the old man's insanity. Dumbledore had, of course, known about the coming of twins from Lily. The witch in question was ecstatic. Twins were a great blessing in the wizarding world, something to be treasured. It was rumoured that twin wizards fed off of each other's magic, making them much stronger, much quicker. And a pair of up and coming powerful wizards was not something Albus wanted. Sure, if he could manipulate them both into seeing the light, then he would be in possession of two powerful assets. The risks of not controlling them were too high. One would have to be exterminated.

This is what brought the Headmaster himself to stand before the grown Gryffindor, pleading for James' help. Albus' knowledge of James' resentment towards his two sons only helped him further his argument, pushing all of the lion's buttons at once.

"James, what do you think will happen when they grow up? They will be powerful, more powerful than even me. They would rule over Hogwarts with their shared magics. Where do you think that would leave us? The Order? The Light? The wizarding world for Merlin's sake? Those boys will become the next Dark Lords, and when they do, we will rue they day we let one of them live. All I ask of you, is to take young Harrison and leave him in the forbidden forest. He will soon die, but not by your hand. Your conscience will be free from the guilt of casting the Killing Curse." Albus' blue eyes twinkled with a malicious edge that put every one of James' nerves on edge. The old man had a point. He couldn't let himself be overshadowed by his own sons. The doubts running through his head were unwillingly spilt to Dumbledore, no doubt caused by the lemon sweets laced with calming potion Dumbledore had given his student.

"What about Lil? You know she'll disapprove of this. She'd lay down her life for those brats, as I would lay mine for hers. I can't bear to see her unhappy." Dumbledore simply smiled, his toothy grin distracting James from the thoughts the Headmaster was plucking from his mind.

"She will never know it was you. Severus has informed me that Voldemort is planning to raid Godric's Hollow and kill both your son's. I had planned to place two captured death-eaters under the Imperius curse and bring them here. You stun Lily, bring her and Morgan to Hogwarts and leave Harrison outside. The death-eaters, of course, will be glamoured to appear as you two do." James had to smile at the cunning of the plan. Voldemort would believe they were dead, and he'd get rid of half his problem.

James stood, held his hand out to Dumbledore, and shook it firmly. "I will help you. I am curious though, when is Voldemort's arrival to be expected?"

Dumbledore gathered himself, flattening an invisible crinkle on the chest of his extravagant robes.

"Tomorrow night. I came directly from my meeting with Severus. Get ready to apparate at 5:00pm sharp. I have called for Fudge to give me two of his Azkaban convicts, and he has granted me use of them from that time onwards. Make sure Lily is stunned, we can't have her ruining our plans." James nodded to his mentor, quelling the rising urge to shout at the man for even thinking of harming his sons, until he thought of the repercussions. He couldn't bear to live in anyone's shadow.

"Until tomorrow, Headmaster." Dumbledore nodded, glad his plan had fooled the boy. He apparated away, landing in his office, Fawkes squawking as he entered the room. There had been something wrong with his familiar recently. He hadn't been speaking and had often bit or scratched the old man when he tried to touch him. Albus shoved the thought aside and sat at his desk, his hands running over the two files of the death-eaters he was using. Yes, tomorrow would prove to be a productive day.

_The next day_

James walked downstairs, the smell of Lily's classic homemade curry drifting up towards him. He reached the foot of the stairs in no time, his nose leading his body. When he rounded the corner of the kitchen he saw her, his wife, cooking a lovely dinner, their two sons strapped into high chairs, waiting patiently for their own, mushed up food.

James' heart ached as he watched the scene. He knew he would miss his son. Harry had been James' favourite, though he would have never admitted it. Little Harrison was a perfect mix of him and Lily, emerald eyes, raven hair, and light olive skin. James found himself wishing he could dispose of Morgan instead, but he knew the light wizard favoured Morgan.

He quietly snuck into the room, pulling his wand out slowly, and casting a silent 'stupefy' at Lily. She fell to the floor quickly, the food still sizzling and the children oblivious to what had happened.

James stooped low, picked up his wife, and placed her on the couch in the living room. Going back into the kitchen, he soon returned with both his children, stunned as Lily was. James looked at his watch. 4:55. It was time.

He moved his leg so it touched Lily, and apparated to the grounds of his former school. James looked down on his family, the earlier guilt creeping into his mind as he stared at his son. Ignoring it for the second time, he placed Lily on the steps leading up to the school, with Morgan next to her.

The walk into the Forbidden Forest was swift and silent, James too afraid that if he slowed he would change his mind. The trees were dark, casting deep onyx shadows that warped the ground below. Thin strings of light filtered through the canopy. The spots where they hit revealing colourful blocks of utopian nature, soon to be eaten or destroyed by the creatures of the forest.

A slightly larger stream of light had battled its way down to the floor. Not two metres from James, the grass glowed a healthy green, with a small clump of dandelions growing despite the cool Scottish air. James placed Harry down on this spot, careful to make sure that he was slightly hidden by the tree roots and longer grass. Subconsciously, James battled with Albus' command. The old-man, unbeknownst to James, had cast a weak Imperius on him, swaying James' opinion more towards the death of his son.

James stood, wiped his hands and began to retreat. He didn't once look back, not until he had exited the forest. Darkness seemed to breed darkness, hidden away from the sun. Harry was a part of that now, there was no turning back from this point on. James' walk to the castle was much slower, as his brain tried to find an answer as to why he had abandoned his son. The answer never came.

_In The Forest_

Harrison Lupin James Potter lay as a huddle of light covered in a blanket of darkness. He had still not awoken from the stupefy his father had cast on him, nor had any other creature discovered his presence. That all changed when the hard stamp of Pegasus hooves, awoke the young wizard. His cries, shrill and desperate, called the riders of the beasts to crowd around him. One of the more feminine riders stepped forwards, her face cloaked as she picked up the boy, cooing him into a peaceful sleep.

The Elven Council were shocked at the actions of Camellia. She was a hard faced elf, who rarely was nice to any but those of her own blood. The elf herself couldn't understand why she had taken to the boy, maybe the birth of her first daughter, Aspen, had made her soft. Camellia's father, High King Foxglove, stepped forwards, realising that their council meeting would need to be postponed, his hood falling as he looked to his daughter.

Foxglove was beautiful, even by elven standards, his light hair, pale skin and deep silver eyes made him a very attractive man. He had ruled over the elves for the last century, and there had never been a better ruler. His just, but fair laws were accepted by most elves, all except the Light Air Elves, however their tribes were few and far between. His reign was coming to an end, and his daughter would soon be crowned queen. Foxglove and his wife, Willow, had already decided to spend their immortality with the tribe of the Dark Ice Elves, in Alaska.

"Daughter, what is it?" Foxglove's voice came out smoothly, as he stared at the child in her arms. The boy was human, tan skinned and dark haired. There was a magic around him, one that seemed far too strong for a babe. Foxglove, along with many of the other council members could sense the bind on the child. It was ruthless, only allowing the child to contact a portion of his magical core. Camellia scowled when she discovered the bind.

"His name is Harrison Lupin James Potter. He is the son of the pure-blood James Potter and the muggle-born Lily Potter née Evans. He also has a twin, Morgan Peter Sirius Potter. From what I can tell, James Potter has left the babe here. I believe he wished him dead." Camellia's frown deepened when she looked deeper into the boy's memories. All the times the Lord Potter had neglected his sons, instead preferring to ignore them. It saddened the elf to know that the mighty house of Potter was headed by someone with such malice.

"We cannot leave him here, Father. He would surely be killed, or worse. I will adopt him, raise him as one of my own. He can be brother to Aspen and one day, be a link between ourselves and the wizards." The treaty between the elves and wizards was a long and ancient one. The wizards knew not of the elves existence, the only hint being that a child may come into their creature inheritance at the age of 16. These inheritances were caused by the reappearance of an elven ancestor's genes. No elf had mated with, or raised a human in the last 700 years.

Foxglove mulled over his options. The Potter child would definitely be a powerful wizard. His magic most likely reaching beyond what anyone could fathom. With him would come a bond with supreme mugwump Albus Dumbledore, a man who Foxglove knew he would have to blackmail into an alliance. Searching deeper into the wizards magic, Foxglove saw what he though was impossible. The boy had grey affinity, and was a Gold Magic user at that.

The way that the tribes in elven lands were split, was by magical affinity and the type of magic the elf used. Foxglove was a Light Elf, and a White Magic user, his affinity to Ice Magic. His daughter Camellia, a Dark Elf, used Green Magic, her affinity to nature. And his mate, Willow was a Dark Elf, with an affinity to Red Magic. Her ability to control emotions and thoughts making her very rare. But even she was more common than Harrison.

His magics wove and cut across each other, layers of Dark and Light blending to make a cylindrical core of Grey Magic. Foxglove knew that inside he would find the boy's affinity. He was not expecting to see a bright shining gold emit from the core. Such was legend only in the elven tribes. There had only been one before with a recorded golden affinity. Adam, the first elf, was said to be a Golden, Light Elf. His powers had allowed him control over all energies and all affinities.

"I believe that would be wise Aspen's birth was a great joy to the high elves. Another elven child in such a short time will surely tip them over the edge." The other elves laughed quietly, pleased to have a new addition to the population. Aspen was the first elf born in the last 4 years, and now they had Harrison, though Foxglove doubted his daughter would let him keep such a human name.

"Pine will be ecstatic. I do wish to rid you of that name though." Camellia thought deeply for a few moments. Her new son's power didn't frighten her, it only made her all the more willing to accept him into her family. The strength of the wood that made her bow came to her.

"Cedar." She whispered quietly to him. Harrison glowed brightly for a few seconds, so bright, in fact, that he disappeared in the golden haze. As it dissipated, he lay there, his now bright golden eyes staring up at his mother with pure love. His skin was paler, yet still held a slight tan. The angles of his face were slightly sharper, marking him as a half elf. As soon as Pine, Camellia's mate, adopted the child, Cedar would become a full elf, gaining all the immortality and power granted along with it. A small cheer rose from the council, but quickly settled at Foxglove's word.

"Camellia, go to Pine, he will want to meet his new son. We will reschedule the meeting for a week's time. I'm sure we all want to celebrate." Foxglove heard the other elves humming agreement, before they mounted their rides and flew back to their own tribes.

"Father, what of Cedar's twin. With the bind on my son's magic removed, the Potter boy's magic will suffer." Camellia's voice was soft, the happiness of gaining a new son shining from her. Foxglove sighed, his thoughts going to his new grandson's twin.

"Yes, his magic will suffer, but as Cedar becomes stronger, the bind will begin to weaken on him too. They share magic, now and forever. That is a bond that will never break.".