Books of My Past
By: Anime Redneck
~ Book One ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In a large house north of the old kingdom sat a silvery-blonde beauty with her legs folded beneath her, a white flowered shaw draped about her shoulders in front of a large white and gold marble fireplace. A few old books stacked to her right; books of different sizes and thickness, color and style. All of them were kept in almost perfect condition, if it wasn't for the little ware and tare from pages being turned a countless number of times of being looked at that is.

One of which sat in her lap being held with the most tender of care with her delicate hands that carefully opened the cover of the book revealing a group photo of twelve young figures in front of a mansion. She smiled in remembrance of that day. "So long ago… yet not that long at all." She murmured.

Unbeknownst to her a pair of six eyes, each a different color peering around her shoulder, trying to see just what she was looking at. Finally, having had enough at the guessing game they decided to make their selves known with a "WHATCHA DOIN' AUNTIE!?"

Scaring the poor woman half to death. Fumbling to catch the photo album she had inadvertently thrown a foot in the air when the sudden outburst came so loudly and so CLOSE to her. Finally catching it and letting her heart rate cool down to a normal, or what seemed to be a normal rate for her; she turned and glared at all the children. "How many times… Have I told you… NOT to do that!?" she yelled her eyes turning a silvery blue fire, a mischievous grin creeping up in place of her frown.

"Uh oh… Auntie… are you feeling alright?" the little black headed boy asked looking to the other kids worriedly as they started to back away from her.

The brown haired child looked around, "You know what happened the last time she got that look don't y'all?" hoping that they did for they didn't get out of that situation so easily.

"Uh huh… I remember…" was followed by 'me too's and 'yeah…' as they kept backing away from the woman who just sat grinning at them her eyes playing color tricks in the dancing orange red flames of the fire.

That was it, looking at the scared and not so sure looks on the children's faces broke her trying to keep a strict façade and made her laugh, laughter that sounded of twinkling crystal bells. So light and full of life as it echoed off the high walls and died with few giggles, trying to keep it under control. "Come now, I wouldn't do that again… You know me." She smiled.

The brown-headed child with a slightly serious looking face stepped forward. "Hai, that's right. 'We know you.' Too well, I think. You and Otousan are a bad combo!"

That caused her eyes to sparkle a little more as her giggles picked back up at the truth of it all. Oh yes, her and 'Otousan' were a terrible duo in deed. A pair you never wanted to see in a room together both with that sparkle in their eyes, for it meant trouble and mischievousness was coming your way. "Oh come now, you know we're not THAT bad… anymore… well okay maybe we are…" she laughed winking to them all.

"Yeah, like I said… bad combo." The brown haired child grinned when he was popped on the butt before sitting in the woman's lap. "So whatcha doin'?"

She looked down smiling the up at all the other faces of the room, seemingly wanting to know the same thing; obviously the reason that they were looking over her shoulder. "Always the curious ones ain't you?" They all nodded smiling. "Alright then, have a seat now and I'll tell you all just what I'm doing." She smiled as well watching them find the right spot to sit and be able to see the book that she held on the lap of the child that sat in her own.

"Know what this is?" she waved a hand to the navy blue clad book.

"Ojisan's [6] and your picture book, right?" said a reddish black haired child said looking up with innocent eyes.

'Auntie' giggled nodding. "Hai Chibi Enkou. [1] Demo it's our 'photo album', though 'picture book' goes well enough for you chibi ones, ne?" She ruffled Chibi Enkou's hair. "Would you all like to know what these books hold? And are about?" she asked looking around to each little bobbing face.

"Yeah!" the answer echoed off the walls and around the corridor attracting other attention then only that of their 'Auntie'.

"Shhh… Don't wake anyone else up now. Let them all sleep in for a little longer." Said looking around for anyone coming in, though knowing how large this place was she was sure if anyone heard it was only three, and one was sure to be up already and drinking coffee over a good book if she knew him well enough. 'And I do.' She mentally laughed to herself.

"These books here, and many more over there." She pointed to the shelves all around the room that held books upon books and framed pictures and nick nacks; but motioned to two main ones that started at her waist level and went about head height. "Hold more photo albums. With many pictures that my mother took along with everyone else you know now. We combined the extras that weren't kept by ourselves, so that future generations, like yourselves, could look and see what has happened in the past."

At their curios looks and tilting heads she giggled. "Their photo albums of past events. Books of my past… of our past… if you'd like to call them; And each, has a different time and setting for them. I remember them well." She looked up from the book in her lap and murmured, "Like it was yesterday really."

"And what happened yesterday Auntie?" the blonde haired child asked scratching her head thinking about what had happened yesterday. "We made cookies with Obasan J [7], and read with Ojisan T… Did something else happen?"

Auntie smiled at her. "Hai Chibi Jouka, [2] You ate lunch and feasted well too." She winked giving the 'V' for victory sign they all knew too well. "Iie, little one, I mean I can *remember* the past like it was yesterday."

"Ohhhhh….." was the group reply.

"Here lets look through them, shall we?" they all nodded their heads fastly as she opened the soft navy blue covered photo album, turning it to where they could all view it well enough. In it the first picture was of a group of young kids in skates that she had been looking at earlier before they scared the life force outta her.

"Who are they Auntie?"

"Look closely at them and think about it. Who do they look like?"

They all moved closer to the picture thinking to themselves before the one sitting on her right shouted, "YOU! And others…?"

She nodded, "Hai me and my friends, which you ALL know more then well enough." She giggled at her own joke. Sure the kids knew them more then well enough, after all she wasn't their 'Auntie' by blood; More so an adoptive 'Auntie' for them.

"Would you like to hear the story behind this one?" they all nodded silently.

"Alright then, here we go…" she moved the child in her lap around and positioned herself to where she wasn't sitting on her legs anymore but on her bottom Indian style and started once the brown headed child had sat back down in her lap. "This was taken back a few months after we all met up." She chuckled. "It was a strange day and funny. We were all at the same place, a parking garage no less."

"What were you doing there Auntie?"

She closed her eyes remembering the day. "Well… it was hot that day, we were bored and found a abandoned five story parking garage and decided to gear up and head over to have some fun…" she trailed off letting the memory come back to her again.

~ * ~ * ~

On a hot summer day two years after the wars had ended in the Sanq Kingdom, things were being rebuild that had been destroyed and warriors that fought in the war were trying to find other things to do to keep them from being eternally bored. As was the case with a bunch of kids on the top floor of an abandoned five story parking garage skating around talking and taunting one another as normal kids would…

"Come on! Do it!" a brown haired girl yelled laughing.

"She probably will but she's chicken, aren't ya?"

Another started flapping her arms around like chicken wings while skating about the one in question. "Balk! Balk! Chicken!"

"Grr I AM NOT!"

"Then why don't ya just go girl? It's not like we won't be right behind ya. Ya know?" her friend gave thumbs up winking.

"Well yea, I know THAT, but look over there…" she pointed to another 'up ramp' in the car garage to where some guys in skates were looking to be having the same discussion.

"Well whatta ya know? We aren't alone after all…" the tall girl turned to the others grinning, "Lets to listen in on them…"

"What about…" one twirled her finger around in the air moving it downward, "ya know?"

"Well come on! Maybe we can see what their up to and challenge them or something." The other winked grinning.

"Well now that's a thought Watson." She started skating away from them backwards, "Well what are you waiting for? Lets go!" with that they all turned and skated quietly as they could to just a few yards behind the guys to hear what was being said.

~ * ~ * ~

"Wuss…" a medium height boy taunted the one with black on.

"Naw, he's chicken."

"Guys please, lets just go already?" another pouted really wanting to get a move on.

The other looks around and nods. "Sure."


"I am NOT! Man shut up!"

"Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!" he started running away from the boy chasing him while still calling him a chicken. Leaving the others to sweat-drop at them.

~ * ~ * ~

The girls laughed quietly at them. "Hey they remind you of anyone?" one asked pointly looking to two others.

"No they do- HEY! I resent that!" they laughed.

"Oh come on, you know it's true. Don't pretend it ain't true."

"Yeah girlfriend fess up."

Two looked at one another and shrugged then grinned. "Okay, it's not true." They said at once and laughed.

"Opps." They look looked to the boys that had shut up in the recent seconds after their laughter. "I think we were too loud gals."

~ * ~ * ~

"We aren't alone." A dark brown-headed boy nodded his head in the direction of the laughter to indicate the light blue cloth that was sticking out from behind a light pole.

"Well whatta ya know! He's a pointer!" the other brown haired boy laughed at his friend.

"He also kills." Another pointed out.

"Oh yeah." The other promptly shut up.

A blonde haired boy skated forward a little between them and to the right, closer to where the cloth was sticking out. "Please come out. We won't hurt you."

There was a scoffing sound from behind the pole of two tones. "Yeah right, y'all hurt us? You'd have a hell of a time doing that now wouldn't they?"

"Ohh you bet they would. Wouldn't lay a finger on me." Another joined in.

"Onna's? Their weak onna's?" the black haired boy thought aloud.

There was a silent gasp from behind the pole, "He didn't just call us 'weak onna's' did he?"

There was a chuckle, "Yup he did."

"Why I outta…" one trailed off only to come around the side of the pole reveal a young girl around the age of seventeen, hair of black silk and reddish hue, eyes of fiery violet and a perfect body frame. Charging on her skates towards the group of boys, searching their eyes for the one that dared call them onna's, her of all people.

"Alright, which one was it!? Come on speak up! You don't go callin' me a weak onna and get away with it!" she sped up more then skidded to a halt in front of the two guys that didn't back away from her or come up with them. "So who was it?"

"Hey are they kawaii?" cam a call from behind the pole.

The black haired girl looked back and smirked. "Hai kinda. Why wanna look?"

"YOU BET!" came three cried from behind the same pole but only sent two people flying around either side of it. One was tall with chocolate brown hair that had hints of green in it held in a high ponytail with a hunter green shirt with pink roses on it, dark green above the knee shorts on. The other had hair the color of the suns setting golden rays tied back in a orange bow from her face leaving the rest free falling to her hips, a glittering orange shirt with hearts on it, red shorts and her blue skates.

"Wow… check out the hunks!" she smiled winking at them.

The others rolled their eyes at her but the brown haired girl winked too. "Which one?" she asked looking them over.

The blonde haired boy looked around at the three girls in front of him wonderingly. "Umm excuse me but are their-"

"You guys will never change I promise you that." came a soft almost shy voice as yet another girl skated around the pole with more grace then the first three. Her blue hair and eyes shinning in the sun, her eyes holding vast knowledge and happiness; She wore a light blue shirt that had pictures of rain drops all on it with dark blue shorts and skates. "Konnichiwa Minna." She greeted them sliding to a halt on the right of the brown haired girl.

"-any more of you back there?" the blonde headed boy finished his cut off question.

"Yeah, any more babes back there?" 'Wow! Never seen this many in one place before! Check out the brown haired girl! WOOWEE!' the brown haired boy wearing a black and gold shirt, black shorts and had blue eyes skated forward a bit more thinking and admiring.

"Gomen ne for interrupting you, demo hai, there is one other back there…" the blue haired girl answered him.

"Yeah, I think she's being shy, which isn't really her style, she's usually out going and hyper… Wonder why she's shy now?"

"Weak onna."

The black haired girls head snapped his way. "What did you just call her!?!" her eyes started taking on the look of a fiery blaze, one could almost swear there was a look of heat vapor surrounding her body at the moment; one touch and you'd get burned.

"Now, now… please miss, calm down. He didn't mean anything by it."

"I hope not buddy boy 'cause she'll hurt 'im for sure." The blonde laughed looking from her friend to the black haired boy that looked Chinese to her.

"Yeah right a weak onna like that?" he turned his back to them arms crossed over his chest. "Don't make me laugh."

"Why… you!" the black haired girl spun half around bringing up her rollerbalde clad foot to meet with the back of his neck barely touching it. She grinned at the shocked faces of the guys and smirks or smiles on the girls faces. "Take it back baka."

"I won't."

She pressed her foot further into his neck, the weight of the skate weighing her leg down making it start to hurt a little, but she was ignoring it, not standing for her or her friends to be called weak. "I said take it back!"


The brown haired boy chuckled. "He's a little stubborn."

"You're telling us!" the blonde laughed. There was a giggling from behind them making all turn around, or drop their foot to do so and stare at the light pole where little bits of blue and pink were sticking out. "You gonna come on out or hide back there all day girlfriend?"

The other brown haired boy skated up by the blonde girl, "Who's that?"

She smiled at him before looking back over at the pole. "That, my dear boy would be our Hi- umm best friend. Right girls?" asked sweat dropping over the almost mistake.

"Yep, the one that brought us all together and outta our shells… so to speak. She's our gal!" she giggled. "Come on! Lets get goin' already! It's not like the sun stays up all day you know."

"Could if she wanted it to." One whispered to anther smirking as she nodded.

"Oh alright…" came a angelic voice that laughed at her friends sounding like crystal bells twinkling in the silence of night, like nothing could cover up that laughter's sound. As they watched the shadow move on the ground they first saw strands of golden hair like that of the suns bright rays during the day, shining in the light like woven gold. Turning their gazes from ground to head height when the shadow became larger they saw the face to the voice. Angelic as it sounded, heart shaped, eyes closed smiling, her hair fluttering in the breeze in two long strands that fell like water falls from two buns on either side of her head. Donned in a pink tank top with little silver stars on it that showed a little of her tummy as it waved around in the light breeze and navy blue shorts that went to mid thigh being held up by a sparkling silver belt and crescent moon buckle. Had she of had wings they would have called her an angel fallen from the clouds of Heaven; landed on Earth to shine her light on all she met.

She opened her eyes when only a few yards from them showing a shining rich blue, like that of the sky; eyes that held humor and mischievousness, love compassion and years of knowledge beyond that of the age she looked. She raised her right hand wagging a finger towards her friend. "Now how many times must I ask ya not to fight Rei-chan?" she giggled at her friends frowning face. "Awww come on, he looks like you'd whip him before he started to stretch." She winked letting all know she was only truly playing.

"Look an angel…" one pointed to her.

She giggled looking around. "Really? Where?" stopped looking around and laughed as they were all looking at her. "Guess I must of lost my wings at Fifth and Main then. ::chuckles:: Guess we can swing back later and look for them, ne?" The others laughed nodding. "So who are our new found friends Minna?" she looked around to each finding they all wore 'Like we know that.' kind of looks. "Oh yeah…" she turned to them. "So how are y'all doin'? And who are y'all?"

They all looked to the guys stepping back to give them all room. The blonde headed boy stepped forward and bowed to them. "I'm Quatre Raberba Winner and these are my friends!" he smiled pointing to the dark brown-headed boy. "That's Heero Yuy." He gave a 'Hn.' and curt nod of his head. "Over there is Trowa Barton." He pointed to a boy with brown hair coving half his face he just nodded to them. "The one that keeps calling everyone 'weak onna' is Chang Wufei." He nodded to them as well. "And that one there is-"

"The great Shinigami!! Duo Maxwell!" he bowed giving them a wide grin sweeping one arm in front of him while doing so. "The pleasure to meet such lovely babes is all mine!" he chuckled stepping back winking.

"He's a fun one ain't he?" the girls giggled nodding at their friend.

The 'Angel' stepped up and bowed slightly to them smiling. "It's great to meet all of you too! Let me introduce my friends then. This fiery maiden here to my left is Rei Hino, Priestess in training." She pointed to the black haired girl that had red hues in it; she bowed and greeted them, "Konnichiwa."

"This one to Rei's left is Minako Aino, local nut and actor to be." Minako hopped up spinning once and bowed laughing, "Yep! That's me! Hiya!" 'Angel' shook her head smiling "Silly." She giggled pointing to her right. "This is Makoto Kino, a great friend with great strength." She winked up to Makoto as her friend smiled down then bowed to the boys, "Nice to meetcha!" 'Angel' peered around Makoto and pointed to the blue haired girl. "And to Makoto's right is Ami Minzo, brains of our little group." She giggled as Ami flushed a light pink and bowed. "Pleasure to meet you all."

"And I'm-" she was cut off by Minako jumping forward, "And SHE'S Usagi Tsukino!! The best friend anyone could ask for with the biggest heart of all! She's really, really a great friend!!" she laughed when she looked back to Usagi who was turning a nice shade of red from the praise. She knew she was a good friend, but thought that was taking it a bit far. She nodded and bowed again. "Hai, that's me."

"Bunny of the Moon?" Heero questioned raising his eyebrow ever so slightly in question.

Usagi laughed putting one hand behind her head, "Ah well my parents love the moon and I love bunnies so it kinda worked out, ne?" they all nodded and sighed happily when Heero didn't push the subject anymore. "So what'll y'all doin' up here hmm?" grinning a mischievous smile leaning towards them a little.

"Umm, well we were just… uh skating?" the one named Quatre offered smiling, not really knowing if that look in her eyes was a good thing or not.

"Oh yeah? So were we, we were gonna race down the ramp over there, demo chicken over here ::points to Usagi:: wouldn't go down the ramp, then saw y'all." Makoto told them skating around in circles being bored just sitting there.

Usagi stopped studying each of the guys and started skating after Makoto. "OI! I'm NOT a chicken! I was just thinking, then I saw them… so PTTTHHH!" she stuck out her tongue blowing a raspberry at her making the other giggle.

"We were thinking the same thing, but Winner over there's a chicken too."

"Hey now, I am not! I was just umm… buying time to see if I could figure a way down safely." He said kindly turning a light shade of pink for having all the attention on him.

"Now, now chill out man. How about we all race down it in twos?" Rei said skating around Duo once then around the hole group.

Ami skated around the ramp opening looking down it as if studying it. Still looking down she skated back over to the others whom had all started to skate around here and there with idle chat. She looked up and nodded. "Hai, we can all skate down it in twos, side by side if there was a want to or room for passing someone up. We wouldn't get hurt from it." She paused thinking, "And there's plenty of room at the bottom to skate around to a stop since we'll be picking up some great speed on the way down."

"Thank you Ami-chan for the scanned analysis." Usagi giggled skating around and through the group of people.

"Well lets do it then… That is, if the two chickens are up for it." Makoto teased.

"I'M NOT A CHICKEN!" Duo and Usagi laughed at the same time after yelling it.

"Sure, sure, anyways! LETS GO!"

"ARIGHT! Grab a partner and LETS SKATE!!!" Mina cheered grabbing Quatre by the arm skated to the ramp once they were two foot down it she let his arm go and waved quickly at the others. "SEE YA AT THE BOTTOM!!!" her voice faded, as they got further down the ramp.

Trowa smiled a small faint one sticking his arm out to the nearest girl, that just happened to be Ami, "Well, shall we?" he asked the slightly blushing girl who gave a mute nod smiling. Linking her arm through his they both skated to the ramp heading down a few feet let go of each other's arms like Minako and Quatre did.

"Alrighty then I'll take stubborn then! Need to have a few words with him anyways!" with that Rei skated for the black headed boy she found out to be Chang Wufei and grabbed his arm with a vice like grip letting him know he wasn't getting away from her before she had a few words with him. Three foot down the ramp the others watched as she let his arm go as he scowled at her between watching where he was skating and Rei yelling at him, "You listen here mister 'I'm Holier then thou!' We ain't weak! What grounds…" her yelling trailed off with their descent.

Duo looked around to the remaining three people and grinned. "You don't think their trying to tell up anything do you?"

Makoto looked from Duo to Heero then back to Duo. "Umm gee ya think!? Come on and lets go!"

"Hey don't have to tell me twice! See ya buddy!" he waved linking arms with Lita they skated to the ramps and down a few feet un-linked their arms laughing and kidding one another as they went down.

Usagi turned to Heero who had his eyes closed, his arms still crossed and studied him a minute, not really sizing him up, but more of a trying to figure him out kind of studying. He seemed withdrawn from the others, alone and well quiet. 'Like that other boy almost; what was his name? Change Wufei was it?' she shrugged guessing they just liked being quiet and alone or something. Not that it was any of her business, she didn't even know them but for their names.

She skated up to him quietly, not wanting to scare or startle him in anyway, not knowing how he would react. Tentatively she reached out and gently patted his shoulder to get his attention, skating back a foot or so after doing so. She only had to wait a few seconds before his eyes opened revealing a dark mysterious shade of Prussian blue.

"Hn." He eyed her over once as if giving a quick study of an opponent or foe.

She smiled brightly at him if not a bit unsurely, "Umm, we're the only ones left… We should get going, ne?" at his nod she skated over putting her arm through his turning him around to the ramp and headed down it. She was a bit unsteady at first when they had gained more speed so held onto his arm for support giving him a thankful smile before slowly letting go of him a minute after and skated on her own by him, sometimes getting a bit ahead of him or lagging behind him, but never enough to say she 'left him.'

She tried to start up a conversation with him, "So where do you live Heero-san?" No answer, only a quick eye movement to look at her so fast she wouldn't of caught it if it wasn't for her looking at him at the time. "Okies… So ya known the others for very long?" Hoping to get a response with that one. To her surprise he gave a short nod. "Ryoumi! Longer then two years?" He nodded again. "Hmm… four years?" he nodded. "Wow, longer then four years… How long *have* you known them for Heero-san?"

'Too many questions, it's getting annoying, like that baka Duo.' Heero thought glancing at her while she was looking forward at where she was going, which was just an eternal spiral downwards. He almost shook his head at that thought. To him all questions were annoying if they didn't have to be asked, but though he thought them annoying, he knew she was only trying to be polite, which he couldn't hate her for; being that it was probably her nature. As was his to be aloft and cold; however despite that side of himself he chose to answer that one rather then having her keep shooting out guesses. "Ten years."

She almost stumbled in her skating at the answer. "Ten years? Wow… that's a lot." She pondered for a minute, "I've known Rei-chan for about that long, maybe only nine years. The other girls I've known for about six years." She smiled in remembrance. "We met in such different situations, ya know?" she tilted her head to the side and looked at him. "How about you and the guys? How'd y'all meet?"

"Fighting." He answered with only one word that spoke the truth, yet not the whole truth. They had met fighting, a long time ago it seemed, and yet he couldn't tell her all of it, or anyone. Why? He didn't really know that himself; a question he often asked himself, knowing the wars were over, there wasn't any threats now. So why couldn't he tell anyone about that?

She stared at him. "Fighting? Ashikarazu to hear that Heero-san." She paused looking down as they skated 'round and 'round the spiral downward then looked up. "Fighting isn't easy, and not something everyone wants to do, demo sometimes, they have to. You know? It's sad really. Not everyone really knows what happens when people fight, just what the TV tells them, and even then it isn't the whole gruesome truth of it."

Heero looked at her again, scanning her face for truth or lie of what she just said, to see if she believed it or not herself. "What do you know of war or fighting?"

She smiled grimly, "It's a evil thing, yet has to happen if one wants to achieve peace, like we have now. Without the fighting that was done, or the honorable deaths of the warriors, then we would not have this peace that we do now, ne?"

He nodded. "True." 'Very smart… for a blonde.' He smirked.

"Gomen for the lame talk, just not sure what to talk about. Which is strange 'cause I always have something to say. Ya know? Guess it's just you seem the type to be left alone, and I didn't want you to think I'm just a blabber mouth or anything, or a stupid blonde." She laughed, "Like I'm blabbering now I guess."

He smirked again not saying anything but giving a slight nod of his head in agreement and understanding.

"Well how 'bout and hurry up a little more and catch up to the others? They're probably at the bottom already. COME ON!!" she linked her right arm through his left again and started dragging him with her faster down the ramp, him never loosing speed and keeping up with her without problems.

~ * ~ * ~

"What's taking them!?" Rei silently fumed as she reached the bottom of the ramp flying past the others, going out a ways before circling around and coming back, allowing the extra distance to slow herself down, Wufei doing the same a few feet behind her.

"Chill out pyro! You just got down here girl. Lita and Duo went next and they're not down here yet. They're not taking that much time. So chill." Mina laughed at her raven-haired friend.

"Really Rei-chan, you can be too hard on that girl. She's not as tough as you are demo she has a strong will and heart; is very funny and kawaii! Those are her strong points." Ami tilted her head to the side thinking. "Though she could be on time a little bit more often."

That got a few giggles and chuckles from the people present at the bottom as they aimlessly skated around waiting for the others to get down there. Within' five minutes Duo and Makoto skated in breezing past everyone and doing the same thing as Rei and Wufei had done but turned around more then once making a figure eight before skidding to a stop a few feet away from the others.

"Hey guys! Miss me?" Duo asked grinning cheekily.

Wufei glared at him and muttered, "Baka."

"Nice to know you still love me man!" Duo grinned and started skating backwards to get away from Wufei who was starting to inch forward towards him with a evil glint in those onyx eyes of his. "Uh hey man… I was uh… just kidding…" he kept backing away.

"I'm not Maxwell." Wufei said calmly picking up his pace and racing for Duo who gave a "EEEPPPPP! HELP!!!" before turning around and skating the right way away from Wufei yelling his apologies trying to get the fuming Dragon off his braid.

~ * ~ * ~

Usagi giggled as she clutched Heero's arm a little tighter now that they were going faster then she'd of liked to be going at the moment. She was pretty sure had she let go of his arm she'd be either flat on her face or bottom with scratches or cuts end bruises galore. "Friends of yours?" she asked raising one golden eyebrow at the male yelling she could hear better the closer they got to the bottom.

"Hn. The baka and Wufei."

"Umm, are they always like this? Chasing each other around I mean?" she questioned.

He nodded, "Hn."

"Oh." She thought a second before grinning up to him before looking back ahead so she wouldn't loose footing. "Are you sure they don't secretly love each other?" she laughed.

Heero glanced down at the girl holding his left arm tightly and raised an eyebrow of his own before letting out a low rich sound, that slowly got louder and louder, though not loud enough for anyone not standing right with them to hear it.

Usagi looked up and smiled wider. 'He's laughing!' mentally cheering that she got some kinda reaction out of him besides another 'Hn' and a headshake or nod.

Before they knew it they shot outta the ramps bottom entrance past everyone else in a blur of dark and light colors, going farther then the others had due to their greater speed, turned a few times and split off in different directions. Usagi headed over to a laughing Mina and Makoto while Heero shot straight for Duo and Wufei.

Coming up behind Wufei he tapped his shoulder hard enough to relate to him to knock it off. Wufei growled at not being able to catch the baka and went to where the others were standing and sitting leaving Heero to Duo.

Picking up more speed with each push of his legs Heero picked up enough speed to coast up behind Duo, yank on his braid, about face and headed back to the others while Duo yelled stumbling and eventually fell on his butt cursing about injustice of being picked on. The laughter behind him made him turn a little red as he got up rubbing his sore behind; turning around slowly he saw the faces of all the girls smiling or laughing at him; the guys were standing there smirking, one ticked off and one trying to hold in the laughter.

"Alright, alright! Lets just ALL laugh it up now!" he said still rubbing his sore bottom as he made his way over to them, the closer he got the louder the laughter became.

"It's alright Duo-san. Don't worry, we won't laugh at you anymore." Usagi snickered, "I mean we're not laughing at you, we're laughing *with* you!" she laughed at his non-believing look.

"Man I'm hungry!" Mina broke the laughter.

Ami nodded, "As am I."

"ME TOO!" Duo immediately cheered up at the mention of food. "I KNOW! How about we head over to Quatre's place and eat!? He's got plenty of stuff and room! How 'bout it Quatre my man?" he grinned knowing that he wouldn't turn them down.

"Ah well, we don't want to impose on you. We can go to Makoto's house and fix something to eat there…" Ami suggested and Makoto nodded in agreement.

Quatre waved his hands about. "No, no it's alright. You wouldn't be imposing at all. I really do have more then enough space and things to eat. It's not a problem at all." He assured them all.

"See! So lets go already!"

Makoto looked around a minute then settled her gaze on Quatre. "Umm would it be alright if I cooked something for all of us?" she looked around at the questioning faces of the guys.

"Don't worry! She's a GRREAT COOK! She's going to be a chef someday!" Usagi cheered slapping Makoto on the back lightly grinning, just anticipating the great lunch she'd have in an hour.

"Alright then, lets go on to my house!" Quatre started leading the way with everyone following.

'Can't wait that long… can't wait that long…' Duo chanted over and over in his head, before grabbing a surprised Makoto's hand and dragging her ahead of the group yelling over his shoulder, "WE'LL MEET YOU THERE!!" and like a flash they were up and street and around the corner within seconds.

"Well that's Duo for you, always one for food." Quatre commented.

"Sounds like some on-" a hand was clamped over Minako's mouth. "Don't even say anything girl." Usagi whispered in her ear.

Ten minutes later they came up to a large mansion in the upside of the Kingdom. Everyone stared in awe at Quatre's home. "You live here?" Ami asked not meaning to sound rude.

"Yes I do. Do you like it?"

Usagi nodded mutely, "It's great… wow! Bet you could play hid and seek in there for a week and never find anyone huh!?" she asked like a little kid again, her playful side never leaving her.

Quatre smiled, "Actually yes you can. When I was little my sisters and I would do just that and not find each other for a day or two."


"Come on inside." Trowa's quiet voice said from the front door where Wufei and Heero had already gone into the house. "Duo might eat all the food if we don't hurry." He advised.

"WHAT!?NO WAY!" Usagi yelled running past him with a "excuse me!" she followed her nose to the food.

"That girl… Well lets go." Mina smiled as she and Ami followed the rest into the house staring at everything inside of it. The walls were lined with portraits of young girls and shelves where here and there lined with more pictures, books and vases. Plush chairs sat facing another on the ends of two large couches, obviously the living room.

After having been given a quick tour of the bottom floor they entered the kitchen to see Usagi and Duo helping Makoto finish up with the lunch she was making, sandwiches, of different kinds, hoping to please everyone with side plates of chips and dip with coke sitting out. "Well I hope that everyone likes it? I didn't know what you all liked so I made a little of everything…" she trailed off smiling at them.

They all nodded and gave their words of a meal well prepared and started to dig in. An hour later they were cleaning the kitchen up and started watching a movie. An hour after the movie was over all the girls said they had to go.

"It was great meeting you all! I hope we'll run into each other again sometime!" Usagi said standing up and stretching her legs, before sitting back down and strapping back on her roller blades.

"Yes, I had a lovely time." Ami stretched and followed Usagi in putting her blades back on.

"Well it was great meeting you all as well. Please come back when you'd like to. We're always here. Maybe we can go skating later on?" Quatre called over his shoulder returning from the other room with a camera.

"It was great babes! Come on back now ya hear?" Duo grinned winking to them.

Makoto winked back with Mina giving her 'V' for victory sign giggling. "Sure thing hun! Need anyone to cook for ya, just come find me."

Quatre walked to the door opening it, "Come on outside everybody. I want to get a picture of us all." They all nodded and skated and walked to the front door. "Rasid? Could you please come take a picture of us all?" he asked the tall well built Arabian looking man who was standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Rasid bowed slightly, "Sure Master Quatre." And followed his young master and his friends out the front door, watching them arrange themselves for the picture. "Ready now?" he asked in his deep voice.

"READY!!!" they all yelled back with laughter.

"One… Two… three!" he snapped the button on the camera and smiled to them all. "Here you go Master Quatre." He handed the camera back over to Quatre who smiled kindly at him.

"Thank you Rasid." He turned back to the girls. "I guess we'll see you all around sometime! Take care and be careful!" said waving to them smiling.

"Yeah! Come on back sometime soon!! We can have another go on the ramp or something!" Duo yelled smiling widely as he too waved. The other three remained quiet with a short wave of nod of their head to the departing girls.

"You know we will! I can feel it!" Rei called back as she turned to wave at them, then back around and skated off.

"Yeah! We'll meet up again, no doubt!" the others all waved as one turned around and skated after Rei, "JA NE MINNA!!" They all yelled together as they faded into the setting sun on their way home.

~ * ~ * ~

"And that's how we all met. Pretty neat huh?" the silvery blonde goddess smiled down to the children seated around her.

"YEAH! That was neat Auntie Sere!" the little dark blue haired child said clapping her hands in delight.

A boy with brown hair that was shoulder length gave a cheeky smile, "Way cool Auntie!"

"Why thank you Monika [3], Dankan [4]. I'm glade that you all liked it." She peered down to the boy sitting in her lap. "How about you Micchi [5]?? Like it as well?"

The boy turned his blue eyes towards his mother and nodded. "Hm, it was good! Thought it'd be a little different, demo I liked it Okaasan!" he gave her a hug before jumping up from her lap and announcing "I'm hungry!"

His Okaasan [8] smiled and stood up stretching. "Mmm, so am I, lets go see if you ol' Obasan Makoto is up shall we? Bet she can cook us up a great meal!" she smiled at all the children as they nodded quickly and rushed outta the room before she got halfway to the door, to see if their Obasan Makoto was up because they were kids, and they were hungry.

She laughed as they turned the corner. She picked up the book and laid it on top of the stack. "Later… later I'll flip back through it." She whispered to herself turning and headed for the door herself not wanting to have them eat all the great food.

She got about three feet from the door when someone slipped their arms around her waist pulling her closer, to them, laying their head on her shoulder. "Great story Okaasan…" he whispered in a deep voice.

She wrapped her hands around his smiling. "Why thank you Otousan [9]… I thought it was very well retold, if I do say so myself." She turned around in his hold and stared into his eyes and grinned. "You do know that our son thinks we're a 'bad combo' right?" he nodded smirking making her giggle. "Well as long as you know dear" closing her eyes she leaned forward and kissed him lightly pulling away when her tummy growled.

He chuckled, "Guess they weren't the only ones hungry, ne?" he asked receiving a light slap to his arm. "Wha-hey!"

She grinned up to him with sparkling eyes, "Be nice or no treats…" with that she gave him a peck on his lips, turned lifting up her dress so she wouldn't trip and gracefully jogged outta the room, her crystal laughter bouncing off the walls followed by the clanking of her heals on the floor.

"No treats?" the man stood there puzzled for a minute for before realizing he'd just been tricked again. "Bunny!" he yelled walking outta the room quickly without making a sound following her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Chibi = Little
1. Enkou = Flame
2. Jouka = Love song
3. Monika = Monica
4. Dankan = Duncan
5. Micchi = Mitch
6. Ojisan = Uncle
7. Obasan = Aunt
8. Okaasan = Mom
9. Otousan = Dad