Books of My Past
~ Book Two ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sound of laughter and clanking dishes met his ears as he entered the dinning hall to see his wife and Makoto dishing out the food to the hungry starving kids that were joking with them about things he couldn't hear.

Stopping and leaning against the doorframe on his right shoulder, crossing his arms in front of his chest he watched them from afar. The other side of the room gave a great ways to watch them and listen to their laughter, without them seeing him unless they turned around to look at the double doors to which he was leaning.

He wondered what he had done to gain such a loving family, great son and wonderful friends. All his life he'd not been around people like this. Then one day, seemingly by the grace of God he met up with the people he knew now. 'Must have been luck that we met that day.' He chuckled silently to himself remembering the retelling of the day they all met.

He had to admit that she'd gotten it to a 'T' even if she forgot that the movie they watched was 'Platoon'. 'Leave it to the baka to pick a war movie.' He thought with a chuckle. 'Uh oh...' he raised an eyebrow watching as Chibi Enkou started to chase around Chibi Dankan with his butter knife. He had to try his best not to laugh when Makoto started yelling for Enkou to stop it while Sere was just laughing it up trying to stop her laughter to help Makoto out.

"Chibi Enkou! Stop that!" she laughed, "Stop being like you know who!"

"But Auntie Sere! He started it!" Enkou yelled back.

"Wha-huh!? I did not!! I'm Innocent!" Dankan shouted right back grinning widely.

"Some how I don't believe that Dankan." Sere said calmly smiling at the boys.

Makoto sighed looking like she was about to run around the serving table to chase after them. "Boys..." said warningly, "Dankan! You better stop young man!"

Dankan stopped for a split minute staring at her. "Demo Okaasan!" he started to whine glancing behind him, "AAAAHH!!" he started running again at the approaching Enkou.

Makato sighed again starting to go around the table when she felt a hand placed on her shoulder stopping her. "But..." she trailed off looking to a smiling face.

"Let me."

Makoto nodded. "Alright, if you think you can stop them. They're always doing this... And their only FOUR!" she giggled wondering how they picked up their fathers habits at such a young age.

"Alrighty here goes..." Sere closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again. "Moons light shining bright, lay your hand on these two this night." She watched as the two kids in question started taking on a silvery glow never stopping in their tracks. "Still them there here and now, place them where they shall be found." Grinning widely she watched as they were picked up in mid air and floated to sit at one of the separate tables wearing looks of astonishment, wondering how that just happened.

Makoto slapped her friends back. "Now that's a hell of a way to get them to stop fighting now ain't it?" she laughed as she and Sere went back to handing out the rest of the food.

"Yep, leave it to the master to break things up around here." She grinned winking.

* ~ * ~ *

From the doorway where their Otousan was leaning, he wore a broad smile at the happenings. Their were many chases around this castle that were stopped by parents yelling or an occasional magic hand here and there that split things up quiet well. 'Never a dull moment around here.' He thought closing his eyes, opening them he started to take a step forward only to stop, turn around on a dime to face three people; he nodded to them.

"Hey buddy! What's kickin'?" the first grinned widely.

The second shook his head muttering, "Baka." while nodding his head in return at him.

"Ohayo Heero-sama!" the third greeted bowing slightly, her dark red hair falling off her shoulders covering her face as she did so. "How are things going this morning?"

"Ohayo Rei-san." He nodded his head to the side indicating to the dinning hall. "Well their serving breakfest." At the mention of food a pair of blue eyes lit up, "Chibi Enkou took a butter knife and started to chase Chibi Dankan around the hall." He chuckled looking from the two men to the girl and back.

One frowned, "See man! I told you, you were a bad influence on that boy!! Dang! Now even he's chasing Dankan around!"

"Shut up Maxwell. Your boy probably did something to provoke Enkou. As always."

"What'd you say!? Come here and say it to my face chicken!" Duo taunted.

"Alright, come here then."

Rei stepped between them, "Boys chill out. Your both a bad influence on those two with the way your always fights and chasing each other it's no wonder they do it to." She turned around, "Right Heero-sama?" but he wasn't there any longer, during the minor spat he slipped away quietly into the hall. She found him now standing behind her queen whispering into her ear, making her giggle and smile.

She turned back to the boys. "Your both bakas and that's it! Get in there, get your food, sit and eat. If you fight, I'm gonna ignite a fire under your rears. Got it?" she pointed her index finger at them forming a small flame in warning; smiling to herself she entered the room to talk with her friends.

"Umm... You don't think she'd actually do that... Do you?"

He smirked, "You know she would." Getting a nod from the other they both entered the hall following her.

~ * ~ * ~

"Nice job there."

Sere turned around to smile at her love, "Why thank you!" she looked to both boys that were trying to move anything below their hips and not succeeding at it.

Heero glanced over at them shaking his head in wonder. "What did you do to them?"

Makoto looked over at them and smiled seeing Heero. "Hey guy! What's goin' on?" she moved Sere outta the way and gave him a small hug before dishing out the last kids plate.

He returned it if not a little bit awkward still, "Good. Just watching the nuts run around in here." He nodded his head to the two not being able to move around.

Makoto raised her fist shaking it lightly, "Hey now that's my kid you're talking about!"

Sere nodded stepping up and placing her right hand on her friends shoulder. "I know Mako-chan, but he is Duo's kid." She couldn't help but to laugh when Makoto nodded to her.

"Good point."

"What is?" the others walked up behind them.

"Huh?" Makoto turned around. "Hey Duo, Rei-chan, Wufei-san! What's kickin'?" she smiled to them and at Duo who stepped up giving her a hug and small kiss.

"Not much. Heard Enkou tried to kill Dankan again?" Wufei raised an eyebrow glancing at the two seated eating their meal.

"Yeah, so who won?" Rei winked at Sere and grinned when Makoto and Duo frowned at her. "What?" she shrugged innocently, "That boy could whip Dankan any day of the year."

"Shaw... you wish girly girl! Dankan's smart... when he wants to be." Makoto chuckled at Duo's frown. "What? It's true."

She patted his shoulder, "Sure it is hun...just like with you." She tried not laughing as she game his shoulder another pat, turned around and fixed them all a plate for breakfest.

"Just like m- HEY!" Duo yelled out staring at the back of her with a shocked face. At his sudden realization at what she meant by her comment, peels of laughter waved through all the adults in the room, and a chuckle or two from the guys.

~ * ~ * ~

Four more people stopped at the door peering in with a raised eyebrow or two, having been drawn there from all the laughter. The sight that met their eyes were eating kids, two struggling to move, five laughing, chuckling adults and one staring at them all in disbelief, looking back and forth to them all saying something they couldn't hear over the laughing.

"Hmm, think we missed out on something here?"

"I think so, yes." A boy nodded.

"We should go see what we missed out on then, it seems like it was rather funny, wouldn't you say dear?" the petit woman turned to the taller man who nodded.

"Well then what we are waiting for!?" the first girl turned to the other three dragging each with either hand and running into the dinning hall like a little kid.

"Huh? Wha-HEY! Slow down!" the one boy yelled while being dragged to his other friends that were already in the dinning hall and laughing.

As they got closer to the others the girl dragging them all started to giggle more. Twenty foot away she started trying to wave with what little of her hand was showing from being wrapped around two people, so switching to her other hand only being looped through one mans arm she started waving and calling to them. "MINNA!! MINNA!!" they didn't hear or turn around to look at her. "MINNA-CHAN!!" still no answer.

She stopped running and yelling, motioning to the others to follow and keep quiet. Tipy toeing around all the small tables with kids, she made her way behind two figures. Slowly creeping up behind them with stealth she'd learned in earlier years before all the peace she started to lay her hands on both shoulders. Laying her right down barely to where the other didn't know it was there, she started to lay her left down on the others shoulder when her hand was grabbed she started to be levitated.

Squealing of 'no fairs' and 'put me downs', she was moved to hover in front of a giggling silvery blonde wearing the most innocent look imaginable. "Why my dear Minako-chan, what *are* you doing in the air like that?" she giggled.

Minako glared at her friend, "Not fair Sere! Put me *down*!" waving her arms and legs about like a fish outta water demanding to be put down.

"Hmm, I don't know girl. I think you look good like that." Makoto joked looking over to her friend. "How long can you keep that up Rei?"

"Heh this? A LONG time, it's not all that hard to do, just have to concentrate." She answered keeping her hands together, her thumbs and index fingers touching the other forming a teardrop shape, her middle and ring fingers linked together with her pinky's touching together forming a pyramid shape.

"Watch this." She said moving her pinky's so they were laced with the others, her thumbs and index fingers still making the teardrop shape. When she did that Minako rose up in the air a few feet. Then she changed her fingers around again this time to where they were all laced together but for her index fingers and her ring fingers, which formed two pyramids. This made Minako float to the ground, once her feet touched lightly on it Rei dropped her hands to her side, letting the spell that held Minako before dissipate and be no more, letting her move on her own free will.

"Wow..." Duo watched it all in what would have been awe if he hadn't seen it before, but now it was more of an amazed look. He could never truly get over how she could do that.

"Man why are you pickin' on me today?" Minako whined before smiling and giving all of them a hug.

"Aww you know we love you Mina-chan! 'Sides you're not the only one that's been getting a taste of magic." Serenity giggled turning to the others that came with her. "Hey there Quatre!" she hugged him smiling.

"Hello Sere-sama." He returned the hug smiling as well. "What do you mean by Mina-chan not being the only one?"

Serenity giggled shaking her head at him. 'Finally got him to drop the Serenity-sama, now it's just Sere-sama... kinda cute though...' she looked to the tall man and smiled a little more beckoning him to come 'down' with a finger.

He chuckled shaking his head a little and bent down to hug her. "Sere, how are you?"

She hugged him tightly standing on her tippy toes smiling. "Hey giant! I'm great thanks. How's it goin' up there?" she kidded with him smiling before looking to the shy girl at his side and smiling. "Hey Amies!" she hugged her friend whispering something in her ear winking and poking her in the ribs causing her to giggle and blush a little.

Batting her best friends hand away she blushed a light pink giggling. "Stop it Sere-chan! By the Goddess you're bad..." she laughed hugging her friend again. "So what's going on in here? We heard all the laughter so we came to see what was going on."

"Yeah, not to mention that everyone was hungry right?" Minako asked.

Quatre smiled, "That's true to."

"Well..." Makoto trailed off leaving the explaining open to anyone who wanted to do so, grinning.

"Enkou took after Dankan with a butter knife threatening him like the baka's do." Heero decided to explain since no one else seemed to be taking the hint.

"Always to the point aren't ya buddy?" Duo asked.

The quartet looked to the two boys in question and didn't notice anything different about them now, no scrapes or anything. "Their not hurt?" Amy said it was more of a question then a statement.

"No they're not, thanks to Sere-chan here." Rei thumbed over to Serenity.

"Huh? How's that Sere?"

"Umm well I just used a wee bit of moon magic and well, put them in their place so to speak." She grinned. "Litterly."

"And made them stay there... look at them man!" Duo pointed to the two that were sitting at different tables, each trying to get up, but not being able to move anything below their stomachs.

"Yup stuck them there so they wouldn't go after it like two others I know of." Serenity rolled her eyes up slightly tipping her head backwards to where Duo and Wufei were standing with Rei and Makoto.

"Oh, I see, good move Sere." Ami nodded to her, "What did you mean by Minako not being the only one picked on?"

"I can answer that one!" came a cheery voice from behind them. All turned to look at a goofily grinning Duo who thumbed over to Rei, "She threatened to 'ignite a fire under our rears' if we didn't behave." He explained with a chuckle.

They all looked to Rei before laughing. "You go girl! Gotta lay down them laws!" Minako cheered jumping up and down slightly.

"Yep that you do. Now if you don't mind." Serenity picked up a plate handing it to Heero then grabbing one for herself she turned to face them at the end of the food table, her tummy growled making her take on a nice hue of pink with a giggle. "We're going to go eat now." With that she took Heero's offered arm and let him lead her to the main table that sat in the front of all the others on a slightly raised platform.

They watched as he pulled out her chair for her and pushed it in a little as she sat down, then sat himself and started eating with her talking about something while he nodded now and then or put a word or two in about it, never saying much.

Makoto turned back to everyone with a shrug, "Well shall we join them?"

"Yeah! I'm starved!!" Mina reached for two plates handing one to Quatre and taking his offered arm with the other leading her to the same table as Heero and Serenity.

"Guess that's a yes." Trowa stated getting two plates as well and leading Ami to the table like the others.

"Yup, lets go Wufei." Rei started walking away with her arm in his, neither had plates.

"Umm... don't y'all like... need your food?" Duo asked scratching the back of his head confused.

"Yes, we do, demo we were going to get them once we sat down, demo since you insist." Rei flicked her free wrist making two plates fly over landing in each of their hands before heading to the table to sit down.

"Guess that makes us last huh?"

"Yep sure does hun so lets go!" Makoto took his arm and started walking to the table with him, once they reached the table and say down she snapped her fingers her eyes closed. There was a light almost faint sound of thunder as two plates from the food table disappeared and reappeared in front of her and Duo. At Duo's questioning look and winked at him and started to eat.

"Maaaannnnn! I wanna be able to do that!!" he whined before digging in.

A few minutes later Chibi Jouka ran up to Minako, "Okaasan! Otousan! I'm done now... Can I go PLAY!? PWEASE!??" she flashed her blue-green eyes to them making a puppy dog face.

Both Minako and Quatre chuckled nodding. "Hai, just be careful."

"If you're all done, you may go play, no fighting though." Serenity called out in her quiet voice laced with a kind commanding tone.

"YEEEAAAA!!!!" they all cheered getting up placing their dirty plates where they went and ran out of the room. All but for two kids; one that turned pleading eyes towards Serenity, and the other turned his defiant questioning eyes towards her.

"I wanna go play too..." Dankan trailed off pouting that he was missing the fun and probably a good joke or two.

Both sets of parents turned to look at Serenity as well, wondering what she'd do, for it was she who broke the two up and were under her spell of immobility.

"Only..." she closed her eyes before opening them again, "If you two promise not to fight again. If not, then you won't be able to attend the next reading, or story time that we have with the picture books." She watched, as they both nodded not wanting to hear more of the tail she told. "Alright then you may both go play now."

The kids looked to one another before trying to get up and were able to. They ran to put their trays up and then ran out of the room, one cheering.

"Think they'll stop the fighting?" Rei asked her.

Serenity looked gazed at her friend and smiled. "What? And miss story time, never!" she nodded, "Hai, they won't fight today... tomorrow is the other question."

"Though since it is only morning, there's a *long* way still to see if they hold that agreement." Trowa spoke quietly noticing the nods of the others.

"Hai and they are a hand full aren't they?" Quatre asked smiling.

Ami looked around the table and smiled, "Mmmhmm, demo their worth it, ne?" the others nodded with smiles of their own, in some cases they just nodded.

"How about we go-" Mina was cut off by Rei's louder speaking, "Sere what did you mean by story time?"

Serenity giggled looking at the table then to all her friends and smiled. "Well... I was looking at the pictures this morning when Micchi and them snuck up on me yelling 'Whatcha doin' Auntie!?' in my ear and scaring me to death." She shook her head sighing over that, "So I told them I was looking at pictures, they asked me what the one of all of us together in front of Quatre's house was about and I told them about the first day we met!" her smile widened.

"Hn and it was a great re-tailing of it too." Heero smirked looking at Duo, "Even the baka falling on his rear muttering." His smirk grew a little bit as Duo frowned at him.

Wufei smirked as well, "That was good."

"Hey now, stop gaining up on me! It's not nice!"


"Am not!"

"Hai, you are."

"NO I'm not!"

"Yes you are."

The girls all shook their heads watching them go back and forth over if he was or was not a wuss. Finally one little lady had had enough. Walking up to the two that were practically nose-to-nose she waited for her moment, which was when Duo 'hmphed' and turned his back on Wufei who did the same. Smirking she opened the palm of her hand placed it between their rears and summoned a medium sized flame.

Duo sniffed the air, "Y'all smell something burning?"


"Hmm wonder what-YEEOOWWW!!! HOT!! HOT!! HOT!!" Duo started dancing around the room fanning his rear end hopping around before falling to the floor sitting and scooting around trying to put it out and cool it off on the cool marble floor.

Wufei just glared at his laughing wife stuffing out the small flame he glared at the others that were laughing at them both. "Onna... that was injustice!" He yelled before stalking out of the room.

Mina jumped up laughing more, " th-that... was injustice!" she tried to imitate him between laughter.

"Oh I'll show him injustice." Rei summoned another smaller ball of flame and sent it out of the room, a few seconds later they all heard Wufei growl loudly making them all high five Rei laughing like they were kids again.

They ate and talked the rest of the hour away, in the end the girls cleaned up chatting away while the guys left to practice out in the western practice field that was specially made to withstand the different powers that each beheld. The kids were off in the playroom laughing it up as they got along building things from the old logs and legos from when their parents were kids; most were from their okaasan's since their otousan's said they didn't play much but they had bought some army toys for the boys to play with. They didn't know why they didn't play much though, that was never divulged to them.

"So what now?" Minako asked putting up the last dried plate into the cabinet that held hundreds of others. She glanced around the massive kitchen that was made for twenty people to work in at once moving around and counter space wasn't a problem with four large islands and counters; cooking wasn't a problem either with the three massive stoves each holding six burners each. Minako smiled, 'Must be why Mako-chan loves this kitchen, she can cook here and not have anyone in her way.'

Makoto took a glance around her cleaned kitchen remembering that lunch again would be on her as she gave the kitchen staff the day off so she could cook for everyone. "Well... how 'bout goin' outside? We could watch the guys? Play a little?" she winked to the others after the 'play a little' hoping they got what she meant.

"Ummm.... Play?" Minako thought aloud before nodding fastly the meaning downing on her now.

Serenity nodded, "Sure I'm game! Lets go!"

"Hey playin' with the guys sounds like fun, never pass that up!" Rei winked to them before linking arms and running out of the kitchen.

After a minute or two Serenity pulled back on the arms linked to hers; Amy's and Makoto's yelling "STOP!" feeling the jerk of her stopping the others stopped and looked at her with 'Why?' looks. "I can't keep running like this." They sweat-dropped, "My dress! I'm tripping over it!" she swept her hand across her long flowing silvery-white dress that pooled at her feet.

"Oh yeah..." Amy giggled a little looking around at what they were all wearing. She had a floor length frosty blue dress on, Makoto had a knee lengths hunter green one, Minako's was an orange floor length and Rei's was a fiery red one. "We should change, ne? Something more suitable?"

"HAI!" they cheered looking around they bowed their heads a little closing their eyes they each started to glow slightly as their clothes shifted and molded into different ones. They opened their eyes looking to one another and nodded. "Ohhh yeah! This'll do greatly!" Rei said before once again taking up arms and running to the practice ground.

"Whoa girls!" Amy shouted getting the others attention a bit more then she'd like, blushing under their shocked looks noticing that some had started to giggle at her command.

"Takin' the reins now isn't she?" the green haired gal laughed thumbing to her friend.

Another nodded laughing, "Takin' and breakin' man, takin' and breakin'."

"What's up Amy-chan?" Serenity, no Usagi asked straightening her red and white checked top up. The others giggled at her, "What? It's uhh... Sliding down?" giggling at herself she turned back to Amy. "Doushite no?"

"Iie, nothings wrong Usa-sama... We just need a plan."

"Ahhh... okies, well lets see here..."

~ * ~ * ~

"ARRRRGGGG!" a large fireball flew past a brown head that dodged quickly.

"Hey! Watch it numbskull!" he threw back his own attack of black misty smoke covering the area his target was in and then some, sending everyone dodging for cover of the attack that seemed harmless; though if one noticed the little weeds that were growing on the blacktopped practice field, would notice they were now dead.

"Whoa, cut the big guns out man!! We're only practicing!" another yelled out jumping down from his tree of refuge releasing a speeding golden arrow at the one which he spoke to. Landing with an "Offf!" he watched it zip through the air only to hit the ground where his target *was*. "Shimatta he's fast." Laughter behind him drew his attention whipping his head around searching the grounds.

"Heh, you bet your rear end I'm fast!" he grinned before flipping away a few feet. "Awwiee!" he yelled fanning his rear that was ignited by a flying by arrow, growling he turned to glare at the attacker only to find no one there. "What the hell man?!?"

"It's your imagination Maxwell." A gruff voice called from hiding.

Duo pointed to his rear calling out indigently, "The flame on my ass isn't my imagination you dork!" that caused chuckles to come from several hiding spots as he kept fanning his rear.

"Chang?" a voice called out a hint of question in it.

"I didn't do it."

Duo scoffed, "Yeah, right... like he'd admit it." finally getting the flame out he stood and ran behind a tree for hiding out of the open ground. Little sounds of wind rustling material made him look upward just in time to barely miss the small down pour that was directed at him. "Thanks. I needed that a few minutes ago, not *now*!" he hissed throwing out a mini scythe that grew in size as it flew towards it's victim. Duo made a sweeping motion with his hands as if they were holding the scythe himself, sweeping his arms out and downward he sent the scythe arching for the flying acrobat catching a small piece of his shirt sleeve.

"Not bad."

Duo grabbed the end of the black cape he wore and grinned upwards, "I know." Wrapping it around himself he disappeared from sight.

"A new trick? Nice." The other commented hopping from tree limb to tree limb with a grace not seen before.

"Hnn... YAW!!" a deep voice sounded making heads snap in that direction to see the attacker drawing his right hand away from his left pocket as if pulling something out of it and throwing it away to his right, sending out an invisible wave fanning out wider as it went forward, striking down a black headed guy.

"YUY!" he shouted pulling back his hand thrusting it into the ground sending out reddish black flames heading towards Heero who just stood there smirking.

Waiting 'til the flames were right on him, he crossed his arms in an 'X' form in front of himself blocking the wave with little effort since it was just practice, they stuck to the lower class attacks. He stood that way a minute or two more before lowering them his eyes closed. Using his finally toned senses he reached out searching for the others; cocking his head to the side ever so slightly thinking he heard a giggle, shrugging it off as nothing he went back to concentrating on finding the others only to stop again when he felt air blowing past his right ear hearing a giggling again in the distance; again he ignored it as a breeze against better judgment.

In his minds eye he spotted the auras of his friends in different spots of the field; behind a tree, crouched in a ditch, up in a tree and one behind a bush on the edge of the field; he smirked mentally. 'Too easy.' He started to move forward to attack on but stopped when he noticed the spotted target jumped from behind his hiding spot trying to slap his... ponytail? 'On fire?' he wondered thinking of the chances of that happening. As he watched though he noticed bits of smoke fly up and away from his comrade's ponytail. He raised an eyebrow in question as he stood watching the spectacle.

"Chikusho!" The Dragon turned around and around before finally slapping the right spot putting out the small flame hearing giggles around him. Whipping his head around in all directions, trying to find the source of it; not seeing anything he turned to Heero noticing his raised eyebrow he shrugged, telling he knew not of what was happened.

Returning the jester with a slight shrug of his own he turned for his next target only to see that one was too having some problems. And that problem was, his feet were soaking wet, as if he'd stepped into the places fountain and out again. Not questioning it he turned to the last two finding one with his braid sticking up slightly like he'd stuck his finger in a socket and the other glowing a golden color; he smirked openingly about it all. He didn't know what was going on but found it slightly amusing. 'Defiantly a different practice.'

He watched amusedly as Wufei made a small flame blowing the heated air at Trowa's feet to dry them, Quatre tried to stop glowing by concentrating and Duo petted his braid trying to get it to lay down some and the electrified hairs to go back in place. "Baka's." he chuckled lowly turning to scan the area. Staring ahead of him he quirked a chocolaty brow as he spotted something else, not there before; turning back around with a shrug he started forward to start some trouble only to be stopped by something warm around his waist holding him back. 'Nande kuso?!' he wondered trying to move, not succeeding. Searching with his minds eye, he found four others on the practice field. 'This'll be interesting to say the least.'

A voice on the wind agreed with his thoughts, "Sure will."

He stood a moment then shrugged. So there was a whisper on the wind? For all he knew it was his love watching them from one of the palaces many balcony's; after all it's not that far away.

Walking forward he reached to his left immediately throwing his right arm out to his right releasing another invisible wave heading for two. He watched them out of the corner of his eye as he jumped to his left out of the attack's path that his victims released while getting up from the ground holding their shoulder or favoring a leg.

"That hurt." He brought forth his scythe grinning at Heero as he started forward Wufei right by him with his katana glowing with a blackish-red color, Duo's scythe had a blackish hue around it; nodding his head in an unspoken of agreement to attack they both lunged forward "ARRRRRGGGG!!!!" they yelled charging at a unmoving Heero.

Standing there, watching, Heero put a hand behind him drawing it in front of him he pointed a silver ivory handed .45 at them both; closing then opening his eyes the gun took on a icy blue silver glow to it. Waiting, waiting for them to get close enough seemed an eternity, even to the Perfect Soldier. Seconds lasted like minutes before the two reached him brining down their weapons on him as he pulled the trigger; wondering what effect that would have being that he never used this weapon before, sticking to his attack wave and hand to hand battle. There was a brilliant flash of light as all three weapons clashed blinding the holders and onlookers.

"What happened?" Quatre stared where all three met and watched hoping that they were all come out of it alright. 'Of Course they will. It's only practice... Right?' he asked himself. He looked to Trowa but his eyes were set on the scene before him as well.

As they watched the smoke and glare die down and clear they saw the shallotte's of their three friends; one in front, two in back, all with their weapons still raised. Slowly the one in front started to turn around facing them, seeing the cold shade of blue looking at them they knew it was Heero. He bent his head looking his gun over before putting it back in it's spot, checking his arms, he didn't seem to care that he was bleeding from both on either side; just watched the other two, no emotion showing.

The other two stood a moment longer before putting away their weapons, or letting it dissipate in ones case. Looking to each other they looked themselves over noticing two slight burn marks on their arms; Duo's right and on Wufei's left; the sides that were right in front of Heero's attack. They turned and gazed at Heero noticing they too had gotten him as he did them, for that they were even. And for that, the game would start again. A nod from Quatre and Trowa okayed that notion.

They all repositioned their selves getting into a fight stance of their own, watching the other for any moves before lunging forward to attack. Kicking, punching, sweeping and a flurry of other attacks were released, but not magical attacks, this time it was all out hand to hand combat. Heero and Wufei holding out the best, next to Trowa who moved with grace untold of, his movements fast and fluid, no mistakes.

Heero punched Duo then Wufei turning around he kicked Quatre's leg out from underneath him jumping up when Trowa tried to sweep his legs from underneath him only to get hit by Quatre's punch to his stomach. Quatre started fighting harder with each punch he threw, one to Duo, Trowa then Heero, most dodging his punches only to return them with their own or a kick. He ducked in time to miss one coming from Wufei who was coming down from the air ready to chop him, landing he threw punched at the other three kicking at them, blocking the return attacks. They kept on for a long while later only stopping for a split second when they felt a cold tingle on their wounds before starting back up again in time to dodge or return an attack taken.

"Stop!" Duo yelled out huffing and puffing as he stared almost cross eyed at the fist only mere inches from his face, following the arm up to the shoulder seeing dark green, he went to the face, to see cold Prussian eyes staring at him emotionless. He gulped, "Umm... break?" he sighed in relief when Heero nodded and dropped his fist, about faced and walked to the edge of the practice area with the others for some water. "Man that guy... I'm tellin' you..." Duo shook his head following them.

~ * ~ * ~

"That was good."

"I'll say, that was pretty bad one too I'll give you that."

The other nodded, "Yes it was, and they didn't even care did they?"

They shook their heads. "Nope."

"So can we now?"

"Now what?" they stared at 'em, "OH! Oh right! Yeah, yeah, lets go!"

"YES!" they took off plan in action.

~ * ~ * ~

"That was a pretty good match huh?"

Quatre nodded, "Yes it was, though y'all could hit lighter." He complained rubbing his right arm where Wufei had punched him.

Heero looked at him after drinking some of his water, "War isn't easy Winner."

"You of all should know that." Wufei finished for him.

"Yes, I know this, but still, we're only practicing."

Duo shook his head, he could agree with his comrade on that point and the other. "Still man... It's practice sure, but you never know when we'll have to get back into the real thing some day." He gulped down more water at Quatre's nod.

"Maybe we can help." At the sound of the voice they all turned their heads to stare at...... thin air.

"What the?!" Duo looked around. "There's no one there."

"Maxwell shut up." Wufei stared ahead of him sensing something there. "Come out." He commanded looking around, noticing Heero's glare on the same spot as his. They all fanned out, just in case.

"Iie, we'll not come out." A deeper voice said.

"For we don't take commands from the likes of you." another lighter voice said.

Heero glared at the spots he felt others were, reaching behind his back for the gun kept there his hand was stopped by another's. He didn't see anyone behind him, he just felt them; their aura was warm and inviting, and it seemed who ever it was, was smiling. He felt warmth wrap itself around his waist, weight on his right shoulder, "Dameyo worry" it whispered; and he didn't.

"YEA-OOWW!! HEY CUT THAT OUT!!" Duo yelled jumping around slapping his hair down that was now electrified. "What the hell man?!" he looked around while the others laughed at him.


"Defiantly so."

"Please continue practicing, don't mind us." One of the invisibles suggested causing the other guys to turn and look at their leader questioningly.

"Hn." Heero grunted with a nod stepping forward he ran towards Wufei attacking him, leaving the others to follow when they would.

Duo ran forward to join the fight tripped and fell flat on his face, jumping up quickly he looked around not seeing anyone near him that could have done it, shrugging as he threw a glare around be again ran forward ignoring the slight laughter he heard.

"Shall we?" Quatre asked Trowa, getting a nod they too ran to battle with the others.

"Alright, alright! Their fighting again, can we go now?" one whined.

A sigh could be heard, "Well I reckin' we could."

"YES! CHARGE!!!" another yelled quietly so the fighters wouldn't hear and ran towards the fighting. Running up behind one of them she brought her hands up carefully to miss the incoming fists and kicking legs that were heading for her prey. Acting quickly ducking a fist she tickled him then ran to another spot laughing as the guy jumped up quickly spinning around searching for someone, only to find no one. Turning back to the fight he stopped again at the feeling of something on his cheek, jumping back he looked around thinking he was ready for a nice padded room.

"Yo! Quatre you alright buddy?"

Quatre turned around, "Huh? Oh yeah Duo, I'm fine, thanks." With that he shook his head going back to the fight.

Laughter filled the air after Quatre jumped around looking about in wonder and confusion as he watched Duo's braid started flying around on it's own avoiding it's owners grasp. Trowa's bangs were moving like someone was ruffling them, you could see his right eye twitch in annoyance. Wufei was having his own problems as he slapped his rear what had wisps of smoke rising from it. Quatre jumped then started running around laughing yelling for no one to stop tickling him and Heero was glaring hard at no one as his hair moved on it's own violation, his arms swinging at his sides on their own, like Trowa he was starting to get ticked.

"Hmm... They're not practicing."

"I know."

"So what are we going to do about it?" ask one winking to the unseen figures. Laughter was their answer as thunder rumbled, clouds gathered and lightening lit the sky while rain showered on those below as they stared in wonder at what was going on. When small fireballs appeared and started flying at them, they ran.

"What in the hells doing on!?" Duo yelled dodging another fireball cursing the rain clouds that were following them all showing on them.

"Someone's messing around."

"Naw ya think Surlock!?"

Wufei glared at the braided once pilot of Deathscythe Hell as he stood under the pouring rain cloud watching the others run around dodging lightening and fireballs, all but for him and Heero who only moved to avoid being hit. 'The Onna's?' he wondered watching as the rain hit things in mid air, he glanced back over to Heero only to find him not there. Looking over the practice field he spotted him walking over to where the rain was hitting in mid air. He wondered what he was going to do shrugging his shoulder he turned his gaze to the others his instincts telling him that something was about. Again he saw two more places where the rain was hitting in mid air.

He smirked turning back to Heero and watched as he crossed his arms over his chest glaring in front of him for a moment before reaching out and grabbing air? Wufei smirked, "Baka" muttered watching as he kept his arm there then as the water in front of him spread outwards to his right and left creating a twelve foot span; he raised his brow at that and the 'Hn' he heard come from him as he started to glow an icy blue covering his whole body then trailed down to his raised arm; it didn't stop there, it started to cover the air that he held.

His ears perked up a bit at the sudden stillness in the air about them; he knew the rain was still pounding down and that the thunder and lightening and fireballs were still active but he could sense the others had stopped to see what their comrade and leader was doing to the air.

They all stared at the glowing Heero whose body lit up the area around them, glowering brighter around his arm and the area that it covered in the air in front of him, flowing like liquid it started to take shape, a shape that they couldn't see clearly of what it was, or would come to be. Heero started whispering lowly in his monotone words that were in a language they did not know, his energy flared intensely as the whisperings grew louder, so intense it was that the others had to shield their eyes from it.

Sensing the energies decrease they lowered their arms leaving their mouths to gap open in shock; for there before them was an angel of beauty her sun gold hair shining brightly flowing in the slight breeze like liquid streamers, her bright blue eyes glowing with humor and kindness dressed in a light pink dress such a color it was almost white reaching just below her knees.

Wufei smirked grunting, "I knew it" glancing about noticing that the other were shaking their heads in disbelief then looked back to the angel who folded her silvery wings behind her smiling innocently at a frowning Heero who held her dainty hand leaving her other to play with the ruffles on her dress. She giggled waving her small finger at them. "heh Hello!"


"Her! She did this!? HOW!?" Duo yelled pointing at her "I can't belie-mmpht!" Trowa stuck his braid in his mouth, "Quiet Maxwell."

"Yep I'm guilty." She giggled winking at them.

"Where there's an Angel there's Guardian Angels." Wufei quoted from a book long ago.

"Muh?" Duo didn't get it.

Heero nodded, "True... Tenshi show." Once said a silent command to cut the funny stuff and admit defeat.

The tenshi sighed nodding, "Alright, alright... show time!" she closed her eyes taking a breath opening them again she raised her free hand which now held what looked like glowing dust. "What once was seen and taken away, must now be put back to play!" she trusted her arm in a sweeping motion scattering the dust up and outward covering the whole practice field.

They watched silently as it slowly fell back to earth covering them and other unseen things around the field, slowly the dust faded and bodies took place; two standing by the Tenshi and two more standing by Duo and Trowa. "Say hi ladies."


"What's kickin'?"

"Don't I know you?"

"Hey cutie!"

Quatre's mouth gapped back open, "Y-you!? Mina!" he couldn't believe it was her doing that. 'Well yes I do, I mean who else would tickle me?'

"Yes darlin'?" she smiled brightly at him trying not to giggle at his dumbfounded look. 'He's cute with his hair matted to his head.'

"Okay girls cut the water works, Pyro some heat to dry them up with please." Sere asked pulling Heero closer so Rei could dry them both before helping the others.

"Sure thing Sere, though I do think the lunk head could help out with it." she smirked receiving a glare from the forth mentioned.

Wufei growled under his breath now for his wife's name calling but for his lack of attention or spacing out as Duo would call it, that he didn't pay attention to his Queens request, forgetting for that time the he too, held the powers of fire. Nodding to her they both started glowing a reddish aura that heated up the practice field around them making it feel as if they were in a large sauna.

"WAHOO!" Duo jumped up "It's GOOD to be dry again!" smiling goofily as Makoto pecked him on the cheek winking.

"Hai it is. Now how about we head back inside now?" Ami asked straightening her dress out smiling at them, I do believe that there are some little ones waiting inside for lunch and another story."

Serenity gasped, "Oh by Selene I forgot! She's right!" she grabbed Heero's hand while starting back for the palace, "I can't believe it's that late already! I totally forgot about it!"

The other giggled and shook their heads at her while she acted like she was fourteen again. "Same ol' Usa." Taking their loves hands they filled instep with their rulers, wanting to get back themselves for they were all sure there was a nice hot lunch and hyper kids waiting for them.

"So Sere... Which story were you planning on telling them this time?"

"Hmmm..." she glanced behind, "I'm not sure really I was thinking-"

"Oh! When we went to the mall!"

"No, how about when we tried teaching them to cook!?"

"I was thinking maybe we could tell them about the ice skating."

Serenity giggled at them then coughed to get their attention back, "As I was going to say... I was thinking about letting them choose a story."

"Huh?" Mina scratched her head, "Demo Sere... they don't know them?"

Sere turned her head back to her, "The pictures hold the stories."

"Oh yeah... I knew that." she smiled when Quatre squeezed her hand.

"Umm guys... I think we should get a move on."

"Huh? Why do you think that Mako-chan?" Rei questioned seconds before thunder crashed and lightening ripped across the sky and a shriek filled their ears with Serenity jumping into the air hugging Heero closer when she landed. "MAKO-CHAN!"

She laughed, "I didn't do it!" she giggled shaking her head, "I told you we should get a move on."

"Ohhh I so despise thunder and lightening... No offense Mako-chan..." mumbled snuggling her head deeper into the crook of Heero's shoulder his arm tightening around her he kissed the top of her golden main picking up the pace to a light jog to reach the palace before the real rain fell and not the light mist that was now.

Makoto stared running a minute later, "It's coming!" yelled glancing skyward noticing more ominous clouds gathering looking to be a real down pour. "Come on guys we're almost there!"

"We're coming! We're coming!"

"GO! Go go go!" Minako started pushing those in front of her to get there faster laughing at the humor in it while she looked further ahead and saw that Heero was now carrying Serenity at a fast jog while the others were starting to run as the rain started up.

"Kuso! We're SO gonna get soaked!" Duo yelled over the thunder that failed to hide the humor in his voice, "Wu-man can't you and Fiery over there like I don't know... evaporate the water before it gets us or something?" he yelled over his shoulder.

Rei giggled running up next to him, "Nice thought and all, demo no we can't. And I'd suggest that you start RUNNING now." He gave her a confused look, "Grrrr Maxwell... prepare to DIIIEE!!!" Wufei yelled kicking it into high gear to catch the braided one "EEEPP!! HEEELLPP!" Duo shouted taking off leaving them all behind but for Wufei.

The thunder started out lowly growing louder then made an echoing *CRASH* 'causing Serenity to jump in Heero's arm whimpering, "I hate thunder... I hate lightening... I hate thunder..." gripping his shirt tighter; he picked up his jog into a run to get inside the warm confines of the palace so his love would be safe once again, even if he did find it slightly amusing that she didn't mind the thunder and lightening from Sailor Jupiter's attacks, but the real thing scared her half to death even after all the years. 'Jupiter can control her attacks, not the natural thing.' His mind reasoned with him as he finally reached one of the palaces entrances.

Kicking the door open with is foot he walked in slowly carefully placing his precious bundle's feet on the ground while she still clung to him. A servant ran up to them handing him two towels smiling kindly, "Arigatou" he thanked her with a nod he started to dry his messy brown hair before gently trying to dry his love off.

The maid watched with humorous eyes as Duo flew through the door snatched the towel from her out stretched hand and ran down the hall a minute later having Wufei fly through doing the same thing yelling at him, "GET BACK HERE BRAIDED BAKA!!" making her wonder just what Lord Maxwell had done this time to tick off the fiery Lord of Mars.

'What a bunch.' She smiled handing towels out to the others as they came in. "Serenity-sama and Heero-sama have retired to the library's fire to warm up if you'd wish to meet them there. They requested lunch be served there but for the children, knowing they would probably cause a mess in there." They nodded and thanked her before joining them.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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Anime Redneck

Chibi = Little
1. Enkou = Flame - Rei & Wufei's little boy.
2. Jouka = Love song - Minako & Quatre's little girl
3. Monika = Monica - Ami & Trowa's little girl
4. Dankan = Duncan - Lita & Duo's little boy
5. Micchi = Mitch - Serenity & Heero's little boy
6. Ojisan = Uncle
7. Obasan = Aunt
8. Okaasan = Mom
9. Otousan = Dad

Notes on Ami's, Duo's and Serenity's kids names...

Monika = Advisor ... Ami's girl
Dankan = [Dark] Warrior ... Duo's boy
Micchi = Godliness ... Serenity's boy

Why I picked those three names? Well think about it...

Monika = Advisor... Amy and Trowa are both really intelligent and good advisors, so it just made sense.

Dankan = [Dark] Warrior... Duo's Shinigami... God of Death... the name in itself is dark, and he's a warrior... Need I say more?

Micchi = Godliness... Serenity's the reincarnated Goddess of the Moon, Selene... Heero is the untouchable Perfect Soldier that never seems to die... Good enough combo for their son to have the name that means 'Godliness'. ^_^

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