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Anyway in this story Lovey succeed in matching Gilligan and Mary Ann. The two are married. It was not after the attempt in The MatchMaker it was another attempt that I made up on my own. I hope you enjoy this tale. It may be a long one (very possible) but I hope you find it enjoyable.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Gilligan you may kiss your bride." The Skipper stated as they stood on the large floating raft in the waters of the lagoon.

The first mate smiled as he leaned in and placed a sweet loving kiss on Mary Ann's waiting lips. Everyone clapped saying how wonderful it was. Mary Ann especially was soaking it all in. How perfect this all turned out to be! Yes she was shipwrecked on some deserted uncharted island but she had a wonderful caring loving man right beside her! Gilligan was everything she could dream of for a soulmate!

The bride stepped over to Mrs. Howell and gave her a big hug thanking her for helping to bring her and Gilligan together. Her stubborn determination made it happen. When they first got shipwrecked it was a few months later that Lovey Howell got in her head she needed to marry off someone else as they should shared in the joy of wedded bliss. Her sights were set on the young girl from Kansas and the first mate of the SS Minnow. Unfortunately the plan did not quite go according to the socialite's wishes but did give that extra push to bring the two young castaways closer.

It was not long before Mrs. Howell gave it one more shot. She wrote a love letter to Gilligan signing Mary Ann's name and tasked her reluctant husband into writing a letter to Mary Ann and signing Gilligan's name. Needless to say the pair caught on to this very quickly. Neither of them were upset with the older woman as they knew she meant well.

One day Mary Ann was hanging the laundry with Gilligan's help. She got to talking about the craziness of the Howell's plot to bring them together romantically. Gilligan agreed it was crazy and sneaky. The two thought of ways to "get even" with the couple. Even talked about faking an engagement. They were working out their whole scheme when they both came to the realization that it wouldn't be so bad if…well they were…together. Then four short months later they two were engaged and now they were married.

Ginger squealed with delight when the farm girl told her the news of the engagement. Right away she went to work on the "perfect dress". She tore through the limited wardrobe the brunette had with her and also the various gowns she the movie star had herself. Tearing off this and that. Setting to work on the bamboo sewing machine. Mary Ann was moved her redheaded friend would go through all that trouble for her.

Skipper and the Professor set forth building the necessary raft ensuring it was large enough to fit them all. Mary Ann wanted everyone together to witness the ceremony. After all they were a family now and she wanted her family with her.

Mr. Howell walked her down the white bedsheet aisle and to the raft and it all began. Ginger cried. Mrs. Howell cried. The Professor thought the whole thing was very nice and a joyful occasion. Skipper was a little sad he was losing his little buddy but at the same time pleased he was marrying a sweet girl like Mary Ann Summers.

The wedding reception was held out in the common area with the Skipper spinning the tunes on the makeshift record player. Gilligan and Mary Ann enjoyed several dances together. Ginger approached the Professor and inquired if he would dance with her and he was more than happy to oblige. The farm girl watched the pair and could not help but smile at how wonderful they looked together.

It was now two months later and Mary Ann was sitting on the bike peddling the sewing machine for Mrs. Howell as she mended a shirt of Thurston's. Her eyes watched as Ginger was dressed up in the Professor's blue lab coat with her red hair swept up on her head and a pair of black frames on her face. She was intently writing down something the academic was saying to her as if it was the most important thing in the world and she wanted to make sure she got it all down just right. It made Mary Ann smile to see such a sight.

As much as she loved being married to Gilligan, she could not help but feel a little sad for her Hollywood friend. They did not spend as much time together as they had previously. Sure Ginger still helped her with laundry from time to time. Mary Ann helped Ginger with the dishes and the two went out picking fruit from the trees but they never had those long conversations like they used to.

Ginger would come visit her in the new hut that she lived with Gilligan to relay the latest Hollywood gossip but deep down Mary Ann sensed that Ginger felt like she was intruding and her visits would become less frequent. It made the farm girl sad and it also made Gilligan sad. He loved when Ginger would tell the latest juicy news from Hollywood. He was always fascinated by it. Mary Ann enjoyed it as well. It was a whole different world then what she was used it and she was intrigued by it. If only Ginger had someone too. The brunette thought. How wonderful that would be. Then we could talk every day like before.

As she continued to watch the glamorous movie star and the scholar she spoke to Mrs. Howell. "Look at them. Don't you think they make a wonderful couple?"

The socialite looked up peering through her glasses as if she was inspecting the two. "Yes." She replied. "Quite wonderful indeed."

"I was just thinking of how nice it would be if Ginger had someone to love too. Don't you think that would be nice?"

Lovey nodded. "Of course it would. Ginger is a beautiful woman and should have a dashing husband."

A light bulb then went off over the Kansas girl's head. "Hey!" She said with a smile. "Why don't we match up Ginger with the Professor!"

"Ginger with the Professor?" Mrs. Howell repeated stunned.

"Sure why not? Look at them. You can't tell me you don't see something there."

The two women looked over noticing how Ginger was gazing at the Professor with obvious admiration in her green eyes as he was closely examining a particular leaf from a fern growing on the island.

A smile came to the older woman's face. "Why yes I most certainly do see something." She declared. "What a marvelous couple they would make! Ginger being so glamorous and beautiful. The Professor being so intelligent and handsome. What a splendid idea Mary Ann! Simply wonderful!"

Mary Ann grinned. "I bet we could get those two married off in no time."

Lovey thought a minute. "I wouldn't be so sure dear. You know how stubborn the Professor is. Why I bet he doesn't even notice that gorgeous woman standing right in front of him. We have to make him see her. Find a way to get that nose of his pulled out of that book and take notice of stunning actress who is just waiting to love him. Oh how romantic it will be!" She said with delight clasping her hands together.

"It does sound so very romantic." Mary Ann gushed. "How are we going to pull this off?"

The wheels in Mrs. Howell's head began to turn. Just how were they going to pull this off. Ginger and the Professor were pretty clever and could see a match making plot coming a mile away. Just like the last time she was going to attempt it but then again Thurston did open his big mouth. Well he wasn't going to ruin it this time. This time she was going to succeed in bringing together the movie star and the professor. How could one do this though? An idea came to her.

"I know!" The millionaire's wife began. "We will start out slow. Just little things. For example tonight Thurston and I will throw an elegant dinner party."

"That's nice." Mary Ann said. "But how will that help?"

"You see dear." Mrs. Howell smiled mischievously. "At such elegant dinners, there are always place cards so the guests know where they are to sit."

Mary Ann grinned. "And we sit Ginger and The Professor's place cards next to each others."

"It's just a small thing but a good jumping off point." Mrs. Howell explained. "They will be sitting together and will of course have to speak with one another."

"I like it." The brunette said. "You are very clever Mrs. Howell."

"You just leave it to me. Before I'm through Ginger Grant will be known as Ginger Hinkley in no time!"

The two female castaways looked again at the pair who was oblivious to all the plotting going on. Ginger was again writing something down the Professor was stating as if it held the key to the universe. For a brief, very brief, moment Ginger caught the academic's eye as she looked up from her notepad but it passed almost as soon as it started. Both Mary Ann and Lovey took note of that. Yes there was most certainly something there they could build on.

Ginger followed the Professor to his hut. "Okay." He said to her as he set down the various plants and berries that were gathered up earlier in the day before they looked at the ferns. "I need you to get that chemical I found in the cave the other day and bring it over. Make sure not to spill it. We are going to need very drop if it for this to work."

"Yes Professor." Ginger said as she went over to the storage crate and lifted it up. The Professor looked back and got a very good glimpse of Ginger's leg as her lab coat rode up while she was crouched down. He quickly turned his head back to what he was working on.

Ginger stood up and carefully brought over the container. "Here you go Professor." She said.

"Thank you Ginger."

The movie star smiled saying nothing. A part of her always wished he would say. "Thank you Ginger. I don't know what I would ever do without you." And then take her in his arms and kiss her. But it never happened. It was a nice daydream though.

Aside from that Ginger loved spending time with Roy Hinkley. He was so passionate about science and she found it all so interesting. At least he made it that way. One time she had found this beautiful bird on the island. Beautiful bright colors. She had thought it was a parrot at first but the Professor explained it was a macaw and then went into great detail about the bird. Ginger recalled hanging on to his very word. She did not know why she found it so interesting but she did. She was used to the world of Hollywood. Never gave a whole lot of thought to anything else. He most certainly broadened her horizons.

Yes he was one of the best friends she ever had. Friends. That is what she knew they would only ever be. Not once had he…well there was that one time, he nuzzled her neck cause he needed to sniff her perfume. Gilligan and Skipper were stuck to the boat and he needed something to dissolve it. Nothing came of it though. Ginger for now was content on at least getting to have him in her dreams. Night after night she dreamed of being in his arms. He would tell her how beautiful he believed her to be and that no one would ever compare to her.

She supposed she could very well tell the Professor her feelings but she was terrified he would brush them off as just some infatuation and go on about how there were just limited men on this island. Now that Gilligan was married to Mary Ann, her choices were only two and that she should not just settle for what was available to her. He probably would then proceed to inform her that once they were rescued (like that was happening anytime soon) she would most certainly feel differently being back in Hollywood surrounded by dozens of men.

No she was not going to tell Roy Hinkley her feelings at all. She could not stand the idea of him dismissing them as if they were not real. No way could she do that. She was just going to go on being his lab assistant and dreaming about him at night. That was all she could be afforded. The Professor most certainly was not interested in such romantic things. He did not give much indication he was. The man seemed more focused on finding a way off the island then finding a woman who would love him and care for him.

As far as Ginger was concerned, it would just be understood, at least in her heart, that Roy was her man. Maybe it wouldn't technically be official but so what? As long as she felt it, that is all that mattered. Yes she could not have him for real but the starlet would take what she could get. If they did end up spending their life on this island at the very least she would be the one to care for the man of science. She already did practically. Did his laundry, mended his clothes, made sure he ate when he was supposed to. Several times he got lost in his projects and neglected to eat his dinner. Ginger would scold him and drag him to the table and force him to eat something. "You need to keep your strength." She told him time and time again. "You have to eat Professor." The actress would admonish. Maybe Roy wouldn't be her legally wedded husband and maybe she wouldn't get to have and hold him. At the very least she could say she took care of him.

Breaking into the starlet's thoughts the Professor spoke. "Ginger I need that papaya root boiled down."

"Yes Professor." Ginger replied as she went over to get another bowl. She filled it with water and set it down on the table. Her green eyes watched with intrigue at the concentration on Roy's face as he conducted his experiment. He was totally focused on his task as if it was something that would save the world. Well if anyone could do anything to save the world it would most certainly being her beloved secret admiration Professor Roy Hinkley.