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Anyroad, that is a T rated epilogue, while #86 and #89 in "We Are Scattered in Time and Space" were M Rated. Also, I just found one more M rated draft for this Wren and Thorin in my folder. I'll get back to it soon ;)

"OK, let's try again..." Reese sighs again, and points at one of the babies, they are lying in their antique cot on a tartan blanket, "This one is Tam, and this one is Dun, and this… this one is Ossian." Reese throws a hopeful look at Wren who is snorting and shaking her head. Poor Reese! That's her third attempt. "OK, I give up."

"This one is Tam, this is Dun, and this is Oss," Frerin is laughing, he is also bent over the cot with his nephews. Wren gives an approving hum, he does have a good eye. He lifts his face and gives her a wink.

"How do you do it?" Reese asks in exasperation. She is pondering the triplets. Wren comes up to her and puts her head on Reese's shoulder. Wren makes a funny face to her sons who are all faring a black whisk of hair on their heads that looks like a crest of a cockatoo. One fell asleep, another one is making a grumpy face, the third one looks like he is smiling, but What to Expect the First Year says that's indigestion.

"I'm dating a woman who has a twin. It comes with the territory," Frerin barks a short laughter, and the happy father of the healthy triplets sticks his head into the room.

"Drinks," Thorin Durinson smiles to the guests who are standing in circle around the cot with his four week old sons. Wren shortly ogles her husband. Damn, so fit! He meets her eyes, one of the thick black brows twitches almost unnoticeably, and she is suddenly hot. She has just had not just one but three pretty large babies, and everything sodding hurts, but... Jaysus, he is delicious.

Wren's sister shows up from the kitchen carrying a tray with drinks. Previously known as Lin, and deftly renamed by her soon-to-be husband into Dunny, she is her usual aloof self. No one would suspect that after putting the tray on the bar counter she could grope her fiance's bum, and yet Frerin Durinson theatrically jumps up and yelps. There is a laughter from the around the counter, Fili is shaking his head. He is slicing lemons, while Bri is crushing ice. And is making googly eyes to him. She is entitled.

Wren's phone rings, it's Thea. She is once again on the tour, and Wren excuses herself and leaves for the kitchen. In the door she is passing her husband, who was on his way to the front room of their newly open pub Misty Mountains.

A long arm wraps around her waist, and she is pulled flash along his body and back into the kitchen. She deftly forgets the phone in her hand, and a pair of soft warm lips is pressed to hers.

Thea is mumbling in the mobile, but Wren's senses is full of deliciousness that is Thorin My-Kilt-Is-Made-Of-Husband-Material Durinson. He carefully dunks her backwards, his lips are travelling along her jawline, and Jaysus, she is jelly!

"So, do you come here often, love?" She breathes out, and he chuckles into her neck. Her chat up line is missing some pizzazz, since her chest is heaving like in harlequin novels. There isn't much to heave, though these days maybe a bit 'mair.' Durinsons have verra, verra good appetite, and she has to provide for three.

"I'm planning to." He slightly moves away, still cradling her in his arms, and she meets his laughing blue eyes. Sodding hell, he is gorgeous! "On that counter there, and then in the back room."

Yeah, the man doesn't say much, but oh-la-la, when he does, he delivers. Thea will have to ring back.

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