Cathy The Pirate Cat

By: Stephanie E.

Chapter One: New Animatronic

It was another day at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie were playing on the stage in the main party room, while Foxy was entertaining some other kids in Pirate Cove. He loved the children, and they seemed to love him even though he was ripped and almost completely broken. "Arrr," He said as he jumped onto one of the unoccupied tables, "Who wants to be part of me crew?" he asked looking around at the kids who raised their hands. "How 'bout you lass?" he asked to a little girl near the back hiding behind her hair.

She looked up startled and said, "I don't want to be a pirate, Mr. Fox" Foxy tilted his head and jumped off the table.

"Ar, then what do you want to be?"

She stepped back, "I want to be a swimmer."

Foxy laughed, "What be yer name lass?"


"Ah, Susan. Pirates be fantastic swimmers. We need to be to get the buried treasure."

"Buried treasure?"

"Ay, yes" He was sitting on the table ledge and the kids gathered around him with Susan in the front. "Treasure that be at the bottom of the ocean, chests filled to the brim with gold and jewels." He jumped up and went to his stage. "I'll show ya." He disappeared behind the curtain, when he came back out he was carrying a medium sized chest. "Ar, now who want to be opening this here chest?" Susan was the first to get on the stage. She reached out and opened the chest, when she did out sprang a small octopus plushie. She screamed with joy and hugged the toy.

"Thank you Mr. Fox!" Then she hugged him and jumped down the stage, with the help of some of the day guards who were around.

For the rest of the day Foxy played with the children and gave out small toys. At the end of the day an announcement came on in Pirate Cove. "Attention all children! Come early tomorrow for a new addition to Pirate Cove! That's right a new pirate friend!" Foxy was already behind the curtain, done with his job for the day when the announcement came on. 'A new addition?' he could hear the cheers from the children, and a few conversations.

"Do you think it's a girl?"

"Why would it be a girl?"

"I wonder what it will look like!"

"Maybe it's a dragon!"

Foxy didn't like the sound of a new animatronic sharing Pirate Cove with him. What kind of animatronic was it? Is he getting replaced? He decided that once the Pizzeria closed he was going to talk to Freddy.

A few hours before midnight Foxy went and talked to Freddy about the new robot. "What if it's replacing me?" he said once they had sat down.

"I doubt it, come on Foxy. They would never get rid of you unless you completely fell apart, the kids love you too much."

"I guess you're right." Before the conversation could go on the two male robots heard a truck pulling up and stopping near the loading dock.

"That's probably the newbie. Quick get to the cove!" Oh, he was quick. He wanted to get the first look of the newbie. But he never did. They unpacked it and programmed it in the back room, and he couldn't move to go see it. So the next morning when he did his act, he as well as the kids were getting a surprise.