Chapter 2: We Meet At Last

Foxy was nervous the entire day, last night he didn't even try to go after the night guard. Now, even with the kids playing with him, he was just waiting for the day guards to take him away. Right when he was about to jump off the stage some trumpets played on the speakers. When he turned around to see what was going on he got knocked off the stage. All the kids gathered around him then looked up to see the new robot. He saw her, that's right her, too. Before he could protest she spoke, "Avast, little pirateers, I be taking o'er this ship nah." One of the girls stepped up and said.

"Who are you and why did you hurt Foxy?!"

"Ah, I be First Mate Cathy the Pirate Cat! Due to Captain's orders this here fox got to walk the plank." She reached down and pulled up Foxy off the floor. A fox? She didn't expect that, but programs were programs. "All right fox, say ye prayers." She pulled him closer and said in his ear, "Play along."

He didn't have to pretend. He scowled and pushed away from the cat, then he swiped at her with his hook. She ducked under it and pulled out a sword she had somehow hid near the stage. Then they fought hook to sword, the kids watching intently. Then the cat fell, the sword flying out of her paw and on to the ground below. Foxy towered over her and pointed his claw at her, "Any last words, cat?"

She didn't get to answer as a little voice came up and said, "Cathy! Catch!" A little girl had thrown the sword and in one swift move the cat had caught it, tripped Foxy, and pointed it at his throat. She smiled and held out her paw, "You be a worthy opponent, I'll tell the Cap, to find another ship." Once Foxy was up she turned to the kids, "As are you a mighty crew. But I see there is a rebel amongst them. Show ye self." The little girl came forward, a brown-haired girl with light green eyes. "Just why did you betray yer captain?"

"You were in trouble, and mom always said to help those in need." the child said hiding behind her hair.

"Ah, you are a brave lass. Just fer helping me, here." she held out her sword to the girl. "You are a mighty brave First Mate." She turned to Foxy, "Until tomorrow. Captain." She saluted then turned and jumped behind the curtains to await tomorrow.

Foxy was stunned, so he was thankful that the day was over. The kids left, all trying to get a chance with the plastic sword Cathy had given out, and the fox was growling. That cat had taken his crew away from him. He wondered if she had the night roaming on as well. He went behind the curtain, but the cat wasn't there. Must've gone to the back room, he thought.

Cathy was ecstatic. Her first day had been great, she met another pirate and put on a fantastic show. She hoped that fox didn't hate her, she had basically stolen his crew right under his nose. She walked into the backroom and waited for shutdown, though it never came. Usually after her performance she automatically turned off. "They must've attached night roaming to me." she said out loud. She heard talking outside her new room. There were four voices, one was Foxy she didn't know the other three. All though they sounded familiar.

"She beat me! At a sword fight!" yelled Foxy once the place was closed. It was a Saturday so the night guard was off duty. All the old animatronics sat at the table in Pirate Cove.

"Calm down, Foxy. She was programmed to, most likely." Freddy tried to calm his friend down. Bonnie and Chica were quiet during most of his little rant but now Chica spoke up.

"What did she look like?" the chicken asked.

Foxy thought for a moment, "She was a cat with dark brown fur and she had light brown hair and tail, which had a single silver streak running down them. Her eyes were different colors, but that was probably intentional from her maker. Her pirate clothes looked ragged, it was a white shirt with a red vest and a black skirt. She also had a single gold earring on her right ear."

Freddy thought for a moment getting the picture set in his mind, "Does she have night roaming?" Foxy shrugged, he didn't know. Just then they all turned their heads to a noise that came from the stage, and also a small pirate curse that only Foxy understood. The curtains opened slightly and a small cat face popped out, she was smiling but it was an embarrassed smile.

"Sorry," she said then stepped out fully, "my night vision wasn't on." She hopped off the stage and stopped about two feet away from the table. "Hi, I'm Cathy."