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Ch.1 Like Shadows in the night.

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Ch. 1 Like Shadows in the night.

New York, New York

March 17th, 2012

9:18 pm

Bay Harbor

Nathan Adams was the head of Security Officer of the New York City Bay Harbor. He had been the Head of Security of the Harbor for just over 20 years and was about to reach year 21 since he took his post within the next few days. He was doing his nightly rounds when he came upon a set of lights that caught his attention. Rounding a corner of one of the large crates, he came across what appeared to be several men who were breaking into one of the crates and unloading what looked to be open wooden boxes of serious high-tech weapons. Closing and then placing them into several parked vehicles near the said crate, the unknown group of men, continued to pull out even more caches of boxes and placing the in the transports. Baffled, the second he came upon the scene, he remained hiding beside one of the crates next to the one that was now being emptied, observing.

He did not know that he had been seen until a metal object whistled by his cheek, and struck the metal container with a 'thunk'. Shocked, he cautiously felt his cheek shakily and drew back his hand as his cheek now stung something fierce, and gazed upon what seemed to be his blood upon his finger tips. He then looked at the object that had embedded itself into the container and beheld what seemed like a throwing star, one normally only seen in Ninja based films and or movies. The tear in his faces skin was now tender as it continued to sting painfully when he touched it again, his heart rate sped up as he then looked up, noticing dark figures above the surrounding crates. Fearing for his life, he began to run, not caring where his feet carried him, let alone not daring to look back. He failed to notice the shadows of the dark clothed men in what can only be construed as Ninja clothing with what looked like swords strapped to their backs, chasing him from behind and above the metal crates. He only managed to turn his head to the left and saw one of them who ran ahead of him on top of another crate as he then felt a pain in his right ankle that forced him to fall to the ground, his body sliding forward until his head hit another crate, realizing that he unintentionally ran into a dark dead end.

Dazed upon his head hitting the metal container and confused, he backed up as best he could as he saw he was surrounded by what appeared to be Ninja's and then gazed at his right leg and found a metal throwing star buried in his ankle. The lights didn't hide the shadow warriors as they closed in on the defenseless officer, until suddenly the lights sparked and exploded out completely in the surrounding area as the last thing he saw was the ninja clad assassins as they looked up and around as the darkness befell them.

Suddenly from within the darkness, sounds of thumps were heard alongside screams of pain and bodies hitting pavement. There was even the occasional sounds of mocking comments that sounded like a Californian surfer, as well as another with the accent of someone from Boston, there was then a somewhat commanding tone of an young Asian woman. Following the various voices, were the sounds of what sounded like a battle, bodies being struck down, some bones even cracking, what sounded strangely like metal on metal, followed by chains and wood spinning as one. There were even sounds of loud thumps as if someones body had collided with another, and by whatever weapons had been used.

Nathan didn't know how long he was there when the sounds stopped as he suddenly felt the release of the pain that his ankle was under as someone must have removed whatever had been embedded in his ankle. He suddenly felt like he could walk on clouds moments later until a bright light hit him in the face as Law Enforcement search lights suddenly came into being from two different directions, the lights shining down upon him, two separate police vehicles pulling up before him. The lights then fell on the Ninja clad beings who appeared to be tied up with both ropes and chains. He then noticed that his ankle had been bandaged and seen to by whoever his savior or saviors, were.

Hours later, the whole of New York would know of the discovery of the black clad Ninja's and the high-tech weaponry found in the crate as well as the Harbors Security Officer who was attacked by what appeared to be real life Ninja's that were somehow overtaken by another group of unknown fighters or vigilantes, when the lights went out as they even went so far as to render first aid to the said Officer, taking note that whoever had aided and protected him, had done a marvelous job in patching him up when they did. The Ninja's, though unconscious were rounded up, disarmed completely, and stuffed into caged vehicles that would see to their incarceration.


In another area of the city, unknown to the inhabitants down below within the wandering streets, five bodies were quickly making their way above the roof tops of New York. To those whom took a moment to look out of their high rise windows within the late night, would glimpse shadowy, blurred figures as they ran and jumped high over the buildings with inhuman speed, precision, and skill. Jumping over a darkened alleyway, all five bodies disappeared into the night. None would have guessed that a lone doorway within the alleyway was hidden in plain sight with only an old dumpster to be seen, and loose paper flapping on the ground.

Casually walking past the archway that led to their hideout, with miniature lights above giving them the light they needed to see one another and the path to their destination, three of the five figures celebrated their success in the only way they could. With merriment and a positive skip in their step, the three leading individuals laughed out loud, their shadows dancing upon the walls of their pathway thanks to the lights above, "Ooooh, spectacular."

"We were awesome, bros."

"Far out." the first agreed, great positive humor in his tone.



"Yes, dudes and dudettes, major butt-kicking is back in town."

"Oh yeah!"

Upon a turn in the direction of their hideout, the first figure came into focus, a giant, green turtle, with a blue mask-like bandanna upon his face. His 'plastron' or chest was covered in a form of armor, wooden sticks in stacks of two from his collar bone, to his waist, the look he wore having some resemblance of a Samurai warrior. His wrists wrapped in worn and somewhat torn cloth. His shoulders had black rubber pads, the right of which had bandages upon it as if somewhat damaged. His left forearm wore a black arm padding while his right had a blackened tribal tattoo upon it. His large back shell or 'carapace', had a strap with two sheathed Katanas attached, while the strap had a blue New York button upon it.

"Awesome!" the giant turtle cried out, pumping his left fist, and squeezing his eyes shut as if to savor his victorious battle that he, his brothers, and adopted sister had won this night. This one was Leonardo, the leader of the team of mutant warriors and protectors of the night.

"Righteous." came the next voice as another turtle with an orange bandanna styled mask dropped an arm on his older brother. Like his brother, Michelangelo had his hands wrapped, though they were wrapped even more extensively than the fearless leader of a brother. Hanging off of his left wrist was a set of prayer beads, while the right hand had a thick, metal, bar wrapped upon his knuckles. Hanging from around his neck and his plastron, was a necklace of sea shells with a set of white rimmed, dark lensed, plastic glasses. An old, faded, and worn shirt was wrapped around and tied to his waste. On either side of his waste was a pair of wooden handled Nun-Chaku's. On the back of his Carapace was a modified skate board that no human would even dare ride, but could only dream of doing so, as the board was created exactly for the happy go lucky mutant turtle.

"Boss-a-Nova!" the third voice shouted, causing the first two to pause in their step as they both wore looks of confusion, turned, and raised a single brow as they looked at the tech genius of the family. Donatello, was the brains of the clan. He wore a purple bandanna mask, and standing at just an inch and a half than his two brothers. On his back shell, was a computer of his own design with multiple lights and gizmos that extended from the back, to his plastron. On his face was a set of glasses that had been taped in the middle, and a set of high tech goggles upon his forehead, a pair of headphones hanging off of his neck with a micro-phone near the left side of his mouth. Hanging just over his left shoulder was a camera and other gadgets that he used for his arsenal. Next to the computer on his carapace was an extendable bo-staff, one that he made and would continue to modify at his hearts whim. On the same arm, sitting from his wrist to his elbow, was more gadgets that were attached to the same circuitry that extended to the computer upon his back. On the shoulder, was also a black rubber pad, only to be matched with a pair of elbow pads on both elbows. His right shoulder and forearm was wrapped by single strands of the same matching cloth as the mask upon his face.

"Boss-a-Nova?" Mickelangelo asked.

"Chevy-Nova?" Donatello said with a shrug.

Both Leo and his kid brother groaned at this new term as they turned to one another with shakes of their heads.

Donatello then brought his two hand together, fingers daincing together as if to think of a better word when it came to him, and with a shake of an arm and a closed fist, he cried out, "Excellent!"

Both of his brother sighed in relief as they got back to mentally and verbally congratulating one another with very high praises, "Yeah."


"Alright." they all said as they gave each other high fives, or in this case, high threes since they all had three digits for fingers on each hand. All three proceeded towards the secret access doors of their hidden lair.

"Come on, let's move it. I'm starvin'." Mickey said urgently.

"Food, for baby." Donny agreed with raised arms as he entered the lair behind his brothers when the doors to their secret home opened, permitting them through.

"Major Pizza attack here, dudes." Mikey then said followed by more laughter from his brothers.

"Pizza, Pizza, I need it, oh baby!"

"Oh man." came a groan from behind the others. Trailing behind them was the final and somewhat troubled member of the turtles, Raphael. On his head, he wore a somewhat torn and tattered bandanna mask. He was the tallest, yet most out spoken member of the four turtle team, with a mean temper to boot. With a single leather strap connecting from his left shoulder, carapace, to his lower left side, he also wore more straps around his midsection that had special sheaths for his weapons of choice, a set of very sharp, and very deadly Sais'. His body was heavily muscled due to extensive training to help temper the fighting spirit within him that always sought out the need to fight. On his forehead, hanging directly over his eyes, was a pair of dark shaded glasses with black plastic rims. His arms both were wrapped in similar cloth as the mask he too wore. Both wrists were wrapped, yet his left hand had some wrappings upon them as well. The back of his carapace had cracks upon them from past fights and spars, mainly from when he and Leo had their annual slug fests to see who the best of the two were. On his right shoulder, matching the faint kanji symbol on his mask, was another, yet same symbol that had been branded into his right bicep.

"Are you alright, Raphael-San?" a voice belonging to the last member of the Clan asked as walking beside Raphael, was a young mutant fox whom could be construed as a Yokai Fox creature. Standing at just two inches shorter than her brother, Kimiko Shen was unto a league of her own with no need for a mask to hide her most beautiful features. She wore a light blue kimono that hid a shapely figure with a white cloth in the middle in which to keep it closed. She had a bust size that would make some men drool should she ever be seen. Having been raised beside her, her brothers did not dare to think of her in any way except as their sister. On the Kimono, were patterned silver flowers from the arms to the wrists as well as the lowest part of the Kimono. On the right side of her waist, strapped to the wrapping of her Kimono, were a set of sheathed blades, short swords to be exact. Her ears had black spikes, while she had beautiful, flowing, red hair that covered one eye in the front, with the rest flowing down her back. Her face was mostly humanoid, with white fur flowing from the top of her nose, to the remaining front of her body. She had a long flowing tail with a white tip, and her feet were a combination of both her human and animal form with clawed toes nearly hidden beneath brown fur. Unlike her brothers, whose eyes were almost human with varying degrees of color, hers were golden brown.

"I'm fine, Kimmy." Raphael grunted.

"No, you are not, brother. Something terrible is troubling you." she said as she grabbed his branded shoulder, almost stopping him in his tracks.

With a 'Huff', the bigger mutant turned to his sister, "It...It's nothing. I just thought,...hoped there be more...I don't know. More action."

Out of all of her brothers, Raphael was the one she was closest to with Michelangelo being the second closest. She knew of the raging spirit within her brother well and understood it. It was hard not to understand when they were all forced to hide beneath the city, from the world. But it was necessary as they all knew, the human world was not ready to know of them, let alone were also known to fear what they could not understand. Sometimes, this concept was hard for angry brother to grasp.

Stepping in front of him, she took his head in her clawed hands and brought him to her level as she laid her head upon his. He breathed deep and exhaled as both were want to do when she aided him in calming his warring mind. They stayed like this for several moments when she then let him go, looked him in the eyes, and asked, "Better?"

"Much, Kimmy. Thanks."

"It is why I am here, Raphael-San." she replied with a soft smile as she then took his hand and led him to follow their wayward brothers.

Sparing a glance at their siblings as they were lagging behind, Donatello turned back to the wall that hid their home, "What's eating them, bro's? Give me three." he shouted back as he turned to the other two.

"You got it." Donny said as he and Mikey high-five'd, or in this case, high-three'd, their leading brother. Touching a brick in the wall, a panel opened that Leo then lowered his head so that when an optic scanner popped out, it scanned Leonardo's eyes. Giving his name, the device opened an opposing brick wall next to him. He then entered the hidden lair with the others following behind him, with Raphael and Kimiko being the last to follow almost a minute later, just before the wall doors closed.

"We were great." Leo said in a now low tone.

Within the lair, inside of another chamber, a single aging hand grasped a steaming white pottery urn that was then set down, only to then grasp a now steaming cup of tea that had been filled less than a second before.

The leading turtle quieted his brothers as he then quickly rushed into the room and knelt before a woman in a red, flower designed Kimono, her black hair, now adorning a few strands of grey. She was kneeling before a table which in turn was used for the tea set she now had before her. She had taken a small sip of her tea when Leonardo spoke up in an excited tone, "We have just had our first battle, Master Takeko. They were many, but we kicked..." he paused as he realized the tone in which he spoke to her and noticed her blank expression as she looked at him. Clearing his throat, bringing his hands together in a sign of respect while calming himself, he bowed his head and then continued in a much calmer voice, "We fought well."

"Were you seen?" the woman, Takeko Shen, asked as she set her cup down before her.

The blue masked turtle and his brothers and sister, shook their heads. Donatello stood behind Leo, with his bo-staff now out and in his hands, Michelangelo held a closed telephone book in his hands, contemplating whether to call up a Pizza, when his sister took the option from him by removing it from him and thumping him in the head with her left hands middle and index fingers. He cried out in a small painful tone as they glared at one another for a moment when he said, "What?" in a small tone.

She gestured with her head to pay attention to their mentor and Sensei. With a roll of his eyes at her chastising him, he then turned and crossed his arms together, in order to pay attention to his adopted parent.

Takeko gave a wry smirk at her daughters actions as she continued, "In this, you must never lapse. Even those who would be our allies, could never understand. Our domain, is the shadows. Stray from it reluctantly. For when you do, you must strike hard, and fade away, without a trace."

Raphael grunted when he walked up to his mentor and slammed a medallion upon the table before her, causing the tea set and tray they laid on, to shake a bit "It was the Foot."

"What?" Leonardo said with a gasp when he looked up to his angry brother, then down to the medallion upon the table as his brothers walked up to it and gazed down upon the item Raphael had gathered from their first outing. Even he could not deign to think that 'The Foot' would be foolish enough to enter New york when there were other organizations were about, such as the HAND. Takeko herself, was occasionally known to have been in correspondence with a blind 'Ninja' known as 'Stick', whom was aligned with another group of mysterious group calling itself, 'Chaste'. Not much was known of this secretive, vigilante organization, but Takeko knew enough that correspondence with Stick often leading to an slight argument between the both of the warrior Masters, with both agreeing to disagree on how things should be handled, and then both walking away from one another. This has been known to be a repetitive thing for some time now, and suddenly, like a horrifying wake-up call, the Foot decided to make itself known, once more.

"So it would seem." Takeko said with sigh of resignation, her head bowed.

"We should be doing something." the hot tempered turtle growled.

"What would you have us do, Raphael? Hmm?" Takeko asked her strongest child when her head rose to look him in the eyes.

"We should get back out there and go after them." he replied with a bit of heat in his tone.

"You are not ready." she said as she looked at him in sympathy, "You are brash, vane, full of anger. Should you go after Oruku Saki now, you will lose not just your life, but expose our home as well, and in the process, our secrets. No, we need more Intel. We need to know how strong his forces are, where they are. How they now think, how they now work, their weaknesses. Once we have this information, then, and only then, can we launch an attack, and restore the honor of our family, and Avenge Hamato Yoshi and my sister, Tang Shen."

Raphael turned away slightly when a hand from his brother Donny fell gently fell upon his shoulder. Pushing it away, he was unprepared for Donny to retaliate by pushing him back, only for Raph to push him in turn, even harder. Before a fight between the two could begin, the loud 'Hai' from Takeko Shen made them pause and think before things cold escalate even further. Raph just once more turned away from her, causing Takeko to 'sigh' tiredly.

"Your Ninja skills are reaching their peak. Only one, truly important lesson, remains, but must wait. I know it is hard for you here, underground. But you must accept it as part of your life. Your teenage minds, are broad, eager. Further more, you must never stop practicing the Art of Ninja, the Art of Invisibility." She did not have to turn her head towards her free spirited nephew/ adopted son whom slowly crept towards the makeshift phone booth. Taking a book in hand, she threw it with pin point accuracy, striking Michelangelo in the shoulder.

He nearly jumped a mile in the air as he then turned towards her and looked at her with a fake hurt expression as if someone kicked his puppy, "Uh-uh, I wasn't going to do it."

She merely glared at him in a mock stern expression with a small smirk while his brothers and even his baby sister chuckled in amusement.

Taking the meaning in her glare to heart, he sighed in resignation as he walked over to and knelt as she took another sip of her tea. Once more placing the cup down, she spoke again, "You are still young, but one day, I will be gone, like Hamato and Tang. Use my teachings wisely. I suggest we all meditate now, on the events of this evening."

Just as she closed her eyes and breathed deep, she began to delve into her mind in order to focus and figure out the next course of actions she and her family must take when her attempt at Meditation was ruined when the lair was filled with blaring music. Preferably the classical song 'Tequila' by the group once known as, 'The Champs.'

Her head snapping up, she noticed as her sons and daughter began to dance to the music, with Leonardo and Donatello dancing side by side, and Michelangelo and Kimiko, dancing together. Mikey, noticing her wide-eyed expression, stopped after twirling his sister, and said, "Well, this is like Meditating."

She palmed her head in annoyance as she groaned mentally to herself, "Just where did I go wrong?"

Later in the night

Nick Fury was watching the news of the nights events with a smile on his face as he watched the news feed from his laptop as he was riding in the passenger seat of a standard unmarked S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle with Agent Phil Coulson driving, and Maria Hill as a passenger, heading to the hidden base where he would meet up with his adopted Nephews and neice. Though he loved them as his family, he knew he could not expressly reveal the existence of the boys and their sister as he trusted no one, not even most Agents within his organization. The only ones he did trust with the existence of the turtles and Kimiko, were the two current Agents with him now. The hidden base underground was once an underground railway system that now served as one of many hidden S.H.I.E.L.D. bases that now served as his nephews and nieces home. A tunnel was made that allowed Nick and anyone he chose to allow access to, to follow him as the road opened from an undisclosed location in an alleyway of New York, and traveled down as Coulson followed the path via memory, on where to go.

"Sir are you sure it's necessary to allow them to join us for this mission?" Maria Hill asked as she didn't like using her pseudo adopted brothers and sister in such a way. She was shocked when she first found out about the Turtles, Takeko, and Kimiko, but soon came to love the boys and Kimmy as she got to know them. They were innocent, well almost innocent. Raphael was a hothead warrior, Leonardo a natural born leader, Donatello was a science geek and one of the worlds leading tech experts though hidden as he was, and Michelangelo, her baby brother Mikey, he was the heart and soul of the team as well as world class prankster at heart. Mentally, Kimmy was everything but, an exact copy of her mother. Hill would give anything to see to their safety. "I mean, their still teenagers."

"Yet they are bigger, stronger, and faster than most ordinary world class human athletes, hell, even better than most of our best Agents, with the skills to outmatch and put even the most accomplished fighters to shame as you have undoubtedly seen of the news tonight, Hill. They're ready. And with Loki's arrival, and the Tesseract gone, we're going to need every available person we can muster."

"Phil, help me out here." Hill pleaded looking to her fellow Agent and friend.

"Sorry Hill, I'm with Fury on this one. Besides, the boys and our girl are getting restless having to hide all the time. I think them working alongside those we've slotted for the Avengers Initiative, will be a good thing and allow them to unwind a bit. Like Fury said, they're ready. Besides, we also have to debrief them and Takeko about tonight's recent Ninja attack at the Bay Harbor."

They stopped before a wall that seemed to be a dead end until two brick-like objects within both side appeared from the brick and concrete walls. They looked like normal bricks that were being pushed by a metal pole until they split apart revealing a retinal scanner, thumbprint scanner, and a voice box as both Fury and Coulson looked into the retina scanners and placed their thumbs on the thumb print scanners and spoke, "Fury, Nicolas J." and "Coulson, Philip J.".

The scanners completed their scans after verifying the identities of the cars two front passengers and then were pulled back into the walls. The wall before the unmarked vehicle, then separated into two segments, bathing the vehicle in a bright light as the vehicle garage area of the Turtles home welcomed the new arrivals as it opened. The Agents and Director gazed upon the hidden lair of the surviving Hamato Clan. It had everything the Turtles, female Fox, and Takeko Shen needed besides a set of three formerly abandoned Train Carts for personal home use, a Training facility, Skating Rink, Computer Station, a Kitchen, Dining Room, and a game room. There was even a Garage where the Boys tech's expert Donatello, appeared to be under the new vehicle, putting his mechanic and tech savvy skills to work in giving the family of six Ninja the necessary edge in motive transport. Raphael was currently punching a large sandbag that was quadrupled in size for a guy with his immense strength and attitude. Leonardo and Kimiko was currently kneeling before Takeko. All three were meditating before a burning incense that was in front of a picture of Hamato Yoshi, while sitting on a large reclining couch, was Michelangelo, naturally playing video games.

It was Leo that had looked up from his meditation first, as the Director and Agents exited the vehicle and came forward, "Uncle, is everything alright?" Leonardo asked. Raphael stopped pounding the Sandbag as his giant musculature bulk would have people fleeing in terror since he put off an aura with an offensive attitude. The red masked turtle, prone to anger issues as was the normal for him, took a moment to calm and center himself, while taking a towel to wipe the sweat from his brow.

Donatello, hearing the SHIELD vehicle pull in when it did, looked as it stopped beside his newest project, as he then walked from underneath the walk-in area under the new Turtle Van with a rag in his hand as he just cleaned his hands of the engine oil and grease.

Michelangelos head snapped around at Leo greeting their adopted Uncles and their second adopted sister, Maria Hill. Quickly dropped his game controller and hopping over the couch, the happy go lucky mutant turtle rushed up to Maria and picked her up in his hands and twirled her around, much to her enjoyment. "MARIA, you're here. You're really here! Did you bring me anything? Did'ja, did'ja, did'ja?" Mikey asked excitedly.

"Easy Mikey, and yes I did." Maria laughed as he then quickly set her down so she could walk back to the car and pulled out his favorite Meat-Lovers Pizza, of which she bought several boxes of different pizzas. Due to their unique large sizes, with the Turtles and Kimiko having huge taste differences as well, and their huge appetites, the secondary Head Agent made sure all of the Pizza's were extra large pies. Maria, not surprised by the young turtles grabbing and taking the boxes of pizza from her hands to the dining table, could only shake her head in exasperation.

"Fury." Takeko calmly greeted, her daughter walking up beside her and looking rather nervous beside her mother. Despite her age, even she wasn't sure of the whole history between her mother and the Director of SHIELD. The man was like an Uncle to her, alongside Uncle Phil, with Maria being a sort of adopted sister.

"Maria." Kimiko greeted fondly.

"Kim." she greeted back as both Agent and teen mutant embraced one another as if long lost relatives.

"To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"We got ourselves a situation, and I think you, the boys, and Kimiko could be a part of the solution. But it means coming out in the open and possibly letting that scumbag Saki know that you're still alive." Fury said as he gazed at all four of the turtles and fox, before returning his gaze to their mother figure and Sensei.

The red masked turtle growled as he liked nothing more than to put one of his Sai's in his fathers killers eyes. Both of his hands, lying upon the dining room table as they were, were repeatedly curling inward into fists, his breathing becoming erratic as his rage came to the forefront. "You say that as if it's a bad thing. How hard can it be to fight a guy like him?"

"Raphael, you forget yourself. Saki is very dangerous, with his hands in many organizations, with many 'pawns' to back it up." His teacher said. "Vanity and Pride have been known to be the downfall of many. You would do well to remember that."

As if the wind had been removed from his lungs, the quick to anger mutant turtle sat down. With his arms crossed, Raphael glowered at his mentor, who returned the glower with a deadpanned expression, causing Raphael to squirm a bit in his seat.

Fury, with his two top Agents, along with the Turtles, their sister, and Mistress Takeko, now sitting at the dining room table, in awkward silence for a few moments, the only sound of boxes either being opened, or lips smacking after feasting on the steaming pizzas, pulled out a computerized holo-file. Donatello immediately pulled it to him and set to work in bringing up the information contained within the SHIELD device as Mikey with a slice in his hand, paused mere inches from his beak, as he gazed upon an holographic image from the computer, of his and Leo's favorite Hero of all time, Captain America. Fury used to tell the turtles stories about the First Avenger when they were young. The information that the family of Ninja were now permitted to know via the computer, was that he had been found near the Arctic and retrieved, alive. The good Captain had undergone rehabilitation upon his revival, according to the computer. He also underwent debriefing, while being informed of many a thing, such as a crash course on much of history since time had passed him by while he was frozen. The computer then revealed Captain Rogers as slotted for a spot within the Avengers Initiative, which the family of six had thought was shut down as of recently.

Then Mikey was dealt a blow to his heart when he found out how the so called God of Mischief and brother of Thor, Loki, had actually showed up at one of the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. installations, enslaved his online best friend, Agent Clint Barton, call sign, Hawk-Eye, and killed a lot of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents in less than two days. It was when Raph looked at Maria and saw the still healing cut on her head that made him want to tear Loki apart.

"Man, that's harsh, over 80...people man." Mikey said after he lowered his slice of Pizza and lowered his head in silence for the people killed by Loki. His brothers, sister, and Mother figure did the same in respect to the victims of the fallen Asgardians actions.

Raph and Leo looked at one another and nodded as both came to the same conclusion as Leo looked at the Director, "When do you need us Uncle Nick?"

For the remainder of the night, after dinner was over with the now empty pizza boxes placed within a recycling bin, the Director, Agents, and family discussed the recent events and the discovery that Saki was indeed back as Raphael had been the one to find a medallion on one of the Ninja's earlier in the night, that bore Saki's mark of a three pronged foot-like symbol in red upon a silver coin-like medallion.

For the next two days, when they weren't training, they were either meditating and or prepping themselves for a possibility of a battle they were unsure would occur.

Then came the day when the group of six would be leaving their hidden lair, having mentally and physically prepared themselves beforehand, as their ride arrived. They were then transported to the main drop-off point, where the next transport, being an SHIELD issued Quinjet, was waiting for them. It would then take them to their final destination aboard the ever secretive Heli-Carrier.

On this day, they would finally get a chance to meet the hero who inspired them. For Donatello, his chance to meet someone like Dr. Banner, a fellow scientist, responsible for many advancements in science, including in the field study of Gamma Radiation, was a dream come true.

After physically and mentally preparing themselves, they were ready as they were armed and prepped for battle, but the moment they were out of the lair, the brothers had to hide their rather large bodies under tan colored trench coats re-fitted for their sizes, fedoras, and glasses, until they got to the Carrier. Kimiko, like her mother, hid her animal-istic form a much under darker trench coat, sun hat, and gloves. Her snout though, was hidden beneath a scarf, much like her brothers who wore multicolored scarfs that identified with the colors of their masks.

Their weapons and gear were placed within placed in separate, black toned, SHIELD issued, duffel bags, that were placed in the backs of their on the road transport, and when in the air, was returned to them when they all climbed aboard the air transport. As they settled within the Quinjet, they placed their bags within the storage compartments and locked down for the long flight over the ocean. For reasons concerning National Security, the Heli-Carrier was hidden somewhere within the Atlantic Ocean. Only the pilots of the Quinjet knew where to go.

Out of all of the mutates, only Raphael had a problem with air sickness. He received much teasing from Mikey, and light ribbing from his blue masked brother. Only the kindness and aid of their sister, helped the red masked turtle in controlling his breathing, with their mother looking on proudly.

A good portion of the deck crew of the Heli-Carrier were curious and freaked out at seeing five four huge and bulky beings in trench coats, all of whom were following a much smaller individual, being led to the inside of the ship by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, and directed to the bridge. Once inside, Fury met them at the entrance and directed them to a room, where Captain Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and even Natasha Romanoff were in the middle of watching the Hamatos complete history. Once it was over, the turtles were allowed to remove their coat, hats, glasses, gloves, and scarfs.

Michelangelo though could not contain himself and automatically ran to and knelt in front of the Captain as if to worship him, much to his brothers embarassment, and his sister and mothers amusement, as he repeated time and time again "I'm not worthy!"

"Awe, come on Mikey, get off the floor. Stop pestering the man." Raph said as he stuck a toothpick in his mouth.

"Mikey, did we not say we would not worship the Captain as he isn't a God. He's mortal, just like you." Leo shot out as he watched as the Captain grin shyly.

"Th..They can talk!" Bruce Banner stuttered in astonishment.

"I think that's already been confirmed through the video, Bruce." Natasha replied with a smirk as Leo and the Captain stepped up to one another and shook hands.

"I'm Leonardo, team leader, these are my brothers, Raphael the muscles and brawn of our group in red," Raph nodded slightly as he only glowered and crossed his arms in slight leaned on a wall near a corner watching the introductions. He really wanted to see some action.

"Donatello the genius of the family in purple," Donny had already discarded his articles of clothing like the others as he sought to shake Doctor Banners hand and begun to talk in the language of Science that almost no one within the room, save those two, understood. Doctor Banner was really intrigued with the intelligence all the turtles had, but even more so with Donatello and the amount of self made tech Donny had all over his person

"And of course the baby of the family and all around prankster of our team in orange, Michelangelo." Mikey was jumping up and down in giddiness as he then shook the Captains hand with both of his hands.

"Dude, you're like, the greatest legend ever." Michelangelo said as Fury silently chuckled while hiding his face at Michelangelo's antics.

Leonardo continued, "Then, there is our sister, the heart and soul of our family, Kimiko Shen."

"It will be an honor working with you Captain, Uncle Nick and Uncle Phil has spoken very highly of you." the mutant Fox said as she bowed at the waist before the Captain.

"Our mother..."

"I will introduce myself, thank you Leonardo." Takeko said as she stepped forward, removing her own hat and glasses. "I am Takeko Shen, Kimikos mother, the boys Aunt and adopted mother, as well as their teacher. It is an honor, being in the presence of two of the greatest men of our world." She too bowed, before she raised herself back up, and turned to look upon the red haired assassin. "Black Widow, the bane of many men. Most of whom are dead." she said, "Your reputation precedes you."

"The same could be said of you, Lady Shen." the woman known as Natasha Romanoff replied as both women locked eyes with one another, neither blinking. One could hear a pin drop at the silence that followed.

"Dude, it's like that old Clint Eastwood movies." Michelangelo whispered to his brothers.

"All that's missing is the wind, the rolling tumbleweeds, and the guns." Kimiko agreed in an almost silent voice.

It was at this point that Raphael began to whistle the tune from the said film, 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', of which his kid brother and sister spoke of.

Leonardo broke the sudden tension in the air as he interrupted the stare down between both women as he stepped up to the Captain with a hand held before him, "You've been an inspiration to our countries history, and I hope we can only dream of following your example."

"Uh,...thanks!" Steve said with nervousness in his voice as he grasped the three fingered hand held out before him, and shook it.

"Donatello, you'll be working beside Bruce in trying to locate the Tesseract." Fury said as he looked at his purple masked tech-specialist nephew who nodded in understanding. He too was able to speak with his own favorite, that being Dr. Bruce Banner, whom took a moment to really visibly examine the purple masked turtle and the many tech based hardware on not just his back, but his shoulder, his arm, and chest.

"Amazing, you made all of this?" Dr. Banner asked.

"Y-Yes sir." Donatello answered shyly.

"I must say, you and your family intrigue me, but you more so."

"Thanks." the violet masked turtle says.

"You're welcome. I'm Bruce."

"Donatello, or Donny, or Don or..."

With a chuckle, Bruce raises a hand, only to extend it, "Nice to meet you, Donatello."

"You too, Dr. Banner. Or Bruce." the tech genius replies as he too shakes his personal heroes hand.

The gathered group of individuals then walked to the main bridge with Fury and the other Agents and as the ships crew went about their stations work. Fury then began to issue out orders. Hill began confirming the orders when the ship then began to rise. The Hamato family, Captain Rogers, and Dr. Banner suddenly surprised at this point as they barely felt the ship as it lifted off of the Atlantic Ocean, itself.

It all of a sudden got quiet on the bridge as everyone minus those in the know looked at the mutant, yet humanoid, Turtles and Fox, in shock until Fury looked around and demanded the workers to get back to work at their stations and to mind their stations instead of minding the Turtles.

It was when Banner asked where Fury was on the recovery of the Tesseract that Bruce informed him to call every lab he and S.H.I.E.L.D. knew to put their Spectrometers on the roof and Calibrate them for Gamma rays. Donny input his own thoughts as he replied that he and Dr. Banners would rough out a tracking algorithm basic cluster recognition to at least rule out a few places.

"Do you have anywhere for me and Donatello here to work?" Bruce asked as he began curling his violet shirt sleeves up his arm.

"Agent Romanov, would you be so kind as to escort Dr. Banner and Donatello to their Laboratory, please?" Director Fury asked of his red headed Agent.

She stood from where she sat and nodded. She gestured for the scientist and purple masked turtle to follow her, "Right this way gentlemen, You're gonna love it. We have all the cool toys."

As Leonardo stood by Nick and watched as he took charge, he watched as Mikey acted like the child he sometimes could be as he went up to and looked out the view-port of the Heli-carrier in amazement. Raphael meanwhile just stood stone still while chewing on his toothpick. He was beginning to lose his patience after having seen the computer packet reveal the death toll caused by Loki upon his arrival and at his hands.

Takeko saw this and placed a hand on Raph's left shoulder, "Don't worry my son, Nicolas has assured me that you, Leonardo, Mikelangelo, The Captain, and Agent Romanoff will act the moment the Asgardian surfaces. Kimiko and I will remain here while Donatello will be working alongside Banner until they can find and track the cube."

"I feel useless just standing here, Sensei. I should be out there, doing something. Not standing around, twiddling my thumbs."

"And you will. You just..."

"Can this wait, please Sensei?" Raphael whined.

"You will listen, now." she demanded in a stern tone. Some of the bridge crew paused in their positions in order to observe the mother figure speak to her son and student as if they were truly observing a mother dress down their disobedient child. Captain Rogers and the others too paused in their own business to listen.

"Your father and I's Master first rule was, possess the right thinking. Only then, can one receive the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace." She then removed her hand from his shoulder and placed it beneath his chin to have him look at her, "I have tried to channel your anger, Raphael. But more remains. Anger clouds the mind, turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy. You are unique among your brothers and sister, for you choose to face this enemy alone. But as you face it, do not forget them, and do not forget me."

A sniffle came from the now shamed and remorseful turtle, as a tear fell down a single eye. Takeko caught the said tear with a small, white, handkerchief that she pulled from her coat, as she dried his eyes with a soft smile. With her other hand, she grasped the side of his face. Her touch seemed like magic as his head lowered upon her own, both of their eyes closing, only for her to say, "I am here, my son."

Fury saw the looks people were giving his adopted nephews and hollered out at the ones doing the gawking, some sniffling and dabbling their own eyes with a handkerchief at the scene before them. He diverted their attention as he raised his voice so those of his bridge crew heard him as he looked around the said bridge, "Anybody got a staring problem. Eye's on your station people, not the Hamatos. I catch one person looking at them wrong, taking pictures, and or even recording them, and I'll toss your ass off of the ship faster than you can blink. Get your asses back to work." he hollered.

Not one person disobeyed his order as the staring stopped and everyone returned to their duties.

In the meanwhile, Steve stood from the other side of the bridge, having watched as the red masked turtle and his mentor mother figure scene that ended moments later. He was touched at the scene as it played out. As the blue masked turtle slowly walked by, the good Captain stopped him, grabbing his right arm with his left hand, not needing to ask as he nodded his head at his bigger brother and mother. Leo looked from Captain Rogers, to his family, and back, and caught the non-verbal question.

"Just another day, Captain. Raphael has a lot of anger in him."

"Why?" he asked a bit worriedly.

"It's just the way it is. All of us have our quirks and our flaws. Raphael,...his just tends to make him a little volatile."

"Has he ever sought any help in controlling his anger?"

His answer was a shrug with Leonardo then pointing his hand, palm up, towards Takeko and Raph.

Sometime later that day, as the skies began to darken, an Agent by the name of Sitwell, a tan skinned, young agent with a bald head and glasses had shot out a possible sighting of the Asgardian Loki in Germany as a cell phone cam caught Loki looking around and smirking as if expecting someone to stop him. Leo, having studied under Fury's tutelage on reading body languages was the one who spoke next.

"I don't like this. It was too easy, and it's like he's waiting for you and daring you to come for him, Uncle."

"Then let's not disappoint him. Captain, you're up. Leo, you'll follow the Captains lead. Raph and Mikey will follow yours. Please, don't screw this up with your hot headedness Raphael." the Director said, tilting his head to gaze upon his nephew with his one eye. Raph just growled in annoyance, but nodded nonetheless.

"Captain, if you'll follow me." Phil Coulson said as he directed Rogers to follow him. At this point, the three turtle gathered up their own weapons, with Mikey even grabbing his board that he slipped on his carapace.

Not even fifteen minutes later, Captain America was being led to a hangar by Agent Coulson with Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael trailing behind as Agent Romanoff and another pilot took their places at the Pilot and Co-Pilot station of one of the Quin Jets. Settling in and strapping down, the jet was given the clearance it needed for takeoff, and flew off into the night to Stuttgart, Germany.

The turtles in this are designed as they were in the movie, which I loved. Kimiko was designed by an art piece I found online regarding what modern artists would imagine female Fox Yokai's to look like, and as for Takeko, the Legendary Michelle Yeoh was my inspiration. In the next Chapter, Loki gets the surprise of his life as he meets not just Captain Rogers, but the Turtles as well. I hope this edited Chapter is much better compared to how it was written before. Until next time.