All Characters,except Margaret, Belong to Scott Cawthon. I own my representations of the characters,though,FredBear may or may not even be an actual character in the game. So if it happens to be that FredBear is in the third game,Scott please don't sue I have no money! ~Fancy

February 1, 2017. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria has come under new management. They find the golden Freddy costume and clean it,give it an endoskeleton, then give it a new texture. The demolish the 2 sites and build on top of them FredBear's Family Diner. All goes well when they open up on February 2. On friday there is a raffle. FredBear would call up the 12 children and give them prizes from his prize box. Next week on Monday, february 13, FredBear starts to act up. He calls kids Bonnie or Freddy..even Foxy. management shrugs it off as nicknames. Then on friday, February 17, the raffle took place. FredBear,with a really advanced A.I, "forgot" his prize box in the back. He took the children and put them in a line in the doorway. He called the first winner. A little girl, about 5 yrs old, walked in. She said her name was Margaret. FredBear just laughed and muttered," good ol' mangle...". He then took out Mangles's old head. With brute force he shoved it on her head, cross-wires and all. He then knelt down and abd whispered," you will live again my sister..". Then child after child went into the room to stare into the eyes of the golden bear that would kill them. Then, the last kid, the 11th kid (there was no 12th 'cuz he had to leave), came into the room. He had a balloon tied to his wrist. FredBear chuckled. "Nice to see you BB" he said. He took out the "Free Balloons" sign and jabbed it into the kids hand. FredBear then took out BB's hat (it had two spikes to connect to the head) and jammed it into the boy's skull. Then Saturday the body's were found and the new restaurant was shut down. But every night,( Fritz Smith ) you have to look after the golden killer, enduring its harsh comments whilst being called "Jeremy". Every night you are mistaken for being the child who was killed. He wants to capture you. So you can once again give life to the children. He has been there through it all. And he is still here.