So this is my first fan fiction! AH! THE NERVES! I really had to fight myself to actually post it too!

ah it goes.


"Missed again! Come on dude you can do it!" Mikey taunted as he jumped around the black clad foot ninja. The turtle was enjoying dancing around the little foot as it kept swinging frustrated little punches.

"Have you EVER done this before?" Mikey giggled to himself, but enough was enough. He leapt forward and dodged the oncoming punch, using the momentum to turn and kick the foot hard in the gut, sending him flying into trash cans.

"Point, me. lets see, Mikey 12..and the Foot 0."

The orange turtle smirked as his spun his nunchaku lazily yet masterfully around in his hand. He observed how his brothers were fairing. The ground was littered with unconscious or even dead foot ninjas. He noticed his brothers finishing off the last few remaining. His smirk transformed into a grin as he examined their handy work, 'man we are good!'

The foot ninja that was knocked into the trash cans moved behind the turtle stealthily. He had a small knife in his hand and charged at the distracted turtle. Raph looked over at the grinning Mikey like and idiot and saw the Foot behind.

"MIKEY, LOOK OUT!" Raph yelled across the alley. But it was too late. Mikey felt a searing pain rip up arm. Mikey let loose a loud groan as he looked down and saw a small knife jammed into his arm. Mikey spun on his heal and lashed out with his nunchaku. The foot ducked but soon felt a pair of feet sweep underneath him. He then went flying flat on his back, looking into the dark New York sky. His vision become filled with green orange, a fist dancing in front of his face.

"Lights out dude." The turtle said, amusement was now gone from his voice. The three fingered fist is the last thing the ninja saw before the world went dark.

Donnie ran up to Mikey "You okay Mike?"

Donnie started to fuss with the arm, inspecting the small knife sticking out of it. It was small, and their didn't seem to be too much damage. Before Donnie could do anything, Mikey grabbed the handle and pulled the knife out with a soft grunt. The wound was throbbing slightly but he ignored it, hes had worse. Small drops of blood dripped down his arm, but nothing too serious, Donnie sighed and knew nothing could be done at the moment any ways.

"I'll patch it up for you when we get to the Lair"Donnie shook his head and turned away. Leo folded his arms and was watching his brother, slightly farther apart from the rest of them. He was calm and collective, but Mikey could see the concern and worry in the deep blue eyes.

"You should be more careful Mikey." Leo eventually said, his voice was stern, but it was light. 'Good, hes not angry, no lecture tonight.' Mikey thought with a sigh of relief.

"Yes, I know Leo." Mikey mumbled annoyed at both his brothers and himself. But mostly himself.

"You're lucky he didn't go for a killing blow." Donnie said, his face scrunched into a face Mikey knew all too well. Don though something was not right here. "Actually...why didn't he?" Donnie muttered out loud to himself. Raph was quiet through this entire thing, but Mikey could see him silently seething. Raph was obviously annoyed at Mikey for not paying attention.

"Alright, lets go home." Leo sighed. They made their way over to the manhole cover. Donnie and Leo made their way down to the sewer, Mikey stood above it and looked at his brother in red. Mikey nodded his head at Raph with a quick charming smile.

"Thanks bro." Mikey said as he punched Raph lightly in the arm. Raph's eyes lightened up slightly and a hint of smile appeared on his face. Raph punched Mikey's good arm,

"hey, if anybody's gonna stab ma baby brotha, its gonna be me." Raph winked at Mikey as he followed the other two through the manhole.

'There's a couple things that were not adding up' Donnie thought. The damage to Mikey's arm was barely anything. The wound would no doubt bother him and be sore, but only for a couple days. Nothing is seriously damaged. Why would the foot ninja stab him in such an ineffective style? and why did he aim for the arm? The ninja could have stabbed Mikey in the brain and his baby brother, could be laying six feet under.

So tell me what you think? yay? Nay? Constructive criticism is appreciated.