The New girl in town

This is the key…Bold is Steel italics is Seve and regular is people.

"Copper Canyon High… In Copper Canyon how ironic" I say walking to my locker.

Being the new kid is hard. Especially if you shine…or at least your clothing does.

Everything I am wearing is red and white. EVERYTHING. Plus this year is going to be different. Yesterday I started glowing with turbo energy.


I open my locker and see some kids walking to class I follow them.

I have math.

I sit in the back. The kids fill in. a boy with bright blue eyes like mine sits next to me.

"You new?"

"Yea how did you know"

"well no dresses that bright here"

"thanks for the heads up"

"no problem"The teacher walkes in. Sadly noticing that im new.

"Saige Mcgrath right"

"that's my name don't where it out"

"Ok come intro duce your self"

"do I have to"I whine"


"fine" I walk to the front and start.

"SO my names Saige Chelsea Mcgrath, I hate pick and a tom boy. My favorite color is red.I came here alone but my brother mom dad and uncle are here. I sometimes get nerdy. Dont get me mad."

"Mcgrath like Max Mcgrath?"

"is your dad jim Mcgrath?"


"In that case my brother is Max" I walk back to my seat.

"your my brother?"

"I guess…I can take you to the base if you want?"

"sure thanks"

"Is steel in your backpack"

"YES and wheres your ultra link?"

"you know?"

"yeah im the same as you"