This is how a one shot of how I think the Black Donnellys series should have gone. I watched this series when it first came out, but I recently rediscovered it and decided the writers annoyed me, so I'm redoing it. It picks up right after Jenni and Tommy sleep together.

Laying there next to Tommy, Jenni drifted in and out of consciousness. She knew she needed to get up, knew she needed to head down to the dinner, but she also knew nothing could pull her from this bed. "There's something I need to tell you" he whispered. "No you don't." "No you don't understand there are somethings you need to know about." She rolled over so the she was facing him and repeated, "No I don't! I know everything I need to know." He just looked at her questioningly. She could tell that he was trying to figure out if she was just being romantic or if she really knew the mess they were getting themselves into; so before he could ask she added, "I know enough to keep me safe, but not so much that I'll be in danger, so just shut up lay here and kiss me some more." He did as ordered and kissed her straight on the lips not breaking contact till both their bodies were desperate for air. "I love you" he whispered, his eyes still closed as his forehead leaned against hers.

Meanwhile across town Shawn was waking up at the hospital; he turned his head expecting to see his mother, but saw Kim asleep in the chair instead. He sighed. He had been stealing his brothers girlfriends for years now, but this was different he actually liked her; I mean really liked her. She stirred and he closed his eyes again, pretending to be asleep, just in time to because his mother walked into the room putting her purse down just a little too hard. Kim woke up suddenly. "You still here" Ma said. "Yeah, I was going to wait for him to wake up." "Well I'm here now so you can go." "Ok, I'll be in the waiting room." "No that's alright you can just go home." "No really it's ok, I'll be in the waiting room." Kevin smirked to himself. It wasn't easy standing up to their Mother; who knows maybe she really liked him too.

Not all the Donnelly's were feeling quite as lucky as Tommy and Shawn. Kevin was sitting in the visitors room of the County Jail waiting for Jimmy; and as usual speak of the devil and he shall appear; because Jimmy sat down looking pissed. "What the hell are you doing here?," Jimmy spat. "I'm here to get you out!" Kevin responding smiling. "Yeah? You're paying my bail?" "Well no, not right now, but I wanted to tell you that…" "Tell me what Kevin? Tell me that my brothers are all selfish bastards who are leaving me to rot!" Jimmy was yelling now. "Jimmy its not like that." "You know what, screw you Kevin. You know, you've always been a rotten brother you unlucky stupid prick. You know, fuck you! I should've left all of you when Tommy told me to, at least I wouldn't be here because you son of a bitches." He limped off looking absolutely rotten. Kevin just sat there stunned, and really he shouldn't have been. Jimmy had always been trouble, deep down he knew that, but lately he had just been bad news. I mean flat out unreliable, dangerous, and down right mean. He sat back realizing, for maybe the first time really, that Tommy had always been the opposite. Even when he had killed for his brothers last night, he had been so clear headed and smart; cold as ice, but smart. And Kevin had known that whatever Tommy had been planning, that they would all walk out of it ok, because it was Tommy. When was the last time he could say that about Jimmy? He sighed, got up, and walked back over to the entrance taking off his visitors badge. "So you paying the bail money", the woman on the other side of the glass asked? "Nah", he said, and walked out without looking backing.