This is just a random one shot that popped into my head. I just wanted something that proved that there are dangers in the real world for the people who help arrow. Maybe show Oliver that it would be better for him to be with Felicity and protect her than not to be with her and have her be alone if something ever happened. Anyways completely AU, and I'm not sure how long it will be.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Arrow, any of the characters, or anything that is or may be affiliated with either one. I just like to borrow the characters once in a while. Well, a lot lately.

Random is a Real Thing

"Is there anyone you want me to call for you?" Felicity jumped when the officer touched her shoulder gently. She stared at him for a moment until she realized that he had spoken to her and she tried to think about what it was he said.

"Oh, um, no. No, I'll be fine. Thank you." She didn't sound very convincing even to herself, but the man gave her a nod before he and the two men who had first come gathered their things and left. Felicity locked the door behind them but then let out a small laugh and shake of her head. What good was it to lock the door anyway? Whoever had broken into her house earlier tonight hadn't been stopped by the dead bolt. With that thought she but her lower lip in trepidation until an idea occurred to her and she hurried into the dining room and grabbed one of the chairs. She jammed it under the door knob and backed away to see her handiwork. That would work, right? If they even tried to get in again. Which they wouldn't. Probably. Right? It wasn't like there was much left to steal anyway. They had taken her laptop, jewelry and her tablet. The one she hardly ever went ANYWHERE without. The one day she had forgotten it at home. She had already erased everything off them remotely that could connect her to Oliver being the Arrow. Not that she kept anything on them anymore. Everything was on her computers at the foundry now. She could have tracked them, but that wasn't even the point anymore, it was the violation of her home. Her one place in the world that she felt safe and comfortable. Now? Now she didn't even feel she could trust the locks on her door. She knew she should call Oliver or Digg but she couldn't bring herself to bother them with something like this. She wasn't in danger and it didn't have anything to do with the Arrow so why bother them late at night. Felicity sighed as she made her way to her bedroom. She wasn't in there for long before she was shoving her dresser in front of the closed door, just in case.

Felicity was tossing and turning for over an hour before she finally gave up on the idea of getting any real sleep. She kept thinking she was hearing someone trying to get in. She would get up and pace around her room for ten minutes before realizing it was all in her head and laying back down. It was now 2 o'clock in the morning and even though Felicity was more exhausted than she ever remembered being, she knew sleep wasn't coming. It didn't help that it was storming outside on top of everything else. Every creak of a branch against the house sent her pulse skyrocketing. She pushed the heels of her hands against her eyes in frustration. Then she heard a thump. She flung her hands down by her sides as her eyes shot open in terror. Were they back? Should she call the police? But what if she was wrong? She shook her head. Felicity had herself convinced her mind was playing tricks on her once again when there was another loud noise. She felt an involuntary shriek come out of her before she threw her hands up to her mouth to stifle any other noise. Her instincts screaming, she reached for her phone and dialed the one person she was completely and utterly confident in.

Oliver rolled over in his bed with a groan. A quick glance at the clock on his bedside table showed it to be about 2:30 am and he quickly became fully awake and snatched the phone. Seeing Felicity's name and picture on the screen sent him lunging out of bed, prepared for anything.
"Felicity? What's happening?"
"Oliver. I need you. My house, I-"
"Three minutes, Felicity. Hang on until I get there whatever it is."

Oliver got into his car instead of on the bike because of the rain. He couldn't be worrying about driving cautiously when Felicity could be in danger. He was turning onto her road in about two minutes and pulled over to the shoulder and stopped his car. He wanted to case the house on the chance anyone was outside trying to get in. Or in case they were already inside. Please, no. The thought spurred Oliver to move quicker and survey the house as much as possible before entering. He heard and saw nothing so he made his way to the front door. He was still worried about someone holding Felicity inside, so he decided against knocking and attempted to open the door silently when he realized the deadbolt was in place. Oliver picked the lock in a matter of moments and once again tried to push the door open. He was met with resistance and shoved a little harder. He felt along the other side of the door and his brows furrowed in confusion when he realized it was one of Felicity's dining chairs. Oliver realized there was no one in the house and yelled Felicity's name as he slammed himself into the front door and it came open, probably breaking one of her dining chairs in the process. She could yell at him after he made sure she was safe and sound and this was all a big misunderstanding.

Felicity couldn't stop staring at the clock, waiting for three minutes to go by and for Oliver's car to pull in the driveway. She hadn't heard any other sounds since she had called him, but she had herself into such a state of mind, she was no longer thinking rationally. When she thought she saw a shadow pass by the curtains of her bedroom, she gasped and backed herself into her closet, shutting the door behind her. She tried to shake off the fear and look for anything that she could use as a weapon. The only thing she could find was a beat up tennis racket. All she had to do was wait for Oliver to get there and everything would be fine. No one was going to get by the chair blocking the front door and even if they did, there was the dresser in front of her bedroom door. That would certainly hold them off long enough for Oliver to get there. If not, she had a last ditch effort to hit them with everything they had with the tennis racket if they came into her bedroom. Her eyes widened and her breathing became erratic when she heard a cracking noise that she realized was the chair blocking the front door. She heard a yell and then silence and waited to see what would happen.

There was nothing greeting Oliver except the sound of silence as he took in the surroundings. He began walking around the house, looking for any signs of Felicity and coming up empty. The last room to search would be her bedroom. He figured if she was there she would have heard him yell her name and come through the door. Felicity would have said something by now, but the chair blocking the door showed that someone had to be here. Right? Oliver turned the knob to her bedroom door and once again met resistance from the other side. He slammed himself into it a few times before he was able to make an opening wide enough to slide himself through. He took in the dresser pushed against the door and began to get an idea for what was happening. Oliver felt stupid for not figuring it out sooner, but none of it was making any sense. Someone had tried to get into the house and these were the measures Felicity had taken to protect herself? He still didn't see her and was pulling his phone out of his pocket to call her again when he caught a quick motion out of the corner of his eye. He reacted fast enough to catch the tennis racket that came flying at his head and put his other arm up and grabbed the fist that came next. He found himself staring into the wide and obviously terrified eyes of his favorite partner.

"Felicity." Her name came out like a sigh.

"Oh god, Oliver! I thought he came back!" She fell into his arms and he clung to her as tightly as she was to him.

"So someone tried to break in? Why didn't you call me right away, instead of trying to block the doors? Why the hell didn't you call the cops? What is going on, Felicity?"
"Well, when I came home from the foundry earlier tonight, I noticed that my lock looked like it had been messed with and I called the cops before going in. I didn't want to call you or Dig unless it had something to do with you being the Arrow, and-"
"Why? It doesn't matter what it had to do with, you should have called me."
"Well it turned out to just be a random robbery and now I realize that I was just being stupid and I'm sorry to have dragged you out of bed. I mean, I'm assuming you were in bed. Sleeping. But I guess you could have been not sleeping. Or, you know, sleeping with-"
"Felicity! I was sleeping. Alone. But that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. If you need me, you call. If you just want me here, you call. What happened next?"
"They took my laptop and my tablet. They didn't have anything important on them really but I remotely wiped them anyway, just in case. I thought about tracking them, but it just wasn't high on my list of priorities at the time. The cops left and I just wanted to sleep but I didn't trust the lock anymore, so I wedged one of my dining chairs under it. Which I see is now broken, but that doesn't-"
"Yeah, I'll fix it later. What happened next?"
"Well I went into my room and was really paranoid about whoever it was coming back and still didn't trust the chair under the front door, so I pushed my dresser in front of my bedroom door. It made me feel a little better but I still couldn't sleep. I kept thinking I was hearing someone outside. I kept telling myself it was just the storm, but then I heard noises that really made me think they were back, so I called you. I waited, and then saw someone walk by the window so I went into the closet and grabbed the first thing I could to protect myself in case they got into my bedroom. The rest you know."

Oliver sighed for a whole jumble of reasons. Firstly, he was glad that Felicity was safe and there wasn't anyone trying to get to her. Secondly, he felt badly because he had probably caused her more fear than any of the noises she'd heard outside had. And lastly because he was pretty agitated that she didn't just call him in the first place, then half of these problems would never have happened. But that didn't matter anymore. Comforting Felicity and making sure she felt safe and got some sleep were his main priorities. Yelling at her could come later, when she was surer on her feet. He pushed the dresser completely out from in front of the door and headed out of the room. Oliver could hear the quiet padding of Felicity's feet as she followed him to her entryway. He picked up the pieces of the dining chair and brought them into the kitchen to be fixed at a later time. He relocked the door and began walking back towards her room, grabbing her hand and pulling her behind him. Oliver pulled her into her room, shutting the door behind them and led her to the bed, pulling the covers down. Silently, he got her to lay down and covered her up before walking to the other side of the bed and pulling off the shirt and pants that he had haphazardly thrown on. He was left in his boxers as he slid into the bed beside her and pulled her into him. He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed soothing circles up and down her back.

"Go to sleep, Felicity. I'm not going to let anything happen to you, or anyone get to you."
"There's not much point in sleeping now, I have to get up and ready for work in a few hours. You have a few important meetings today. I'm so sorry for getting you out of bed in-"
"Stop. We're going to have a discussion about you deciding against calling me to begin with. After we get some sleep. And meetings can be rescheduled. Neither one of us will be going in to work today."

Oliver reached behind him where he had set his phone and sent a quick message to Diggle letting him know that Felicity had a problem late that night and he was staying with her, so they wouldn't be in to work. He asked him to let Isabelle know so she could reschedule his meetings. He told him he would be shutting his phone off for the day and would see them later that night at the foundry and explain everything then. He didn't expect a reply, but wasn't really surprised either, when a few moments later Dig texted back that Oliver most certainly would be explaining but that he would take care of everything as long as Oliver took care of "their favorite girl". Oliver smiled to himself and turned to tell Felicity that everything was taken care of when he realized she had already fallen asleep in his arms. She had herself tucked neatly into his side and he found himself pulling her just a little bit closer and continuing to stroke her back.

"I'll always be here to protect you, Felicity."

Well, that's it I hope you enjoyed it! I have a few more ideas for one shots I would like to do. There might even be a multi chap story or two coming. I haven't decided yet, it all depends on how it works out. But if anyone has any ideas they want me to write out or give my best shot at doing, just give me a shout out! Thank you guys for reading!