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Exposure. Part II.

Hermione grinned at herself in the mirror. She was applying makeup — mostly just to cover up the dark circles under her eyes. Detentions with Professor Snape were lasting until very late at night — he was very kinky. She giggled just from thinking about it.

Professor Snape loved to tie her up, to fuck her with toys and clamp her nipples. He whipped her until she shrieked, and then fucked her until she screamed his name. Every night he would finish by having her put his cock in her mouth and suck him dry. He preferred having her fall asleep with his cock in her mouth.

When she wasn't at her assigned detentions with Professor Snape, Hermione was sleeping with Harry in his dormitory. They never bothered to close the curtains of his bed, and had sex for anyone to view at their leisure. Sometimes it was passionate lovemaking, and sometimes Harry let her ride his cock while he stuffed his fingers up her arse. He preferred having her fall asleep with his cock still trapped in her pussy.

When Hermione wasn't with Snape or Harry, she was masturbating, and would fall asleep naked, sometimes with her fingers still in her pussy. She also left herself to be exposed to anyone who wished to see her. On those days, she often woke up to one of the girls in her dormitory licking her pussy, sucking on her clit. Just this morning, Lavender had woken her up quite deliciously, vigorously eating her out until Hermione squirted into her mouth. Lavender had hungrily lapped up her juices, and took the excess of what was on her hand to rub it on her own bare pussy. Yesterday, Ginny had attempted to sit on her face - partially to get off, but also probably in the hopes of suffocating her.

Hermione and Ginny have been enemies ever since she had dumped Ron and started fucking Harry on a regular basis. Ginny, who became insanely jealous, began to despise Hermione. Even though both she and Harry were open to the idea of having sex with Ginny for fun, Ginny refused and stopped talking to them.

The morning Ginny had shoved her pussy on her mouth, Hermione choked on Ginny's scratchy bush of pubic hair. Ginny did not keep her pussy clean; it smelled bad and her wetness was uncomfortably sticky and clumpy. Hermione threw her off the bed angrily, wiping her mouth. She spread her legs and pulled her wand out of her pussy - she had been masturbating with it and had fallen asleep with it still inside her. Hermione kicked Ginny's legs open and petrified her like that, leaving her bush open for anyone to see.

To get rid of that experience, Hermione showered in the boys' dormitory and had sex against the bathroom wall with Neville, and then again under the hot spray of water. What an eventful day it had been. But the next was arguably far better, for after Lavender's wake up call, Hermione had left the Gryffindor common room with her skirt hiked up invitingly. She skipped the panties, and as she walked, Draco Malfoy grabbed her by the bottom and pulled her into his arms to roughly kiss her.

He fucked her mouth with tongue, pulling back briefly to check if any adults were coming, and then shoved his fingers in her pussy, circling her clit with his thumb. Hermione bucked into his hand, moaning. Just when she as about to come, Draco suddenly withdrew his fingers.

Hermione looked at him with confusion, but he merely spread her legs apart further with his knee, flipped her skirt up, and pressed a thick, Slytherin green dildo into her waiting pussy. She jerked and her mouth opened in shock. The base of the fake cock tapered off significantly, and he continued to fill her with it until the lips of her pussy had swallowed it whole. A rounded emerald was the only visible thing sticking out.

Draco smoothed her skirt down and ground his erection into her, murmuring, "Listen, Granger. You're going to keep that cock in your fucking pussy all day today, until I take it out tonight after dinner. Every time you sit down, I want you to fuck yourself on it and think of my own cock inside you." she could only moan unintelligibly. "And next time, I'll fill both your holes." he squeezed her arse promisingly and left her standing in the hall. Her juices ran down her thighs and the rest of her legs.

So Hermione had left the dildo in her pussy all day, and she was the wettest she'd ever been. When she reached Charms and sat beside Harry, who put his hand under her skirt to grope her cunt in greeting, he encountered the dildo with surprise.

"What's this?" he asked slyly as he pulled it out of her and shoved it back in roughly. She cried out, drawing the attention of the other students. Professor Flitwick had yet to enter the classroom.

Hermione hiked her skirt up and remained standing as Harry fucked her with Malfoy's dildo. "From — oh! — Malfoy." she grunted, bucking her hips. Someone came up from behind her to kiss her neck and grabbed both of her tits in their hands. One of the hands left to rub her clit. Hermione moaned wantonly before her body twisted suddenly, and she shrieked as her pussy squirted around the dildo. It dripped to the floor and on her chair. The doors opened, and quickly, the hands left and Harry shoved the dildo back into her hole as Hermione tugged her skirt down. Everyone was instantly in their seats. As they practiced a simple charm, Hermione pulled Harry's cock free of its confines and stroked him until he came on her hand.

When Flitwick wasn't looking, Hermione stepped into the middle of the rows of desks, bent to reveal her bare pussy and bottom, and carefully pressed her come covered fingers in beside the dildo with a squelch. She fingered herself until she noticed Flitwick was about to turn and face them.

The rest of the day had been equally pleasurable. She spent Potions sitting on Professor Snape's desk, fucking herself lazily with the dildo. Every Potions class went similarly to this anyways. Hermione was so proficient in the subject that Snape was confident in her ability, so he often had her masturbate in front of the whole classroom while he lectured to keep her occupied. One day, he had her bend at the waist and spread her glorious pussy lips for the entire duration of class. Upon the completion of a potion, the class would watch him fuck her until he came inside of her, and only then would she be allowed back to her seat, without ever wiping herself clean. She would be forced to sit in a puddle of her juices and his come.

Currently, it was almost dinner time and Hermione finished her makeup by applying a bright red lipstick. She pressed her thighs together to remind herself of the dildo, and slid her hand between her legs to feel her pussy lips, which were swollen with arousal.

When Hermione came downstairs for dinner, she greeted Harry with a passionate kiss on the lips, and then turned around to do the same to Lavender, to whom she smiled and said huskily, "Thank you for this morning," at the same time, Hermione slid her hand under Lavender's skirt to play with her pussy to return the favor. While they ate dinner, the seventh years chatted and Lavender experienced a pleasant orgasm while she ate her treacle tart. Dean Thomas squeezed his trousers appreciatively at the spectacle.

Everyone kept looking at Hermione as if to catch her in the act of exposing herself publicly. Also, she was fairly certain that they all knew a dildo was inside of her at this very moment. The thought made her nipples harden. She made eye contact with Draco, who was observing her from the Slytherin table. Although he couldn't see, she reached between her legs and touched the emerald stone anyways in arousal.

When the majority of the Great Hall had cleared out, teachers included, except for Professor Snape, Draco and some other Slytherins joined the Gryffindors.

Draco stood in front of Hermione, silent. The others watched raptly as suspense hung in the air. Finally, Hermione hoisted herself on top of the table and spread her legs wide for all to see. Hands nearby reached out to press the emerald, glistening in her juices. They played with her clit, stroked the flesh around the dildo, and someone unbuttoned her shirt to play with her tits. Her nipples were pinched and twisted, and Hermione cried out. They touched her body everywhere from her neck to her feet.

She made eye contact with Draco, and he tapped the emerald with his finger. That was all the warning Hermione got, because in the next instant he had wrapped his hand around it and ripped it out of her pussy. She shrieked in a mix of both pain and pleasure. Draco smacked the foreign hands away and spread her pussy lips to expose her gaping hole even further.

There were appreciative noises, and there were classmates openly masturbating to Hermione's body. Hermione was moaning loudly at the loss, but suddenly Draco shoved the fake cock into her mouth and Hermione screamed around it as she gagged. But the roughness turned her on even further, and she swallowed what she could. Draco fucked her mouth with the fake cock, and now people were fingering her stretched out cunt.

Hermione could taste her own pussy juices and some of Harry's come from when she had fingered herself with it earlier. Someone's tongue entered her pussy at last, and Hermione looked around the dildo to see Luna eating her out while Neville fucked her aggressively from behind. Neville only had eyes for Hermione's cunt and her heaving tits.

Luna eventually pulled away as Neville's thrusts forced her to come. Her tongue was replaced by multiple hands, up to six fingers had worked their way into Hermione's pussy. Draco was still choking her with the dildo. Sounds of sex and gagging filled the air.

Finally, Draco grabbed Hermione by the waist while pulling it out of her mouth, the fingers were yanked out from her cunt and she jerked, groaning. Without hesitating, he slammed his cock into her.

"Fuck, Granger," he groaned, already picking up speed. "You're pussy's so loose now. Fucking slut, whoring yourself to anyone who comes your way. This is all your fault."

Hermione moaned in response. Someone held her arms down and others continued the onslaught upon her tits.

"You used to be so tight," Draco sneered. He spat on her pussy, and someone else - Lavender - rubbed it into her clit. "Bet you've been fucked so many times, there's room for more,"

Draco slowed his pounding and grabbed Harry's arm, pulling him into a fiery kiss. Hermione's mouth dropped even further. "Put your cock in her," Draco said, voice thick with lust.

Harry obeyed without hesitation, face flushed. Someone was spreading her legs wide open to accommodate both of them. She screamed as she was filled with two cocks at once. Her orgasm finally hit her, and she squirted violently, shrieking. Hermione had never felt so much pleasure at once in her life. Her eyes were glazed over as Draco and Harry found a rhythm.

Lavender was riding Seamus in his lap, facing Hermione. Neville was having Luna doggy style. Ernie and a sixth year were frantically wanking each other's cocks. There were many more, either masturbating on their own or fucking each other, but they all had one thing in common: they were all watching Hermione.

That turned her on more than the two cocks in her pussy did, more than the hands groping her tits and nipples did, more than Draco's finger up her arse did. Professor Snape was visibly stroking himself up on his seat from the teacher's table.

Draco panted as he fucked her, and he stole kisses from Harry in between. Harry was the one with his fingers circling her clit just the way Hermione likes it, and Draco's finger was doing great things in her arse.

"Fuck, Potter, your cock feels so good next to mine," Draco grunted.

"Malfoy - shit, fuck," Harry cried out as he came, and Draco was quick to follow. The sensation of double the normal amount of fluid within Hermione's cunt made her squirt. They filled her with come one right after another. All three fluids mingled together.

Her two men nearly collapsed on top of her, but instead they somehow managed to moved away from the table. Neville quickly replaced them with his cock. Hermione moaned, because as long as people were watching, she was still horny. Boys from all houses in her seventh year fucked her, even sixth and a couple of brave fifth years had her loosened pussy at some point. Professor Snape eventually joined them, and he was her last one, pinching her clit to make her squirt one last time around his cock.

"Fuck me!" Hermione shouted. "Fuck my pussy, please, sir!" He brutally fucked her in response.

After he came, Snape pulled out, he took the fake cock from before and thrusted it back into her pussy to keep the come from spilling out. Hermione cried out weakly. Someone helped her off the table, and she nearly collapsed, her legs shook and her abdomen was visibly distended from the amount of come inside of her.

Hermione realized at some point her clothes had been fully taken off, and she spotted them in a pile, but instead she smiled widely and left them there. After regaining her balance, Hermione walked through the Great Hall completely naked. She could feel the eyes of her classmates upon her, and the thought made her pussy tingle, despite all the fucking from earlier.

This was her dream — she was completely exposed to the entire school. Hermione went to Gryffindor tower bared. Some come had slipped out and made its way down her legs. There was come in her hair, on her face and tits, too. She loved it all. She was nearly there, but stopped at the top of the staircases.

Classmates were following her back to her dormitory, whether they were in Gryffindor or not, the spectacle was not quite over. Hermione grinned; she wanted a finale. She sat down at the top of the stairs and spread her legs. Already, Harry was wanking his cock to her.

With one hand, Hermione touched her tit, pinching her nipple. The other found her pussy once more. Her cunt was bright red from abuse, her clit was still very swollen. Hermione pressed on her sensitive nub and moaned loudly.

"Fuck!" she cried out. "I'm such a fucking slut, oh!" she fucked herself with the dildo with one hand and continued torturing her clit with the other. Hermione bucked her hips frantically, and it didn't take long until she was about to come.

"I love being filled with come," she panted. "Fuck yes!"

Hermione ripped the dildo out of her pussy and squirted. A rush of fluids came spilling out. She shrieked, hips jerking uncontrollably. The stairs were covered in come.

She collapsed right after, lying flat on the floor, panting and exhausted. Someone came to pick her up — Harry, of course, and he took her into the tower. Hermione was nearly asleep, but she was awake in enough to request a piggy back ride instead, so her arse would hang out and what's left of the come would drip out.

They entered the common room to see Ron, wanking furiously to Ginny, who had flipped her skirt up and was playing with her hairy pussy. The Gryffindors all recoiled and made noises of disgust.

"What are you doing?" Harry snarled.

"Don't you like this?" Ginny batted her eyelashes at him, spreading her legs wider as she fingered herself. There was not much to look at, just a hairy snatch that was mainly obscured by the bush. Ron looked Hermione's bare arse and the come seeping from her gaping pussy. He came with a squeal.

"Ew!" Lavender shrieked. "You guys are disgusting!"

"What the hell, man, cover your sister up! This is nasty." Many Gryffindors made similar complaints. Humiliated, the two Weasleys hurried away.

Hermione sighed happily at their departure and Harry took her to his bed, where he slid his cock inside of her pussy and kissed her goodnight.

End Exposure. Part II.

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