Meg's story.

After a successful top secret mission, Meg is finally near her family but still is unhappy. With some help from someone unexpected she will be able to make all her dreams come true.

Chapter 1

06:00 a beach in Oahu

The extra 5 miles that she ran this morning were giving her cramps. " This is going to hurt for days. God, if I keep on going like this, I am going to put myself in an early grave" she said quietly to herself.

She knew why she was doing this, she just couldn't bring herself to admit it.

She started to run again towards her home, she knew that Cathy would be up at 06:45 to get ready for her trip on the islands and she wanted to get a shower, make breakfast and get into her uniform before that. She wanted to have some time to talk with her before both of them went their separate ways

Cathy was the reason she always had the drive to arrive home in one piece after a though assignment. She knew that there was someone who was depending on her .

She still remembered the day she met Cathy for the first time, she and Harm were investigating some sightings that had occurred in a naval base in Del Rio, Texas.

After the investigation had finished she had kept in touch with Cathy and her uncle, sometimes inviting them to her ranch.

After her uncle had died, Meg had taken Cathy in, but because she was unmarried and had e dangerous job she could not adopt her. Fortunately her brother and his wife were willing to adopt Cathy. So that made Meg her aunt on top of being her best friend.

Walking in the house she could smell that something was burning,

"Cathy what the hell is going on here?" she asked the girl that was standing by the stove,

" I was trying to make breakfast for all of us. You would think that at 15 I would be able to make an omlet without without setting the house on fire" said Cathy with a sad smile on her face.

"So cooking isn't your strong suite, you can\t be a champion in everything" said Meg , starting to help the girl with the cleaning. " Let's clean and get the breakfast on the table before the Dragon Lady gets up"

"And who are you calling a Dragon Lady, Cmdr?" said Allison Krennick, who was coming down the stairs into the kitchen.

"You better run before she turns you into a pancake", said Daniel Austin, who was coming from behind his wife. "Morning darlings", he said kissing his wife and than giving his daughter and sister a little peck on the cheek.

"Thanks dear brother is good to know that you are so willing to defend me" said Meg with a mock grin.

" He knows better than to get on my bad side" said Allison winking at her husband. " So Cathy, what other nicknames did your aunt told you about"

" Just this one mom", said Cathy giving her mother a kiss .

" Good, I don't want her giving you any ideas young lady, and next time you try to make breakfast be careful not to burn the house down" she said getting a bottle o water from the fridge." I'm on my way for my morning jog, have a nice trip Cathy, and Meg I need a ride to the office, my car broke down" she said running out the door.

"But I just got it fixed last week", said Daniel but his wife just gave him THE LOOK and ran out the door.

"I think I know why she really wants a ride" said Meg with a stern look.

"She cares about you, like all of us" said Cathy

"I am fine, and if you can get your dad to help you with breakfast I am going to take a shower" said Meg heading for the bathroom.

"I hope you and your mother know what your doing, because she may not speak to you if she finds out what you are up to" said Daniel.

"Don't worry dad, everything is under control" said Cathy winking at her father. "For now lets just get breakfast ready so I can be on my way. I have a trip to go to".

45 minutes later Meg and Allison were on their way to the office and Meg knew she was coming.

"So care to tell me what is going on?" she asked looking sternly at Meg.

"Nothing", Meg answered biting her lower lip.

Allison just shakes her head. After 7 years she was able to know when her sister in law was distressed and trying to hide it. After coming back from her last mission she became restless, having nightmares again and crying alone in her room at night. Everyone in the hose knew what was going on but they were scared to bring it up, so the task fell on her. She was after all "The Dragon Lady".

" Ok Meg, I'm not going push you right now because we are late for our meeting with Admiral Smith, but we are going to have a serious discussion tonight. I'm taking you out on a girls night out" she said looking seriously at Meg.

"Thank you Allison but I'm not in the mood ok, we'll talk about this some other time", Meg replied.

"I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you" she said laughing.

"Yes ma'am" replied Meg with a smile. She and Allison had become very close friends over the years and always helped each other through the rough patches of their lives.

19:30 Tropic's Bar

Meg and Allison were sitting at a table drinking. Allison was getting annoyed by the minute. "Ok Meg, are you going to tell me what the hell is bothering you . I though that after all these years you would be able to come to me with anything that bothered you. And don't start telling me everything is fine because I'll have you pushing papers in some dusted JAG office for the rest of your career" Allison said sternly.

Meg had a small smile on her lips. She knew how much Allison cared for her, not jus as her sister in law, but also as her superior officer, they had some rough missions back when they were both working undercover for Naval Intel and Meg was the one that "schemed" to bring together Allison and her brother. Sometimes she has small regrets about that, especially when she starts bossing her around at home but knowing that her brother and Cathy were happy, made the torture much easy to bear.

"What do you want me to tell you Allison? That I am having nightmare about my last mission? You know damn well I do. It's not easy to see your husband get killed in front of you and not be able to do something to stop it. I still feel guilty for not being able to dismantle that bomb and for surviving. Therapy is helping me get through it, but seeing the files again brought back memories, and I am being restless because I know I will have to see that bastard again at the trial. I am afraid I may be tempted to put a bullet through his head and that won't be good for my career" said Meg with a sigh.

Allison knew all to well what Meg was going through. After being transferred from JAG to Weapons, Meg was assigned to Lt. Cmdr. Carmichael on a special secret mission. She didn't know the specifics of that mission as it was top secret, but she did know that Meg came back from that mission with a purple heart and a ring on her finger.

The funny thing was that the marriage was supposed to be their cover but somehow the two of them managed to fall in love with each other. She was sure that Bruce always felt a little guilty about Meg being shot by Hemlock and that is why he tried to do everything to make it up to her. And he always knew that Meg was still in love with Harm.

That was the reason that he had Allison promise that if anything happened to him, she would try to get Meg and harm together. Apparently he already knew that Harm loved Meg as well, but that they were both to stubborn to do something about their feelings.

Everything was going well for all of them, until that fateful day. She and Meg were working together on a case in Naples, when they were taken hostage by a disgruntled navy Captain. Captain Anderson had a grudge against Meg and Bruce because they were the reason he was charged and convicted for treason.

Apparently he was selling top secret information and weapons to the Chinese Government.

Posing as the stupid blonde wife of an ambitious naval officer, Meg was able to gain the Captain's trust and get her "husband" and herself in the Captain's team. What the captain didn't know was that the "blonde bimbo" was a computer and weapons specialist and that she was not after the money but after was able to get the necessary info to convict the Captain and the rest of his team of accomplices, and also recover all the stolen weapons and the documents that they were selling to the Chinese.

Unfortunately six months later captain Anderson and a few of his accomplices escape from prison and had take about 30 people hostage and set a couple of bombs in the building. He was demanding 50 million dollars and also to have Meg go with him, in order to relieve the hostages and not detonate he bombs. Meg knew why he had demanded that she and her husband go with Anderson, he wanted to get his revenge for their treason.

After hours of hard negotiations and hours of living hell they were able to release the hostages and get to the bombs, but unfortunately what they did not know was that Anderson had another card up his sleeve. He had Bruce captured and had him handcuffed to another bomb that was on another level of the building.

When they were able to locate him it was to late. There was very little time on the clock and the bomb was a complicated one. It was stuck to Bruce's chair with wires and if they tried to cut the wires it would automatically explode. So the only thing Bruce could do was to order the bomb squad to leave the building and get his wife with them.

It was the most heartbreaking situation Allison had ever witnessed in her career.

Meg was screaming and struggling in the arms of the two officers that were trying to get her out of there.

They were only able to reach the window when the bomb went off. All that Allison could remember was that the two officers had pushed her and Meg through the window and into a safety net that were laid out side.

Even after 4 years she was having goose bumps just remembering it, so she could only imagine what Meg was going through. Especially that today was supposed to be their anniversary even though they never were able to get o proper wedding.

But she had made o promise to Bruce and she was intending on keeping that promise.

She was brought to the present by Meg's voice. "Allison did you hear what I was telling you?" asked Meg

"Sorry, I had my mind some place else. Care to repeat what you were saying?" said Allison looking at Meg with soft eyes.

"I was saying that maybe you were right about me not getting involved in Captain Anderson's case again, maybe it's better just to give you a written statement and not show my face in court. If I lose my temper we may not be able to get him to cooperate with us. God knows I want that bastard behind bars for the rest of his life but ironically he's the only person able to help us get to the weapons that were stolen 3 months ago" said Meg with a tired voice.

"Glad to hear it. I know its hard, but be assured that after all this is over I'm going to make sure that he never sees the light of day for the rest of his life" said Allison

"I thought the idea was to get him a lighter sentence now in order to get him to cooperate?" asked Meg with suspicion in her eyes.

"Well, that's what they all think but we have another idea in mind" said Allison with a smug smile.

"Who's we?" asked Meg

" Oh, me, Admiral Smith and Admiral Chegwidden" said Allison nonchalantly.

"You got Smith and Chegwidden involved in all of this?" asked Meg in disbelief.

"Yes and they were happy to lend a helping hand. That is why Chegwidden is sending his best team to help me with the negotiations, and before you start to get nervous again… Harm is not one of them" said Allison with a knowing look.

"Why would I get nervous?" asked Meg

"Because you are scared of what your reaction might be if you see him again. You are scared that you might still be in love with him after all those years" said Allison

'Can we change the subject?' asked Meg

'No. Meg you have to take the bulls by the horns and deal with those feelings and find out if you can do something about it. God it's a pity you didn't get him in your bed when you were partners, then maybe you would have realized that he wasn't worth it' said Allison looking at a flushed Meg.

'Yeah maybe, but considering what happened the last time I saw him, I'm not that sure' said Meg with a sigh. Looking at Allison's expression, Meg started laughing. It was the first time she saw a dumbfounded Allison Krennick-Austin.

'You've been keeping secrets commander! So what exactly happened between the two of you and where was I?' asked Allison with a mischievous smile.

'That's classified information Captain" said Meg a wink.

'I guess I'll have to find out the hard way' said Allison. 'Anyway, it's a good thing that I was able to get your mind of this day even for a split second. I know you are down because it was supposed to be your anniversary, but I don't think that Bruce would want you to sit and mop around. He would want you to be happy and live a full life. So think about it Meg, it's time to take of your personal life as well' said Allison in a serious tone.

'Why are you always trying get involved in my love life? Isn't your marriage enough source of entertainment for you?' asked Meg , one of her typical smile on her face.

'Because misery likes company" answered Allison.

'Maybe we should get back home, Dan and Cathy are probably getting worried' said Meg as she was getting up from the table.

'You really are a party pooper, I was really staring to enjoy the attention those gentlemen over there were giving us' said Allison with a husky voice, following Meg out of the bar.

'Some things never change' said Meg to herself while she was shaking her head.