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Chapter 3: Battle of the Dead


The word echoed in Goku's mind, forcing him to relive his final moments in life once more. With an almighty roar from the horde before them, the combined forces of the Cold Empire and the Red Ribbon army began to advance on the severely outnumbered Saiyans. The warrior's behind Vegeta were practically humming with excitement as he stepped in front of them, glaring down the advancing beings. He held an arm up at chest height, directing his palm towards them, and Goku felt his ki spike above the torrent of energy flaring around them.


The advancing horde hadn't even made it to within twenty feet of the Saiyans when a hail of ki blasts of varying colors and intensity swarmed into their ranks, cutting down hundreds in a fray of limbs and explosions. Goku would have been slightly perturbed by the slaughter that was happening before him, but saw nothing but Cell. He saw past all of the soldiers before him, his glare pointedly fixed on those horrible pink eyes that sneered back at him. Cell leapt from his position, taking to the skies above them, and Goku wasted no time mirroring him. Leaving behind the blood-thirsty Saiyans, he blasted into the sky, retracting a fist and pushing his ki through it. He closed the gap in the blink of an eye, catching the genetically engineered monstrosity off guard. Cell barely managed to get his arms up before Goku's super-charged fist crashed into the hasty block, sending Cell hurtling backwards. Goku pulled up short as the Android regained his balance and glared down at him, allowing him a second of recovery. Cell righted himself and held his hands at his sides, glaring down at Goku with barely contained rage that had replaced his haughty expression.

"Always full of surprises aren't you Goku? Then again, you could have probably dealt me a serious blow there if you'd kept up your advantage. You always were a sentimental fool thinking that the only fight was a fair fight. That at least hasn't changed."

The burning hatred in Goku's gut raged even hotter at his words, and he gritted his teeth up at the Android. He knew he had made mistakes before, allowing scum like Frieza to gain their full power before he fought them when he knew he could defeat them and be done with it. But no more, he'd learned since his arrival the cost of such actions.

"No, Cell. You're not getting a freebee now. I'm not here for a fair fight, I'm going to hurt you. You're going to squirm like the insect you are before I'm done, and you know what?..."

He trailed off and allowed a dangerous smirk to slide onto his features, and Cell visibly recoiled at the unbelievable change that had taken over the dead Saiyan. This was not the same man he had killed five years ago.

"I'm going to enjoy every. Last. Second of it."

Goku's expression dropped back into a serious glare and he bolted forward, launching into his attack at full force once more. This time Cell was prepared, and countered the kick aimed at his gut with a backhand that sailed right over the Saiyan's head. Goku continued with his momentum, spinning in the air and unleashing a blindingly fast flurry of punches and kicks that Cell blocked with equally rapid movements. They got locked into their own private battle, each trading blows and neither of them giving ground. Goku got a break and managed to work his way around the outside of an over-extended punch from the Android, and secured his advantage with a bone-shattering kick to Cell's back. The cockroach like wings snapped in the middle and fluttered to the ground below while Cell himself slammed face-first into the ground at the feet of Frieza and King cold. He lay there for a moment, and Goku took the time to make sure that there was no chance of him missing out on his goal. He dug into his ki and ripped the surface wide open, unleashing a scream as the second level of Super-Saiyan erupted within him. Electricity bolted out of him and the whirlwind that was his aura thrashed the air into a super-heated hurricane. Many of the people below him were tossed aside like paper to wind, and when he leveled his gaze with Cell, the Android's eyes widened in recognition.

"It's like him. That damned boy! NO! I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN AGAIN!"

Goku ground his teeth together, seeing red at the sight of Cell pushing himself to his feet and powering up to maximum. It was immense, far more powerful than the last time Goku had seen the Android fighting his son. His ki shone like a bright light in his mind, dulling the rest to a mere faint glow. Goku would have been afraid before.

But things had changed. For all that power, he was no longer a threat to Goku. The realization brought a confident smirk forth on his face. He was going to obliterate Cell, and the Android knew it. His own golden aura flared up, but the fearful look on his face refused to give way as he turned to look at Frieza and King Cold.

"Any time you two want to step in and help would be nice!"

Frieza couldn't take his eyes off of Goku floating above them all, and stepped back in fear as the Saiyan locked eyes with him. King cold nervously cleared his throat and began backing away from Cell's battered form as the wings on his back regenerated and burst out with a splash of murky grey liquid.

"Umm, actually, I think it is about time for us to take our leave Frieza."

The two Cold monarchs shared a quick glance before taking off rapidly in the opposite direction. Cell gaped at their retreating backs and clenched his fists.


They didn't even make it a hundred feet before the both of them were slammed back into the ground. In the air above them floated King Vegeta and Bardock, glaring down at them menacingly. Goku watched as Vegeta transformed once more into a Super Saiyan, flashing gold and immediately chasing after King Cold. Bardock hesitated, and Goku felt a jolt of realization as his father threw his head back and roared to the sky. A distinct golden aura flashed around him before his hair stood on end, turning gold and mimicking perfectly what Goku's hair had looked like when he first transformed. Goku felt pride swell up in him as his father finished his transformation, and made a mental note to congratulate him later. Bardock returned his eyes to Frieza's shaken form and the Tyrant froze in place, fear written all over his features.


Bardock shot down towards the ground, slamming a fist into Frieza's face and sending up dust all around them. Satisfied that that problem was taken care of, Goku returned his attention to Cell. The android felt his eyes on him and spun around to glare up at him, baring his teeth at the Saiyan.

"Fine! If that's the way it's going to be, bring it on!"

Though his words came out as confident as ever, Goku could hear the hint of uncertainty behind his voice. He allowed the burning desire in his gut to overwhelm him, and he disappeared in a flash. Reappearing right in front of Cell, Goku drove his fist upwards, pushing off the ground and slamming it under Cells chin in a mighty uppercut. The sound of something breaking made Goku's blood boil, and he pressed on. Before Cell could even gather his wits about him, Goku grasped his ankle. He swung the Android around once before slamming him to the ground, knocking the wind out of him with a loud "oof". Goku pounced on his prey, pinning him to the ground with one hand while repeatedly driving his fist into Cell's face. With each blow something new broke, and with each break, Goku felt his five years' worth of anger and resentment bleeding out through his fists. Purple blood leaked out through Cell's eyes, nose and mouth, staining Goku's fist and spattering the ground around them. With one final roar, Goku threw his fist down once more, putting a burst of ki behind it. The appendage burned clean through Cell's head. With nowhere else to go, the contents of his skull burst outward like a melon hit with a hammer.

Goku pushed himself up and kicked Cell's decapitated form away, glaring at it with rage seething in his gut. He ignored the sounds of battle around him, waiting patiently for his prey.

"I know you're not done yet Cell. Get back up so I can beat you down again."

Mere moments later, Cell gasped as his head regenerated, the burst of fresh air filling his lungs once more. He pushed himself up on quivering arms, wiping his cheek of some of the grey residue. His eyes held no show of defiance anymore. Only fear.

"What the hell happened to you?! You don't enjoy pain! You're Goku!"

Goku curled his lip in disgust and began walking slowly towards the Android. There were so many things right about his statement it hurt Goku to hear it. He didn't enjoy pain, he knew it. He just didn't care at the moment. For once in his existence, he wasn't going to hold back the urges natural to a Saiyan. He wasn't going to let his better judgement take hold. No, this time, he would make an exception for Cell.

"You took everything from me Cell. You forced me to rely on my son, my eleven year old son, to defeat you. For everything, you're going to pay."

Cell pushed himself backwards, not even bothering to stand as death stared him down.

"W-Wait! Please, have merc-"


Cell cowed as Goku roared at him. Goku stopped mere feet from Cell, glaring down at the android. He sunk down into a wide stance and cupped his hands at his side, gathering his ki and forcing it into his palms.


Cell's eyes widened almost comically as he recognized his impending doom. He held his hands out, shaking his head and pleading with incoherent words for Goku not to destroy him. Goku's eyes narrowed dangerously, ignoring Cell's pleas.


The blue ball of ki in his hands expanded to the size of a basketball, thrumming with energy begging to be released. As it was about to reach critical mass, a booming sound echoed through the air, silencing the entire battlefield. It was a voice, one voice that Goku remembered all too well.


Goku instantly felt his grasp on the ki dissipate as he spun around to look for the source of the voice. Off in the distance, barely visible as a golden speck hanging in the air, was Broly. He was as massive as ever, stuck in his Legendary Super Saiyan form, and he was closing fast. He vaguely heard Cell scramble to his feet and start shuffling away.

"Just great, you've gotten that buffoon's attention now! Your time is up Goku. Have fun with that!"

Just like that, Cell blasted away as quickly as he could, leaving the battlefield and its occupants staring up at Broly as he descended to the ground, blank eyes scanning the crowd. All around the Saiyans frozen in place, the remaining fighters scattered, scrambling to get away. Goku noted as he watched them go that none of the Red Ribbon soldiers were left, and barely a fraction of the Cold army remained. The only ones worthy of note were Frieza and Cold themselves, Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginyu force. He watched them leave for a second before glaring back at the Legend. Silence reigned as the rest of their opponents disappeared in the distance, and the powerful hum of Broly's aura was the only sound in the air. His brows furrowed and he bared his teeth as he scanned them, searching for his query.


He growled out to them, and Goku could feel the Saiyans tense nervously, looking towards him. His own aura flared up as he clenched his fists, striding towards the giant with a serious glare on his face. He was still enraged about Cell, but he knew that this took precedence. Cell would be there still after he was finished with Broly. Broly's pupil-less eyes found him finally, and his scowl shifted ever so slightly to a toothy grin. Goku took a deep breath and cracked his neck, preparing for what he knew was going to be a brutal fight.

"Broly. This ends here. You're outnumbered, you can't win."

The giant narrowed his eyes, his grin sliding off his face back into a scowl. His radioactive green aura flared up rapidly, thrashing about and forcing many of the surrounding Saiyans to shield themselves. His head turned about on his thick neck, taking in his surroundings before locking back on Goku.

"Pathetic, Kakarot. Pathetic."

Off to the side, Goku could hear King Vegeta scoff sarcastically at his words.

"Wow, two words. I'm impressed."

Goku heard movement right behind him, and noticed Vegeta and Bardock appear in his peripherals, golden auras shining brightly. They were closely followed by Pikkon, who was carefully inspecting Broly with a critical eye. Bardock glowered at the Legendary Super Saiyan, turning his head towards the remaining Saiyans.

"Stay out of the way, all of you. If we can't handle him ourselves, I'll call you. Do what you can from a distance, and stay out of his reach!"

Goku glanced at him out of the corner of his eyes, impressed with the authority his voice carried. The other Saiyans around them nodded, backing away without question, even Raditz. He was incredibly grateful that his father was there to help, but this was one battle he had to fight on his own. He had to at least try to. Without raising his voice more than a murmur, he addressed the two of them.

"Let me handle him. I need to take him down. He's my mistake to fix."

"Kakarot, are you insane?"

"Knowing Goku? Definetly. We can step in at the first sign of trouble."


Three sets of eyes burned into the back of his head as he stepped forward to meet Broly, but thankfully they didn't try to stop him. Goku stopped a mere twenty feet away from Broly, who just glared down at him. Goku could feel the tension building in the monster before him, begging to be unleashed. He sank down into a fighting stance and glared right back, waiting for Broly to move.

"What's with the restraint Broly? Come on then!"

He knew taunting the giant was going to end painfully, but Goku wanted to test the waters, see just how powerful Broly was. Now that he was close by, his ki stuck out like a sore thumb, practically blotting out all the others around him. Broly considered him for a second before he started chuckling. His chest shook as his chuckle turned into a full-bodied laugh that made Goku's skin crawl. He could feel a drop of sweat roll down his neck and get lost beneath his armor. Broly threw his hands to the sides and stepped forward, his wide eyes glaring at Goku with manic desire burning in them as he roared. The force of the sound rattled Goku down to the bones, and he tensed in preparation as Broly made his move. Abandoning all words, Broly shot forward at him, one hand outstretched for his neck. Goku dodged below it, slamming his knee into Broly's gut with as much force as he could muster, and felt his knee nearly give under the intense force. But the blow did its job, and Broly tumbled backwards.


His feet touched the ground and he slid back, digging two trenches and planting a fist to keep himself upright. Goku touched back down, putting his weight on his opposite leg as the one he had struck with was now numb.

Still as powerful as ever. This is going to suck.

He wasted no time, charging forward before Broly could counter him, launching a furious attack in an attempt to force an opening he could exploit. Broly recovered quickly, launching himself up to meet him, and took every single blow that Goku threw at him. Goku pressed his advantage, landing several hard punches across Broly's face before he could get his guard up, finishing it off with a rising kick to the jaw, sending Broly into the sky with the force. He planted his feet and threw a hand straight up, palm out, and unleashed a bright golden beam of light at Broly. The Saiyan spun in the air, seeing the blast coming, and caught it with an outstretched hand. Through sheer power, Broly forced it back, sending the blast back at Goku, who barely managed to swat it out of the way. Goku watched it fly off into the distance, making sure it wouldn't hit any of the bystanders before he looked back up… Straight into the face of his opponent mere feet away from him.


Goku crumpled under the force of the blow as Broly's fist found his face, and he ploughed straight into the ground. Dirt kicked up around him as he waited for his head to stop spinning. He refocused in time to see Broly's foot descending for his chest, and flipped up and out of the way. Broly's foot buried itself in the ground all the way up to his knee, and those blank eyes glared daggers right at him as he maneuvered out of the way. Goku threw his ki behind him, launching himself at Broly with as much speed as he could, burying his shoulder in the giant's stomach and sending them both flying. He felt ribs bend and crack under the stress of the blow, and a searing pain erupted in his collarbone as the bone gave way. Just the intense aura of Broly was hot enough to burn, and his bare arms felt like he had stuck them in a furnace. With a grunt of effort, he pushed Broly off of himself. Putting his feet between them, he kicked hard. Broly flew away from him even faster, slamming backwards into the face of a cliff and disappearing in a shower of rocks and debris.

Goku landed lightly, panting from his exertions and wincing at the new aches and pains that were sure to plague him. But Broly wasn't done. There was no way that Goku had finished it so quickly. The roar of approval from the Saiyans around him fell on deaf ears as Goku felt Broly's power fluctuate wildly. He suddenly realize something was off and turned to yell at the others.


The simple word was enough, and the vast majority of the Saiyans took to the air at the same time as the explosion erupted. The cliff shattered and hundreds of green balls of ki darted out in all directions. They impacted everywhere, burning away everything they touched within a five foot radius. Goku barely managed to dodge one that came straight at him, only to stray into the path of another. He instinctively crossed his arms before himself, taking the brunt of the ki there. His forearms burned like mad as it detonated, and the force of the explosion sent him reeling. Goku landed with a heavy thud, his head spinning and ears ringing from the close proximity of the detonation. Several screams sounded out around him, and a cold sense of dread dropped into his stomach like a dead weight.

A pair of figures darted past him, but Goku couldn't quite make out who they were. Another landed next to him, pulling him up to a sitting position. His vision cleared and he surprisingly found himself looking up into the face of his Brother. Raditz extended a hand, his expression grim and serious.

"Nice try runt, but now we're joining in."

Goku shook off the pain that burned his forearms and hesitantly nodded, taking his brother's hand and allowing himself to be pulled up to standing. His father was there as well, looking him over with concern before grunting in satisfaction. He waited a second to regain his breath as his father shot off to assist Pikkon and Vegeta, who were teaming up on Broly without much success. Of the two of them, Pikkon seemed to be the only one having any real effect on Broly, and the one taking most of the hits. Broly didn't even seem to care that king Vegeta was repeatedly hitting him, though Goku could see the damage he was causing plain as day. The enraged Super Saiyan just didn't care that he was getting hit. He grabbed Pikkon's fist as it shot up to meet his sternum and torqued it around, throwing the Alien about before slamming him face-first into the dirt. He looked up just in time to see Bardock's foot plant itself in between his eyes. The blow was barely enough to force his head back, and Bardock's expression reflected his shock. Broly grabbed onto his leg with a massive hand and threw him around, straight into King Vegeta. The two of them rolled away in a crumpled heap before coming to an abrupt halt against the same cliff Broly had disappeared into. With his opponents temporarily stunned into inaction, Broly lifted his head to the sky and unleashed some of his pent up aggression in an ear-shattering roar.


The bloodcurdling roar made the air around them vibrate with the sheer power behind the words, and Goku noticed that Raditz was sweating profusely.

"God dammit Kakarot, what the hell did you do to piss this guy off?! I mean, I know you're an insufferable softy, but even I can't get that mad at you."

Goku shook the remaining dizziness from his head, regaining control of his ki and re-opening the dam in full, allowing it to pour through into his muscles once more.

Seriously good question, I still don't know what I did to Broly…

"It doesn't matter, he's going down."

As if he could hear from the distance he was, Broly's head snapped around to face Goku in full, his brows furrowing even further into rage as his target was reacquired. Broly pointedly ignored Bardock and Vegeta as they recovered and fired a combined blast at him, shrouding him in dust and smoke for a few moments until he burst from the concealment. A vortex of debris caught in his wake trailed him as he darted straight for Goku. Suddenly realizing that he had to act quickly, Goku threw his ki behind him. Lightning arced off his body and into the ground behind him as he exploded forth with a thunderclap, meeting Broly half-way. Goku quickly assessed the situation in the blink of an eye it took for them to close together, but before he could make a move, Broly sped up. Quicker than he could react, Broly had him by his face, the rest of his body swinging around painfully as he was suddenly forced the opposite direction. He felt his back impact the ground and dig in, getting dragged through it roughly. Suddenly thankful that he was wearing something besides the soft fabric of his gi, Goku fought to reorient himself. His feet wound their way up and kicked where he assumed Broly's elbow was, while simultaneously pulling down on the behemoth's forearm.


The resounding crack of a heavy bone breaking rang through the air, quickly followed by the pained roar of Broly, who abruptly dropped the Battered Saiyan and gripped his arm, now bent at an odd angle. Not wasting any time, Goku leapt to his feet, nearly staggering forward as a wave of dizziness tried to force him back to the ground. He shook his head and spun to face Broly, noting how heavy his body seemed suddenly.

Man, he took more out of me than I thought already. What a tank!

Broly roared to the sky, his aura flaring wildly before a massive shockwave blew outwards from his colossal form. Goku barely managed to hold his ground, even still in his ascended Saiyan form. The others surrounding him were less lucky, getting tossed aside. A quick glance around told him that the only fighters remaining standing before the monstrous Saiyan were Pikkon, himself, and the other two Super Saiyans. A quick glance around told him all he needed about their condition. Between the short conflict with Frieza and Cell and their combined duel with the Legend himself, none of them appeared to be anywhere near a hundred percent. All of them at the minimum looked winded and bruised, with Pikkon and Goku bearing burns and cuts from their collective opponent. Without another word, Pikkon removed his outer layers, dropping his white robes and hat to the ground with an earth-shattering thud. Goku smirked and fought to gather himself as Broly continued to scream in rage and pain.

"Finally realized how tough this guy is huh?"

"Yea, no sense in taking any chances now. I'm just glad you managed to knock his arm out of commission."

Goku laughed nervously, returning his eyes to the behemoth and sinking back into a stance as Broly gathered his wits about him, returning his eyes to the battlefield with the hottest fires of hell burning in his eyes.

"I wouldn't count on that being a weakness… I think I just pissed him off more."


The other four fighters recoiled a little at the sheer insanity ringing in his voice as his eyes locked onto Goku once more. Pikkon gulped nervously and nodded his head.

"Yep… Definitely just pissed him off."


Broly shot towards Goku, his golden-green aura burning away several feet of ground below him as he approached, and Goku barely had time to react and get his guard up. The enormous fist that hit his block crushed his arms against his chest and sent him tumbling back. Fortunately, Goku managed to separate himself from the limb and extend his throbbing arms out to unleash a beam of blue ki point-blank into Broly's face. The force of it sent him backwards and away from his target, just as Bardock and Vegeta entered the fray. Wisely, keeping their distance this time, the two Saiyans rose above Broly and began unleashing wave after wave of ki blasts down into him, hoping that the Super Saiyan would finally go down. He disappeared in a cloud of smoke and flying debris as the torrent of blasts rained down on him. Pikkon rose above them, adding his own powerful blasts to the rain of energy before all three of them dropped and landed next to Goku. Between pants, Bardock managed to clear his throat and find his voice.

"Do-… You think-… he's done?"

Goku waited for some of the energy radiating from the cloud to dissipate, searching for Broly's ki, and was unsurprised to find it burning, though nowhere near as powerful as it had been minutes before.

"No, he's still there, but it feels like he's been weakened a lot. I'm guessing one more push like that and we might be able to get rid of him."

Vegeta considered him with a sideways glance, skepticism written all over his face.

"And how do you know all that?"

"No time, look!"

Broly charged, completely ignoring his mangled arm and rushing headlong towards Goku like a raging bull. Goku tried to get a more accurate reading on Broly to make a plan, but in his hurried mindset and with all the excess energy around him, he realized…

Excess energy… Of course! That's it! Dammit why didn't I think of this sooner!

"Pikkon, Vegeta, Dad, I need you to stall him for just a few seconds. I think I have an idea!"

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Pikkon started doing a bizarre dance of sorts. Goku, knowing exactly what he was doing, nodded and stood straight, lifting his hands to the air and furrowing his brow in concentration. Bardock and Vegeta looked at them and then at each other, sharing their confusion at their actions.

"What in the hell are you two doing?"

Just then, Pikkon stood straight and clenched his fists, bringing them together in front of him to point directly at the Charging Super Saiyan. Before another word could be uttered, an enormous jet of fire erupted from his outstretched arms, closing the already short distance with Broly. The other two Saiyans were forced to pause a moment as the heat of the wave hit them full in the face.

"Oh… That…"

Shaking themselves out of their surprise, the two of them took to the air and watched as Broly was forced to stop and deal with the wave. He created a ki bubble around himself, forcing it outwards towards the incoming blast in an attempt to force it away. For a second it looked like he would be able to shrug it off, but then a pair of bright blue ki blasts curved in from opposite sides, impacting the Saiyan's shield as well. Broly growled in anger, looking from left to right and catching sight of his two new attackers.


Goku glanced up at the sky and blinked in shock at the size of the blast he had been creating. Pulling from every source of energy he could get his hands on had resulted in a colossal spirit bomb hovering several hundred feet above his head. He tried to gauge the amount of energy being stored in it, and quickly concluded that while huge, it wouldn't be enough just yet. But considering he had managed to summon all of that in only ten or so seconds, it wouldn't take much longer to gather the rest. He returned his eyes to the battlefield just in time to see Broly throw his arms to the side, exploding the ki bubble around him and forcing back the attacks being thrown at him. Pikkon, Vegeta, and Bardock all were tossed back from the force of the blast, and Goku even had difficulty staying upright. With them out of his way, Broly resumed his all-out charge towards Goku.

Dammit! It's not ready yet! I just need a few more seconds!

He watched, helpless to do anything as Broly advanced. He was a mere fifty feet away now. Twenty. Ten…

And then he wasn't there anymore. A bright red, almost purple beam of energy hit him from the side, catching him off guard and sending the giant skidding in a different direction. Goku glanced in the direction that the all-too-familiar blast came from to see his older brother glaring after the Super Saiyan with barred teeth. Goku might have hated his brother, but in that moment, he could have hugged Raditz. Immediately after, a large number of Saiyans who were earlier cast aside reappeared, unleashing their most powerful blasts towards the staggered Super Saiyan. Raditz turned towards Goku, pointing towards Broly with panic clearly written in his expression.

"Kakarot, whatever it is you are planning on doing, you had better do it now!"

Goku looked up at the Spirit bomb once more, squinting against the blinding light it was giving off. He couldn't tell for certain if it would be enough, but after hearing Broly scream out in rage again, he determined that it would have to be. He locked his eyes onto the enraged super Saiyan and jumped into the air.


Not needing to be told twice at the tone he used, the remaining Saiyans scattered. Some of the more beat up were dragged away by their comrades, and Goku could barely see out of the corner of his eye, Pikkon dragging three or four through the air. Broly, however, didn't seem to realize what was going on. He peeked out from behind his crossed arms, smoke rolling off of his singed skin, to find Goku staring down at him from above. A bright shine that nearly blinded him forced him to hide his eyes again until they adjusted to the light, and when they did, the Super Saiyan showed an emotion that Goku had never seen before etched into his features. Fear.

Goku took a deep breath and clenched his eyes shut in concentration for what he was about to do. In a last second decision, he forced his own energy around the spirit bomb, forcing it inwards. The ball began to shrink in size, and grow in intensity. The light that was emitting from it now was blotting out the natural yellow light surrounding them, flushing everything with a bright blue hue. Satisfied that he had Broly stunned enough to not move, he threw his hands downwards, and the giant ball began to descend. An image replayed in his mind as he saw the ball fly past him straight towards Broly. He watched in his minds' eye as the ball descended on Frieza during his time on Namek, and the two images strangely merged. He remembered that Frieza had attempted to throw the bomb off, struggling against its might. He'd ultimately failed.

But Broly wasn't Frieza. He was more powerful than even Goku, and it just came natural to him. For that reason, Goku decided he would leave nothing to chance. He got right behind the giant ball of ki and threw his energy behind it, forcing it down faster than before. He watched, waiting for the pushback that was bound to happen. Right on cue, the ball halted and shuddered, and Goku knew that Broly was on the other side, trying to force it back. He gritted his teeth, shoving downwards with all that he had. His limbs began shaking violently under the strain he was putting them under. He felt his energy dwindling to its last reserves, and felt himself drop out of his ascended form. But even after the sudden drop in power, it proved to be enough, and his vision grew white an instant later. Searing pain consumed his front as he shielded his eyes and face with his already burnt arms. He realized that the spirit bomb had detonated, and whether or not Broly had been destroyed by the blast, he had been caught in it as well. He attempted to force himself away, but could only watch helplessly as consciousness left him, and he blacked out.


When Goku came to, it was slow, and more than a little painful. He silently opened his eyes and found himself to be looking at dirt. Dirt that was several feet away from him… And he was on his back… On something soft. He blinked in confusion a few times before it suddenly hit him, that he must have been brought back to the Saiyan tunnels. He let the thought sink in for a moment, putting together what must have happened since his fight with Broly.

Crap! Broly!

He immediately shot up to the standing, shutting his eyes again and trying to sense him out. Like before, millions upon millions of souls pressed in around his senses, none of them sticking out in particular.

"It's about damn time you woke Kakarot."

The familiar gruff voice rang out from behind him, startling him into turning around. Raditz was there, leaning up against a wall with a stern expression on his face. His arms were crossed and he watched Goku carefully, as if trying to figure something out. Goku stood straight, reasoning that if his brother was acting so coolly, then the threat must have been removed. But it didn't completely put him at ease, he'd made the mistake of thinking his opponent was finished before. His uncertainty must have been evident on his face because Raditz waved an irritable hand at him, rolling his eyes.

"Calm yourself Kakarot, your blasted attack finished him. He's nothing more than dust and energy now."

"You're sure? There's no way he got back up?"

"Yes, yes Kakarot! Now do us all a favor and get dressed and I'll show you. You've caused a stir here in hell little brother, even that grasshopper creature fears you."

Goku tensed nervously at his words. Of all the things he'd been called in his lifetime, he'd never expected to hear the words "Little brother" from Raditz, even less so in the tone he had said it. There was no sign of malice or contempt behind it, if anything there seemed to be a hint of pride coloring his voice. Goku just watched in silence as he left, turning his back and disappearing past the threshold of the room. Taking a quick breath, he allowed a smirk to decorate his features before searching for his clothes. He found them in the form of his old gi, folded on the edge of the cot he had been laying on.


He glanced down and found himself to be completely nude, his skin red where it had been burnt. He checked himself for other injuries, but sighed in satisfaction when he realized there were only bruises and light burns left. It occurred to him that someone had gone through the trouble of assisting his healing, and he wondered how long he had been out. With his self-inspection done, he began to dress himself.

Half-way through being dressed, a new presence entered his awareness. At first he had thought it was Prince Vegeta, but then he recognized the rest of it. He felt his face form into a scowl and turned to meet Cell, who was being forcefully dragged around by a stoic looking Pikkon. The tall alien kicked Cell's knees out from under him, forcing the android to kneel where he quaked in fear. Goku allowed a smirk to dance on his lips at the expression he wore, and quirked an eyebrow at Pikkon, who merely shrugged and pushed roughly on the back of Cell's head.

"Found this little twerp roaming about after the fight, figured I'd hold onto him for you. He put up a fight… For a little while."

"Arrogant green s-"

"Shut it grasshopper!"

Pikkon silenced the Android before he could even get a sentence out, and Goku felt a deep satisfaction in watching Cell cower. He didn't need to know what Pikkon had done to him, all he needed was to see the results. Pikkon crossed his arms and looked down at him with open distain.

"You want to finish the job? I know you were itching to get him back for killing you."

Goku seriously considered it, watching the android's eyes as fear danced behind them. For a few seconds nothing happened, then Goku smirked and knelt down before Cell. He placed a hand on his shoulder as if to comfort him, making the android wince in anticipation.

This is sooooo wrong, but damn if it doesn't make me feel better.

"No, I think I'm going to let him live."

He hesitated there, watching the confusion worm its way through Cell's brain.

"Destroying him would be doing him a favor. This way, I can come back whenever I want to take it out on his hide. Don't forget Cell, this is hell. I'm going to make sure that you remember it."

With the pause in the conversation, Goku suddenly scowled and threw a right hook across Cell's unprotected face. The air was rent with a loud crack, and Goku stood to his full height, turning away to gather his gi top and tie the belt around his waist.

"Don't you forget, if you so much as come near my Family, I will be there. I won't destroy you, I'll just beat you to within an inch of your life, and when you get back up again, I'll just beat you down again. You'll never get a break from the pain. Got it?"

He didn't even hear a response as Pikkon dragged the Android from the room, no doubt to take him off somewhere to be dumped. He sighed and closed his eyes, allowing himself to get back to a state of level-headedness.

Minutes later he followed his brother, walking out of the chamber he had been in and through a darkened hallway. Headed towards the sound of loud conversation and light that came from the end of the tunnel, he suddenly felt the same nervousness that had gripped him upon his original arrival. No doubt the Saiyans were gathered once more. Even after the battle had taken place, he wondered to himself how he would be received. His last conversation with the King still weighed on his mind, as did that with his mother. He considered all that had transpired, and wondered what was to be done with the Saiyans.

It'd be selfish to think I could just get my mother and father out of hell. No doubt it would hurt them to be separated from the rest of the Race… And Raditz... I've never lived among them, and for that matter neither did Vegeta. We were cast away when we were just kids, having to make our own circle of friends… The Saiyans are bound to each other by battle, there's no way I could take a couple and leave the rest without hurting everyone involved. Not to mention they look up to my father as their General. So then, how can I make it better? There has to be a way.

So lost in his contemplations was he, that he didn't even notice he had stepped into the light of the room where the Saiyans were gathered. A loud cheer brought him out of his state, and he blinked in surprise at what was before him. They were all there. Many of the Saiyans he had met prior to the battle were there, fists in the air and an approving look on their face. Even Nappa and Raditz were there, though the two of them weren't cheering. They watched him with unreadable expressions, observing him in silence as their kind cheered. Goku felt a blush heat his cheeks as he looked around at them.

Wow… Talk about a warm welcome.

A familiar warmth captured his attention as his mother grabbed him up in a firm hug, lifting his feet clear off the ground and nearly crushing the air out of him. He blinked in shock and silently motioned for her to put him down, since he was incapable of actually creating words. Gine quickly obliged him, grinning and laughing at his discomfort.

"I knew you could do it Kakarot! We could feel the force of the fight from here! I'd never have though someone could be so powerful, but here he is in front of me, my son! Oh, and don't mind the armor, I'm just glad it could serve you as well as it did! Hell, you were barely more than burnt after your little scuffle there, four days was more than enough to get you back on your feet!"

Goku couldn't help but gape at her as the words washed over him. A lot more time had passed since he had gone under than he originally believed, more than enough time for Broly to do some serious damage had he survived their encounter. Still in his numbed state, he didn't react. At least, up to the point where Gine elbowed him in the ribs with a sly smirk on her face, her expression devious.

"And you know, there's more than one Female out there who saw you after we put you down to rest. Tail or no, I think you've got some ladies that liked what they sa-aw."

Goku recoiled at her sing-songy words, his eyes going wide as saucers as he looked at his mother with a newfound panic. She just beamed up at him playfully as Bardock joined them. He placed a firm hand on her shoulder and rolled his eyes in amusement.

"Now Gine, you know he's already been mated. The boy is off limits."

She crossed her arms and pouted.

"Can you blame a woman for wanting to meet her grandkids? I mean Raditz never got the chance and Kakarot's are still alive…"

She trailed off, eyeing several of the Saiyan women scattered around the room, seemingly trying to imagine something in her mind. Bardock just sighed and gave Goku a meaningful look.

"You know that we can't here love, no matter how real pleasures of the flesh may be, it's impossible to conceive. You know that."

Her pout grew even more there, and it almost hurt Goku with how depressed she looked.

"I hate being in hell… It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know we were going to be stuck here forever."

Goku couldn't help but notice how quiet things had gotten in the room suddenly. A quick glance around told him that all eyes were on them, many of them reflecting the same sadness that had claimed his mother. Steeling his resolve, Goku cleared his throat. All eyes shifted to him, and he tensed nervously, but pressed on.

"A-Actually I… May have a way to do something about that. It's not much just yet, and I don't want to give anyone false hope, but I might know a way to get you out of hell. All of you."

He could practically hear all the breathing hitch in the room, waiting in anticipation for him to continue. The silence was deafening. He looked around at them, only now realizing that King Vegeta was also present and watching him carefully. When he looked back at his parents, his mother looked on the verge of tears, staring at him with a newfound hope burning in her eyes. Bardock took a meaningful glance at her before narrowing his eyes at Goku with a slight frown on his face.


Goku coughed nervously and scratched at the back of his neck, looking at his mother for his own support to continue.

You're probably overstepping your bounds here Goku... Bad. But they're worth it. They're my people, I have to be able to do something.

"I have a… connection I may be able to work up in otherworld. I can't guarantee it, and I couldn't tell you when, but I might be able to get you passage to another realm. I might be able to get you into otherworld, with time."

Silence hung over them all, and Goku waited for a response. He'd hoped to stir some form of hope in their hearts, but most of the faces he saw seemed grim. Accepting of their fate. King Vegeta broke the silence, standing from his seat at the edge of the room.

"The Saiyan race, cast out from hell and into the otherworld? It is a fantastical dream, but nothing more. We know our own history, the blood shed on behalf of that scum Cold and his sons. I do not think that one Saiyan can make a difference amongst gods when the whole race has failed."

Like the expressions of his followers, King Vegeta's voice was laden with calm acceptance. He truly believed that this was where they belonged. Goku understood why, but he didn't want to leave it so simply. He looked over his shoulder at his father, who was watching him carefuly, and his mother. She was obviously torn, hoping against hope that she would one day be rid of this hell-hole, with the rest of her believing she would never achieve her dream. Goku gave her a small smile and nodded.

"Sometimes Sire, dreams like that are worth fighting for."


Goku emerged from King Yemma's desk drawer right after Pikkon, still lost in thought about their departure. It had been mostly uneventful. With nothing to eat, and the lack of needing to eat on top of it, there was no feast in celebration. No music, no festivities at all. All that they could really do was mingle and talk, congratulating each other, sharing stories and receiving lots of thanks. The whole time, he had been preoccupied with how to approach his new purpose in death; how to free the Saiyans from hell. When it was time for them to head back, there wasn't much in the name of good-byes. Several of the warriors had come to see him off, but the only ones who gave actual departing words were his mother, father, King Vegeta, and Raditz. The last two barely said more than mumbled words that closely resembled a "good-bye". His father expressed how proud he was to have finally met his second son, and Gine seemed to have difficulty letting go of him. Goku knew she had tried to be strong, but saw right through her to the pain she was feeling. After reassuring her that he would be back someday, he and Pikkon had shot off to find the secret tunnel leading directly to the check in station.

"Hey Pikkon, why don't you like the Instant transmission? It's not that bad."

"Are you kidding? It's like being squished through a tiny rubber hose millions of miles long. My skin crawls just thinking about the feeling."

"Awww you get used to it!"


The sound of a huge voice clearing its throat brought them rapidly out of their conversation as they finally set foot on the check-in station. The two of them looked up to find King Yemma staring down at them with a quirked eyebrow and frown on his face. He looked down at his watch and then pointed at it, showing them the face of it.

"Would you two mind telling me what took so freaking long?! I sent you to hell for one little job and you take five days to get it done?! What happened?"

Goku flinched at the tone the giant demon used on them, and looked at Pikkon out of the corner of his eye. The tall alien simply shrugged, an indifferent expression on his face.

"Cell and Frieza were trying to get out of hell using Broly as a distraction. We fought them off, then Broly came, and we destroyed him. Well, Goku did anyways, but not before nearly turning himself into a pile of dust as well. The Saiyans decided to assist us, and after that they took Goku in for healing, despite my saying we could get him up to speed here."

"Wait, the Saiyans? Those guys are still down there? I thought they had all been wiped out by Cell and some of those other Cretans…"

At this point, Goku cleared his throat, remembering what it was he had decided to do. He put on his best smile and scratched at the back of his neck nervously.

"Well yea, most of them are alive I think. I mean, there's only a few hundred fighters left, but I think there's a couple thousand in hell altogether. But that's something I've been meaning to ask you about…"

He trailed off uncertainly, trying to think of how to say it. Next to him, Pikkon seemed visibly nervous for the first time since arriving back in otherworld. He watched Goku carefully, and the Saiyan knew he was now in dangerous territory. Yemma looked at him expectantly, awaiting what he had to say.

"Well, if it's possible… Is… Is there a way for the Saiyans to have another chance? Can they get out of hell?"

King Yemma was still for several seconds as he let the words wash over him, narrowing his eyes suspiciously at Goku.

"You're talking about escaping hell-"

"N-No sir! Not escape. I want to know if they can be allowed to leave and go elsewhere! They're not totally evil, I know it! I've seen it! I know they had a checkered past at best, but so did Vegeta! There's a lot of good in them."

Yemma sat back in his chair, glaring down at Goku with a stern expression.

"You do realize what it is you're asking of me right? Never before has anyone I've condemned to hell come back out. After everything that the Saiyan race did, all of them, you want me to unleash them into otherworld? Why should I even entertain the notion?"

Goku brightened up at the fact that Yemma hadn't outright shot it down. He dared to hope that he would be able to pull this off.

"Because they did help me down there, and they were helping you too without you knowing it! I mean, they were trying to deal with Cell and Broly even before I showed up, and when I did, they fought off an army, allowing me and Pikkon to focus on the big ones! They're not bad, just trying to survive down there like they were in life!"

King Yemma clasped his hands in his lap and looked contemplative for a few seconds.

"I can see how strongly you feel about this Goku, but I can't do anything about it. The word of a single man isn't enough to secure their release. I like you, and you've done a lot for us all, but this isn't as simple as me snapping my fingers and making it so. I'll keep my eye on them, and if they can prove their worth, I will do what I can to give them a chance. But I make no promises."

Goku felt his heart sink just a bit at his words, but shook it off, knowing that there was at least a chance. But before he could say anything else, Yemma held a hand up to stall him.

"You can't breathe a word of it to them Goku. I have to be able to judge their merit based solely on their actions, not what you tell them to do."

Goku sighed in defeat at that, knowing that he wasn't going to get much else. Still, he was pretty impressed with himself. He'd made a deal with a god of all people, and possibly changed the fate of an entire race all in a day.

"Just one question. How will you know when you've seen it? I mean, what will it take?"

Yemma seemed to hesitate at that, looking at Goku nervously. He twiddled his thumbs together and averted his eyes, obviously uncomfortable with the territory that he had stumbled into.

"It'll be sooner than you might think Goku, but they'll know their time when it comes. For now, I must leave things as they are, and you should be getting back to the Grand Kai's place."

Goku took a deep breath, knowing that their exchange was done, and nodded up at the gatekeeper. Turning his back on the red giant, he absentmindedly grasped onto Pikkon's shoulder and pressed his fingers to his forehead, not even thinking about what he was doing. He phased out and they reappeared on the familiar scene of the Grand Kai's garden, where Pikkon roughly shoved Goku off of him with a strangled growl.


Stunned into silence as he tried to figure out what had happened, Goku scratched at the back of his neck, looking at Pikkon fuming at him. As soon as he realized what he had done, he chuckled nervously.

"My bad Pikkon, didn't even think about it when it happened."

Pikkon brushed himself off and calmed himself with a deep breath, averting his eyes.

"Yea, I guess you got a lot on your mind. By the way, what was with all that stuff with King Yemma?"

Goku shrugged, looking apologetically at his friend. It wasn't something he usually allowed to show, much less discuss.

"I just… I haven't seen my family in five years Pikkon. I'll likely never see them again actually. Meeting my parents, the rest of my race, it opened a whole new world to me. They're also my family, and I can't stand seeing them trapped in such a place. My mother had a big part of it, she showed me what the Saiyan race can be capable of, even if they don't know it. I want to give them a chance they never received in life."

Pikkon gave him a knowing smirk and crossed his arms.

"So you're trying to give yourself some sort of family to look to here in otherworld?"

Goku chuckled and rolled his eyes, slightly frustrated that Pikkon had seen the real reason for his request. Though he admitted, he didn't exactly try to hide it.

"Yea, you got me. But you heard Yemma, it's not gonna happen just yet…"

"Hn. So…"


"You want a rematch? We never did get around to settling whether or not you won that tournament."

Goku felt a thrill in his chest that had been absent only days ago. Where he had been cold and empty, there was now at least something stirring within him. He had a family, one which he actually had a chance of being around. It wasn't the one he had created, it wasn't even one he had grown up with. But it was blood, and it was something he longed for. The hope that had been kindled in his broken heart raged into a passion for battle. Even during the fight with Broly, he hadn't felt it. That fight was a necessity, he had to do it to survive. But now, with no pressure, he actually felt the excitement that had driven him since he was a child. He gave a confident smirk towards his friend and clenched a fist in front of him.

"You're on Pikkon."

The Green alien smirked knowingly and took off, heading directly for the location of the tournament room, trailing a white streak of ki. Goku took off after him, lost in the thrill of battle for the first time in years.

"Oh, and Goku?"


"No spirit bombs please?"

Goku blinked twice at him as the words sunk in, before bursting into laughter alongside his friend.

~~~~~SPOILER ALERT!~~~~~



Gine tiredly entered her shared chamber, looking to her mate's sleeping form. She was beat, ready to fall into unconsciousness as soon as she laid down, but something seemed different now. She leaned against the doorframe, watching Bardock as he slept with a small smile on her face.

Her son had visited again, though only for a short while this time. Less than a week ago, he'd appeared out of nowhere, sending ripples through the ranks of the Saiyans. He had immediately set out to find her and Bardock, leaving silent stares in his wake. When they had been found, everything seemed to just stop in time. She still remembered the feeling that clutched at her heart when she saw him again, just as tall and handsome as his father, and still with the halo hovering over his head. His carefree grin was infectious, and even her eldest seemed to respond relatively warmly to his presence now. But that was nothing to the feeling she'd felt at his news. And there was a lot of it.

She felt herself grin in pride as the first bit of information replayed in her mind.

"I discovered another form of Super Saiyan! I'm just gonna go ahead and call it Super Saiyan three since 'double ascended Super Saiyan' doesn't really roll of the tongue well."

The other two's response to that was amusing to her. They'd both locked eyes with each other and given a look that clearly said 'Another?!'. But once that was out of the way, and they had recovered their jaws, he had pressed on.

"I spoke with the Grand Kai, and he's given me permission to come down here to see you guys more often! I know it's been a long time since I saw you, but I've been pushing for this since I left the last time. So, you can expect me around a little more often… Hopefully... Hey! I can train you guys some of the stuff I know! Maybe get you to that next level?"

Of course that bit had been received well by everyone, except for maybe Raditz. While it seemed he'd found a new respect for his younger brother, he didn't seem too keen on having him around regularly. But he didn't say anything out loud. The prospect of possibly reaching the level of Super Saiyan was an inviting notion. After that, he'd told them he was going to save his last bit of news for later, and immediately had gone into trying to help them learn how to sense "ki" as he called it.

Now that had been entertaining. All three of them had used scouters during their lifetime of fighting, and had no clue how to do what he was suggesting. They didn't even know it was possible to do something like that. Strangely enough, it was her that felt something first. They had been there for nearly an hour already when she felt the tug he was mentioning. It was like sitting by a fire, feeling the warmth pulse as it flickered. That had been when she suddenly became hyper-aware of her own energy. Sure, she had always had access to it since she was just a child, like most Saiyans. But she'd never noticed how alive it felt, like a raging fire within her. She remembered tilting her head down, with her eyes still shut, and could almost see her ki like a light shining in the dark.

That was when she noticed her son's energy. It burned like a sun in her mind, absolutely dwarfing hers like a star would it's smallest planet. At first she hadn't realized what it was she was feeling, but then she had opened her eyes and saw him. It was like seeing him for the first time all over again, and just like the first, she was stunned into inaction. He seemed to notice that she was staring at him and grinned at her, further numbing her mind with his good-natured smile.

He's not just powerful, he's unreal! I could never hope to achieve what he has, and he doesn't have the blood of thousands on his hands to achieve it… He smiles like everything is just as good as it could be…

Immediately after that thought, another one occurred to her. His first visit had been incredible, but he'd been sent with a job to do. They had been a surprise to him. Now that she thought back to it, there was no carefree grin then. He seemed sad, worn out, and hollow compared to the man before her. He looked happy. She reviewed what she knew about his situation, and came to a surprising conclusion.

This is what he wants. He wants his family back. And we're the best thing he has in this existence.

That had immediately filled her with warmth that spread from her chest, and she had simply smiled back. He'd congratulated her, somehow realizing what she had seen. She didn't question it, just accepting the praise from her son. It hadn't been much longer after that Bardock managed to sense something as well, though his description remained vague when asked. To her, it seemed like he was noticing energy, but was unable to tell whose was whose. Raditz however, had received no such luck. When Kakarot finally called for a halt in their training, the two other men had obliged a little too quickly, and she could swear she saw something akin to embarrassment on both of their faces. It was all amusing to her, that she could do something that they couldn't, even as powerful as they were.

But he'd told them not to worry, that they would get it if they kept trying. The next few hours passed to quickly for her liking, with many interruptions by Saiyans who came to greet Kakarot. They shared stories of their past, trying to fill the others in on their lives and times after death. She was particularly interested in his "wife" and son, as he referred to them. The concept of marriage wasn't too difficult to grasp, but it brought up an interesting question. Humans spoke the language that was considered universal amongst the planet trade, and by his account they looked like Saiyans. Add in the fact that Humans and Saiyans were capable of procreating, and had produced a being that Kakarot claimed was even more powerful than himself, and she began wondering if there wasn't some connection long forgotten in the sands of time.

But that was a worry for another time it seemed, as he had suddenly had to leave. She wasn't sure what had happened to make him seem so out of it, like he was being spoken to by someone only he could hear, but it had scared her. At least until he had brightened up and grinned at them, and stated his last bit of news that he had been holding onto.

"I'm going back to Earth, I just found out yesterday. Or at least I think it was yesterday? I can never tell time in a place that doesn't have night. But yea, the Grand Kai said I was going to get sent back for something important. He didn't say whether or not I would get to see everyone, but he did say that I would have some time to myself there."

She wasn't too sure what that entailed, but she could feel his excitement almost as if it were her own. Even her mate seemed excited at the prospect. When pressed for more details, he had simply stated that he wouldn't know much else until he got there. Something about finding two guys that the Kai had mentioned that would fill him in. But then he gave them a particularly interesting bit of news that instantly caught their attention.

"Oh, and I was asked to inform you, dad, that King Kai, or North Kai, would be coming down here for you and King Vegeta. He asked me to be sure you would protect him against some of the guys here. It's gonna help you too because he can communicate with people telepathically! You can watch what happens from here! In… umm… A week? Yea a week! He'll be here in a week, so around the same time they send me back!"

Now that had peaked her interest. She would possibly get to see these people she was so curious about, and get a glimpse of his life, even if it was only for a short while. Hell, even seeing something besides the bleak yellow light of hell would have been welcome, but this was a goldmine in comparison.

With the information given, they said their goodbyes. It was short and simple, and with a press of his first to fingers to his forehead, he disappeared into thin air. It had left her with a peculiar mixture of sadness and excitement. But there was nothing to be done now but wait. So the next few days they spread the word, and the three of them tried harder to learn that "ki sensing" thing he tried to teach them. It was surprisingly more tiring than she anticipated, which had resulted in her mates current state of being passed out and her nearly falling away with him. Raditz was still at it, only just now catching onto what his little brother had been saying.

So there she stood, leaning against the door and watching Bardock sleep, reminiscing on the last few days with a smile. It was serene, and she could have almost forgotten that she was in hell. But the peace was suddenly shattered when Bardock cried out in anger, shooting up and transforming suddenly. She hid her face from the thrashing wind and winced as something hit her in the leg. It was so sudden she had no clue what had happened.


He ignored her, his roar shaking the ground beneath her feet. She peeked through her fingers and saw that his eyes were unfocused. She'd seen it only once before, many years ago. Her eyes widened in shock and she tried to push through the gale assaulting her. She instinctively recoiled her tail around her waist and lunged forward, closing the distance and tackling him back down onto the cot. The scream stopped, and she was left panting on top of him as his transformation died out and his eyes refocused. A cold sweat had broken out on his brow, and he was breathing sharply. When he realized who exactly had pinned him down, she saw fear shoot through his eyes. He pushed her off of him and stood, removing himself from the cot and her embrace. She waited patiently for him to speak, as she knew he would. He caught his breath, leaning against the wall and looking at her out the corner of his eye.

"Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?"

She huffed and rolled her eyes, allowing her tail to unfurl from around her waist again.

"I'm fine Bardock, I'm not really a weakling you know…"

He nodded and averted his eyes, standing straight and holding his head as if a dizzy spell had claimed him. She quietly joined his side, grasping onto his arm and looking up at him seriously.

"What was it Bardock? I'm no fool, I'd recognize that sort of thing anywhere, even if it's been almost forty years."

He closed his eyes in concentration holding his head in his free hand and trying to sort through the images.

"It… I'm not sure exactly what it was I saw. It was just as vivid as before… The other one, with Kakarot and Frieza. But it was different. I didn't know these people. There was... It was a man, dressed in Saiyan armor, like mine. He called himself Bardock, but I couldn't see his face behind the helmet he wore. He has to have been a Saiyan, he transformed into the Oozaru. But there was no control, he just destroyed and destroyed until his planet was gone... After that? It's even stranger, there was this pink... thing... I've never seen anything like it before, it was systematically destroying worlds, until there was nothing left in the galaxy. It just demolished it. And then there was a girl. She looked Saiyan, but she didn't have a tail. She was in pain, dying. Somehow she was connected to that Bardock person. Gah this is so confusing!"

Gine furrowed her brow in concentration, considering everything he had said. She was just as lost as he was in that aspect, none of the information seemed to connect in a coherent manner. But one thing was abundantly clear to the both of them. This wasn't just a nightmare. No, for the first time in a very long time, Bardock had experienced a premonition. The things that Bardock had seen were bound to happen, and this time, it seemed that the fate of their galaxy was at stake. He looked down at his mate, his expression serious as ever.

"We have to tell someone."

"Who? King Vegeta barely believed you the last time, and he can't exactly make anything happen from here. Who do we tell that will make a difference?"

Bardock's brow furrowed even deeper as his eyes seemed to search for an answer, and when it came he brightened up considerably. It was so beautifully simple, and it had practically been given to them. He would make sense of this yet, and now he would e able to do something about it.

"How about a Kai?"

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